Thursday, March 01, 2007

To Whom March Is Given

Its a great pleasure to announce to all that I would be on the 'march' throughout this new month. February was a month of favor for me. The last seven days of February catapulted our gardener's daughter blog into the 46th most popular website in Nigeria and 103,000th most popular in the world, out of several millions of websites, judging by Alexa Ranking.

I got admitted into Kontera advertising network, courtesy of one of my mentors Joel Comm. It takes mega websites with over half a million pageviews per month to be a member of that elite club, but my mentor softened the ground for me. That ladder has taken me into the big league of web premiership or la Liga, which is less than 10,000 publishers in the whole world-wide-web.

No sooner had that happened, than traffic to the gardener's daughter blog exploded exponentially. We are currently hitting above 3,000 unique visitors daily with over 20,000 daily pageviews. What all this statistical semantics translate to, for me is, more Dollars!

What a humorous way by God to reward my unrelenting labor of passion, of the past six months of, almost nothing, from the gardener's daughter blog.

What that translates to, for you all my friends and gardeners and lovers, who throng this blog daily for snippets, counsel, recreation, lessons, entertainments, even dating and social networking, is that you would see more telenovela fireworks in the month of March. I am spurred by the bombardment of more income from the blog to complete all outstanding telenovelas and give you fresh ones beginning with the month of March.

In conclusion, some of you may want to ask what is in it for you, apart from other things you benefit from this blog? I would say not to worry, I would begin to share my big incomes with you monthly as soon as it starts flowing in, like a river of milk and honey, via contests, The winner would receive prizes. I know not the form of contests now, whether telenovela quizzes or other forms. I know not the type of prizes now, whether cash or token gifts, that would all be worked out as soon as the money starts rolling in.

It would be my expression of appreciation to you, as my team members, for your loyalty to this blog and making it to truly be a 'love garden', and not overgrown with forest (just like 5Alive would say). Thank you helping to prevent this garden from turning into a jungle.

To whom much is given, (somebody said "March is given", because February is gone), much would naturally be expected. So, on your marks ..., get set..., MARCH!!!!!

Happy new month to all gardeners! I love you with all my heart.

Oh, Give Me a Break!

How many times have you used the above statement at the point of frustration? Well, better be careful next time, because it is a prophetically potent statement. When Carlos Eduardo made that statement at the height of Jennifer's nagging at the restaurant where they both went to eat, those words went like a piercing sword, and cut asunder the remnant of toleration, called 'relationship' between them. Carlos stood up and walked away, abandoning her and the food.

Jenny was shocked and sad at the same time. Luisa Fernanda has become a testy issue between them because of Jenny overreaching herself in hitting L.F with a hot jealous slap. That slap has now broken the cord of toleration of Jennifer's doubled-faced and mischievous activities. Carlos would pack out of her apartment, signifying the end of their relationship. This act would turn Jenny into emotional shipwreck and she would attempt to end her life.

I wish I could tell Marissa too, to give me a break from her folly. She testified in court that L.A truly saved her while she was drowning in the swimming pool. What she ought to have said was that she drowned and lost consciousness, and when she was revived, she saw the swimming attendant and L.A. She could not say he saved her. Her testimony weakened the charges of homicide against her and also nullified Leopoldo's testimony.

What this drama taught me was that Marissa was pathetically weak to the point of having been made to believe a lie for 20 years of marriage to L.A. When the time now arose to confront this lie, called Luis Alejandro, she was unable to purge herself from the permeating poison of 2 decades.

AIT relentlessly continued to violate and diminish our entertainment values. As it is usual with the TV station, they aborted the last epic minutes of the soap opera for the umpteenth time tonight. This acts breaks the flow of the telenovela, particularly when the next episode they transmit usually does not continue from the point of abortion. Too bad and too poor. Thumbs down for AIT.