Saturday, September 30, 2006

Week 6: Weekend Review

Yes, when history repeats itself, it does so as a trajedy. Amelia stand the risk of been swindled by a tragic repetition of emotional disappointment from the hands of Luis Alejandro Montero. This con-lover, having realised that his unknown daughter by Amelia stands to inherit a huge fortune from her grand father, Don Fernando Alcantara, has gone ahead to work overtime on Amelia's infatuation for him. The ground for that has been set by the five episodes of "La Hija del Jardinero" last week.

Amelia is bent to do the magical, that is, re-tying the broken emotional thread of 19 years ago, when she was emotionally betrayed by Luis Alejandro Montero. She is desperate to re-enact the fulfilment of a 19-year dream that was a fraud, in the first place. She has started to lie and deceive all those close to her, in order to get that dream of re-union with Luis Alejandro to come to pass. She vowed to go ahead with her plans even if Pedro suffers a heart-attack because of that.

I suspect that at the hide-out rendezvous planned by the duo, L.A. would first open the lid on her 18-year bottled emotions, and take her to the climax, before planning with her how to approach the impending fortune coming to Luisa Fernanda- their biological offspring.

Leopoldo's profile is rising rapidly in this telenovela, all thanks to Marissa who fervently believes in the love relationship of Leopoldo and Andreina. I am happy for once, with the positive role that our star actor in "Cuando Seas Mia" Rodriguez Abed a.k.a. "Fabian Sanchez Serrano" is playing as "Leopoldo" in this telenovela.

Last week review also showed how Consuela, the consumate evil schemer, was ambushed by fate, as L.A. 'jammed' Amelia in a restaurant. This put paid to her fabrication that Amelia has disappeared out of Mexico into thin air since 18 years ago.

This new week would or should sufficiently dampen the naive puppy infatuation of Vanessa as she should not escape the full knowledge of the relationship between entranged lovers: Luisa and Carlos. I get the feeling so far, that Jennifer would fail utterly to get Carlos to marry her. Regardless of her phony pregnancy trap for Carlos.

It was a humorous note for me when, in retrospection, I saw the Love Boat turned out to be Hate Boat, as the Luisa-Carlos love was upset and upsataged on this boat, same for the best-friend relationship between Augusto and Carlos.

On a last note, I could not help but be hurt to see Luis Alejandro deceive the old man Don, that he has not found Amelia when in actual fact, he has met her and was already planning a re-union rendezvous with her in his "Bamboat" love-nest hideout.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Episode 28: Love Has To Be Mutual

The agony of a grand father! Even the police that came to rescue and separate Luisa Fernanda from the desperate grips of Don Fernando, admitted that she resembled the old man. That was why they tend to believe the anguish cries of the old man that Luisa was his daughter. But believe must be based on facts, so, in an effort to match their names, they asked him what his name was, alas! Amnesia has erazed his name from his memory: he doesn't know his name. To produce the fact of his identity, they also asked for his particulars, he searched feverishly for his purse which contained his identity, even Luisa helped him too to search his pockets, alas! Amnesia has snatched his purse from him and thrown it into the bush, it could not be found. This is what led the police to think that, if a man doesn't know his name, how could he possibly know who his daughter is? so they took him and dragged him to their they were dragging him, he cried out aloud with anguish in his voice to his daughter saying: "...Honey, don't let them take are my daughter,...Honey, please heeelp meeee..., don't let her go, she is my daughter...".

Don was eventually found and brought home from the police station. When asked what happened and where was his car? He couldn't remember anything that happened! Heriberto was more concerned for the car that was missing than being relieved for his father-in-law that has been found. All the police could tell them was that, he was found by a young girl who handed him over to them. Don excused the crowd of sympathetic undertakers- Consuela and her husband. After they left, he crawled to the foot of the Cross of Calvary in his room...he held on to the foot of Jesus weeping and praying. Would the Saviour intervene in his calamity? Would the God of salvation bring Don to his desired haven, and shame all his enemies, including Amnesia? The unfolding episodes would tell.

Back on the cruise, Vanessa told Carlos that today being the last day of the the cruise she wanted to celebrate it together with him in his cabin. Carlos disengaged himself from her exploring hands and told her that, he was not in mood for that, and he went straight to his cabin. In his cabin, he felt bad that he had not told Luisa by his own mouth about Jenny.He wondered that Luisa would hate him by now, and rightly so. Knock on his cabin door: it was vanessa again, this time with food and wine, satying that she brough t him something to eat for dinner since she didn't see him at the restaurant. He warned Vanessa that she was looking for trouble. that she should leave him alone as he doesn't want to talk about his problem with anybody.

His Kisses Were A Lie!
Back home, Luisa faced scolding from Amelia for taking her boyfriend along for the cruise, thereby breaking the school rules. Luisa just ignored her, and went to lock up herself in her room. Weeping and talking to herself saying: " everything was a lie: his kisses, his romance and his promises?" At that point, Pedro came in to commune with her, and she poured out her heart to him about how Carlos betrayed her, because she heard that he had another girlfriend.

Next day as Pedro and Amelia were tackling each other, in their usual tradition of strife, she blurted out that: "...I can't wait to sign my divorce papers and getting away from you!" Luisa Fernanda heard it and she came into their room asking them. "What did you say, mother, you want to get a divorce?"...they were silent for a while, but when Pedro wanted to lie by denying it, Amelia interrupted him saying, it is true and had been long in the pipeline, they were only waiting for her to finish her final exams; and that it was for her good.

Luisa was heart-broken with this news but amelia and Pedro told are that it was inevitable. After Amelia left for work, Luisa came to pedro and told him: "...daddy, between us there are no secrets, tell me what happened. Pedro told her only half truths, never told her that they were never, for the 19-year sex-less marriage lived once, as husband and wife. He however told her the truth that he had loved and adored Amelia all his life, but Amelia has not reciprocate his love. He admitted that LOVE HAS TO BE MUTUAL and not one-sided.

Jennifer stormed Marissa's house just as Carlos was arriving from the Cruise. As Jenny was accussing him of not caring for her, he stopped her with his accusation of spoiling his cruise by conspiring and sending Augusto to do her dirty job of telling Luisa Fernanda of everything about their former relationship and the pregnancy. Jennifer was surprised and denied it. In the midst of their arguement, an emergency phonecall from Consuela came for Carlos, that his darling patient, Don Fernando is suffering from Amnesia. He had to leave in a hurry to attend to Don.

The Fashion show was a big success...a big side-attraction was Leopoldo and Andreina. It seems Andreina is gradually becoming fond of Leopoldo. Marissa had to organise for the couple to go for a vacation on a Carribean Island. Leopoldo was excited and sees Andreina as an angel sent his way by Marissa. L.A. is angry and not happy about the developing love-affair between Andreina and Leopoldo his best friend.

Next day, L.A. in a surprising move, told Marissa that he would follow her to work to take coffee there. Marissa was naively happy. When they got to Marissa's office, she intoduced him to her efficient secretary, Amelia. After Marissa left him to attend to other matters, he stood before Amelia and refused to leave until Amelia agreed to a lunch date with him at one of his hide-outs later in the afternoon. He scribbled the address down for her and left.

Episode 27: I Know You, You Are My Daughter

The battles in the life of Don Alcantara offered him an unusual trophy in tonite's episode. The trophy contained a strange wine, the wine of amnesia. Victory in this battle was a must for him, but drink, he must, of the wine of a debilitating dieseas of amnesia (memory-loss).

His desperation for victory in battle propelled him to pay the price, the heavy price of drinking the wine of memory-loss. From now on, Consuela Alcantara ceases to be the the greatest enemy of Don. The new "enemy-in-charge" is AMNESIA. And in his mortal combat with this enemy, as he strives to come out of the stupor, induced by this strange wine, he would have to come to terms with his soulish desire to meet Luisa Fernanda, his grand daughter whom he has left all his fortune to in his will. She may as well ignite his memory and recovery by leading him out of this incapacitating stupour. Out of the cloud, he located the secret that had been carefully hidden from him, throughout his ordeal with his wicked daughter, Consuelo Alcantara: he found his 'heiress-to-be' of his fortune. He found AMELUISA.

