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Milestone 2,700: FEEDing Hungry Telenovela Fans

FEEDBURNER COUNTERGood morning friends, I have been mostly involved in the BLOGGING FOR MONEY workshop organized by my hubby since Monday, reason for the incommunicado. More importantly however, I chose my first post today to acknowledge a major landmark in my blogging career yesterday, as My blog crossed the 2,700 Feedburner Telenovela Subscribers count.

This is worthy of mention and celebration for many reasons. Exactly this time in November 2006, 12 months ago, I crossed the 700 subscriber level. So, in twelve months, additional 2,000 subscribers have joined our telenovela family in this love garden.

I know of so many big names in the blogging profession internationally, who don't even boast of 800 subscribers. So, we have tried in our community here. Why this landmark is significant is that, this is a level that makes more money comes your way as one can easily monetize the Feeds. It is also significant to have almost 3,000 readers subscribing to our feeds daily. That is a sure authority to the money-spinning advertisers to come negotiating with us. (LOL).

May I use this opportunity to share this glory with you lovers of telenovela in this love garden. THANK YOU! This feat is impossible without you, and your marvelous prayers, comments and encouragements. Thank you again, and again. I am indebted to you, right from the days of the Gardener's daughter (la hija del Jardinero), to Esmeralda, to Catalina y Sebastian and now, to El cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance). Thank you again for your loyalty in building this love community, with your steadfastness and loyalty. Thanks to my brother webmaster, Seun Osewa of Nairaland.Com who stood by us and popularized us at our teething period last year.

Let me also say a big thank you to all our 'students' in the BLOGGING FOR MONEY class (both graduating and current). I particularly thank the 14 people in the last one week who have subscribed to the ONLINE Version of the BLOGGING FOR MONEY Course, led by Josephine Ozeigbe, Bose Adegoke (U.K), Abiola Semiat and others, you are all our inspirations. You did the 'impossible' by taking the workshop from the classroom to the web. I am grateful to you all.

I would resume posting snippets either later today or tomorrow. If you want to subscribe to the Telenovela love garden, so you can receive the daily snippets hot, this is the link to subscribe by email, do so now.

If however you are interested in the BLOGGING FOR MONEY Course Online, it is TEN Thousand Naira Only. Send me a mail at and I would send you payment details.


Good news is also coming from in Lusaka, Zambia, as this "blogging prophet" has honor both at home and abroad. We are being invited by netpreneurs in Southern and East Africa to come and conduct the Blogging For Money Workshops over there very soon.

Also, a big news media from California, USA, is scheduling an interview with me, to come and talk on the secrets of Telenovela Blogging, and how I became the number one telenovela blogger in the world.

I pray that the God of the eleventh hour shall appear in your situation too, and He shall give you the last Laugh, which is the best laughter at the "12th hour" (December). Why? because what you all made happen for me, God would make happen for you too manifold!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Face 2 Face - Snippet 81

Finally, on Friday's episode, Rebeca held Mancho's and Cantalicia's hand dragging them up the stairs of the church. The policeman was very upset Rebeca had parked her car at the wrong place and called her stupid.

Philippe was asking his nosy neighbour (the same neighbour who had accepted a bribe from Rebeca) if she had seen Rebeca. The neighbour denied seeing anyone and Philippe was upset at the neighbour's lies. The neighbour's son defended his mother. Philippe started thinking of where Cantalicia had gone. He summed up that Cantalicia had left to go to the church and asked his partner/Model (I think her name is Tulita) to hurry and find out which church Salvador was getting married in.

Rebeca knowing her plan would work extremely well dragged Cantalicia and Mancho to the already ongoing wedding and told Cantalicia to demand for her rights and not to be a coward. Rebeca then run away and went to a corner leaving Cantalicia all alone in the middle of the church who called out Salvador¢s name and called him honey. Isabel, Salvador and the whole congregation turned around to see Cantalicia and Mancho. Cantalicia continued calling out for Salvador. Rebeca looked on from the corner of the church and Isabel looked at Salvador.

[Remember to check out the telenovela site map of elcuerpo del deseo (second chance) to get the whole picture of this stories]

Back at the house, one of the maids tripped and broke a couple of glasses. Walter yelled at the maid and called the maid an idiot many times. Vicky came to the maid's defence and asked Walter to stop nagging the maid, as the maid was getting nervous. Walter said that women were good for nothing and started arguing with Vicky until a phone call interrupted them. Philippe was the one on the phone. He lied to Walter that he had been invited to the wedding but could not find the church since he was an Atheist. Walter gave Philippe the church's address.

Back at the church, everyone was still looking at Cantalicia and Mancho. The priest asked if anybody knew about the lady who was calling out to Salvador. Isabel said she did not know and asked Salvador if he knew who she was. Before Salvador could answer, Gaetana came to the rescue and whisked Cantalicia and Mancho away as Cantalicia screamed Salvador¢s name. A tiny flicker of suspicion struck Isabel as she glanced at Salvador.

Gaetana dragged Cantalicia and Mancho outside the church asking them what caused her to scream at the church door. Cantalicia did not want to leave her Salvador. Rebeca came rushing outside the church and asked Gaetana to let go of Cantalicia until she saw it was Gaetana. Rebeca was surprised to see Gaetana (their last encounter was episodes ago when Gaetana had kicked her out of the house so that Matilda could not discover Rebeca was in love with Salvador and also in the Donoso house when Pedro was alive). Geytana put one and two together and knew Rebeca was the one who had brought Cantalicia to prevent the marriage. Rebeca was more surprised to see Gaetana and asked Gaetana what she was doing at the wedding.

Camillo explained to the Priest that the person who had come to the wedding was crazy, and told the priest to continue with the ceremony. Isabel glanced at Salvador. Salvador avoided looking at Isabel.

Gaetana told Rebeca that Rebeca had intentionally used Cantalicia as she was in love in Salvador to ruin everything. Rebeca told Gaetana that that was nonsense. Gaetana threatened to tell Isabel of everything since she knew everything. Matilda came and asked Gaetana what was happening. Rebeca was shocked to see Matilda (Matilda had been the one to tell Rebeca to bring her lover¢s finger nail, lock of hair, photo and a glass used...and Rebeca's lover was Salvador). Rebeca wondered what Matilda was also doing at the wedding. Matilda was happy to see a former client.

Rebeca could not believe that there were two witches at the wedding! What were they doing at the wedding? Matilda confessed that she and Gaetana were friends and practically soul-mates with Salvador. Rebeca's mouth was left hanging open in shock. Rebeca could not believe or understand what was happening.

Valeria thanked Antonio, Angela and Abigail for cheering her up and thought how it would be difficult to be in her room as she was close to Isabel¢s room. Angela suggested for Valeria to switch rooms with Simon¢s room which was on second floor, to which Simon and Valeria later agreed. The group went ahead to help Valeria and Simon switch rooms before the newly weds arrived.

Back at the church, Rebeca sneaked in the wedding ceremony depressed. The priest asked Salvador if he would accept Isabel in sickness and health until death did them part. Isabel smiled and looked at Salvador...except it was not Salvador Isabel saw, but Pedro Jose Donoso, exactly as he appeared as an old man with grey hair exactly like in the first episodes, (just like how Andre had seen him before he went mad).

Pedro Jose Donoso looked straight at Isabel and said ¡Yes Father I do¢. Isabel¢s mouth was wide open due to shock, she was sure she was suffering from a massive hallucination.

The priest asked Isabel the same question. Isabel looked at Salvador and saw Salvador/Pedro as Salvador once again and Isabel also said ¡I do¢ looking much happier (maybe due to relief Salvador is not Pedro or due to maybe feeling the Salvador-Pedro connection?). Rebeca wept silently behind the church. Salvador/Pedro held hands with Isabel as the Priest announced them husband and wife until death did them part. The newly wed couple kissed....

Sunday, November 25, 2007

All Mysteries Would Soon Come To an End - Snippet 77

Just about fifteen more episodes of El Cuerpo del Deseo (second chance) telenovela. That approximates to about 30 to 40 snippets. This also implies that this marvelous telenovela would end before Christmas in Kenya. Even though I am behind schedules, I would still stick to my promise of completing this novela by this weekend or month end, whichever is acceptable to you.

Tessie and I made a mistake: we skipped Snippets 77 and 78. We then presented Snippets 79 and 80, as if it were 77 and 78. This is now the correction. To get the full and correct order, please go to the telenovela site map, we have now corrected the error.

On Wednesday's episode, Isabel went downstairs just to discover that she was being waited upon by Antonio, Angela, Abigail and Simon. Antonio and Angela wanted to know how Isabel¢s marriage would affect them. Isabel told them that they could all continue living in the same house as neither of them would be affected, as she (Isabel) would mind her own affairs and not disturb them and vice versa.

Aggressive and emotional Simon told Isabel that would be impossible as they were all living under the same roof and that neither of them should be forced to pick up after Isabel¢s broken marriage to Salvador. Abigail wanted to know if Isabel intended to move Salvador into the mansion. And Angela demanded for an answer.

Rebeca was alone in her room on her bed remembering the argument she had with her niece Isabel after she had attempted to shoot Salvador and how Isabel had almost thrown her out. Valeria went to visit Rebeca. Valeria was surprised at Rebeca's behaviour. Rebeca told Valeria considering the mistake Isabel was about to make, that she could not act as passively as Valeria as Valeria acted passively as though she had porridge, and not blood in her veins. After Rebeca mocked and abused Valeria. Valeria told Rebeca that she was not afraid of Rebeca, she just felt sad and pity towards her. As Valeria left and closed the door, Rebeca threw a glass at the now closed door.

Angela demanded for respect from Isabel. Isabel reminded Angela that she also needed respect as she did not know how bringing Salvador to the house would be bad as Angela was also living with Antonio. Isabel told the household that Salvador would not make people fight with each other as Andre had done. Simon told Isabel that Salvador had already created fights and reminded Isabel of the problems Valeria and Rebeca had with Salvador. Abigail thought that it was not a good idea for Salvador to live with them.

