Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Retribution and Vengeance Spree - Snippet 43

We are still romping in the vengeance episodes of El cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela. We are just one episode away from the horrible death of a villain and tyrant- Andre Corona. He died in a mortal and mutual hate combat, by the hands of his mistress and wife, Isabel Aroyo. If you are in a hurry and want to get rid of Andre, I mean, if you want to know how Andre died, you can skip this Snippet 43 and jump straight to the site map for el cuerpo del deseo to read Snippet 44.

Meanwhile, let us follow Tessie's recap:

Rebeca went to Philippe’s house, where Cantalicia was working as a maid and lived with her son Mancho. She waited until Philippe left the house, and went to see Cantalicia. Cantalicia was happy to see her, but she told Rebeca that she had given up on Salvador, and that Salvador was happy she was no longer after her. She even told Rebeca that she was thinking of going back home as she couldn’t leave the ranch alone.

Rebeca told her not to give up on Salvador as he most probably loved her and offered to take her to where Salvador worked one day. Cantalicia was very happy that Rebeca was finally helping her [Nobody knows Salvador had a wife (though the original Salvador had never married Cantalicia formally, he just lived with her and had a son with her) and a son except for Rebeca and Antonio]. Rebeca warned Cantalicia not to tell Philippe about their arrangement and she agreed.

Back in the country house Valeria had a tour of the place. Valeria told the keeper that Andre was not well in the head. Later, the keeper even showed Valeria a deep lagoon. However he warned both Isabel and Valeria that the Lagoon was very deep and thus it was not safe. Later, Valeria was about to tell Isabel about her true-love, Salvador, but before she could mention Salvador’s name, Andre had a mental episode where he started screaming.

Isabel went to see Andre and saw that he had broken a bottle and injured his hand. She tried to clean his cut hand, but Andre felt pain and refused. She gave him a sedative at which Andre said it was poison. He accepted the sedative Isabel gave him and told Isabel that he did not care if he died as she belonged more to the resurrected Pedro, more than him as she was his first wife. Isabel told him to stop being insane.

Andre told Isabel that she had given herself to Salvador as she had known it was him (Isabel did not completely know Andre was referring to Salvador). Isabel was puzzled and an argument erupted between them and Isabel withdrew her gun and Andre withdrew the broken bottle. The sedative Isabel had given Andre started working and Andre fainted to sleep. Isabel hid her gun and Andre’s bottle and allowed the keeper and Valeria into the room. The keeper helped Andre back to bed.

Valeria was upset and was worried about Andre. Isabel comforted her and told her that if Andre did not get better by the following day, she would take him to the mental hospital. When Valeria left the room, Isabel told herself that tomorrow, everything would be over, or she would be damned into an eternity of hell.

Remorse, Regret, Yes, But Unrepentant

Salvador instead approached Andre, and Andre asked him to get away from him (He did not want a formally dead person near him). Salvador confessed that he was happy to have got what he wanted, which was trust from the loyal family members, and discovering the rotten heart inside of him (Andre) and Isabel...it really was worth returning. Andre begged him not to come closer again (Andre was still holding the gun). Salvador approached him and Andre tried to look away from him..

Salvador commanded Andre to look at him in the eyes, at the father he once had, which Andre did, and Salvador took the gun that was still in Andre’s hand and drew it to his (Salvador’s) head and told Andre “don’t let your hands tremble boy, shoot me and kill me all over again”. At this point, Andre saw Pedro again, as how he really appeared (again like in the first episodes). Without any doubt in his head Andre knew for certainty Salvador was Pedro, and couldn’t shoot him again, at which Salvador slapped him.

Andre wept, and wept and went down on his knees with his face to the floor and at Salvador’s feet and held on to one of Salvador’s foot. Salvador told him he belonged to the floor and left him there alone in the warehouse. (This episode had wonderful background effects and background music, it is unmissable).Andre had finally been defeated.

