Thursday, July 12, 2007

Beginning of trauma

RejectionRomantic Catalina did not prepare for the consequence of he 'punishment' which she eagerly and voluntarily accepted. reality however banged her on the head when Sebastian practically turned her to a matrimonial slave, and made the 'marriage' a labor camp for her.

What more he taunted and stirred up her emotions in bed every night, only to abruptly 'switch off' for her to crash-land. This is nothing but pure torture! Her bad of roses was turned into a bed of torture!

To crown the indignity, "creepy Carmelo" (as my sister would call him), barged in on her and even attempted to forcefully seduce her, but her moral stake was too high for Carmelo to scale.

The news of the return of Catalina was like the story of 'Superman Returns' or the return of the Spiderman. It caused earthquakes in the ranch. Antoniete, Emilia, Guadalupe, Martina was all amazed by her courage to return into the 'stinking town', much less for the next six months!

Sebastian found out that Gustavo was the one who brought her and he wanted to hibernate in the ranch for a while until the hot chase after him by creditors cool down in the city. Sebastian mocked him for running away from his debts, and told him to find another tabernacle in the ranch, because he cannot accommodate his father-in-law.

Martina was happy to meet muscular Luis who brought Catalina she became friendly because she was impressed with his bulging muscles. Romero was on edge and demanded that Luis should leave town because city guys are a threat to the peace and tranquility of the village.

Sebastian and Catalina had another round of altercation and he got furious, walking out on her. He went to get himself drunk at the beer parlor (Cantina). Emilia found him and offered to spend the night with him but he rejected her. He slept out of his matrimonial home that night.