Isabel reminded everyone of how they had defended Salvador before, and how Angela had defended him and re-employed him after Isabel had fired him and how now they were turning their backs on him.. Angela complained that they would not live in peace with Salvador. Isabel got upset and told the group that she would bring Salvador to live with her and that they would not throw her out of the house as it also belonged to her. Isabel finally told the group that if they were not happy about Salvador they themselves should leave the house.

Back at Gaetana's house, Matilda pressured Salvador to tell her about his wedding. Gaetana, Lupe and Camillo tried to shut her up so that she would not make Salvador upset. Salvador was deep in thought the whole time. Salvador admitted that he knew Isabel for a long time. Matilda told Salvador to invite them to his wedding. Gaetana, Lupe and Camillo were against the idea. Lupe dragged Matilda and took her to her beauty bath.

But thoughtfully Salvador told Gaetana, Camillo and Lupe that refusing to invite them would be unforgivable as he considered them like his family and they should accompany him in the important journey he was making so that his new wife and the entire household would know the people who were the closest to him. Gaetana wondered if Salvador was conscious of what he was saying. Salvador said that he was conscious that all the mysteries should come to an end.

Mancho found the newspaper about Salvador's wedding in Philippe's room and showed his mother Cantalicia. A neighbour stopped by Philippe's house and Cantalicia asked the neighbour to read what the newspaper said about Salvador. The neighbour told Cantalicia that the article was about Salvador's wedding to Isabel. Cantalicia knew Rebeca had been telling her the truth all along and cried while hugging her son Mancho.

Isabel was again arguing with her Aunt Rebeca. Isabel told Rebeca that if it were up to her, she would have not only have kicked Rebeca out of the house, but she would have filed charges against Rebeca on attempted homicide but Salvador had prevented her from doing so as he was rare because not many people would intercede for an enemy who tried to kill them. Isabel told Rebeca that if she had a little dignity Rebeca would leave the house. Rebeca told Isabel that it was because she had dignity that she choose to remain in the house.

Isabel told Rebeca that she did not need her and that she had always been alone as none of her family including Valeria had ever been grateful to her and were with her because of her money. If she had no money, she was sure everyone (Rebeca and Isabel) would have abandoned her as none of her family loved her, not even her mother who had used her to accomplish her ambitions. Isabel confessed she only let Valeria and Rebeca live with her as Salvador had asked her, but after her wedding she would not be responsible for either of them. Isabel asked Rebeca to keep her distance from her as Rebeca made her sick.

Rebeca told her friend Pilar about how she had tried to kill Salvador. Pilar was concerned about Rebeca and thought that she no longer needed Salvador, but instead needed a Psychiatrist. Rebeca said would use all her resources to get to Salvador. Rebeca asked Pilar if she could stay with her until the wedding day. Pilar refused and told Rebeca she did not want Rebeca near her. Pilar turned her back on Rebeca and told Rebeca that they should not meet again as she was crazier than the people she was living with.

The Mistaken Wedding...

On Thursday's episode, Isabel admired her wedding gown and smiled at her upcoming wedding the following day. Salvador/Pedro sneaked into his house for the last time at night to play the piano (his own unique bachelor's party). As if to confirm what he was hearing, Walter went to visit Rebeca in her room.

Rebeca was not amused and told Walter that if Pedro's spirit existed she hopped it would come out of the study and get close to Isabel and scare her to death. Walter asked Rebeca if she hated Isabel that much. Rebeca answered that she did not hate Isabel as much as she hated Salvador and hoped the spirit of Pedro would destroy Salvador. Walter got jittery as the piano music was making him nervous and went to his room.

Salvador/Pedro continued to play the piano throughout the night in secret. Simon went to visit his mother Abigail in her bedroom. Abigail confirmed to Simon that it was the spirit of Pedro and not Valeria who was playing the music. Simon was upset that he could not go to sleep as Pedro¢s music was keeping him awake. Abigail told Simon that the mystery of Pedro playing the piano would be another mystery that Salvador would clear for them after the marriage.

Simon was puzzled, what did Pedro's spirit have to do with Salvador? Abigail told Simon, that Salvador may have a lot of knowledge or connection as the piano started playing the day Salvador got to the Donoso house. Simon thought Abigail was being carried away by her imagination. Abigail corrected Simon that she was being carried away by what she felt, and she felt a lot of anger being played in the piano notes as if Pedro¢s spirit was angry and was threatening.

Angela wanted to open the door to the study. She wanted to know if the person playing in the study was her father or a creep that was torturing them. She did not think there was something supernatural about the person playing the music. Antonio stopped her and told her that even though it was hard to imagine, the person playing the piano was in reality her father. Antonio felt as if Pedro was sending a message through his music, a message of love for those who cared for him and a warning for those who were his enemies.

Antonio persuaded Angela back to their bedroom, and the camera passed by Valeria who was standing near her room listening to the music. Valeria silently told Pedro that she did not feel as if the music was being played for her.

The wedding morning, Walter was shouting at the maids to finish up with the flowers so as to help Vicky in the kitchen.

Gaetana woke up Salvador/Pedro for the very last time in his bedroom in her house. Gaetana scolded Salvador/Pedro and she hopped that Salvador/Pedro would come to his senses to stop the wedding, as he was making the same mistake for the second time. Salvador/Pedro gently told Gaetana to get ready to accompany him to the wedding. Gaetana was upset and stormed of from Salvador¢s room reminding Salvador/Pedro that he was committing a big mistake. Salvador/Pedro told himself that Gaetana would come to his wedding and that this time he was not the one making a mistake as it was Isabel who was making the mistake.

Walter was holding a large vase of flowers still shouting at the maids until he saw Rebeca hurrying out of the kitchen with a jug of water. Rebeca complained that everyone was busy with the wedding to bring her water so she had to get it herself. Walter continued turning around on the same to check the progress of the wedding preparations as he spoke to Rebeca, almost hitting Rebeca several times with the flowers he was holding.

Back in Isabel¢s room a woman hairdresser was doing her hair and a man was doing her to make-up. Isabel kept on moving a lot and glaring at the mirror, which made it impossible for the man and the hairdresser to fix Isabel. Isabel stood-up and undid her hair telling her hairdresser that she would do her hair herself as she was not happy with the hairdressers work. The hairdresser left. Isabel told her make-up artist that she was not happy with the make-up. The makeup artist said that he would leave before Isabel had a chance to fire him like the hairdresser, and told Isabel that he would charge her as he was not used to wasting his time and left.

Isabel was left alone with one of the maids. She couldn't believe no one except Valeria knew how to make her hair well or prepare her. The maid offered to call Rebeca and Valeria to help Isabel prepare herself for the wedding, but Isabel refused. Isabel asked the maid to bring her set of jewelery. The maid brought one set of jewelery but Isabel told the maid that she had worn that set with her wedding with Andre and she did not want to wear anything that reminded her of her previous two marriages and set the maid off to bring another set that she had not worn recently. Isabel then told the maid to leave her alone.

Isabel was left alone crying and feeling sorry for herself. There was nobody to help her prepare for the wedding. Valeria quietly entered the room and looked at Isabel. She felt sad for Isabel (and off the screen prepared Isabel for her wedding).

Simon and Antonio were downstairs admiring the decorations and the food for the after-the-wedding party. Simon suggested to Antonio, that they all leave for the weekend. Antonio reminded Simon that Angela was not feeling well and that missing the wedding for one day was more than sufficient.

Back in Gaetana's house, Gaetana prepared Salvador for his wedding and was worried as Salvador had not slept well since he had been out most of the night. Salvador confessed to Gaetana that he had sneaked in the Donoso house to play the piano and told Gaetana not to worry, as he would soon be going home and would not need to sneak in like a thief. Gaetana looked very sad that Salvador would leave soon.

Salvador asked Gaetana again to accompany him to the wedding. Gaetana refused. What would Isabel, Rebeca or the household think if they saw her again...with Salvador? Salvador reminded Gaetana that, that was what his plan was about. Starting from his wedding day, Salvador would dispel all the mysteries surrounding him to the household. He again asked Gaetana to accompany him on the most important day of his life, as he considered Gaetana his best friend.

Rebeca was upset that Valeria had helped Isabel to prepare for her wedding. Valeria told Rebeca she had prepared Isabel like she had done on her two previous marriages because she (Valeria)wanted to show Isabel that she still loved her even if Isabel wanted to make her feel bad. Valeria told Rebeca that she planned to stay in her room the entire day. Rebeca told Valeria to prepare herself as something could happen. Valeria warned Rebeca against doing anything bad like the time she had tried shooting Salvador. Rebeca told Valeria that if something bad did happen, it would all be Salvador¢s fault.

Rebeca went out to drive her car.. Walter asked Rebeca where she was going and Rebeca told Walter that she was getting away from the wedding. Walter told Rebeca that he also wished he could get away from the torture he was enduring (Walter was trying to supervise the wedding party arrangements and the servants were behind schedule). He also said he found the wedding distasteful. Rebeca huffed as she usually does and drove off.

Walter told himself that of somebody had told him that one day he was going to work for Salvador; he doesn't know what he would have done to avoid the situation. He then loudly shouted at the maid doing the floral arrangements, telling her that she was slow, frightening the maid and making her drop the flowers in shock.

Rebeca drove off telling herself that she was finally going to beat Salvador as everything would go as she planned. Read more from the full story ...

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Happy Thanksgiving From Telenovela Love Garden

As Americans begin their traditional Thanksgiving holiday today, we send greetings and solidarities to all our telenovela fans in the U.S, as well as our foremost advertisers and advertising network (Google), and news-content providers - Voxant Newsroom.We delight and rejoice with all telenovela fans, as they re-unite with their families over this weekend of fun and entertainment.