Who is Ameluisa? She is the young beautiful 18-year old daughter of Don Fernando Alcantara, the apple of his eyes, but that was some 19 years ago, before she became impregnated by Luis Alejandro Montero, before she was excommunicated and disowned by Don. That was when he last set his eyes on her. Tonite, 19 years afterwards, Luisa the daughter of Amelia has taken the exact image and replica of her mom: beautiful and tender. Her appearance by the street to rescue a Don that is alreday lost in the cloud of amnesia. Luisa's face was a resurrection of Amelia's face of 19 years ago. That was why Don called Luisa Fernanda "My daughter" when Luisa came to rescue him by the side street near the garden tonite. He saw Amelia, his daughter, as he touched the face of Luisa, his grand daughter. Would the effect of this wine of Amnesia wore off? Would he come back to regain his full memory? would he be consigned into a home for the sick or psychiatric cases? Only time and the next few episodes would tell?
*************end of act1 scene 2*************

*************back to act 1 scene 1************
Pedro, catching Amelia in the act, made her to admit that she was truly talking to L.A. on phone and he was the 'stranger' that bumped into her on the street by the house. A row broke out between them as Amelia insisted that L.A. has a right to know the whereabouts of his daughter Luisa Fernanda. Pedro disagreed with her saying, L.A. was a jerk, a deserter and a coward who has no right to claim Luisa as his daughter. Moreover, Luisa's name, he claimed, was registered in his(Pedro Perez's) name as the father. LUISA FERNANDA PEREZ! If L.A. wants to fight it out he should be ready to meet him (Pedro) in court.

Amelia, at work the next day, told Lupe about her encounter with L.A., how he recognized her and how Pedro resisted her, and told her not talk to, or see L.A. She concluded her story by saying that: "...if even Pedro dies of a heart-attack, I am going to meet Luis Alejandro".

Luisa Fernanda received the shock of her life while on the cruise and was chatting with "Basket-Mouth" Augusto. He was trying to win the confidence of Luisa, so he told her a well-kept secret and begged her not to reveal it to Vanessa, because she would be hurt. Luisa urged him on, promising not to say anything to Vanessa. Augusto told her that Carlos is so distraught during this cruise because he had a load of burden on his mind. He told her that Carlos has a girl friend whom he has been dating for some few months now, and they're going to marry very soon. Luisa was shocked and asked him further, who is the girl? Augusto replied: "...her name is JENNIFER de LA VEGA, a georgeous model in town, please don't tell Vanessa!"

Luisa Fernanda lost her balance, she asked Augusto which Jennifer, is it the lawyer? Augusto replied that Jennifer was not a lawyer, but a former Miss Universe. L.F. was mad with anger, calling Carlos a cheating liar and ran away to her cabin. Augusto misunderstood her expression... thinking that she was being jealous for her best friend Vanessa, and he was afraid that she would go and reveal the news to Vanessa.

In her cabin, tears of pain and betrayal flowed freely like a river from her eyes, in-between
her cracking sobs, she asked: " could he do this to me? could he deceive me? could he make a fool of me?" She made her decision to leave immediately for home, there was no point to pretend to still be in he same boat with a supposed 'traitor'. She came to the LOVE BOAT with hope and joy; but she left it as a HATE BOAT with disappointment and anger. Not even the pleadings by Sister Smiley and Vanessa could stop her from leaving.

Luis Alejandro is a black-spotted leopard, that won't let go his cunning spots after 19 years. He called Don at home on a Sunday, to tell him that he has not found Amelia and that Mrs. Alvare Torres, the phony 'witness' who was supposed to have had the last contact with Amelia has disappeared into thin air. Why is L.A. lying and deceiving the old man? Surely, it must be because he wanted to first negotiate with Amelia, to put him in the scheme of things, before presenting her as a trophy to Don, so that Don can see him as a saviour and not a villain.

Fire on the mountain! Consuela run, run and ran to Amelia's house, to work out another evil scheme that would not put her at a disadvantage....Amelia told her to go and wait for her at a near-by joint, because Pedro was at home. As she dressed up to go out, Pero locked her in, because he suspected that she wanted to go to a meeting with that"Bast..."! Consuela waited in vain as Amelia could not come.

Augusto called his friend, Carlos aside, to confess his mistake of telling Luisa about Jenny, and that was the reason for Luisa being upset. Carlos flew off the handle and for the first time came out openly that Luisa was his girlfriend, accusing Augusto of being : "...a jealous opportunist did that, to separate her from me!" Augusto's confusion was magnified and multiplied beyond measure, it took him a while before comprehending the anger and outburst of Carlos, and when he uderstood, he angrily retorted that Carlos has betrayed him, Vanessa, and Jenniffer. that was the end of their love boat dream and perhaps, friendship. He walked away angrily. Carlos later realised through Sister Smiley that Luisa Fernanda has left the yatch and gone home since morning!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Episode 26: To Live Without True Love Is Impossible

The stage is now set for an explosive encounter. Thank God for Lic Ordonez who invited Amelia again to an exclusive restaurant in the city, for a lunch date. Who would have imagined that it would be Luis Alejandro Montero himself that would find out Amelia and, this time, recognize her? Particularly after having lost hope and told Don Fernanda to forget about Amelia in yesterday's episode...more of that later.

After the awkward kiss, Carlos was able to break free from the gluish grip of Vanessa and firmly told her that she had to leave now, to avoid being caught alone with him by the Chaperon of the cruise, Sister Smiley. He opened his cabin door, despite Vanessa's protestations, dragged her out to the corridor, then closed back his door. He waited in vain and searched without success for Luisa Fernanda's cabin that nite. The next day at the beach, he asked Luisa why she didn't come, as planned and promised to his cabin. She angrily and jealously replied him that having saw Vanessa opened his door, it was pointless coming again. He assured her that nothing happened between them. The two frustrated love-birds freed themselves from all encumbrances and whent to the rock-side to sing love songs for each other. They re-assessed the complications and decided to tell their best friends: Vanessa and Augusto that they were dating and were lovers, even if it would cost them their friendship. Luisa quoted Pedro on this matter, saying: "The truth first and foremost!"

When the time of telling their friends the truth came at the beach, they made feeble attempts and procastinated. I wonder if they would miss this opportunity of the cruise to put an end to the romantic ignorance of their best friends and aspirant lovers. I also wonder if Carlos would have the guts during this cruise to tell Luisa all about camilla...Ooops! I mean all about Jennifer and her "pregnancy".

Jennifer is very desperate now, knowing that all her zeal to cage Carlos with a phony pregnancy trap seem to be failing, as Carlos is undaunted in his cupid pursuit of Luisa Fernanda. She called Carlos' hospital to spring another scheme from her bag of tricks, only to receive a rude shock of announcement that, Carlos has gone on a cruise...of course, with Luisa Fernanda! She stood up and took off in a flight to Marissa's house, accusing her of hoarding information about Carlos' cruise with Luisa on the LOVE BOAT from her. Marissa was so nervous bercause of this aggression, but managed to explain that she did not want to cause her more anguish by telling her of it. She however promised her that she would tell the girl's that "...his daughter is fooling around with my Carlos Eduardo".

By the time she saw Pedro, and told him that Carlos went on the same cruise with his daughter Luisa, he was shocked because Luisa hid that information from him. Just before Marissa delivered the 'blow of separation' of their children to Pedro, she received an emergency call from an already hysteric Jennifer who screamed on phone that the fashion show was about to collapse, because of the workmen's negligence at the venue. So she dismissed Pedro promising to continue the talk later.

Amelia, at lunch table with her prospective lover- Lic Ordonez, was at the receiving end of affectionate pampering at the exclusive restaurant. As Lic was exploring avenues for a closer relationship with her, Luis Alejandro Montero appeared and stumbled on them. He greeted them and told them that he came to meet with a client of his at the restaurant. Lic introduced Mrs. Amelia Perez to L.A. as the secretary to the president, Marissa, his wife. L.A. gazed with intensity at this woman and probably because of her name, began to throw questions about her background at her. Wanting to know her family and if she had any children.

