Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Natalio - Adolfo Cubas

Natalio - (Adolfo Cubas): If you ask me, I would say that Natalio's name spells trouble everytime he is mentioned in this telenovela. He was the owner of the controversial CRYSTAL Night Club.

He was enraptured by his love for Niurka, when she began working as a waitress at his night club. He found it difficult to break his old relationship with Leona because the 'lioness' just wont let go this fat meat from her den.

By the time Rebeca Linares was sacked from the delivery supermart, she found succor in working in his night club, but then cometh trouble. He could not protect Rebeca from the hungry hands of Tony, so he had to tell Rebeca to leave his night club because, the bad boys led by Tony could make business impossible for him.

When eventually he found out that Leona was the one that sponsored the attempted assassination of Niurka, he broke away from her and sent the lioness back to her dark jungle.

He never had it jolly with his younger brother, Liborio, who detest his wayward life.

Liborio - Adrián Delgado

Liborio - (Adrián Delgado) was another shy gentleman who fell in love with the wrong person. He was the supervisor at the auto showroom where Rebeca Linares worked part-time. He was a friend and sympathizer of Martin for the love of Rebeca.

He was also the younger brother of Natalio and despised his wayward life and night club business. Always in recommended lenses, which made him look ugly. He was blind to the love advances of Arcoiris, the colleague of Rebeca at the delivery supermart, who desperately wanted him to propose to her, but his cupid eyes were glued to naughty and ambitious Patty Linares. What a pity!

Nicolás Izaguirre - Jorge Luis Pila

Nicolás Izaguirre - (Jorge Luis Pila): This is the coolest guy in this telenovela story. A medical doctor and gentleman to the core.

Unlike his evil and scheming siblings, Tony and Princesa, he was incapable of their manipulative dexterity. He got involved with quiet and beautiful Carolina Montalban, daughter of Sergio, and sister of Eduardo. He was the first to confront and tell the truth to Eduardo that he has fallen in love with Rebeca Linares, even when Eduardo was still denying that truth.

His relationship with Carolina was unfortunately unfruitful, as it was medically proven that Carolina could not conceive. His life took a dramatic change when Niurka was brought to his hospital after being shot in the back by gun-wielding Leon.

Tony Izaguirre - Pablo Martin

Tony Izaguirre - (Pablo Martin): Playboy and sex symbol of the rich Izaguirre family. A reckless Casanova and younger brother of Nicholas and Princesa Izaguirre, he goes for anything in skirt. His innumerable count of mistresses could not satisfy his urge for bizarre fun.

He took a bet with Eduardo that he would go to bed with Rebeca Linares. He was the secret lover of Regina, Adalberto's wife. He dated and jilted Patty Linares. He teamed up with his vengeful sister to defraud the Montalbans.

He naturally kept a bad company, having befriended the lion himself- León Valverde. He was assassinated in the high-wire intrigues of this telenovela.