It is a time of reflections and also a time of salutations to the heroes of American democracy. For me, as an internet entrepreneur and blogger, I salute the over 210 million internet users in America, particularly those amongst you, who throng my telenovela blog daily.

Many of my blogging and blogger friends are from there. I appreciate your input into my works here. Jane May, Kumiko Suzuki(pink lady), whom I understood just sold her seven-month old blog for a whopping $15,000! Way to go, go, go, girl, start another one again and build to sell, become a virtual estate millionairess.

Back in March this year, Kumiko was humiliated by John Chow, when he removed her name from the list of bloggers, who have their domain name christened after them, just because she was freely hosted on blogspot. That provoked her to start Cash Quest blog, self-hosted and paid WordPress blog. What a way to answer the skeptics.

For your information, I make more money monthly blogging than Kumiko ($1,300). That means my blog could be worth anything between $16,000 to $20,000. (that is a dream, because most of my income come from tenant blogging on blogspots. A tenant is not permitted to sell the house of his/her landlord without consent. Never worry, Telenovela Stories Dot TV, the successor of STORY-STORY Dot COM would rise to the challenge in five months, before mid 2008, maybe I would sell for $40,000 (he-he-he).

Back to my friend and mentors, John Chow, Joel Comm, Jason, Jeremy, Danielle, and others too numerous but strategic to overlook, happy holiday to you all.

You all collectively opened my eyes to see the possibilities of being a 4-figure Dollar Blogger, (I am, by God's grace, currently enjoying this realm of remunerated talent in the blogosphere). Please, don't forget to send my own turkey by mail (LOL).

Shot By A Jealous and Jilted Lover!

After Snippet 74, this is the next that Tessie sent us, enjoy this telenovela reading.


How is everything in Nigeria? We are fine here in Kenya, just a bit wary after the party nomination elections, which turned out to be slightly violent. We are praying the main general elections on December turn out to be peaceful and not as bad as the ones last week. Do pray for us all goes well."

Tessie we're praying for you and your country... Amen.

On Tuesday's episode, proved to be livelier compared to the other episodes. Isabel and Salvador were holding their engagement party. Vicky did not look happy as she usually does in other parties. Rebeca was in Valeria's room complaining about the party to Valeria. Rebeca told Valeria that the party was shameful and that it was to embarrass and torment the household. Rebeca asked Valeria if it mattered to her about the party going on.

She told Valeria that both Salvador and Isabel were making fun of her, and if they could, they could spit on Valeria's face. Valeria told Rebeca that it did not matter to her about the party. Rebeca told Valeria that even though Valeria was pretending, she knew that Valeria was dying of jealousy. Valeria told Rebeca that her jealousy was not more than Rebecca's, and she said that she wanted to go to sleep. Rebeca wondered how Valeria would sleep through the party noise. Rebeca however told Valeria that very soon, Valeria would be awakened by a surprise initiated
by her.

At the party, the new C.E.O. for the Donoso Citrus Company congratulated Isabel and Salvador. Isabel wondered if the C.E.O. meant it and the C.E.O. truthfully said he meant it and wished the couple the very best. Meanwhile, a group of Mariachi entered the house and started playing a wonderful tune for the engagement party, while a photographer captured Salvador and Isabel.

Back in Antonio's and Angela's room, Simon was trying to prevent Abigail to oversee the party as she was no-longer an employee and Walter would oversee the party. Antonio and Angela agreed with Simon. Abigail told them that they can snub Isabel's and Salvador's party but she would not do the same. Angela and Antonio convinced Abigail to watch a video-movie with them. Abigail felt as if she was being kept against her will. Angela distracted her by inviting Abigail, Simon and Antonio to feel the kicks of the baby in her womb.

Rebeca withdrew the gun Walter had given her from her dresser drawer. And said that even if the party seamed to be very interesting, it would end tragically for the groom to be...

The Company directors were gossiping about Isabel and Salvador. They noticed that Isabel was much happier than her previous two marriages, and how she had broken a record where in less than one year, she had managed to have three weddings and three husbands, which has rarely happened. She must have learnt from the mistake of her previous marriages, for her to marry Salvador now.

The CEO thought that they would have waited a bit longer after Andre's death. But the CEO's wife thought that Isabel had to snatch up Salvador as he was very handsome. The directors saw Salvador and Isabel well suited as they were both ambitious and that Salvador had risen from the ranks from Pedro's messenger (that is what Salvador had them believe), to the owner of Pedro's fortune.

Rebeca went to Isabel's bedroom and frowned at Pedro's photo as she went to wait for the opportune moment to shoot Salvador. Isabel and Salvador continued smiling at each other, unaware of the danger.

Matilda was at Gaetana's bar, doing a false card reading for a client. She told the client that there was an old jealous woman who was capable of killing her due to jealousy (maybe she was capturing Rebecca's intentions on Salvador). She sold the woman a fake amulet (which in reality was a cheap brooch Matilda had borrowed from Gaetana moments earlier).

Salvador and Isabel greeted the guests as they left, as Walter watched them with contempt. Isabel and Salvador saw that Walter was watching them and Salvador kissed Isabel purposely in front of a frowning Walter.

Later, the dog was barking furiously as if something bad was going to happen. Isabel was telling Salvador that the step of holding a big party was a big one but she did it to prove her love for him, and did not mind the people in the household who opposed her (like Angela, Rebeca, Simon, est.) nor the people who were gossiping about her and kissed Salvador. Salvador was very happy.

Walter saw Rebeca tying up the dog. Walter thought Isabel and Salvador would spend the night together since they were engaged. Rebeca told Walter not to be as sure as anything could happen. She told Walter to leave her (so that she could shoot Salvador).Walter got the message and left Rebeca alone running to his room.

Isabel wanted to go upstairs with Salvador. Salvador wondered why and Isabel said that it was because she wanted them to plan the honeymoon and where they were going to live as they could not live in the house forever. Salvador said that he was tired and that he wanted to go to his house. Isabel told Salvador that it was time he showed her where he lived. Salvador told Isabel to be patient as when they got married, she would find out EVERYTHING about him, including where he lived as there will be no such thing as secrets between them. Isabel was left very happy and smiling. The camera followed Salvador out of the door.

Salvador left the house but as he reached the drive way he had an odd sensation that something was wrong and turned to check what it was. He turned around and saw no one so he turned back in front again. As soon as he did that, Rebeca pointed the gun at close range to his head. Rebeca called Salvador and told him even though he thought that nothing could stop him and that he was invincible, she was going to show him that he was very mistaken. Rebeca pulled the trigger and shot Salvador while closing her eyes to avoid the bloody scene that she would make.

At the same time Gaetana dropped her tray of glasses. She wondered why she kept on dropping things that day. Matilda called out to Gaetana and Gaetana dropped the glasses she had picked again. Gaetana told Matilda not to give her such an attack again. Matilda wondered why Gaetana was always concerned about Salvador and wondered if Gaetana was secretly in love with Salvador and was jealous he was with another woman.

Gaetana told Matilda not to speak stupidities as Matilda did not know the whole situation with Salvador, and why she was worried about Salvador. Matilda told Gaetana that since she is not Salvador's wife or sister to stop worrying about Salvador as he was probably having fun wherever he was with someone... Continue from Snippet 76 at the full story of second chance...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Salvador's Return

Remember that we left off el cuerpo del deseo (second chance), at telenovela snippet 72 from the full story site map, where the gangs that abducted Salvador and the young boy, Tommy, were surrounded and arrested by the police, Tessie continues from there with Monday's episode, ride on with her on the snippet 73 boat.


The police fired at the two groups of thugs and managed to capture them. Tommy wanted to get out of the forest but Salvador told Tommy that they had to wait. Both Salvador and Tommy heard the gunshots and Salvador thought that the thugs were killing each other.

Back at the Donoso house, Valeria was calling out to Salvador in her sleep. She woke up and started remembering the time she had planned to escape with Salvador and she had told Salvador that she was no longer afraid of her loneliness or the dark road that lied ahead. Salvador had asked her what would happen if she no longer reached the end of the road that had no more darkness and no more loneliness, would she break it.

She had told Salvador that she did not want to break the road (of their future) as long as he was there. They had both kissed. Valeria cried, she wondered why she could not get Salvador out of her mind as she neither needed him, nor did she resent him. She just wished she could forget Salvador.

Salvador and Tommy were still hiding in the forest. Tommy was impatient as he could not hear anything. The police went in the house and found Ronnie lying on the floor in bad shape. They however could not find his son Tommy. Back in the forest, Salvador suggested to Tommy that they could run away. Tommy was afraid as he did not want to be captured by the thugs again. Salvador stood up planning to move on with Tommy.

But he heard the sound of the wind (Pedro's spirit) around him and he looked around in the air trying to brush it off. Tommy wondered what was wrong. Salvador asked Tommy if he had heard and felt it...

Tommy was puzzled he did not understand Salvador as he did not hear or see anything. Salvador started shaking as if he was being electrocuted. As if he knew what was happening to him, Salvador told Tommy to go so that he was not caught by the thugs and to get help while he was shaking. Salvador then collapsed onto the ground.

Tommy tried to rouse Salvador but Salvador did not get up. So Tommy ran to get help but was discovered by the police. The old couple and Clarita arrived at the scene of the crime. Clarita was panicking that her son had not been found, she told her father Rupert that he should not have called the police. Tommy was however brought by the police officer who found him and his mother, Clarita, and grandparents hugged him.

Salvador/Pedro woke-up and the first thing he saw was the moon, and that he was lying on the ground in the forest. He wondered whether this was really happening to him or whether it was a nightmare. And got up and tried to find his way around. He then confirmed that it was real and not a nightmare.