Back in the Donoso house, Abigail informed Antonio and Angela that the security team for the company had called to inform them of the gunshots they had heard at the factory and that they had already called the police. Simon and Antonio went to investigate what had happened. Back in the warehouse, the police and the security team found Andre curled up on the floor. When Andre saw them he quickly moved to sit behind a carton of boxes and rocked himself like a child, or a mentally disturbed person.

Salvador went back home to Gaetana. Gaetana had been worried and was relieved to see him. She noticed that Salvador was tired and sad. Salvador told her what had happened at the warehouse and admitted he felt sad approaching Andre, whom he loved as a son. He said that it would also be difficult to confront the woman he once loved, Isabel.

The following morning, Abigail was worried because Antonio and Simon had not arrived. A few minutes later, Antonio and Simon arrived... with Andre. Andre was in a state of shock. Simon and Antonio tried to pull him out of the car but Andre brushed them off, instead Andre only allowed Walter to help him out of the car and take him to his room. Andre had the same exact symptoms as Antonio had when he had discovered that Salvador was Pedro, and was in a zombie state.

Salvador visited Isabel in hospital and then collected Valeria, who had spent the night in the hospital, to go back to the Donoso house. He comforted Valeria and told her not to be worried about Andre as he had been discovered in the warehouse in a state of shock. He then kissed Valeria and took her home.

As the days progressed, Andre still kept to his bedroom, rocking himself like a child or an insane person. He even chased away the doctor (the one who used to treat Pedro) as he assumed the doctor also knew Pedro was alive as Pedro and the Doctor were good friends. Everyone was concerned with Andre and most of the house-hold except Walter wanted to take Andre to the mental institution.

Isabel got back home after some days in hospital (it seamed that she had already been told about Andre’s condition). She marched into Andre’s room, at first thinking Andre was pretending to be crazy, but when she carefully evaluated him, she discovered he really was crazy and in a state of shock. Andre stared murmuring Pedro’s name and was acting just as Antonio did when Antonio had his episode of shock when he had discovered Salvador was Pedro. Isabel saw the similarities of Antonio’s sickness to Andre’s and asked Antonio if maybe the shock was caused by the same thing.

Looking at Pedro’s photo in Isabel’s bedroom, Antonio said probably. Isabel then said maybe Andre did not need to go to a mental institution as he would recover just like Antonio did. Antonio said it depended at how you approach the disease either with acceptance (like how Antonio accepted and loved Pedro/Salvador) or with remorse, regret and unforgiveness (like Andre did). So since Isabel did not understand Antonio’s full meaning of his words she looked at Pedro’s picture and decided to wait for Andre to get better.

The Duel of Death

We have entered the vengeance episodes of el cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela. Punishments is being awarded to the guilty and the wicked. Like I already told you, you can get into the flow of this telenovela by visiting the sitemap of the full story on my other telenovela blog from the beginning, up to date. Over to you again Tessie:

Later, when Andre was home, Valeria started practicing her piano again. This further irritated Andre and he told himself that he would save his energy for someone else who was much more important. Meanwhile downstairs, Antonio and Angela showed the household the new baby items they had bought for the baby. Isabel came in and went without hesitation to confront Andre.

Andre let Isabel in his room, and Isabel confronted him with trying to kill Salvador. With Valeria’s piano still playing in the background, Andre snapped and told Isabel that he did intend to kill Salvador as Salvador had been sleeping with her, he further informed her that not only had he tried poisoning her, but he had tried suffocating her with her pillow, and if it wasn’t for Walter, he could have shot her to death. As he said this, he closed his bedroom door and approached an upset and shocked Isabel and slapped her and continued beating and kicking her with his foot.

Valeria continued playing the piano until she heard Isabel screaming. Valeria went to Andre’s room and tried opening it but couldn’t since the door was locked. Rebeca tried knocking but the door was still closed. Valeria went downstairs and told Angela, Antonio and the entire house-hold to help her as Andre was beating up Isabel. As the household made their way upstairs, Andre opened the door and screamed at Rebeca to leave him alone and then left. The household arrived and opened the door and found Isabel unconscious bleeding from her mouth. Antonio went after Andre, but after insulting the barking dog, Andre had left for his appointment to kill Salvador at the factory.

