Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lorenzo Chapter 3

Isabella's arrival at Lorenzo's birthday party caused an agitated stir and stare. Very elegantly dressed and delectable, Lorenzo expressed his surprised to her at showing up at his party. She quickly replied and lied that it was Laura who invited her that she must not fail to come.

Orlando and his fiancee, Gloria, had a sharp disagreement. She wanted him to help her, by giving her a job at Lorenzo's company, Textiles Paracas. Orlando was not favorably disposed to the idea, because, he had his own romantic but hidden agenda for Nati, which may ruin his relationship with Gloria, if she has a job there. She angrily left the party and went to her hotel suite.

Hercules and Cónan were in hot argument when the TV advertised the upcoming fight at the gym. They both want different camp to win the fight.

At the office next day, Orlando arrived and went straight to Nati, with the intention of kissing her good morning, but resisted his amorous touch. She warned him not to touch her because she doesn't want co-workers to gossip that she was flirt or had any relationship with him.

Orlando persisted in toasting her, telling her that she was the most intelligent and pretty lady he has mat in a long time. He gave her a peck when she calmed down.

Laura protested to Isabela for daring to attend the birthday party without invitation. She even threaten to send her out of the venue, when Isabela warned her that she just bought the restaurant and, as the new owner and hostess, would not hesitate to send Laura out of the premises. Laura was shocked, furious and humbled.

As the night wore on, the guest began to sing "happy birthday" songs unto Lorenzo. This brought the memory of the engagement night when Lorenzo was snatched from her by Laura, she was saddened.

Madam Emperatriz was at home counting a load of money when her son, Alex, arrived. She quickly began to convince her son to befriend and marry Isabela, because she was a rich lady. Alex initially told his mom that he was not interested, but after much maternal pressure, agreed to visit Isabela next day.

When Empe got to Mimi's room, she was angry because her mother was scheming to make her brother befriend a woman whom, Mimi already considered to be a witch. Empe scoffed at the strange ability of Mimi to see through the skin of a person and know if they were witches.

Mimi despises the loafer and idle life of a gigolo that her brother, Alex, was living. This only made Empe to be angry but Mimi's anger and insult drove the old woman out of her room.

When Lorenzo and Laura got back home from the dinner, he thanked her for the successful dinner, but also reminded her that, she did invite those guests to avoid the subject of bearing him a son. After much pleadings, laura agreed that she would conceive and give him a son. Lorenzo was happy and gave his wife an affectionate kiss.

The next day, while Silvia was training, Cónan asked her if Nati came home overnight. Silvia told him that Nati slept out. Cónan asked her not to disclose this secret to Hercules. talk of the devil, Hercules interrupted their chat and Nati was the first person he asked after. Silvia protected Nati's secret by telling him that she was still sleeping.

Meanwhile, Nati woke up on Orlando's bed and asked him to drive her home in his car. Orlando replied that he does not want risk their secret love-affair, by being seeing publicly with her, and therefore she should take a taxi home.

At the breakfast table, Conan and Silvia tried to hide the fact that Nati did not sleep at home during the night. Hercules got angry and accused the duo of making a fool out of him, so he stood up and withdrew from breakfast.

After a passionate love making, Lorenzo woke up from bed beside his wife, believing that Laura has begun to cooperate with him, so she could conceive their expected or promised child. After Lorenzo left for early morning jogging, Laura quickly opened the bedside drawer and swallowed contraceptive pills to neutralize any possibility of conception.

Silvia confronted Nati, asking her to disclose the mystery lover that has been taking her out every night, and causing problem at home with Hercules. She promised that she would soon come to introduce him, and he was a married man.

Giacomo's ex-wife came with his son, Tony, and told him that she would leave Tony, to live with him for a probational poeriod of six months. Giacomo was not too comfortable with this proposition.

As Alex left the house after breakfast, Mimi began to trail him to know his movement. She saw that Alex was picked up by Sonia and driven to Laura's boutique. After Sonia presented Alex to Laura as a prospective model. Laura told them that it was only Lorenzo that has the power to employ models. Alex requested that she should recommend him to her husband, but she said she cannot recommend strangers for hire by her hubby.