The police found the thug who had tried to kill the original Salvador. But Salvador had hit him with a branch. The police told each other that he looked so bad, as if he had been hit by a train. The police thanked the family (Clarita and her parents) for cooperating with them to capture the thugs. The police were however concerned they had not found the man who was with Tommy (Salvador). (Behind the scenes, Tommy must have told his grandparents and mother about Salvador's condition and how Salvador had helped him). The grandparents told the police that Salvador sounded as if he was in bad shape. Tommy thought Salvador was dead as he had said that he felt bad before fainting.

Tommy led the police to where he had left Salvador but he was shocked not to find Salvador. The police thought that Tommy had made a mistake, but one of the police officers discovered the ground was flat as if somebody had slept on it. The police continued looking for Salvador but never found him.

Salvador/Pedro continued walking in the forest, wondering what had happened, and asked God for help.

The police told Clarita, Tommy and the old couple Rupert and Tomasa, that they were unable to find Salvador. Clarita wished she could thank Salvador for helping them. The police thought that if Salvador was not found, it meant that he was okay and walking or someone else had rescued him. Rupert asked the police to inform him as soon as they heard about Salvador so that they could thank him. Tomasa thought it was strange. She believed that if the man (Salvador) appeared in to their lives just as he had disappeared, she would believe that he was an angel sent by God to help them. The police drove the family back home.

Salvador/Pedro woke up in a strange place near a lake, where he was discovered by a young couple. The couple helped Salvador/Pedro to call Gaetana, who was on her way to get help, possibly from the police. Gaetana said that she did not care what condition Salvador was in (whether he was the original Salvador or if Pedro's spirit was with him). Lupe picked up Salvador's call and was joyful to hear from Salvador, she then gave the phone to Gaetana who was on her way out.

Gaetana was relieved to hear from Salvador/Pedro and went to collect him with Camillo... Continue from Snippet 74 at the full story site map...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Destilando Amor (Distilling Love)

Reports reaching us shows that a new Telemundo Telenovela is bursting viewers chart on prime time, in the U.S. It is called Destilando Amor (Distilling Love), according to a new telenovela portal, based in California and registered as Telenovela Garden, which drew an inspiration from our Telenovela Love Garden here.
This telenovela is the adaptation of our popular "Paloma and Diego" of Cuando Seas Mia (When You Are Mine) which itself is a remake of "Café, con Aroma de Mujer" (Coffee With an Aroma of a Woman). Instead of Sergio Basanez and Sivia Navaro, we have we have "Gaviota and Rodrigo" played by Eduardo Yanez and Angelica Rivera. Some other adaptations call it "The Essence of Love". More gists can be found on Wikipedia.

The same story-line and the same coffee plantation settings, but with American flavor. Actor Sergio Sendel played a role similar to Fabian, while our Niurka of Rebeca telenovela fame (Ana Patricia Rojo), played the role of foolish Rodrigo's sister.

Don't forget to check out the latest updates of El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance) at the telenovela site map. We are level at Snippet 72 with Kenya, thanks to my blogging partner from Kenya, Tessie. But I am determined to overtake Kenya this week, and get to the finishing line by the end of next week.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Defeated Again! - Snippet 69

We are racing to the final epic of el cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela. Remember to follow through the full drama from the telenovela site map. Today, thanks to Tessie, I have posted four snippets (including this snippet 69): recall- Snippet 66: The Black Widow Remarries For The 3rd Time, Snippet 67: "Marry? No, ... Don't Marry!", Snippet 68: "Cantankerous Rebeca".

Pedro Jose Donoso's spirit seems headed for another defeat in the struggle to repossess the body of Salvador. It is so dramatic to watch two spirit beings fighting to posses one body- The body of Salvador. Whoever would win that battle determines the fate of those ignorant loved ones who surround them.

We know what happens when Pedro is hurt by the people he loves. When Angela had disowned him in the first episode he had almost died of a heart attack, this time after Vicky’s and Angela’s confrontation, Salvador woke up from his bedroom in Gaetana’s house and glanced at the mirror (this is when we discover again, Pedro’s spirit has left Salvador’s body, just like when Salvador/Pedro had broken up with Valeria, and now we are looking at the original Salvador, Cantalicia’s husband). Salvador (original) touched his well-shaven and shaped beard.

Back in the bar, the man who was in love with Geytana and owns the house – I think he is called Evaristo, was fighting with Camilo, Lupe’s boyfriend. Evaristo refused to leave when Camilo chased him out and told Camilo only Gaetana could chase him out. Gaetana said that if that was how he felt, then she would order him out of her bar and did so. Evaristo told her that he would get out, but not without Gaetana. Evaristo (who is thin man), carried and put Gaetana over his shoulder to carry her out of the bar with him. Gaetana struggled and a full blown fight involving Gaetana and everyone in the bar started fighting each other.

Salvador (original) started calling and looking for Cantalicia and Mancho. He went downstairs where he saw the bar looked like a battle zone where everyone was fighting with each other. Salvador unsuspectingly hit someone to make them get out of his way. He went outside and started calling for Cantalicia.

Philippe was giving Cantalicia some vitamins to calm her down as she had again seen her Salvador in her sleep/vision telling her that he was coming to her. Philippe told Cantalicia that probably she was going crazy due to Rebecca’s words and that Salvador was possibly a murderer and possibly a bad person and was probably enjoying life with Isabel.

Salvador (original) was at the roadside near the highway, looking for Cantalica in the strange place he was in. Salvador prayed and asked the Virgin where he was?

Gaetana, Lupe, Matilda and Camilo were tiding the bar after the fight. Camilo found it strange Salvador had not come to see what the commotion was about. Gaetana was alarmed, she had forgotten all about Salvador! She dropped her things and went to check on Salvador and found his room empty. He was no where to be found in the house. Gaetana assumed that Pedro had deserted Salvador’s body again. Gaetana told everyone that Salvador had a relapse. Everyone rushed to the car but Gaetana made Matilda wait in the house, in case Salvador came back.

Salvador (original) was still on the highway trying to get help...

Rebeca was still thinking of destroying Salvador, next time she swore she would not hesitate to shoot him.

Gaetana was anguished with herself. Salvador had warned her that the symptoms were happening again but she had left him, due to the fight in the bar. She Camilo and Lupe continued looking for Salvador.

An old couple almost run over Salvador. Salvador was in so much shock that he remained paralyzed on the road like a statue, even if the car had not hit him. The old couple got out to help Salvador, but Salvador wept that he did not know where he was.

- Tessie K.

The 'Black Widow' Marries Again (3ce)

On Tuesday's and Wednesday's episodes of El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance), Vicky was preparing Valeria's bed, as Valeria dried herself from the shower. Valeria asked Vicky how Angela was doing. Vicky informed Valeria that Angela was doing much better and she was even with the household downstairs waiting to listen to Isabel's announcement. Valeria told Vicky that she was not aware of the announcement. Vicky informed Valeria that the announcement was probably important as Salvador had also been invited to attend the meeting.

Downstairs, everyone was gathered for Isabel's announcement. Before Isabel had a chance to say anything, Simon told Isabel aloud that he hoped her announcement would not affect them all negatively as her announcements always seamed to do so. Abigail told Simon so keep quiet. Antonio assumed to everyone gathered around that the announcement had to do with the factory as Salvador was present. Salvador replied to everyone that the announcement was personal.

Walter told Salvador that since the announcement did not have any relation with the factory as it was a personal announcement, he (Salvador) had no say in what went around in the house and therefore should not be present. Isabel told everyone that it was for that PRECISE reason she wanted to clear the situation. Rebeca told Isabel to get on with the announcement as she (Rebeca), needed certain clearance of some issues she had seen and heard that were screaming in her mind.

Isabel told everyone that she did not like keeping secrets. She told everyone that people had judged her when she had married Pedro, and then judged her again when she married Andre soon after Pedro's death and even though she knew her Aunt would be the first one to 'cast the first stone' she new people would judge her again especially now when she was getting married again... to Salvador within a month!

Everyone was left speechless at the news, and Walter who initially was shocked, started to look on the verge of tears.

Later that evening, Rebeca was tearfully following Isabel asking her what she meant that she was marrying Salvador. Was she trying to provoke the household? Isabel confirmed to Rebeca that she knew that Rebeca would be the first to 'cast the first stone' and judge her. (Note that Isabel still does not know her Aunt Rebeca had an 'affair' with Salvador). Isabel assured Rebeca that the decision was not rushed.

She had thought through the whole situation. Isabel explained to Rebeca that she had fallen in love with Salvador the very first time she saw him. Before she had married Andre, she had given herself to Salvador and she had discovered that she could not give herself to Andre. She had even told Andre that she did not love him. She was tired of getting married due to circumstances and while Andre was locking himself in his bedroom waiting for her, she was having an affair with Salvador.

Rebeca told Isabel that she was disguised (and jealous) of her behaviour of marrying a chauffeur who had even attempted to ran away with her cousin Valeria. Didn't Isabel realize that there might be other women other than her? Isabel assured Rebeca that Salvador had used Valeria as leverage as he never thought Isabel could get separated from Andre. Rebeca corrected Isabel. She did not mean Valeria. Maybe Salvador had other women before her. Isabel did not understand Rebecca's odd behaviour. Isabel told Rebeca that she did not care if Salvador had thousands or millions of women. All that mattered is that she was going to get married to him within the month.

Rebeca left Isabel's room crying. Walter found her along the corridor and tried to talk to her, but Rebeca hurried to her bedroom to cry. Walter knocked on Rebecca's room, and when Rebeca refused to open, he went in to try and get further information from Rebeca about Salvador, but Rebeca refused as she was sad and busy crying.

Salvador reached home at Gaetana's house. He told Gaetana that Isabel had announced to the whole family about her marriage to him. He said not many of the household would understand his decision.

Walter was alone by himself in a different section of the corridor very sad and depressed.