The Discovery of Lost Destiny: Amelia
Amelia was uncomfortable, so she stood up with anger in her voice and eyes, saying she had other schedules to take care of at home and excusd herself. After she went out, L.A. challenged Lic for starting an affair with a married woman, of which Lic said the woman was about to get a divorce, and that she was only a friend. L.A. left the restaurant immediately, and tailed the taxi that carried Amelia home. As Amelia got down from taxi, L.A. schreeched to a halt and ran after her on foot shouting Amelia, Amelia...Amelia..., in recognition of his old 19-year flame. Amelia shouted back at him saying: "...leave me alone Luis Alejandro Montero". He begged her that there are important issues that he has been looking all over the country for her to discuss with her. Just then, Pedro surfaced. As soon as she saw Pedro, she told L.A. that her husband is around and can't talk to him now. L.A. gave her his card and begged her again that he would be waiting for her call.

Consuela called L.A. and told him to discourage Don from meeting with Alvare Torres, so that the meeting may not aggravate his health conditions. L.A. told her that would no longer be necessary, because he has found Amelia. There was a pin-drop, dead silence on the other end of the phone. Damned Consuela must have been shocked with this info. L.A. hanged up because he was expecting Amelia's call any momment from then.

Amelia picked the phone and truly called L.A., they chatted and Amelia told him that they needed to go to a private place to talk about so many matters..."I want us to talk about our daughter too." Pedro has entered the house and heard all what Amelia was saying on the phone. He froze and looked shocked and betrayed. What happened next is best immagined for the next episode.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Gardener's Battle: MITV Ambushes AIT

Yesternite, the MITV leaped over 12 episodes, in her continuing rivalry with the African Independent Television- AIT on the airing of "The Gardener's Daughter" (La Hija del Jardinero) Mexican telenovela (soap opera). It was a deft competitive move by MITV in the 'commercial struggle' for the estimated crowd of over 300,000 adherents and lovers of the telenovela in the Megacity of Lagos.

Before now we reported when MITV joined the fray on the 8th September, 2006. The prime and sophisticated audience were happy for this healthy rivalry as it affords them the opportunity to watch the episodes which they have missed on AIT. But the struggle for prime commercial time and audience has propelled the MITV to skip 12 episodes (from episode 13 to 24) in order to be placed at "a level playing ground" with the AIT.

For many of the Gardener's fans, it was a big disappointment, as the corporate fight for profit was placed above the entertainment interest of the audience. we warned in that news that may "the cut-throat competition that may result from this healthy entertainment would enhance and not hurt millions of viewers and lovers of this soap in Nigeria. "

We cannot say the same for MITV after yesternite. I personally feel that even if the MITV wanted to level up with the AIT, they should have offered alternative ways for the audience, as to how they intend to cover the gap of the 12 skipped episodes, may be, by weekend (Saturday and Sunday) airing of the soap, until the desired level is attained.

Thank God for the modest efforts at summary on our blog here. We appeal to the MITV to assuage the fans with an arragement to show the 12 skipped episodes soon. We abhor this "bloody competiton" between the two TV stations, and also urge their management to let the full entertainment value of this wonderful soap be enjoyed to the fullest by the fans. Enough of this commercial subterfuge, for the sake of people. Sheath your swords please!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Episode 25: Meet Me In My Cabin

Jennifer pursued her evil dream with gusto and fervour. She woke up the next day, having recovered from her disappointment of learning that Carlos went to the Gala Nite with his "gold-digger" girlfriend. She proceeded to Carlos' hospital to wait for him. When Augusto and Carlos came in, it was a good oppourtunity for her to throw a 'wicked punch' at Carlos. She did this by telling Carlos, to the unashamed hearing of Augusto, that she had come for the first ante-natal clinic for her "pregnancy". Carlos was highly embarrassed and scandalized by this disclosure in the presence of Augusto. So, he asked Augusto to excuse him for a private talk with Jenny; but not before Augusto registered his congratulations to the "new father and the most beautiful mother to-be" in Mexico.

Carlos tongue-lashed Jenny for coming to embarrass him in the hospital before his friends. Jenny smiled with a wicked grin, saying "...I won't be a coward like you, who is afraid of telling anyone about my 'pregnancy'. You know that I am a public figure, as soon as my "pregnancy" starts showing, it would be on the front pages of the newspapers, then you can't hide..." She picked her bag after delivering the wicked blow, and left with a proud indignation.

Consuela, the evil genius, deviced another fomular to twist and terminate the search for Amelia and daughter. She went for Mrs. Alvare Torres, a woman who was recently sacked by Heriberto from her father's factory; and arm-twisted her into submitting to fabricating that she (Alvare), was Amelia's closest friend. In return, she promised to get her re-employed back by her husband. Alvare had no option but to agree, even though she never knew that Consuela had any sister.

Solozano, the private detective took over from there, and coached Alvare what she must say to Luis Alejandro Montero. When Alvare arrived and was introduced to L.A. by Solozano, she kept a straight face and poured out the stream of lies taught her. She told L.A. that Amelia rented a room apartment from her, and after giving birth to a sweet baby-girl, she had difficulty nuturing the baby because of her poverty. Afterweards Amelia purportedly gave the baby out for adoption to a foreign couple at a sum of $10,000 (Ten thousand Dollars). Amelia purportedly fell in love with another man and went to... wherever, with him. Since then, she has not heard from Amelia.

The same wicked story was taken to Don Fernando Alcantara by L.A. The old man nearly collapsed again on hearing this sad news. Rigoberto shouted from the top of her voice that IT IS NOT TRUE! saying that Amelia was a girl with feelings and could not possibly sell her daughter. Consuela told her father that this is why she had been warning against digging up the past. But Don was not satisfied, so, he demanded for the name and telephone number of the woman. When L.A. mentioned ALVARE TORRES, it rang a bell in Don's mind, but because of the amnesia which he is suffering from, he could not arrive at any picture, of the past concerning the name of the woman, so he demanded again: "...I want to meet the woman..."

Jealous L.A. stormed the apartment of Andreina very early the next day, calling her a slut for entertaining Lepoldo, he searched the bathroom asking..."where is the bastard". Andreina woke up from sleep and tongue-lashed L.A. calling him a married man and should not be jealous of Lepoldo. She told him to go back to his wife and not disturb her life again... ... ...the long and short of that encounter was that,... the two love-birds reconciled again.

As Andreina and Jenny were jisting what happened the previous night, she told Jenny her true feelings, saying: "...If he (L.A.), doesn't look after me, he is going to lose me."
They were shocked when they looked up to find Marissa, standing and listening to them. They didn't know for how long she had stood, and how much she had heard. But by my estimation and suspicion, her blazing eyes gave me the impression that, she heard everything, but pretended to play along with them, saying that she heard her husband's name being mentioned by the two ladies, asking them what for? They were relieved, and quickly lied that they were just recounting what happened at yesternite's dinner date.

Luisa got on board the yatch and marvelled at the lush beauty and size of the vessel. Carlos joined her and..., from the blues appeared Augusto. When asked about his mission, Augusto said he had been thinking of ways to enjoy his money, which he made from winning Luisa's case against L.A. ...and, this is the best way to spend that money on a cruise with friends. Vanessa appeared too ...and miscontrued Carlos' appearance on the cruise as an expression of his love for her...she embraced him and kissed him, Luisa couldn't bear it, she had to supress her irritation and infuriation. Pedro had warned her before she left for the cruise that it is high time she tells Vanessa the truth about her relationship with Carlos. But she said she was afraid because she doesn't want to lose her friendship. Pedro warned her saying that: "...if you don't tell Vanessa now, you would end up hating each other".

In the night, as Luisa silently tip-toed towards Carlos' cabin, to fulfil his request that she should come to meet him secretly in his cabin for a heart-to-heart talk. She was stunned to find Vanessa almost at his door and already knocking...Luisa dodged and wondered what Vanessa was doing at that odd hour in Carlos' room. Vanessa entered, and as Carlos was protesting the invasion of his privacy by Vanessa, She grabbed him and drew him close to her, before he could further r
esist her she planted a deeep kiss...and...and...well, we would know what happened tomorrow's episode.

Fingers of Passion

People have asked me several times how I cope as a wife and mother coupled with my active blogging life. My usual response to them is that, blogging, for me, is first and foremost, a passion. I enjoy it, so thereis nothing called "Coping with enjoyment".

