Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Sun Sets for Gardener's Daughter

What started like a Telenovela bang some nine months ago, is now coming to an end in the next few days, with the airing tonight of Episode 172 and 173 of La Hija del Jardinero soap opera. It is just about 6 episodes to go, that means barring possible disruptions by the UEFA champions league, final football match between Liverpool and AC Milan, tomorrow, Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007, the series should end with the Grand finale, next week Thursday.

Many of the early viewers have dropped off, because of the deliberate attempt by the script writers and producers to unduly prolong the the show, thereby boring many fans. But the next eight days would be a climax, as every fan would return and want to see justice done, love penalties awarded, the wicked emotional dribblers (Jennifer de la Vega and Luis Alejandro Montero) penalized, and nuptial victory won by the prime couple, Carlos Eduardo and Luisa Fernanda. (Luisa is not a loser, afterall).

In the midst of this change, the sponsors of this soap opera have cheated the viewing public by what they are bringing next, at the end of this season: Catalina y Sebastian. (Catalina and Sebastian).

This one is an 8-year old telenovela (1999), starring the popular telenovela 'Romeo and Juliet' of "Paloma and Diego" - Silvia Navarro and Sergio BasaƱez. I feel they were catching into our nostalgia for those wonderful couple, to bring a very old novela. They were much younger in that soap than "Cuando Seas Mia" (When You Are Mine) (WUAM) (2001).

It is ideal to bring "La Heredera" (The Heiress) (2005), where the two celebrities were the star actor and actress. It would have been a natural sequel to WUAM.

I do know that it is a huge fortune to buy the latest and current telenovelas (about half to 1 million U.S Dollars), than the cheap old ones. The promoters were only trying to maximize their profits. La Heredera is two years old, and it would have been only fair to buy and bring it now, afterall, 'The Gardener's Daughter' and 'Todo Sobre Camila' (All About Camila), were bought and brought for our viewing pleasure when they were barely three years old.

So, as the curtain closes on the gardener's daughter, we wish all our fans and readers a good time watching and reading. That was partly why we changed this blog's name from the gardener's daughter to TELENOVELA LOVE GARDEN. With the end of the gardener's daughter, we would still serve you other exciting telenovelas. Telenovela is all bout profound lessons in love.

Keep learning and enjoying yourselves. Ciao.