The following day, Abigail announced to the maids and Vicky about Salvador's marriage to Isabel. The maids and Vicky was surprised. Vicky said that she thought she knew Salvador. She never knew he would marry Isabel. So as to avoid gossip, Abigail repeated herself again to Vicky and the maids that Salvador was getting married to Isabel and that as much as they all want to, they should refrain from waggling their tongues.

Vicky looked at the still depressed Walter by himself in the corridor sad and depressed.

Rebeca went to talk to her best friend (I forgot her name). Rebecca's friend told Rebeca (as she always does each time they meet in any episode). That every time she meets with Rebeca, Rebeca has a weird tale to tell her from the Donoso house, from her infatuation with Salvador, to the ghost that plays the piano, to the death of Andre and now the promiscuity of Salvador towards her, Valeria and Isabel. It did not seam to end! She however advised Rebeca to use any means possible to stop Salvador from carrying out his 'evil plans'.

Simon was upset with Salvador's attitude. He complained about Salvador to Angela and Antonio during breakfast that Salvador had left Valeria to marry Isabel. Antonio was upset of the way Simon was blaming Salvador. He was sure Salvador had a reason for marrying Isabel. Simon got more upset and told Antonio that he wished Antonio would defend him (Simon) as much as he (Antonio) defended Salvador.

Simon abruptly got up of the table and warned Angela to take care of her inheritance/property and to speed up the process as Salvador was worse that Andre and between the two vipers (he was referring to Salvador and Isabel); they could take away Isabel's properties in the blink of an eye. When Simon left, Antonio told Angela not to mind Simon's words. Angela said she could not help thinking of Salvador's motives especially now he was marrying Isabel.

(I had forgotten to tell you that prior to the wedding announcement. Salvador had made Isabel to also promise to let Valeria stay in the house as one of the conditions for him to agree to marry Isabel. Isabel was shocked that Salvador knew that she was planning to chase Valeria of the house and asked him where he got the information. Salvador declined to tell her the source of his information, but Isabel promised to let Valeria stay in the house).

Vicky while in Valeria's room, informed Valeria of Salvador's and Isabel's wedding. Valeria was heart-broken and started packing her bags saying she should have left the time Isabel had told her to leave. Isabel entered Valeria's room unannounced just in time to see Valeria pack her bags. Vicky left Valeria and Isabel alone.

Isabel, as usual, used reverse psychology on Valeria. She told Valeria that she should stay, to show the gratitude that Isabel had done for her (Valeria). Isabel also told Valeria that if she left the house, it would be like, she was letting everyone think that they (Isabel and Salvador) had brought her down or that she was weak. When Isabel left, Valeria threw her bags and decided not to leave so as not to show as if she was a coward...

Simon told one of the main directors (the one he likes speaking to) that Salvador was getting married to Isabel. The same director told the other directors including the new CEO, Romires that Isabel was getting married to Salvador, but declined to tell him of his source which he said was a credible source. The directors were surprised. How could the person Salvador viciously fought against with in the company be the same person he was marrying? Unless maybe they treated each other differently within the company as compared to when they were outside the company.

The directors made fun of Isabel. First she married Pedro who died a short time later. Then she married Andre a short time after Pedro's death and now, Andre was not even cold in his coffin and she was marrying Salvador! Isabel was like a black-widow, they just hopped Salvador would not also soon follow his predecessors Pedro and Andre into the grave after a short time of marriage.

Salvador finally arrived at the office and confirmed and announced to the directors that he was getting married to Isabel.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Looking For Trouble - Snippet 65

Later that evening, Philippe went to visit Salvador in the bar. Salvador was upset due to seeing Philippe again and asked Philippe why he was searching for him again. Philippe admitted that for several days he had been thinking of what Gaetana and his nephew Giacomo, had told him about his resurrection and asked Salvador/Pedro if he had possessed Salvador's body as he was different from what Cantalicia described him.

(over the past four episodes, Philippe had been pondering about the story of Salvador and thought to himself that Salvador's story was a great discovery, as it showed that there was truly life or another dimension after death. Philippe had also assumed by piecing together the newspaper stories that Salvador was interested with Isabel and he had something to do with Andre's death).

Salvador was visibly upset with Philippe, but through his statement he guessed Cantalicia still had not left the town. Philippe lied that Cantalicia had left with his nephew Giacomo. Salvador did not look convinced. Philippe pressed on that if indeed Salvador (Pedro) had indeed possessed somebody's body, he should go for testing or be a scientific discovery so that he could be studied. Salvador visibly became upset and punched Philippe's face, telling Philippe that whatever he was, he was still a human made of flesh and he should not go for any degrading experimentation like an animal.

Gaetana was shocked at Salvador's fighting attitude. Salvador chased Philippe out of the bar. Gaetana was worried about Philippe's actions and was worried someone might harm or spoil Salvador's life with the resurrection statement. Salvador told Gaetana that it was time for him to make his first move in his plans before it was too late. He would put his plans into action with Isabel the following day.

Back at Philippe's house, Mancho was trying to correct Philippe's punctured eyes when he made a mess of the painting when he dropped it by mistake. Cantalicia woke up due to the crashing noise of the paint and canvas dropping in Philippe's studio and was angry at her son's actions and reprimanded him.

The following day, Philippe had a black eye and Cantalicia thought one of his female friends had hit him.

Salvador went to the Donoso house, where he was welcomed warmly by Vicky (in my opinion probably for the last time). He went to see Angela, who was still in bed. Salvador told Angela to take care of herself and not to be like her mother, who after giving birth developed problems and did not tell Pedro as she had not wanted to disturb him and latter developed complications and later died. Angela, Antonio and Abigail were present.

And Angela and Abigail were shocked at Salvador's wealth of knowledge about Pedro's life. Angela wondered how Salvador knew so much. Abigail lied that maybe she (Abigail) or someone would have told Salvador, (she told this to Angela so that Angela did not stress herself wondering about Salvador).

When Salvador was satisfied that Angela was okay, he went outside her bedroom and walked on the corridor but stopped outside Valeria's bedroom. Isabel however emerged from her bedroom and asked to speak with Salvador. Salvador followed Isabel to her bedroom. There Salvador finally asked the big question, if Isabel was going to marry him!

Isabel was a joyful woman! She wanted to run away with Salvador, just the same way Salvador had planned to run away with Valeria. Salvador refused. He wanted to remain in the Donoso house with Isabel and everyone. Isabel was visibly upset. She reminded Salvador of the criticisms they would face from the family and people. Salvador told Isabel to trust him, the reason why he was not going to run away with Isabel, was because he wanted to avoid another MISTAKE.

(he needs to be near Gaetana in case he transforms back to the original Salvador and he has to be present in the house for his plans with Isabel to work). Salvador made the excuse to Isabel that he wanted to see if she would stick with him during difficult times and not just desert him when the first problem (like people challenging their relationship) happens.

Isabel agreed to Salvador's conditions and they kissed. But the kiss was interrupted when Rebeca opened Isabel's bedroom to visit her cousin, and was shocked and was in disbelieve to see them kissing!

Salvador and Isabel pulled back from the kiss to see who had interrupted them. When Salvador and Isabel saw it was Rebeca, Salvador went back and kissed Isabel with more emphasis, as a message to Isabel to stand up in case of any criticisms from her family and also as an unspoken message to Rebeca. This made the disbelieving Rebeca traumatized. Salvador casually left Isabel's bedroom.

Rebeca was heart broken, she tearfully asked Isabel to explain to her what she saw! and argued with Isabel. Isabel declined and Rebeca went to her bedroom crying. Abigail was worried that maybe Isabel had hit Rebeca like what had happened to Valeria. Isabel told Abigail to inform the whole household that she had an important announcement to make that evening, but told Abigail that it was not necessary to inform Valeria.

She called Salvador from his office and asked him to be present for the house meeting.

The evening finally came, and the whole household, with the exception of Valeria, the maids and Vicky were gathered to listen to Isabel who stood with Salvador at her side...

We shall know about that important announcement in the next episode, meanwhile, you can visit the site map: Telenovela Love Stories for all the snippets of el cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telennovela.

Pack and Go! - Snippet 64

On Monday's episode, Antonio took Angela, Abigail and Simon for a meal. Simon was imagining how Walter and Rebeca must be jealous due to Antonio's new car. Abigail reprimanded Simon and told him that it was not good to speak ill of others. Angela told Abigail and Simon that she wished to dance and Antonio went to accompany her. Abigail seamed hesitant about Angela dancing in her condition and Simon told Abigail not to always think of bad things happening to others and to be positive.

Angela started feeling dizzy and almost fainted on the dance floor but Antonio helped her and guided Angela out of the dance floor. Angela was rushed back home.

Walter meanwhile was complaining to Vicky and the maids in the kitchen about how unfortunate it was that Angela, who is classy, had degraded herself by marrying Antonio, who turned out to be a leach with Simon, by sucking out all of Angela's money. Vicky was upset and told Walter that he had lied about changing his bad behaviors as he was as mean as ever since he was back-biting Angela and Simon. Walter threatened to get Vicky fired but Vicky told Walter that she would never go anywhere without informing Angela of all the bad things Walter was saying about her and called Walter a jealous old man.

Walter's and Vicky's conversation was interrupted when the maids announced that Angela had been brought back home ill. Vicky, the maids, Abigail, Simon and Antonio went to help Angela while Walter watched them smiling (at Angela's misfortune?)

Valeria heard about Angela's sickness and went to the corridor to pay a visit to Angela in her bedroom and instead found Simon along the way. Valeria asked Simon about Angela's condition and Simon told Valeria that Angela was doing much better. Simon was glad to see Valeria out of her bedroom, and Valeria finally confessed to Simon that Isabel wanted her (Valeria) out of the house since Isabel had lost her trust in her. Simon was very sad.