As we celebrate the first Carnival of African Women this week, I feel obliged to share the secrets of my blogging life. My secrets are in my fingers. My fingers are the expression of my passion. From my kitchen when preparing food for my husband and family. To my three children, when cuddling them with tenderness of infanthood. To my emotions when I had to express it, I prefer, through my fingers than through my voice. Perhaps that is why I am regarded by close friends as being on the quiet side.

As a teacher, I am a communicator. The fingers are the first expression of any communication. If it lacks passion, the point of your communication would be lost on your supposed audience. comforting or assuging my husband after a hectic day work in the mega-city of lagos with her attendant traffic jam and stress demands for fingers that can communicate with passion and empathy.

The use of the fingers is the first advanced education after the mouth (speaking). Blogging is an art of communication, but it is expressed through the fingers. As an African woman, given the hordes of problem of underdevelopment that faces our society, I find my fingers being trained for the battle to change our society for better.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Episode 24: "That Girl Is My Girl"

The Gala Nite of the Sacred Heart Academy was quite a spectacle to behold. Carlos and Luisa eventually reconciled their differences. They later agreed to meet at the party. Carlos arrived at the party into the happy and waiting arms of Vanessa and Heriberto Sotomayor.

Lic Ordonez continued toasting Amelia, (in the unnoticed presence of Pedro), asking her to let them 'repeat' the other night. He also asked her to wear the earring which he bought her from Madrid for the date. Pedro's eyes were red with suppressed anger. He could scarcely control or disguise his fury. At that point, Amelia reluctantly turned down Lic's offer, telling him that tonite was her daughter's graduation party.

After Lic's departure, a heated sarcasm grew between Amelia and Pedro. Pedro mocked her for her lies about Lupe giving her the earring. He insinuated that the real reason why Amelia wants a divorce was because she already had a secret man-friend, whom she has been drinking about town with, and who gave her a job at the bank. He said in conclusion: "...No wonder, you don't want me to take the contract here, so that I would not discover your new affair." In the midst of that marissa intruded and came to apologize to Pedro for calling his home phone number, yerterday. She said: "...your wife was trully ill-mannered, the way she answered the phone, maybe I shouldn't have call your home".

Amelia blushed with shame to discover that her boss, unknowingly was refferring to her as ill-mannered and bad-tempered. After Marissa left, the imbroglio resumed with intensity. Amelia accused Pedro too of going to tell outsiders that she is bad-tempered and that they were about to divorce. It took the intervention of Luisa to stop them from a rough scuffle.

By the time Luisa arrived in the arms of her father, at the gala Nite, they were dressed to 'kill'. Luisa in sparkling white and Pedro in a cool Tuxedo. All eyes were rivetted on them...they were the cynosure of all eyes; they practically 'stole' the admiration gaze of all at the party. Carlos stood up and said in his heart with adoration: "...,that girl, is my girl..."

They came to share table with Vanessa and father and Augusto. On a little space of time they were able to squeezed out for private gists at the party, Carlos was able to assure Luisa that he would be coming to the boat cruize with her. He said no boat cruise can separate her from him. The name of the yatch is called LOVE BOAT. Luisa was over-joyed with this news from Carlos.

The dinner date organized by Marissa for Andreina and Lepoldo was a hit below the belt for Luis Alejandro. he was uncomfortable throughout the event and tried many times to puncture the rapport between Andreina and Lepoldo. When Marissa suggested a boat cruise to Cancun for the toasting couple, L.A. quickly interjected that it would distrupt Andreina's fashion show activity. Marissa asked Andreina not to worry, that she would handle everything about the Show in her absence.

Jennifer also came to the dinner uninvited. Clarita excercised her power of a maid througout the serving of drinks and snacks at the dinner by making sure she did not give anything to Jenny. When jenny asked where Carlos was, L.A. said he was at the Gala nite with his new girlfriend- the gold-digger! jenny was disappointed and angrily stood and left the dinner. L.A. too stood up feigning headache, and went to sleep. The new friends, Lepoldo and Andreina left too. After dropping Andreina at home, she asked Lepoldo if he liked her, Lepoldo told her that this was an understatement. He Loves Her!

When Carlos came back from the Gala Nite, marissa warned him that he should disclose to the young girl that He has imprgnated another lady...Carlos promised his mom that he would do that on the cruise. "WHICH CRUISE?" Marissa asked. Carlos replied that he is going with Luisa Fernanda on the love boat cruise tomorrow...and he would tell her everything during the cruise.

Heriberto behaved true to prediction, when Consuela refused to go with him to Vanessa graduation party because she wanted to stay at home to take care of Don Fernando, he got angry and told her: " hell with your father!"

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Soaring Gardeners

As I write this 30-day report to the 'gardener's family'. I am full of gratitude to the over 2,000+ visitors with pageviews of 6,000+ of the last four weeks and the 230+ subscribers to my daily summaries of "The Gardener's Daughter" (La Hija del Jardinero), which began late last month in Nigeria. ( how I which that the 6,000+ PV would be converted to 6,000+ U$D ...LOL)

Reason for my joy is not far fetched. I believe that we all live in an "Offerer's" World. If you have nothing to offer, you would be condemned to suffer. All of you are proofs that I have got something to offer with this blog. As the 30-day graph from Sitemeter below shows, the growing patronage and cultivated loyalty of 'gardeners' (that is how I christened every fan of "The Gardener's Daughter" telenovela) is worth being celebrated this month end. All of you, by patronage have made the Alexa ranking of importance for this site to leap from 5.8 million to the current 1.5 million, all in one month! We have had 'gadeners' from 49 countries as shown by momentary glimpses from the pie charts below visited this blog in the last 30 days, Wow! What more, we had the King of the web also visiting three times in 12 days, and on the third visit, the King was held spell-bound by the ravishing beauty of our Garden's flora: queen- Luisa Fernanda, for a romantic 4 minutes 8 seconds!

The American Embassy in the East European Country of Moldavia promoted our site to her "Popular Content" Notice board during the period. We were priviledged to host the Best International Black Weblog Award Winnner 2006, come to commune with us too. My hubby too helped to promote us on the foremost social networking site Digg. I must not forget to mention the valuable contributions of my darling sister and comrade, Sokari and other compatriots on the African Women's Blog Thanks to you all.

I am elated that what we wrote here on the summaries of La Hija del Jardinero has no comparison with anything written about "The Gardener's Daughter" anywhere on the World Wide Web! I have had offers from two countries, Malaysia and Mexico for partnership in reeling out episodic summaries in a web link relationship. For me it is a joy to add value to the entertainmemnt interest of the telenovela world.

So, as we mark our first month in the projected nine months (if AIT, MYTV and MITV do not conspire to elongate it, as they did with Cuando Seas Mia (When You Are Mine), of this Mexican soap opera, then we have eight more landmarks to celebrate together. Get ready to Celebrate!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Week 5: Weekend Review

A synopsis of week 5 of this telenovela revealed it as a week of high-wire intrigues. Taking off on a high pedestal of desperate plots by vengeance-seeking, mutual blackmailers: Luis Alejandro and Jennifer, with a mission to destroy the love life of Carlos Eduardo Gomez. The week also portrayed Marissa Gomez as a wise, Compassionate and discretionary woman, when she preferred her son Carlos Eduardo, to her usurper-schemer husband- Luis Alejandro, to represent her in banking merger negotiations in Europe. Compassionate because she could not bear the pain of "loneliness" that Andreina was going through and had to find a suitable suitor for her.

It was a week of great moral lessons for all of us, particularly the "Bobo-Hans" and the "Baby-Nice" amongst us. What do I mean by this categorization? It seems that the most handsome guys and prettiest babes, face the the most tormetous temptations. It takes the great virtue of discipline of the greed-factor in human beings, to win or pass this great temptations.

Heriberto Sotomayor and Luis Alejandro were any woman's dream lover. It is an irony of life that they were the most cruel and wicked fellows in this telenovela. Marissa is an elegant stallion, beautiful and intelligent, but because she is a "Baby-nice" person, her great virtues were abused by the vicious wolves (Jenny and L.A.), who paraded a bag of vices in their stock.

