Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Episode 6: The Worst Humiliation Date

The insane things a woman can do because of love! Amelia, for me, is the major subject of this episode. I was very hurt as a woman for the high-level treachery and ingratitude of Amelia to Pedro Perez. Her bitterness towards the poverty of Pedro makes her never to love him.
Amelia went to borrow a better dress from Lupe- her only friend, telling her she has a date with the only man she ever and would ever love. Lupe was surprised and asked her what of her husband Pedro. Amelia confided in Lupe that she only married him for convinience of accomodation at the church premisces after her father threw her out for being pregnant. She said that Pedro is not the father of Luisa and the real father of Luisa is the man she is now dating. She succeeded in decieving Pedro that morning of court appearance and she left home with Luisa purportedly for the 'hospital'.

Carlos overslept at Jennifer's house and had to rush out late to join Augusto and Luisa in the court. Jennifer was not happy that her man is involved in a case with Luisa. You can see uncertainty and fear of loosing Carlos to Luisa, written on her face.

On arrival at the court, Amelia told the young lawyer that she would take charge of the negotiation with L.A. (brevity for Luis Alejandro). When L.A. arrived Amelia confronted him and annouced to him that: "we need to talk in private." "Who are you?" replied L.A. Amelia was stunned...she asked him, "you mean you don't know me?" Alejandro replied "I don't know you, and I have never met you in my life." He walked past her and went to inside the court-room. Amelia almost collapsed with shame and astonishment. That Luis Alejandro could not remember or recognise her again after 18 years, was too much of a pain that she almost ran into a speeding car while floundering around in utter disbelief and shock. Luisa approached her to ask her the reason for her weeping, the burden was too much for her to explain the deep mystery to her daughter. She was too ashamed and uposet to return home, else Pedro might get suspicious, so she went to her friend's Lupe's office.

Luisa lambasted Carlos at the court premises for not telling his father to withdraw the case and called him a liar.

Don Elcantara suffered a sudden heart-attack and Carlos was called in for the emergency, he came immediately and treated Don- Amelia's enstranged father. The old man seem to have taken a liken to Dr. Carlos, he promised him that he would obey and take his medications as recommended by Carlos. As soon as Carlos left, Consuela rushed after him, wanting to explain the embarassing and amorous circumstances carlos found her with his step-father- Luis Alejandro yesterday. Carlos snubbed her by telling her: "I am not interested in your explanation, goodbye." and he walked away.

Luis Alejandro lost the first round of the case in court. The court ruled that it has the jurisdiction to hear the matter and gave a date for the next hearing. This was good news to the young shark- Augusto, this was his first case after graduating from law school, and against a wealthy popular giant attorney of L.A.'s stature and status for that matter, this, indeed is a great victory.

Alejandro came out angry and boiling out of the court-room to threaten Augusto and Luisa that he would not rest until they are destroyed. He even called Augusto a thief who wants to use legal means to take money from him.

L.A. later told Marissa his wife that he is going to investigate Luisa Fernanda's family and background in order to have evidence to destroy them in court.

Episode 5: "You're Playing With Fire!"

Consuela, the evil architect, planner and master-mind of the misfortunes of Amelia, lighted a match-stick of amorous fire with Luis Alejandro Montero, which? later exploded and consumed her in this Mexican telenovela. Yes it led to her death! But we would have to wait for quite some time before we get to that episode.

After Don Elcantara was rescued by firemen from the smoking elevator, he was attended to medically by Dr. Carlos Eduardo Gomez Ruiz who, coincidentally was just entering the buliding with a mission top come and talk Luis Alejandro Montero out of the suit filed by Luisa. The oldman was grateful to him and exchanged complimentary cards with each other. Carlos went thereafter and walked straight into Alejandro's office..., and what a heck...he caught Consuela with his step-father in an amorous kissing session.

The 'couple' quickly separated and Consuela went away while Carlos tongue-lashed Alejandro, calling him a coward that lacks the moral courage to divorce his mom- Marissa Gomez Ruiz, but rather prefer to sustain adulterous relationship with strings of women outside his matrimony. He walked out angrily and jammed the door on Alejandro's face.

Pedro Perez confesses his 18-year lie to his sister, the catholic nun. That he is not the true father of Luisa, and he had sacrificed his whole life, in the hope that Amelia would one day love him. That he had never shared any conjugal relationship of a husband-wife relationship with Amelia.

Augusto, the lawyer friend of Carlos was went to visit Rigobert- the old house-keeper of Don Elcantara, who happens to be his god-mother and who sponsored him through university. He told her of his gratitude and promised to take care of her as soon as he begins to earn money. He told her of his first case which he filed on behalf of a 'rich' young lady whom he intends to marry. He mentioned her name as Luisa Fernanda Perez. the old house-keeper mused over the name and thought it to be Amelia's daughter, but she dismissed it because she knew Amelia and Pedro aren't rich anyway.

Now Amelia scolded Luisa after she confessed the detail of the scam against L.A. and warned her not to tell her father about it, at that point Pedro came in and heard them, so he challenged Amelia on what she was hiding from him. Amelia lied to him that it is about Luisa's escapades in school. She later taught Amelia to lie to Pedro that she was sick and want Amelia to take her to the hospital. This would be a perfect excuse for Amelia to encounter her old flame Luis Alejandro Montero at the court-room tomorrow. her plan was to rekindle her flame with L.A. and tell him to forget about the case and that Luisa was his daughter whom he abandoned the pergancy of 18 years ago. That was her plan, but we would wait to see if it works out in tomorrow's episode.

Nana, as the old house keeper of Marissa was fondly called by Carlos, warned Carlos not to reveal the infidelity of Alejandro to marissa asit would cause her untold pain, he agreed with the old woman.

Pedro confided in Juancho- an old gardener colleague, that he suspected Amelia of infidelity, citing the example of secret phonecall she received. Pedro was very saaaad. He explained to Juancho that Luisa was not his true daughter and there has never been any conjugal affair between him and Amelia. Juancho advised him to employ the services of private detective to trail Amelia's movement if he wants to prove her infidelity.

Rigobert- the old house-keeper in Don Elcantara's house had a confrontation with Consuela over the draging of Don to L.A. for counsel. she wondered aloud why L.A. of all lawyers in the city. Consuela simply told her that she doesn't know any other lawyer in the city and besides, it is an oppourtunity to find true happiness with the man whom she had always loved. At that point Rigobert warned her that she is playing with fire. Consuela also warned Rigobert that she should not interfere in her love life and should never tell her husband and father.