Back in Gaetana's house, Matilda had drunk again and was howling (like a wolf) a sad love song about how her husband cheated on her, and how her heart was broken. Salvador tried to sleep through the howling by tossing and turning to get a comfortable position and even holding his pillow over his head to keep the noise out. Salvador finally gave up and went downstairs where he met Lupe and Gaetana doing the accounts for their bar. Salvador wondered how they had managed to do the accounting with Matilda's howling and Lupe offered to go upstairs and comfort Matilda down.

Salvador admitted to Gaetana that he was disturbed as he had called the house earlier and heard that Angela was sick. He admitted to Gaetana that he was still worried of Angela, Isabel and the entire household. Finally, Matilda stopped howling her sad love songs and Salvador decided to go to bed. Gaetana thought to herself that Salvador would ALWAYS be disturbed as long as he thought of the Donoso household, and as long as he did not leave his old life behind.

The following day, Salvador met Simon in the factory and asked Simon how everyone in the household was doing. Was Angela doing much better? Simon told Salvador that Angela was doing much better and everyone was fine. However he crossly told Salvador that he seamed to care of everyone's welfare except Valeria, as Valeria was going to leave the house as Isabel had lost confidence with her. He made sure Salvador felt guilty and accountable for Valeria's problems before leaving Salvador alone.

Get on to my telenovela site map, for the Snippets from beginning to date.

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Amazon DVD Telenovela Hits

I have compiled a selection of five pages of 45 Amazon telenovela DVDs on Amazon for our entertainment pleasures, this coming Christmas season. For those seeking for how to buy the DVDs, you can go straight away to my Amazon store to pick your favorite telenovelas there. What more? you can read rave reviews of each telenovela by those telenovela gurus, who have already watched them, this would serve as your appetizing tonic and telenovela barometer, to measure the quality entertainment packaged into each one...

These are some of the ones I have listed there, but first be warned that, Catalina y Sebastian is not among, neither is La Hija del Jardinero (the gardener's Daughter). Cuando Seas Mia (When You Are Mine) is also not available on the list, you will surely find a lot of others that you have been seeking for:

1. El Cuerpo del desseo (Second Chance)-
Mario Cimaro in a classic story of deceit and vengeance...

2. La Mujer de Mi Vida (The Woman of My Life) -
Remember "Antonio Rodolfo"? - Marrio Cimaro again in a love tango between two estranged sisters...

3. Pasion De Gavilanes -
Mario Cimarro, in a story of two brothers and two sisters trading stormy loves and vengeance

4. Amor en Custodia -
Sergio Basanez a.k.a "Diego" in a dangerous and twisted love, akin to the Popular "BODYGARD" movie... When the rich wife of a ranch owner falls in love with the foreman, then, trouble is brewing...

5. Secreto de Amor (Secret Love)-
Actress Scarlet Ortis, alias "Camila" would have an impossible choice between two lovers, the public or secret lover? ...

6. La Usurpadora (The Usurper) -
The Usurper, the tango of two identical twins (Paula and Paulina), with diametrically opposed characters..

7. Alborada

8. Rebelde (Rebel), (Season Two) -
Rebelde forever! The teens most popular telenovela in the last 5 years...

9. Ugly Betty - The Complete First Season
The world's most popular and highest money-spinning telenovela - UGLY BETTY (American Version).

10. La Fea Mas Bella
Ugly Betty- Mexican (Televisa) version...

11. Angel Rebelde

12. Azul Tequila

13. Dame Chocolate

14. Corazon Salvaje
Wild, Wild Corazon...

15. Sueno Con Tu Amor

16. Rubi -
The story of betrayed friendship and stolen love...

17. Clase 406: Season 1
Another classic teens telenovela "Class 406"

18. La Madrastra

19. Amor Real
True Love...

20. Lo Que Callamos Las Mujeres Vols. 1, 2, 3, and 4
The trials of women...

21. Huracan
Hurricane and stormy love...

22. Los Sanchez

23. Los Ricos Tambien Lloran

24. La Mentira

25. Rosalinda

26. Cuna De Lobos

27. Mirada De Mujer

28. La Hermana Trinquete
'My Three Sisters' ... Scarlet Ortis again in this old telenovla...

29. Mi Destino Eres Tu

30 Piel de Otono

31. Maria Isabel... and so many others, go to my Amazon Telenovela Hits store now, to pick yours, you may even use them as Christmas gifts, as a replacement of traditional greeting cards. I am sure anybody you give them to would appreciate them more than the greeting cards. I can smell a good savor coming this Yuletide, has your nose caught a whiff of the fragrance and joy too?

Meanwhile, I have resumed thje laborious interpretation of El Cuerpo del deseo, check out Snippet 60 or go to read the full story at the telenovela sitemap

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Henrietta Backed Down

When Isabel attempted to gain access to the studio the next day, she was surprised to meet Walter there. An argument ensued between them. The final outcome of which was that, both of them reached a compromise to help each other, even though there was no trust between them.

Each of them have skeletons in their respective cupboard which both knew would sent them to jail if they should expose each other. Walter took advantage of her weakness and blackmailed her for a pay rise and restoration of his former position as the chief butler of the mansion, Isabel was shocked, but played along.

Isabel summoned a meeting of the household and announced that she has restored Walter to his former position as the chief butler of the mansion. Angela protested the restoration of Walter as Butler because she felt Walter was rude and had not shown any remorse. Rebeca and Isabel insisted that Walter must be restored and they eventually had their way. Walter later came to thank her for restoring him and pledged his unconditional loyalty to her, even up to dealing with Henrieta for her.

Valeria's health has begun to spring forth, even the doctor admitted that much. She confessed to Abigail that Don Pedro's piano concert yesternight gave her hope and reason to live again. She told her how Pedro Donoso promised to play piano for her when he was sick unto death. She said the late Donoso has mysteriously fulfilled that promise now. She told Abigail why she fell in love with Salvador because he carried the presence and aura of Don Pedro, but her illusion was dashed because of his betrayal of love.

Salvador booked a discreet appointment with Henrieta, after he left the police station. They met at a restaurant. She asked him if he was sent by his lover, Isabel whom she has cornered with her accusation. He told her that Isabel did not even know he would be meeting her. He warned her that he had only come to help her (Henrieta), and not to plead on behalf of Isabel.

He warned her that accusation is a double-edged sword that could backfire. He told her that he had gone to the police to deny any relationship whatsoever with Isabel. He told her that the police had no proof of her allegation of murder, and they would soon turn on the heat of investigation on her because of he has in his possession proofs of her past conspiracy with Andre Corona to murder Jose Donoso.

She bluffed and insulted him for talking like a fool. He then showed her an old letter which she had written in the distant past (in her own handwriting), to Andre Corona, when she broke up with him, telling him that she can not be involved with the plans of Andre to murder Pedro Donoso. Salvador accused her that she was frustrated after Andre murdered Donoso, and married Isabel. He vowed that he would tender the letter to the police to investigate her complicity, if she did not withdraw her accusation against Isabel. She was shocked and became jelly, she attempted to snatch the letter from Salvador but failed.

Henrietta stood up shakily without a word and went to the police station to withdrew her statement of accusation. The police were not happy with her and they asked her why she was so nervous, was it because Isabel had threatened her? She said she had not met Isabel and not even met with her lawyer to tell hi9m of her change of mind. The police nevertheless, suspected that somebody somewhere had threatened Herienta to withdraw her accusation.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

This Ghost Won't Hurt Anyone

It was an emotional tug-of-war between Isabel and Angela over the 'speaking piano'. On opening the door, Antonio faced Isabel and Aunt Rebeca, who demanded that his wife, Angela, to come and open the Studio so that they can destroy once-and-for-all, the the strange piano that would not stop playing.

Angela told them that was the only memory of her father, Don Pedro Jose Donoso, remaining in the house and it was sacred. She vowed that she would not open the studio for the destruction of that memorial. She even told them that if it was the ghost of her late Dad that was coming there to play the piano, that ghost had a right, that must not be trampled upon, because this place was his house. She even told Rebeca that everyone living in that mansion were already used to the piano's music, except Rebeca. Antonio also advised Rebeca to pack her bags and leave, if she did not like the music.

AS always, don't forget to reach out to the site map for the full story of el cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela.

Isabel accepted her defeat and agreed with Antonio and Angela. Rebeca was horrified that her niece withdrew from the 'battle front'. Isabel told her that she had more important battles to fight against the living (talk about Harrieta, police investigations, Valeria, Walter and even Salvador), than to be battling the Ghost of Pedro that comes every night to play piano. She turned her back and went to sleep. The 'Piano' played all-night till dawn.

The next day, Isabel decided to seek a spiritual solution by thinking of inviting a priest to come and sprinkle holy water on the whole house, particularly the piano, in order to expel the spirit of Pedro Donoso that was troubling them. Rebeca warned her that she would bring herself to ridicule and mockery because everybody would laugh at her.

Rebeca asked her if she was not afraid that the ghost of her late first husband came to entertain the whole house with piano concerts? Isabel picked Pedro Donoso's picture from the dressing table and embraced it closing her eyes. She said No Aunty, Pedro never harmed anybody while alive, much less in death, he would not harm her.

Rebeca warned her to watch out for Walter, and she should win him over with kindness because he could testify against her in court over the murder of Andre. Isabel assured her that Walter is no threat, and would be taken care of.

Salvador was summoned by the police for interrogation over the suspected murder of Andre Corona. The police tried to connect his rapid promotion from being a driver to the post of a company director, with his possible relationship and affection with Isabel. He told them calmly that his rise was due to the confidence and trust in him by Miss Angela Donoso, and not Isabel.

Meanwhile, Uncle Phillipe, has started teaching Mancho how to write, read and paint, and the young lad was enjoying every bit of this education. Phillipe also began to educate Cantalicia about the possibility of another spirit having taken possession of Salvador's body after his death.