It was a week of agony and anguish for Don Fernando Alcantara. Are you a parent, and you delight in imposing your will on your children? Are you a father and you are the 'lion of the tribe' of your household? Your boiling anger is the driver on the seat and in charge of the steering of the vehicle of your life? Better watch it, and go and learn from this old man that is gradually dying not because of any dieseas, but because of the repercussions of his callous and manipulative decisions of some few dacades ago. Hear from the mouth of this multi Billionaire who said that the pains of regret cannot be healed by food (nor by money).

It was a week of encounter between Luisa nd Marissa, the nobility in Marissa cannot but recognize the virtue in Luisa, even though the social divide seem to create an unabridged gulf between them.

I feel betrayed by Pedro, when his secret lover of 10 years, Susanna, appeared and made a claim on his love. I have always been his supporter in his unending battle with Amelia. I feel it is wrong for him to start dating and sleeping with another woman while Amelia was still under his roof. He should have prosecuted his divorce then, and let her go and find a new life, particularly, when Amelia could not bring herself to loving her father's former 'hired servant'. But many of us may excuse this as an inevitable "bodi no be firewood" syndromme, that men use as excuse to go awhoring when the wife at home becomes recalcitrant.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Episode 23: Spare Me Your Explanations

Every destination is always shaped and paved by directional steps. Amelia is a product of 18-year divine mercy under the roof and protection and sacrificial care of Pedro. Amelia amazes me. She is trying to do the impossible, to be more catholic than the pope. If yesternite I described Luis Alejandro as an ingrate to the kindness to the goddess of Love; Tonite’s episode revealed Amelia as an ingrate to the loving kindness of the God of mercy. Amelia has chosen and begun to take non-gratuitous steps towards a destination, which, only the God of recompense would determine.

Pedro defied Amelia’s order to terminate his gardening contract with Marissa. As he entered Marissa’s office, he met Amelia standing before Marissa and taking instruction from her boss. Marissa happily introduced “Mrs. Amelia”, her secretary, to Pedro Perez, who takes care of her garden at home. An ungrateful and stone-faced Amelia shot out her hands in formal greetings, as if she never met or knew Pedro (her husband and benefactor of 18 years) before. Pedro decided to 'play along', by formally greeting her without acknowledgement or prior recognition. Marissa told Pedro that “Mrs. Amelia" would henceforth supervise all the gardening contracts of the bank awarded to Pedro.

Pedro, was the object of gossip between Amelia and her friend, Lupe. Amelia was angry with Pedro's decision to take up the gardening contract from Marissa. When Lupe wondered aloud why Amelia didn't like it, saying " it because he would be seen as a gardener?" Amelia derogatively replied, saying: ", he would be seen by employees as one of the HIRED SERVANTS in the house ofMarissa". As a woman, I felt ashamed with the vain pride of Amelia. How could she possibly described the financial breakthrough of a man who catered and cared for her for 18 years as hired servanthood. The first payment for the contract was big enough to send Luisa Fernanda on a Carribean Yatch cruise, which could only be afforded by rich parents for their graduating wards! How much is the salary of this "glorified-messenger", decorated as Personal Assistant/secretary, that makes her to denigrate the honorable and dignified labor of her husband?

Pedro received the rudest shock of his life when, innocent Lic Ordonez (who didn't know that Pedro was the 'out-going' husband of Amelia), came into Amelia's office, just as Pedro was about leaving and asked her out for a dinner date again tonite, Pedro was startled, and looked straight into Amelia's eyes. Amelia looked back spitefully at Pedro and answered Ordonez tartly in the affirmative.

Carlos tapped Jennifer on the shoulder at the graduation ground. Jennifer was surprised that Carlos was there. She mocked him, saying that, he had come for the graduation of his 'little girlfriend'. When Carlos accused her of coming to ruin the day for Luisa Fernanda, she said she had come for her sister- Carolina’s graduation and not for Luisa’s ruination. At that moment he received an emergency call from a weeping Consuela, who told him that Don was choking and was about to die. He said in his heart; "...why today, of all days". He turned back and left, to attend to the emergency. As a lover, this great guy was conscientious, as a medical doctor he was kind-hearted. What a great combination of virtues!

After reviving the old man, he asked him who aggravated his condition again this time. Don told him that it was the anxiety of not finding his daughter that is aggravating his condition. Don, upon the insistence by kind-hearted Doctor Carlos, told Carlos the whole story of how and why he cruelly sent her packing out of his house some 19-20 years ago and is now desperately seeking her and his grand daughter to tell them that he is sorry.

By the time Carlos rushed back for the ceremony, it had rounded up. Augusto told him how Luisa got all the glamour, honor and the glory at the ceremony, receiving the Medal of Honor for Academic Excellence. By that time, Luisa had ran home, out of fear of being molested, after one of the nuns identified Jennifer as the furious lady that came looking for her recently. She miscontrued Jenny to be a lawyer sent after her to destroy her as threatened by Luis Alejandro Montero when he lost the case in court to Luisa.

Carlos Eduardo was mad with Jennifer, thinking that Jenny must have told Luisa Fernanda that she was "pregnant" with his baby. Maybe that was why Luisa went home without waiting for the group photographs.

As Luisa got back home with Pedro, she shared her sadness and hurts (concerning Carlos' unexpected absence at her graduation ceremony) with him. Pedro said it may have been due to a medical emergency. Luisa was not convinced, she told her father about their encounter with a Gypsy at the park who foretold her future: about a secret in her life that would change everything. She faced Pedro and asked him: "...father, is there any secret that you and mother are hiding from me?" Pedro was evasive, he simply told her not to believe superstistions. Luisa held on to her faith in what the fortune-teller told her. She further told her father of the absent-minded and distant attitude of Carlos in the last few days. She thought aloud that Carlos Eduardo may no longer love her, and maybe that was the secret that the Gypsy was talking about.

Carlos went home to prepare for the gala night organized for the graduands, promising himself that he would not miss that for anything... He went straight to Luisa Fernanda's house, and knocked. As he came in, wanting to explain the reason for his absence on the graduation ceremony, Luisa angrily spunned him, saying with a trembling and emotion-ladden voice: "...Spare me your explanations, I am not going to forgive you for what you did to me...", Carlos almost melted at the spot, because he was lost for what to say, thinking that Luisa meant the "pregnancy" of Jenny which he presumed had been disclosed by Jenny to Luisa.

"Helping" Andreina
Marissa, a woman of noble virtues, suddenly became worried about Andreina's troubled love-life. She raised the matter with L.A. She asked L.A. to help Andreina to get a stable boyfriend that she can marry. In order to avoid suspicions on his secret love affairs with Andreina, L.A. quickly agreed with Marissa's suggestion. Marissa drove home her desire by further suggesting that L.A.'s best friend and old university colleague- Lepoldo, is the best candidate for the romantic date, because the man is unbelievably still single. Marissa fixed a dinner in her house, inviting Lepoldo and Andreina to that dinner.

L.A. also called Lepoldo to his office to discourage him from honoring the dinner with his wife, saying it is one old maid of his wife that Marissa wanted to match-make him with. Lepoldo rejected L.A.'s advise, saying that as a bachelor, he has nothing to loose meeting anybody that Marissa may plan to introduce to him. L.A. is now in a tight corner, as he doesn't know how to wriggle out of the love-trap, about to be set for him. The stage seems set to emotionally toggle and stress Luis Alejandro Montero. The emotional schemer would be schemed and the romantic con-lover would be conned.

One tragic figure of tonite's episode that stands out is Heriberto Sotomayor. He never hid his contempt for his father-in-law, Don Fernando Alcantara. Rigo's cry for help to rescue a choking Don, bounced over him like water on the back of a duck. Saying, he could not miss his daughter's Vanessa's graduation for a dying man. This is one heartless and monstrous creature. Don himself is the creator of this monster. With his own hand, he picked him up from no where, moulded him into a 'son', whom he never had; made sure he married one of his daughters, Consuela, and...made the married couple to live in his house, under his nose. Stripped of all dignity, this slave-turned-son-in-law has become a treacherous monster, impatiently scheming, accelerating and waiting for Don's death. This tragicomedy is the result of parental schemes and manipulation of children to fit into the parents' fixation. Pity old don, reaping decades of his own schemes.