Antonio went back into house after the insistence of his worried mother Abigail. Isabel had been laid on the bed and the doctor had been called to examine her. However, it was seen as best to take her to hospital to ensure there was no internal bleeding.

Salvador was still working at the office when the last director bid him a goodnight. After this, Andre called Salvador through his office phone to mock him to come out. When Salvador went to Andre’s office, he found it empty. The phone rang again and Andre told Salvador not to be so stupid, as he wouldn’t try and shoot him in the office as the security team were always there. Andre told Salvador that the only place that was not monitored was the warehouse, and that was where he found himself. He then asked Salvador to meet him at the Warehouse.

Salvador entered the warehouse and called for Andre.. Andre, who was above him on a veranda in the warehouse, was pointing a gun at his back. (After this, the credits start after which we see Andre has lost Salvador and can’t locate him, or maybe Citizen TV cut out some of the footage). Andre has lost Salvador and is looking for him, calling his name. But Salvador replied him by telling Andre about the story of his (Andre’s) life- about how Andre’s parents died when he was just a small boy, how he faced hardships and went through without any comforts, but he (Pedro/Salvador)decided to help him, how he treated him like his son.

At this, Andre was amazed about how much Salvador knew about him and how he was talking like Pedro. He even lowered his gun. Salvador continued by telling him how he bought him (Andre)clothes, since he never had any to put on and how he removed Andre from the horrible room he was living in and moved him to a decent place to live...By this time Andre was too shocked and fearfully asked Salvador, how he knew so much about him.

Salvador instead asked Andre, who would have done so much to have helped him (Andre). Wasn’t it a sentimental old man who made the mistake of trusting a ‘rabid dog’, who was only waiting for an opportune moment to attack him?

At this Andre raised his gun (he was tired of the confusion Salvador was instilling in him). Salvador told Andre that he had forgiven him for killing him, but he would never forgive Andre for being so ungrateful. Andre was about to shoot him until he looked at Salvador’s face...which was no longer Salvador’s face, but as the old man Pedro’s , exactly as he was in the first episodes. Andre was confused, he took time to shake and clear his head...this was impossible, Salvador must have been confusing him...

The seconds Andre tool to clear his head, Salvador had disappeared. Andre was upset and he started running looking for Salvador (it almost looked like a scene of a James Bond movie, especially with the background effects) calling out to him and telling him that he (Salvador)could not be the old man Pedro....Pedro was dead and dead men do not raise from their tombs. When Salvador refused to appear, Andre kept his gun down, so that Salvador could come to him, but as soon as he heard Salvador’s voice, he picked up his gun again..

Salvador told him that he had picked the prefect place for their meeting as it was in the warehouse; Andre started working, until he had allergies and pulmonary infections, and then he (Pedro) had made him in charge of the shipping department after he finished his college, then finally a director of the company.

Andre had had enough; he went on his knees and asked Salvador to stop talking. Salvador couldn’t stop talking he told AndrĂ© how ambitious he was, how he turned from a worm, into a Giant and now a worm again. Andre went crazier and shot around the warehouse trying to shoot Salvador (as he couldn’t still see him, he could only hear him).

Andre finally he saw Salvador. Salvador asked Andre if he believed in ghosts, before Andre could answer Salvador admitted he also did not believe in ghosts as he was a living flesh and blood man, except Pedro lived inside this (Salvador’s) body. Andre begged him not to lie and Salvador told him he had no reason to lie to him. Andre confessed to him that sometimes, he saw him as Pedro, and started shooting at him, but missed him because he was too unfocused due to shock.

Thrice Lucky

If there is one man who has a penchant for cheating death with a disdain, it is Salvador, the hero character of the el cuerpo del deso (second chance) telenovela, played by handsome and versatile actor, Mario Cimarro. The English meaning of that name is "Saviour". He seems to be acting out that name. He came back "resurrected" to save is loved ones, and execute justice against the wicked and unrepentant ones who slew him, when he was "Pedro Jose Donoso".