He told her that the Salvador she was running after now, is not her husband, but another spirit who took over. He explained to her that all the things that the 'new Salvador' was doing were completely alien to the 'old Salvador', this was conclusive proof that the two Salvadors were not the same personality. Cantalicia was afraid of this new revelation and possibility.

Salvador put up a splendid and brilliant performance at the police station. He turned the table against them, by constructing a logic for them, showing them how Andre became jealous of him because Harrieta wanted Andre to divorce Mrs. Isabel and the only way to achieve that was, to plant false stories of infidelity of Isabel, so that her marriage to Andre would break up. That however achieved the opposite, as Andre turned on the heat on him (Salvador).

The Speaking Love Piano

Isabel is in real trouble. Her lawyer told her that she became a suspect not because of Harrieta's accusation, but because of inconsistencies in the Andre's autopsy report, and her testimony that he committed suicide.

He told her that the autopsy report found out that Andre was killed by a hard brutal blow to his head. She became jittery and said that Valeria was her witness, and that, Andre disappeared and killed himself. She also said the Valeria was currently ill, and cannot stand any police interrogation.

Isabel went to the factory to forewarn Salvador, about the impending police interrogation. She begged him to deny to the police that he was her lover. After much pleadings, he agreed to cover up her lies, and agreed to deny being her lover, anytime the police interrogates him.

Harrieta further revealed to the police that she had once caught Salvador and Isabel making love in her apartment. She told them that Andre was her fiance before he ditched her for Isabel.

Rebeca seething in rage, continued to quietly plot her vengeance against Salvador. She vowed to be much worse than a plague to Salvador.

Simon tried unsuccessfully to convince Antonio that Salvador was a cheat, Antonio warned him to desist from judging his character, because there might be a hidden reason for Salvador's 'jilting' of Valeria. Simon remained an implacable hater of Salvador, because of this reason. He eventually revealed to his mother, Abigail, that Salvador was the lover of Valeria that jilted her.

Salvador stood before the mirror and told Gaetana that he cannot afford to let Valeria continue to suffer emotionally, he vowed that even though, he could not love her successfully as Salvador Sorenzo, he would surely love her with a paternal love, like Pedro Jose Donoso. He headed for the Donoso house, and, as usual, slipped through the hidden door and entered the studio, where he began to passionately play the the piano with masterful strokes which brought the whole house to there memorable feet.

Valeria was most pleased and comforted by the music, she silently whispered thanks to the spirit of Pedro Donoso for standing by her and comforting her in her emotionally trying times.

Angela was worried by the music, but Antonio assured her that it was her Dad, who came to comfort the house and was trying to say something to them with the piano's music.

Isabel was fatigued but woken up with rapt attention to the piano's music. Even when hysterical Rebeca came and to urge her to get Angela to open up the studio and throw away the damned possessed piano, she ignored her and fell back on the bed to rest. Rebeca would not let her be.

Walter was terrified and tormented by the music, he felt the presence of Pedro Donoso rebuking him. He almost ran mad when the music refused to cease.

After a very long time when the piano refused to stop, and nobody could sleep, Rebeca practically dragged Isabel to bang on Angela's door demanding for the key to the studio...

After this snippet 58 of El cuerpo del Deseo, you would find others from snippet 1 to date from the telenovela site map.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Justice Begins to Move

Fear is the word, as justice began her slow crawl to catch up with the murderer of Andre. Isabel was livid with rage and began her own vengeance mission, to destroy Harrieta, her former roommate for reporting to the police that she was involved in the murder of Andre. This is the essence of this snippet 57, more are available on the site map for second chance telenovela, otherwise called, El cuerpo del deseo.

Rebeca's joy was short-lived, as she was celebrating the disappearance of that 'trickster' (meaning Salvador). She marched on her dress, as a way of despising Salvador. (the same dress she wore the day Salvador exposed her at the restaurant, that he was married and had a son and walked out on Rebeca.

Isabel came into Rebeca's room to warn her of her extravagant spendings, which has become the talk of the town. She warned her not to follow the footsteps of her late mom, (Nina). Rebeca told her not to worry, as long as that man (Salvador), has left them in peace. Isabel surprised her by announcing that Salvador has re-appeared in the factory. Rebeca was depressed by this news.

Angela and Antonio came to chat with Salvador over his affair with Valeria and how she was hurting. Salvador told them that he knew, but they should let it be bygone. He told Angela not to meddle in the painful separation between him and Valeria. After Angela left, Salvador told Antonio in confidence to watch out that from now on, he should prepare himself for some dramatic surprises and unexpected news from his end.

The police summoned Isabel for further interrogation over the suspicious death of Andre Corona. She feigned anger, saying that she thought the same police authorities had told the press that it was natural suicide?

The police asked her if she knew Harrieta, her roommate. She disguised her surprise and fear with a bold-face, saying the lady was her co-worker in the factory, and also a girlfriend of her late husband. They told her that the lady had accused her of being a chief suspect in the murder case investigation into the death of Andre. Harieta had testified with evidence that Andre's death was neither suicide nor accidental, but was a calculated plan of conspiratorial murder.

Isabel angrily retorted that Harrieta was a crazy mistress of Andre and was lying against her in order to pin his death on her, out of sheer jealousy. She advised them not to listen to the ranting of an obsessed woman, whom she had caught several times in bed with Andre. The police threw another sudden question that almost caught her off-guard, they asked her if Salvador Sorenzo was known to her in any way...

She said Salvador was a driver and later became a director in the factory. When they asked her if she had any affair with him, she denied by lying that she had no romantic relationship with Salvador. They confronted her with the testimony of Harrieta that they were both lovers... at that point, she became agitated and demanded to speak no more except in the presence of her lawyer. The police managed to extract statement from her that no relationship existed between her and Salvador.

Rebeca was unsettled when Isabel did not return from the police station. Walter assured her that the police were doing a thorough job, and anybody suspected of complicity in Andre's death would be detained. Rebeca was angry because of his insinuation that Isabel was involved with the murder of Andre.

Isabel was later released but she was shivering with fear. She swore to take revenge on Harrieta. She also swore to throw out Walter after the dust settles, because of his insolence.

The Return of "Pedro"

After Salvador's escape, the foursome ran after him like mad men and women, chasing after another mad man on the street. Salvador ran to the express and found it difficult to cross the road, as he was contemplating in his confusion, he jumped across the road and a car hit him and he fainted. In his black-out state, he saw himself swimming in a very dark river and making love to Cantalicia.... [Check out more snippets 1- 57, of el cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela from the Story-Story Dot Com].

The driver came to see him and thought he was dead, as he was about to call police, Gaetana and Camilo arrived, and persuaded the driver to go, they told him that they would take care of him. They carried his almost lifeless body into Camilo's car and hurriedly left the scene of the accident, rushing him to the hospital.

On the way Salvador woke up and Gaetana asked him if he recognized her. He responded with the voice of Pedro Donoso, saying: "Yes, you are Gaetana, where are we going?" They told him to lie still, that he just had a fatal accident and was being rushed to the hospital.

He stood up and told them that he hates hospitals, and he had no pain or injury nor internal bleeding. He ordered Camilo to stop, and let all of them return back to Gaetana's home. When they got home Gaetana told him what had happened to 'him' (Pedro), in the last 24 hours.

He was surprised and was also afraid. He said it was like a good sleep, he never felt anything. Gaetana told him that he must learn to control the body of Salvador, so that 'he' (original Salvador), won't return to demand for his body again. Pedro said that of a truth, he too was afraid that any moment, he could turn into "another man" without any memory of who he was... Gaetana assured him that she would always care for him. He touched the fresh scar on his head sustained from the beatings from the three thugs.

The landlord arrived again, this time alone, and without his thugs. He came for peaceful negotiation. He asked if it was because of Salvador that Gaetana rejected his business proposal for partnership, she said yes. He wanted Gaetana to swear that she had no 'affair' with Salvador. She stood up angry, saying that she was old enough to be his (Salvador's) mother and would never have any romantic affair with Salvador. The landlord gave them three months to vacate his property, which they have turned into a night club.

The next day, 'Salvador' returned to the factory and everybody were relieved to know that he was back, except Simon, who snubbed him. When Angela broke the news to Isabel, she tried to disguise her joy and told Angela that she would go to see him later at the factory.

A New Headache

Fasten your telenovela seat belts, as we aproach the climax of the el cuerpo del deseo (second chance), last legs. While we await Tessie to join us as soon asd she done of her exams, I would give you rare snippets from the difficult-to-translate episodes, from the Spanish to English, of this novela... it is manageably thrilling. This is snippet 55: If you are just joining this telenovela flight, better for you to go to the site map to read the full story of El cuerpo del deseo.

Cantalicia continued to suffer romantic hallucinations about the original Salvador, she felt strongly for this season her real husband and father to her son, Mancho has returned to her.

Camilo arrived at the scene where Salvador was being beaten to a pulp, but he was helpless against three murderous thugs, so he ran back into the house call for others to help. He commanded Lupe to call the police while Gaetana and Matilda rushed out and somehow, they managed to scare away the thugs. They carried unconscious Salvador to the house.

Salvador woke up from his pains and pushed them away, he had never in his peasant life known all this people. He asked them to release him because he wanted to go back to the village and to his farm. gaetana was at first surprised and later sad when she realized that the spirit of the original Salvador had repossessd his body and displaced Don Pedro Jose Donoso.

Gaetana tried to assure him that she would help him, he was even surprised how Gaetana knew his name, because he never knew who she was. He distrusted all these four strangers. While Gaetana was treating his wounds with first aid, he asked her, with a new voice of an illiterate peasant, how she knew his name.

She assured him that he knew him very well, even though he could not recognize her for now. When Salvador rose up to force his way out because he could not trust this strangers, Gaetana pulled another surprise string when she suddenly counseled him that she knew also his wife Cantalicia and his son Mancho, she promised him that she would help him to re-unite with them, He calmed down and really believed that this strange woman truly knew him and his family.