Facing increasing pressures from L.A., pressures which may expose him as ineffective in his career, the Private investigator/detective, Solozano, called Consuela for a meeting where he expressed his fears. Consuela despised him saying, if he had the nerve to take bribe to divert investigation at the begining, he should have the nerve to continue on that chosen course. She warned him never to call her for stupid issues like that again.

Episode 22: A Disappointing Secret That Would Change Your Life

Amelia toys with destiny. Having passed the first test of fate by heeding Lupe's advise not to resign from her new job, after knowing that her new boss, Marissa, was the woman who took away the only love of her life, some 18 years ago-Luis Alejandro Montero. She now takes fate for granted and latched on to a dead past that cannot fetch her victory in the present.

She believed a lie, a lie that emotionally swindled and jilted her 18 years ago, is the same lie she is dreaming about now. Luis Alejandro Montero is a lie, a constant lie that has not changed in 18 years. A prisoner of his own schemes, a parody of trajedy, a walking vanity, empty and lonely because his 'Prison Warder'- Marissa Gomez, has still not deeply trusted him in 18 years of 'imprisonment' called marriage, ...that is the man that Amelia is still dreaming and claiming that she still loves and would ever love.

Even when she knew that Lic Ordonez is making romantic advances at her, she murmured to herself that she does not like him, the only man she loves is Luis Alejandro Montero. The meeting of the board of directors of Metropolitan bank was an oppotunity to push her further and closer to her true destiny, alas! it was 'boycotted' by Amelia who, expectedly was to take note at ther meeting. She took excuse, asked Lupe to stand-in for her, ran away and threw the opportunity baby away with the' dirty bathwater', because of the fear of meeting Alejandro again. This is the full story of a woman that clung to a dead romantic lie called, Luis Alejandro Montero.

Please don't see me as being harsh and judgemental on the character of L.A. A glimpse at his 19-year history that we all know shows that, even when Amelia saw him as her 'Prince Charming', the astute schemer was Tripple-dating Consuela, Amelia and Marissa at the same period in time. L.A. is an emotional hitch-hiker. Committment and faithfulness is not in his romantic dictionary. He is a love tyrant and an ingrate to the kindness of the goddess of love.

An emotional warfare is brewing between Marissa and her son Carlos. Marissa is one woman so sentimentally committed to the word- RESPONSIBILITY. Jennifer's phony pregnancy has thrown spanners into the smooth pathway of Luisa and Carlos; Now, Marissa is driven to pity for 'poor' Jennifer, and has even gone ahead of Carlos' consent to promise Jennifer that Carlos would return to marry her, and take responsibility for both pregnancy and marital ties. How she would actualise that remains to be seen on this telenovela.

The prime couple, Luisa and Carlos met again, and headed for the Amusement Park. While they were there enjoying themselves, they saw a fortune-teller who reads people's palms to foretell their future. Luisa dragged Carlos there because she is interested in their future together. The Fortune-teller, looked into Luisa's palm and predicted a turbulent future of disappointments. And also that, there is a well-kept secret that would change her future.

Carlos was not so enthused with the prediction, dismissing it as superstitious. But he was heavily weighed down with the burden of guilt, knowing that Jennifer's current 'pregnancy'
would certainly be a disappointing and betrayal blow for Luisa Fernanda when she finds out.

Pedro, a wonderful and loving father took Luisa out shopping, for her graduation ceremonial dress. He decked his 'princess' with high-taste clothes that even, Vanessa a rich girl, had to envy the dress. When they returned home they wered shocked to meet Amelia at home. She told them that her office was being fumingated, that was the reason for her early home-coming. Pedro knew instinctively that Amelia was lying.

Amelia went to her room without giving any regards to the new dress bought by Pedro for Luisa. Pedro followed her shortly into the room, to question her further about her purported office fumingation. He was shocked to see her wearing an earring that must have caused a fortune! He querried where she got it from, and she simply lied that, it was a gift from Lupe, her friend. Pedro boiled in anger and rebuked her for lying, saying that even Lupe could not afford that kind earring.

In the heat of the cross-fires of words between them, Marissa called the home of Pedro with intent to tell him to come and take up the contract of flowering all the branches of metropolitan bank. Amelia picked the phone and froze, when she recognized the voice of marissa, her boss, asking to speak with Pedro. Pedro assured Marissa that he would come the next day after the graduation ceremony of his loving daughter. Amelia launched another envious tirade at Pedro after he dropped the receiver. She asked him what he was doing with her boss, and where did he know her?

Pedro smiled, and told her that he had been working to plant and nurse a garden in Marissa's house for the past several months. Amelia became frightened and hysterical with this revelation. She demanded and ordered Pedro to terminate the contract now, and not to honor the appointment, nor have anything to do with Marissa again! Why, because, all the bank employees would know that her husband is a common gardener.

Pedro considered her reasoning as absurd and told her so. I want to shout out loud to somebody who can hear me and get Amelia's ear. This woman is frightened by a dead past that never really existed in the first instance. She doesn't want anybody close to her to have anything to do with anybody that is close to Luis Alejandro Montero. Let us wait to see if her bluff would get Pedro out of his own destiny path too.

Would Pedro listen and heed the 'order' of hysterical 'Sergent' Amelia? My fear for Amelia is that: if she refuses to let go, a dead past, she would forfeit the freshness and newness of the present. As she surrenders with amazing speed to that dead past, called Luis Alejandro Montero, what she secretly hope and thought to be a final destination would turn out for her to be a devastating destitution that cannot be reversed, because it would have been too late by then.

Don Fernando Alcantara has been discharged from the hospital, but this time, the symptoms of Alchemzier dieseas had set in...memory loss...etc. With a failing memory, would he be able to surmont the battle against his scoundrel daughter (Consuela), who wants to dis-inherit him and Amelia's daughter?

D-Day is here: Graduation ceremony. Luisa is the Best of the bests, among the graduating students. Carlos has promised to come, and Jennifer is planning to come too. Vanessa is expecting Carlos too. What wwould happen? A three-way battle for the soul Carlos' love by three ladies? Amelia continues her strings of bad-luck boycotts, this time, it is the boycott of her only daughter's graduation...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Episode 21: The Saviours Link

Every time a coincidence occurs, don't take it for granted, and don't take it for a free ride. Tonite's episode has supprisingly produced a string of coincidental links that would prove to be the chain of salvation for the victory of the heiress-to-be: Luisa Fernanda Perez. The evil plotters like Consuela, saw this coincidence as a free ride and they did rode on it; but which destination do they think this ride would arrive at?

As Pedro finished his contract and collected his pay from Marissa. The news of Don's heart-attack broke on him, and he reasoned that it must be the same Fernando Alcantara - his former boss and father of Amelia, grand father of his daughter, Luisa Fernanda; so he called Carlos aside to asked after Don's health. Carlos was surprised, because he could not see the link between Pedro-Luisa(his girlfriend) and Don yet.

Augusto walked into Don's house to pay homage and honor his god-mother, Rigoberto. As he was giving Rigo the first fruit of his legal victory over Luis Alejandro, and Rigo querying him where he had won a lottery from, Don Fernando Alcantara staggered down the stairs crying for help as he felt his head was exploding. He slumped and crashed down the staircase. Augusto and Rigo rushed to the rescue of a Don that was already going on a death trip. The rescue team were able to get Don's Personal physician- Dr. Carlos Eduardo Gomez alerted (he was esconded in a kiss with Luisa that moment when his phone rang), and also quickly in Augusto's car, rushed him to the emergency section of Carlos' hospital.

When all search efforts for Amelia and Luisa seem to have been successfully frustrated by Consuela, these inocunous links of a Pedro through Carlos (the personal physician to the 'chief searcher'- Don); and that of an Augusto (personal lawyer to both Amelia/Pedro and 'boyfriend aspirant' to Luisa Fernanda), through Rigoberto, would prove to be vital to the discovery and enthronement of Luisa Fernanda . They would be vital parts to complete the 'Fernandorial' jigsaw puzzle that was shattered at the begining by Consuelito.

What really happened? Why the sudden heart-attack of Don Alcantara? Ask Consuela- the evil architect, who confronted Rigo, chastizing her for suggesting newspaper adverts as an alternative means of searching for Amelia and daughter. Rigo has no time for schemers, she countered and knocked-out Consuelito's aggression, declaring that it is the best option, and why Consela opposed it was because, she does not want her sister, Amelia, to come back home!