For the third time he 'escaped' death and, I don't know how long he would continue this dramatic escapes. If anything, the envious noose, set by Andre seems to be tightening around his neck. Would he survive a fourth attempt on his life? Let's read on as Tessie continues her telenovela rainstorm over our love territory:

Meanwhile, back at the shoot out it they show Camilo being carried with the Ambulance as he has been shot in the shoulder. Salvador was okay and he informed Gaetana of what had happened. Gaetana was worried, and begged him not to go to work anymore, but Salvador refused.

The same evening (either in the same episode or in the previous episode) Salvador went to visit Valeria under the tree where she usually sits. He kissed her and informed her that he liked her. Valeria informed him that she liked him too; however she was worried because she might leave him in case Isabel ever decided to move as she depended on her.

Salvador asked her if she would agree to leave Isabel, but Valeria refused by saying that Isabel needed her more than ever now. Salvador then asked her what if he decided to marry her. Valeria was flattered and informed him that if that was the case, they would have to go public with their relationship, especially to Isabel. Salvador refused and instead told her that they could elope and get married like Angela and Antonio.

Valeria said that she could not do anything that crazy. Salvador tried to convince her, but she said that if they kept their relationship a secret, it would be difficult for them to reach somewhere with their relationship, and with that she walked away leaving Salvador alone sighing.

(From a precious episode from this ones, even when Salvador continued sleeping with Isabel, he one time started thinking of Valeria. This was so bad that one night when he was alone sleeping back in his room in Gaetana’s house, he dreamt of both Isabel and Valeria that his spirit was disturbed, just like what happened to the original Salvador before he was possessed by Pedro. Salvador/Pedro was also able to remember in another episode when he was out driving, the day his Spirit literally knocked the original Salvador to the ground. Maybe this shows that Salvador/Pedro’s spirit is not at rest or is disturbed by something).

Walter told Andre the story about Pedro’s jewels being stolen and also showed Andre the secret entrance to the safe in the basement that connected to Pedro’s study. Andre was upset Walter had not shown him this before as they might have been able to catch Salvador playing the piano (Andre had suspected that Salvador was the one playing the piano). However, this might have been too late as if Andre’s suspicions were true, then Salvador was dead.

The following day, Gaetana and Lupe tried to convince Salvador again not to go to work, but Salvador refused but was touched by their concern but still decided to go back to work. Back at the office, Andre was so overjoyed that Salvador had not come, as he thought that he had been killed at the shoot-out. He even mocked one of the director’s that the Salvador’s high position job had gotten to his head that he thought it was okay to go to work late.

Salvador came into the office later, and met with the director, who told him that Andre was waiting for the both of them in his office to hear the mismanagement report. The director left Salvador alone at the office and Isabel came to see him. Isabel asked Salvador to meet with him at the regular place (her former apartment), to discuss about Andre as according to her, Andre was acting in a scary way as he had even tried to kill her and he might try to harm him too.

Salvador told her that Andre had already tried to kill him and described to her about the shoot-out where Camilo had been injured. Isabel was so annoyed that she wanted to storm to Andre’s office to reprimand him, but Salvador prevented her and told her to even pretend she didn’t know about it, as he would deal with Andre by himself.

Andre still smiling and happy was shocked to see Salvador entering his office! His face changed and was even breathing heavily. Salvador came nearer to him in the pretence of wanting to discuss a report with him and even leaned close to him to make him agitated. Andre was even more upset annoyed.

Salvador innocently asked him what was wrong. But Andre could not say anything. At this Salvador removed his coat and help him back against his chair and told Andre that the next time he wanted to kill him, to be a man and do it himself instead of paying some 2nd rate assassins to do the job. Andre agreed with him and told Salvador to meet with him that night at the Factory, so as to finish him off. Salvador agreed to meet with Andre.