Gaetana was too afraid to tell others about the return of the old Salvador, they too thought that Salvador was behaving strangely as if he was "another person". She later confessed to Camilo that they may lose Salvador and something strange is happening and they should find ways of restoring the spirit of Pedro Donoso back to Salvador's body before they get into new financial troubles.

Back at the Donoso factory, the new director (Dr. Garces), and another director, were wondering why Salvador had not come to work early that Monday morning. They were even surprised because, they knew he was ever punctual, they wondered what must have happened to him.

The directors and Angela were worried by the absence of Salvador at the factory, for the bast six hours. Nobody knew where he lives and Angela promised to talk to Antonio, her husband, whom she believed knew the intimate secrets of Salvador. The directors felt ashamed that they did not have any file on such an important member of management,of the Citrus factory.

Meanwhile, Salvador was almost running mad with the sophistication surrounding him in Gaetana's house. He was shocked about his new clothes and solid shoes. All his life as a peasant, he has always worn rags and walked bare-footed. He removed the shoes, shouting aloud what happened to him. Gaetana burst out hopelessly weeping, for this astonishing reversal.

Antonio was reluctant to give the phone number of Gaetana's house to Angela. He said he did not have it. When Isabel got the news that Salvador has disappeared into thin air without trace, she was equally shocked. Rebeca laughed and said he was a coward, who had no option but to flee after been caught with Valeria. Isabel remembered Salvador's last promise to fulfill his original promise to be with her and marry her. She was depressed.

Gaetana began to desperately invoke the spirit of Don Pedro Jose Donoso to reappear and come to enter the body of sleeping Salvador Sorenzo. Suddenly a strange wind blew into the room and quenched the light of the spiritual candle, Salvador awoke with cold sweat, (what a mumbo jumbo!). Salvador woke up suddenly and broke out of the room, pushing them aggressively out of his way, and running away from them....

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Whispers of Romantic Death

Oya, let's go again on our telenovela adventure on the road to El Cuerpo del Deseo (second chance). After Snippet 50: "When Love Suffers...", this should be snippet 51. The full story is being built up in a site map on my other blog. I wish Tessie, my telenovela partner from Kenya, on behalf of our fans on this blog, an outstanding performance in her exams. It is splendid that in spite of her exams, she could still send us snippets of El Cuerpo del Deseo, all the way from Kenya, East Africa.

Between Life and death, there is a gap filled with love and hatred. Those who live a healthy and flourishing life are the ones who grab the cord of love, and climb unto life. Those who walk in bitterness and anger, to embrace hatred ended up in the tomb of death.

I believe that even if Isabel were forgiven all her sins, her new passion, which is, unbridled hatred for Valeria may lead to her doom. Let us read on how Isabel began to whisper the songs of hatred and death to poor Valeria's eardrum.


On Friday's episode, Salvador went to the office and tore up his resignation letter. There he met the director who was waiting for Simon. Salvador told the director that he had come to collect some important documents and that Simon was on his way and was maybe caught up in traffic.

Matilda asked Gaetana if she could stay in the house for sometime so as to recover from her disastrous relationship as she had found her husband cheating with her with another woman, whom she suspected was in reality a man who had a sex-change from a man into a woman, Salvador went back home (Gaetana's home). He had to be assisted back into the house, as he had a painful headache. He later told Gaetana the whole story.

Rebeca asked Isabel about Valeria's condition. Isabel informed Rebeca that she had called the doctor as Valeria was still sick in bed after she had fainted. Rebeca asked Isabel how she had managed to convince Valeria not to go with Salvador. (Isabel declined to answer the question as she was not the one who had 'convinced' Valeria to stay). She told Rebeca that the most important thing was that Valeria had not run away with Salvador as she (Isabel), did not care about Valeria's condition and would rather see Valeria dead a thousand times, than with Salvador. Rebeca told Isabel that she felt exactly the same way (talk about birds of the same feather?).

Salvador continued narrating to Gaetana how Isabel had twisted all the words he had said to look bad in Valeria's eyes. Salvador admitted that he could not be near Isabel without wanting to dominate her, kiss her and posses her. He said that Isabel was like a poison that was in his veins and only Valeria would rid him of that poison.

Gaetana asked Salvador not to be selfish and if he approached Valeria again, he could put her in jeopardy or in agony. It was time he forgot about Valeria, Isabel and everyone else, before he caused more damaged. Salvador refused and told Gaetana that he would not give up on Valeria even if it was the last thing he did. He vowed to confront Isabel and would prove her wrong.

The doctor examined Valeria and told Isabel that she had the same disease as last time Pedro was alive but she had no rushes like last time. Isabel lied to the doctor that she did not know why Valeria was upset. The doctor told Isabel and Rebeca that Valeria's speedy recovery depended on the care Isabel and Rebeca gave her.

Simon was upset at Salvador; he blamed Salvador for Valeria's poor health, and was upset that his brother Antonio was always defending Salvador. He mentioned to Antonio that a director had spotted Salvador in the office tearing up a letter.

Isabel continued watching over Valeria. Valeria continued talking in her feverish sedated state saying that Salvador had lied to her that he did not love her. Isabel confirmed this by whispering to Valeria in her feverish sleep that he never loved her and would never ever love her. Isabel continued telling Valeria that what had happened (between Salvador and Valeria) had forever changed her feelings towards Valeria, and whispered to Valeria that she did not care for her any longer. She whispered to Valeria's ear and told Valeria to die, to die ... already as she was fed up with Valeria (and jealous Salvador loved Valeria).

Rebeca tried to phone-call for a nurse to take care of Valeria (neither Rebeca nor Isabel cared for Valeria to take care of her). Abigail heard the telephone conversation and asked Rebeca to instead hire her to take care of Valeria. Rebeca agreed and informed Isabel.

Rebeca admitted the truth to Walter about Salvador's attempt to run away with Valeria and how she had foiled their plans. She told Walter she would not like Salvador to get involved with any woman from her family. Snippet 52 is next and you can read it at: "The Wrath of Love..."

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Caught In The Act!

Tessie is back with snippets of El Cuerpo del Deseo (second chance telenovela). This is a good relief, knowing that the TV stations in Nigeria just went back to the starting point of episode 1, I don't know why they had to do that, and they even lacked the courtesy to notify the viewing audience. In Kenya, they are in episode 115, just about 40 episodes more..., that means they would round up before Christmas.

If you want to read the full story of el cuerpo del deseo, just follow us (Tessie and I), get the snippets from the site map of the full story at my telenovela stories blog.

I have warned you three days ago in snippet 46, that some Pandora boxes of scandals was about to open, well, those boxes have begun to burst open, and the first one has blown up in Salvador's face, he lost the love of Valeria, He lost in the cheating game to Jezabel (that is the new name I gave to Isabel Arroyo, widow of Pedro Jose Donoso, widow of Andre Corona), who has been schooled in treachery and wicked intrigues from youth.

Salvador lost the first round to Isabel, but who wins the next round? Wait and read on:


In the following episode, Isabel asks Valeria to tell her everything about her relationship and plans with Salvador. Valeria tells Isabel that she won't tell her anything even if Isabel kills her. (I think Valeria suspects Isabel of killing Pedro, because in a previous episode, when Valeria had quarreled with Simon after he had caught her kissing Salvador; Isabel -who had not been aware of Salvador's affair with Valeria-had tried caressing Valeria's face, but Valeria had moved back in fear, but later held Isabel's hand)...

Isabel upon hearing this moved to her door and sat there and told Valeria that she would not get out in her room until Valeria told her everything.

Simon, Angela, and Antonio came from another party. Simon wanted to sleep early as he had an appointment with the director the following Saturday morning. Antonio was worried as he had felt Salvador had been trying to tell them goodbye during the party. Angela hoped Salvador was not leaving them as they still needed him a lot.

When Valeria had finished telling Isabel what she could, Isabel tearfully told Valeria that she could prove to Valeria the truth if she followed her instructions in the following hours, as soon as the sun came up.

The sun finally rose, Salvador showered and later Gaetana tearfully hugged Salvador goodbye. Meanwhile, back at the Donoso house, Rebeca was happy that Isabel would prevent Valeria's and Isabel's escape. Isabel had slept with Valeria so as to prevent Valeria from escaping at night. Isabel told Rebeca that Salvador had no-idea of the surprise that awaited him.

Isabel asked Rebeca a favour to receive Salvador when he came. Jealous and jilted Rebeca was not too happy, she tried convincing Isabel, but Isabel was adamant as she saw Rebeca as the perfect person to show Salvador into the house (Meanwhile, Isabel does not know that Rebeca has a relationship with Salvador and neither does Rebeca know about Salvador's involvement with Isabel).

Salvador meanwhile was on the road going to pick Valeria. He remembered the last conversation he had with Isabel at the party, when he had asked her what she would have done if she ever found out that there was someone between them....(It seems he will be finding out soon).

Isabel approached a sleeping Valeria and held her chin and told her to wake up so as to find out the whole truth and to therefore do as she was told.

Salvador kept on waiting for Valeria outside until Rebeca approached him and told him that if he was there for her niece Valeria, he should not wait for her so far away, but instead take her from the house. Salvador knew something was wrong, so he followed Rebeca into the house until he met Isabel on the stairs. Isabel told him that if he wanted to go with Valeria, he had to speak to her first, and then she went upstairs into the attic where Salvador followed her.

Gaetana was depressed, she missed her Salvador. Camillo saw Gaetana sweeping the floor and tried to ask her what was wrong. She confessed she had to wake up early to say goodbye to Salvador, who went away for good. So as not to cry in front of Camillo, she went to get a dustpan to collect the dust she had been sweeping.

Vicky meanwhile complained to Abigail that Rebeca was making noise like a brooding hen and imitated Rebeca as a chicken and made clucking noises... wait and read Snippet 49 for the full picture.