Defeated Consuela turned angrily from Rigo and headed for her father's room. She warned Don that she would not allow such adverts to be placed in newspapers because it would ridicle the family's name and reputation. She said she could not stand such public ridicle. She devilishly provoked a high-tempered arguement with Don, knowing fully well that the old man's frail health could not tolerate that. The old man, with grinding teeth, told her off, saying that no public mockery is enough a compesation for the 18-year wilderness which he sent his daughter, Amelia, and his innocent grand daughter. He said he is ready to bear the ridicle (as punishment for his 'sins'), and that the reason for Consuela's opposition is because she doesn't want her sister, Amelia and daughter back to inherit his fortune. This paternal indictment was too much for Consuela, she rose up in anger, lifted up her hand and advanced in a rush upon the old man to strike him...then, she stopped mid-air, just before the blow landed on Don. She declared with satanic anointing that her father would end up consigned into a mad house.

The shock of this evil action by Consuela was what triggered the rising of Don's blood pressure and subsequent collapse. Oooh I wept...even though I am not a Yoruba person, but my husband is. There is this powerful Yoruba song..."Omo to mo ya re looju oo, Oshi yo t'omona pa..." meaning Any child that despised his mother, would pay with a curse of calamitious poverty and death. Oooh, I wept again...Consuela lifted up her hands against her father!!! She actually struck the old man in her mind, she definitely would not escape the harvest of curses for her evil action.

Amelia was in high spirits and she told her friends Lupe and Lic Ordonez that the reason is that her divorce papers are almost ready and she is in celebrating mood for riddance of the Pedro imprisonment. Lic gave her a beautiful earring from his Spanish trip and asked her out to dinner to celebrate the new freedom and happy moments. She came back home late from dinner and tipsy from alcoholic drinks in her veins, like a prodigal wife. When worried Pedro told her how she made him worry by her late coming; she bluntly told him that she is coming from celebrating his riddance saying "...I went to celebrate because, I would be rid of you very soon".

Now that the villains' bomb have been detonated by Jenny, Would it explode? Would somebody appear, to diffuse and stop the tick...,tick...,tick..., of the bomb's timer from exploding? If it explodes, would Carlos escape with minor and repairable injury? or be consumed by the bomb? Would the bomb consume the inglorious partners-in-fraud-and-fabrication: Jennifer de la Cunning and Luis Alejandro Montero?

Meeting in L.A.'s office to review the progress of their evil plot, Jennifer became worried that what would happen if in a few months time, when her tummy does not bulge with real pregnancy? The master schemer, Luis Alejandro told her not to worry, that before that time, she would have been safely married to Carlos Eduardo Gomez and 'a tragic miscarriage' could also be fabricated then.

I have always maintained that Carlos Eduardo Gomez is a conscientious lover, that is, a lover with a conscience, just like 'Diego' of "Cuando Seas Mia" (When You Are Mine) telenovela TV series. This his 'strength' is what Jennifer and L.A are capitalizing on. When he met with Luisa that afternoon at their usual love garden, the weight of guilt had overwhelming presence on his visage. Luisa cannot but noticed it. She asked him if he was hiding something from her, but he didn't have enough courage to raise or open the subject of Jennifer's "pregnancy" with Luisa Fernanda, at least not tonite .

Susanna, Pedro's occasional lover for the past ten years showed up at the bar where Pancho and Pedro were sipping drinks. She accused Pedro of abandoning her. Pedro denied it, and told her that his divorce is almost perfected. Susanna was happy with the news, saying, she had waited for 10 years for this day to become real, when she would have Pedro, all to herself. Pedro does not seem to be interested in another marriage to Susanna, he voiced his fear that all his properties and money would be used to settle Amelia in the divorce, so there would be nothing left to take care of any woman or another marriage. He stood up after kissing Suzzy, telling her that he cannot afford to bring a beautiful lady as her into suffering in any marriage, that she should go and 'find her level'.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Google 2.0: The Gardener's Prominence

For the second time in 9 days, the web king visited our 'garden' again. We appreciate the patronage of all 'gardeners' who by their sheer volume of traffic and participation through reading, comments and high page views have peaked the interest of the Search Engine Giant in our 'garden'. We make a solemn promise that when Luisa Fernanda arrives in her kingdom, she would remember you- fellow 'gardeners', members of the 'gardeners family' and lovers for good.

keep gardening...

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Episode 20: Make A Deal or Be Sunk!

Consuela, Consuela, Consuela...the more this woman dares to foray into her dangerous schemes, the more enemies she created, and the more her deal seem to blow up in her face.
I am convinced that the star villain in this telenovela would be Consuela. She is fast assuming a notoriety that effectively competes with 'Mr. Fix It' of the "Cuando Seas Mia" (When You are Mine) - "Fabian Sanchez Serrano". Tonite's episode saw her trapped in a web of intricate blackmail. Her pet project to banish her sister, Amelia, from the father's heritage seems to be blowing up.

The private detective she hijacked for her dirty pet project seem to have wisened up. He must have found out who she really is, and knowing that she is the daughter of a billionaire, he has turned his fleece weapon on her. He is now blackmailing her with the purpose of fleecing her for easy money for his needs. He wants her to make a deal with him by regularly supplying his financial needs and he would make sure that Amelia is never found out. He warned her that: "...If you don't make a deal with me, I would sink you!". He can no longer be satisfied with a one-time payment, he wants regular 'servicing' from Consuela. I forsee these two villains killing each other in the nearest future. The detective seems to be interested beyond the monetary, he seems to be also interested in Consuela's body. The way he held Consuela's wrist tonite seem to suggest sending amorous signals to her. Consuela is not interested in any man but Luis Alejandro Montero, let's enjoy and wait for the drama that would ensue from these mutual traitors.

Marissa came to chat with Pedro Perez, telling him with hidden indignation that she saw his daughter, Luisa Fernanda, at the airport, when she came to bade Carlos farewell. Thanks to a proud father with dignity, Pedro looked her straight in the eye with an affectionate fire that can melt any indignation, and told her that her son is lucky to have Luisa fall in love with him. (i.e. his eyes seems to be saying: '...we don't beg beg for love, it cannot be swindled, it is by mutual consent'). Marissa was surprised when Pedro told her that Luisa Fernanda is the best graduating student in her school and would study Journalism in the University. Marissa, being an elegant lady of style and taste too, was able to quickly detect a good taste in Pedro, particularly the Rich Children's school that Luisa Fernanda attends.

She later confessed to her old maid, Rosario that Luisa is such a lovely girl and doesn't carry the stigma of poverty nor appear to be from a poor home. "...She is just like any other classy girl, she doesn't look like a gardener's daughter..." She even said she could perceive "...that Luisa is madly in love with Carlos". Her comparative mind did not fail to register and reveal to Rosario, that, "...I have never seen my son being so affectionately tender with any woman, as he was with Luisa today, no, not even with Jennifer."

"Pains cannot be healed by food", so said Don Fernanda Alcantara to old Rigoberto, when she brought him his breakfast, having not eaten throughout the previous day. He was in a mourning mood, mourning and regreting his indescretion of 18 years ago, afraid that when Amelia is found, she may never forgive him for being too harsh with her. He was worried that L.A. is taking too long in finding Amelia and daughter. Not knowing that the prolongation is being 'engineered' by his other daughter Consuela.

At that point, old Rigo suggested to him that he should consider using alternative means to search them out. "Why not advertise in all newspapers in all countries to look for them", she said. This idea struck a joyful light in Don and he accepted to place adverts, only in Mexican national dailies. The "enemy-at-home", Consuela listened and watched all these with envy from a safe distance, she turned back unnoticed, and disappeared back into the building.

Andreina is now wiser, when she discovered that Jenny was brazenly disregarding her feelings for L.A. by threatening her that she should be happy it was not Marissa she disclosed the news to. She lied to Jenny that it is finally over between her and Luis Alejandro. She was however disappointed when, later in the night, after dinner with L.A., at their love nest, L.A. told her he cannot sleep the night there because Marissa is no longer travelling to Spain, having sent her son to represent her there.