As Alex and Sonia were leaving, Sonia introduced him to Giacomo, who was pleased to meet him. Giacomo asked Alex to come back in the afternoon for interview. Tony caught Mimi spying out on her brother. They started chatting, as Alex walked pass them, Tony shielded Mimi from being discovered by kissing her. She was initially offended, but that was how a romance was inadvertently triggered on, between the two youngsters who have so many things in common, rap music inclusive.

The workers in Empe's garment factory were not convinced by Silvia that Empe would give them a raise for the overtime they worked. At that moment, Empe came in and announced that Isabela, a prospective investor and partner would be visiting, to inspect the factory, so the workers should clean up the factory and be ready.

When Isabela arrived, Empe asked Silvia to take her around for the inspection. By the time Isabela came back, she promised to do business with Empe, but she must first dismiss Silvia, because of her close union activism and affinity with the workers.

Lorenzo Chapter 2

Nati came to save the embarrassing situation between Lorenzo and Silvia, by telling Lorenzo that Silvia was her cousin from whom she ordered the special wine for his birthday.

When Empe arrived at the garment factory, she learnt afresh from Silvia that hoodlums attacked and robbed her of the money paid by a client. Silvia however told her that the money was recovered and used to purchased more raw materials like threads.

Laura warned Orlando not to disclose to Nati, the plans of inviting more people to the Lorenzo's birthday dinner. She said that Nati would tipoff Lorenzo if Orlando should make the mistake of telling her. Orlando asked Laura if the news of the arrival of Isabela into Peru, worried her. Laura said no.

A family business is in the making, Hercules and his children, including his niece, Silvia, were discussing how to start a fashion and garment company. Conan had begun to put up sketches of designs on paper.

While Orlando was chatting with Lorenzo and his wife at the office, Nati came in to announce the arrival of a woman who insisted on seeing Lorenzo. Alas! it was Isabela. After exchange of greetings, Orlando took excuse to leave, but not before Lorenzo introduced him as his business associate to Isabela.

Isabela apologized to the couple, and expressed her regret for breaking friendship and keeping grudges against them for several years past. She assured them she had forgiven and forgotten her bitter memory of past betrayals, and ready to forge new friendship with them like matured adults.

Lorenzo agreed with her submission, but Laura distrusted Isabela's new 'friendship' overtures. Isabela demanded to speak privately with Lorenzo alone, so Laura stood up to go to the outer office, but gave up her lips for Lorenzo to plant a warm romantic kiss on. This was to send signal and tell Isabela that: "NO VACANCY, He STILL BELONGS TO ME!"

Isabela gave a precious gift to Lorenzo and offered him some opportunity of garment exports to Europe. Lorenzo was not interested in the exports offer but agreed to have lunch with her in company of his partner, Orlando, next day.

Laura was so tensed and angry outside the office, Orlando had to calm her down. Her scheming mind could not bear to leave Isabela alone, with the man whom she snatched from her, some years past. When Isabela came out, Laura declared a silent war and warned her to leave her husband, Lorenzo alone!

Isabella rebutted her subtle attack by telling Laura that she was no longer the innocent girl that could be cheated or threatened, like it was in the past.

Orlando invited his fiancèe to the dinner, telling her that he wanted to celebrate the good fortunes of the company where he worked with her. He did not tell her that it was originally, a romantic dinner for Lorenzo and Laura.

Silvia and Alex returned from an outing. He told her of the suggestion by one of his client that he would be successful if he choses modeling as a career. Silvia saw the magazine with Laura's picture on the cover page. He told her that it was given to him by the client. He did not mention Sonia's name, he also lied to her that there was no one else in his romantic life. The two started kissing, until interrupted by Nati, who just arrived from work.

Lorenzo inquired from Nati if there was any affair between her and Orlando. She avoided giving him a direct answer. She told him that she suspected Orlando to be a first-class womanizer. Meanwhile, Isabela stepped up her espionage by recruiting a staff of Lorenzo's company. She paid substantial money to get the spy to monitor and report back all activities in Lorenzo's company.

Lorenzo was surprised to see a crowd of guests and friends, at his supposedly private romantic dinner, to mark his birthday in company of his wife. Laura told him that she was responsible for inviting all the guests and he should move round and greet all of them.

Laura enjoyed the rowdy dinner and never really gave Lorenzo much audience throughout the dinner, hiding under the excuse of greeting and attending to the guests. In the middle of the partying, Isabela appeared. Laura was furious, not knowing how Isabela got information about the party.