Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kiki To The Rescue!

Panchito came to the rescue of Gustavo as Petra insisted that Gustavo could not live with her being a single woman. She admitted that Gustavo was permitted during the last time because he came in company of his family. Panchito took him to rent a cheap hostel in town for his hibernation.

Adela received a surprised visit at Alicia's apartment from Kiki, who bluntly told her that she had found out that they were being hotly chased about by creditors. She said, for Adela's children's sake, her lawyer husband is willing to help and defend Gustavo in court from being imprisoned by the creditors.

Adela and her son, Ricardo, thanked Kiki and promised to bring back Gustavo from his hiding place. The two proceeded immediately to the ranch to fetch Gustavo. On getting to the ranch, they met a festive mood of the carnival dance in the village. Gustavo burst into samba dance at the good news of Kiki's offer to rescue him through her lawyer husband from jail.

Antonete hijacked Gustavo for a dance but Adela quickly snatched her husband back from her and called her an old and ugly woman.

Silvia and Eduardo too showed up at the village carnival. All hell broke loose when Sebastian saw them. He accused Catalina of having secretly invited Eduardo to the party. Emilia approached them and invited Sebastian for a dance. Catalina warned Eduardo that if he accepts to dance with that b*tch, she too would go to dance with Eduardo.

Carmelo dissolved the tension by inviting Catalina to dance with him. Emilia quickly took advantage of that vacuum to dance with Catalina. This was however short-lived when Sebastian saw Carmelo roughly and lustfully clinging to Catalina. He broke up Carmelo's amorous grip on his wife.

Silvia got jealous when Eduardo would not kiss her in the presence of Catalina, like Sebastian was doing to his own wife. She walked out in anger, and drove out of the village leaving him stranded. At that moment Catalina got tired and decided to walk home. A stranded Eduardo saw her and dragged her to a dark corner to chat with her.

By the time Sebastian appeared at the dark spot and saw them together, he went into his fit of anger, insulted Catalina by calling her an unfaithful and cheating slut. He was fighting Eduardo when Silvia returned to pick her hubby.

When they got home, fight broke up between Catalina and Sebastien and she ran away into the night. She eventually took refuge in Antonete's house.