Heriberto, having been granted his amorous freedom by Consuela, went further in his adulterous drive to rent a new apartment for Virginia, his secretary-turned-mistress, this would be their love nest from now on. Virginia was disappointed because she preferred a bought apartment, instead of a rented apartment. The stakes are getting higher for all schemers and the schemed in this telenovela.

The chicken has finally come home to roost, Vanessa has come to her senses, knowing there is no way for her to graduate without Luisa Fernanda's brilliant academic assistance. She went to Luisa's home to ask for forgiveness and for friendship reconcilliation. Innocent Luisa, who is incapable of holding grudges for long, accepted Vanessa back into friendship.

Carlos had a very successful 15-day business trip to Madrid, Espana. There is virtually no day he doesn't call Marissa and his love- Luisa. just before his return, L.A. visited Jenny to give her all the documentary evidence for her phony pregnancy. He also warned her never to threaten him with blackmail again. He said if she tries that kind of trick on him again, he would expose her and her phony pregnancy to Marissa and Carlos. Jenny assured him not to worry again, because, as she said: "...You and I are even now".

In the euphoria that greeted the successful trip and Spanish negotiations of Carlos, Jennifer visited Carlos in the midst of his family members, and told him that she needed to talk to him in private. He initially resisted any private talk with this lady of easy virtues, but later yielded to reason, to hear her out. Then the villains' Bomb was detonated by Jennifer, saying: "...yesterday, I found out that I am pregnant!" Carlos was stunned with the news, he looked at Jennifer as if she was from another planet!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Episode 19: "Pretend That You Are Pregnant"

If Jennifer de la Vega thought she was a smart cookie, she met a master of ingenius crookedness in Luis Alejandro Montero. L.A showed her that he is biggger than petty blackmail. What he wanted from Jennifer is a strong ally-in-hate-and-vengeance, to 'nail' their common enemy, his mortal enemy- Carlos Eduardo Gomez! He found that perfect match in his 'unholy alliance' with a yielded and disarmed Jenny, to sink the destiny of Carlos. Would they succeed?

L.A. was practically at ease and at home with Jenny's uncanny mission, he simply told her to sheath her sword and dagger of blackmail, and not to go looking for Luisa Fernanda Perez, he promised her that he would personally see to Luisa's destruction. He tutored and instructed Jenny to pretend that she is pregnant, that he would find an experienced and reputable doctor to give her ultra scan and other fabricated medical evidences to make the pregnancy appear real. With that in the kitty, Alejandro told her how that could be used to force Carlos hand into an irresistible marriage to Jenny.

L.A. justified his plot with the fact that what goes round comes round. If Carlos could fabricate a medical report for Luisa Fernanda which ultimately humiliated him in the court of law, it's pay-back time, as he too would show Carlos of his immense and legendary ability and reputation for greater fabrications. He assured Jenny saying: "...leave all the dirty work to me".

Consuela has finally gotten her alibi for her amorous plot against Luis Alejandro Montero. She is threatening her hubby with divorce, because of his extra marital affairs. She told him never to come near her again and should sleep on the sofa instead of their matrimonial bed. She reeled out the conditions for "co-habitation", if Heriberto is afraid of divorce. "...I don't want you to come near nor touch me again because i don't want to smell you. Our marriage has been a disaster because you see me as your cash register and not as your loving wife. You have no time for me. But from now on, I want you to continue to "live" your life and allow me to "live" mine too as I choose.

Ordonez came to Marisa's house to inform her of the good news: the bank's branch in Spain has finally gotten offer to merge with a big deposit bank, and there is a need for the President to be present for the final negotiation and signing of the memoradum. Marissa was happy with this good news but expressed her inability to proceed to Spain for a 15-day negotiantion because Jennifer's fashion show starts the next day, and she doesn't want to be seen by Jennifer as not keeping her words. At that moment, L.A interrupted with an offer to help saying: "...I can stand in for you in Spain, Just give me the power of attorney to negotiate on your behalf".

Ordonez had to explain why the L.A.'s offer of help is against the statue of the bank, that L.A. being Marissa's hubby cannot have anything to do with the business of the bank, and that L.A. has signed this agreement just before marrying Marissa. L.A. was mad at this clause and rose up saying, it is human beings that made the statue and it can be changed or reversed also by human beings. He walked out on them...Marisa was meditative of the eagerness and over-eaction of L.A. to these issues

She went straight to Carlos' hospital to convince him to become active and go to Spain to represent the bank. She reminded him that he is the majority shareholder which he inherited from his father at his death. Being a director therefore of the bank, according to the statue, the other directors are ready to give him the power of attorney to represent the bank in the Spanish merger negotiations. Carlos was suspicious, thinking that his mom wants to use the spanish trip to seperate him further away from Luisa Fernanda. When he said he doesn't know how to negotiate a banking merger she assured him that Lic Ordonez would go with him as an adviser during the trip.

Carlos went to Jenny's boutique and gym to warn her to stop going to Luisa's school to harass her. Jennifer, who is now calm and no longer hysteric because of the master plot deviced by L.A. simply confronted Carlos and told him to walk out of her office and her life.

L.A. succeeded in booking an 'appointment' with Andreina to 'iron out' their differences. At the reconcilliation meeting, in the 'carbuncle' which he rented for his lover, he challenged Andreina for revealing thier well-kept secret love-affair to Jenny. Andreina denied all the allegations with a shock. They "reconciled" with a re-union toast. After the romantic 'reconciliation meeting', Andreina brought out the Tigress in her again, as she stormed and pounced on her friend and confidant- Jennifer, for breaking their "oath of secrecy" to L.A.

Augusto Prieto came bursting with joy on Luisa with the Compensation Cheque paid by L.A. through the court as ruled by the judge last week. He suggested to her that they should go and cash it in the bank and then go to celebrate it. Luisa was so happy as she confessed that she had never in her life seen such a large amount of money. She agreed to go and cash the cheque, but found all manner of excuses to turn down the offer of 'celebrating' it, perhaps because Carlos had forewarned her that, Augusto has not given up the pursuit of making her his girlfriend.

She went straight from the bank to meet Carlos at their usual love nest, at the love garden. She told him all about the cheque and Carlos also told her all about is sudden Spanish trip to represent 'his' bank there. Luisa almost didn't believe that her boyfriend is a 'banker' when all along, she was contented and proud to have him as a medical doctor. She cried because, unknowingly to both lovers, fate is about to submit their true love to test in the hands of villains and cupid assassins. This 15-day trip would be enough to 'manufacture' the 'pregnancy bomb' that would tear them assunder when Carlos returns from his trip.

At the airport the next day, Luisa Fernanda appeared just before Carlos boarded the plane. The two lovers in defiance of Marissa and oblivious of any public observation, embraced and engaged in deeep kissing. Marissa was dismayed but helpless to prevent the consumation of these young destinies that fate had brought together and villains are struggling to put assunder; while people like Marissa seem to be playing the neutral card...

As Carlos goes to embrace the coming trial of fate, I remember the popular romance song of the '70s which goes something like this: "I'm leaving...On a jet plane, I hate to say goodbyeee....Darling, tell me that you'd wait for mee...Ooh I don't know when I'd be back again....darling don't you worry, I'd be back againnnn...."

After L.A. called the detective, to tell him to turn his searchlight for Amelia and daughter into Mexican Federal territory, the detective went to meet a friend to assisst in the search. While he was making his request in front of an office, Consuela, the consumate architect of evil in this telenovela, stumbled into them on the stairs and heared L.A.'s name being mentioned, so she pretended to be receiving a call from her gsm, while actually listening to the two detectives.

After the two departed, Consuela approached the first detective, telling him that: "...the person you are looking for is my sister, Her name is Amelia Alcantara, and her Hubby is Pedro Perez". This accuracy staggered the detective and he followed her invitation to a nearby restaurant to talk over the matter. Consuela demanded that the detective should not look for Amelia and daughter and she is ready to pay the detective more than whatever L.A. is offering him to search for Amelia. She left her complimentary card for the man, if he is interested in more money to call her anytime. Would she succeed in this plan to abort the search for the true inheritors of the Don Fernanda Alcantara's fortune? Only time will tell.