Sunday, November 26, 2006

Snippets 85

When L.F asked him what he meant by secrets, Carlos told her that he learnt that she was in prison for several months during his trip to and stay in Baltimore. He also told her that the money that the plaintiff, Vanessa claimed was stolen from her was not even Don's money, but the money he gave to Don to give to her for Pedro's treatment, knowing that she would not collect it from him, if he had given her directly.

Consuelo was angry with Vanessa for telling Carlos Eduardo the truth. Vanessa said it was not her, but Rigo who went to Carlos house and told him all the story to fill the gap of his absence from Mexico. Consuelo went to meet Rigo and lambasted her for being a 'big mouth' who told Carlos Eduardo everything that happened in his absence. She threatened her that if she (Rigo) should open her mouth and tell Don all she knew about Luicito and Amelia, she (Consuela) would commit suicide.

Jenny came home to accuse Marissa of fraternizing with her enemies- Pedro and L.F. Marissa said she only went to apologize to Pedro for the bad reception given him by Carlos the previous day. She however told her that she saw the son of L.F and that she was absolutely sure that the boy, Pedrito, was Carlos son, because he was the exact replica of Carlos Eduardo. Jenny became real scared with this news, she pleaded with Marissa not to tell Carlos until after he had married her, and that Marissa should do everything possible to speed up the wedding day to a matter of days! Marissa assured her that she would help her.

Caesar was reluctant to go for the infertility tests. As Clarita urged him to, Jenny entered and challenged Clarita for supporting L.F against her. Caesar defended his wife by telling Jenny the truth, that Carlos Eduardo does not love her, and would always be loving Luisa Fernanda. When Carlos returned she reported Caesar and Clarita to him. Carlos assured her that he would talk to them to change their hostile attitude towards her. When Carlos met Caesar, and demanded why they were hostile to Jenny, Caesar opened his mouth wide and told Carlos that, L.F and Alfredo have never married nor lived as husband and wife. Carlos was shocked by this discovery.

Ordonez told L.A not to bother himself, that it was his duty to conduct an orientation for the new President, Carlos Eduardo. L.A was not happy with this turn of events. When Alfredo learnt that Carlos came to visit L.F he went to warn him never to come around L.F again because L.F despises him. Carlos was angry, he landed a heavy blow on Alfredo's face. Alfredo got his lawyer friend to sue Carlos for assault.

Alfredo came back home to quarrel with L.F for even talking to Carlos. L.F was angry and challenged him for doubting her integrity. Pedro supported Alfredo against L.F saying she should never have entertained Carlos when he came visiting. Alfredo broke relationship with L.F. She went to her room to weep, saying she was making sacrifice by wanting to marry a man she did not love. Pedro encouraged Alfredo never to give up this time, that he should fight to keep his wife-to-be, from that 'predator' (meaning Carlos). Alfredo later came back next day to apologize to her for doubting her, and they reconciled.

The rivalry between Lucero and Carol got to fever pitch when carol ordered that Lucero should be shoved out of the gym of Jenny's beauty Academy to put herself in shape. Lucero went to report the disgraceful conduct of Carol to Armando. L.A came looking for Jenny at the Academy but was told by Xochil (Alfredo's maid) that Jenny was not around. L.A was enraptured by Xochil's beauty, he toasted her and invited her to a dinner date. he felt it was time he replaces Andreina who had disappeared into thin air. Xochil accepted is dinner invitation. Joaquina warned Pedro to tell the truth of Pedrito Paternity to Marissa and Carlos.

Snippets 84

Jenny became afraid that the old Nana Rosario was not on her side. Fearing that she might influence Carlos not to marry her, she warned her to be absolutely loyal to her or she would sack her and her goddaughter, Clarita from that house. jenny's strong arm tactic failed to intimidate the old woman who reported her to Carlos, when he returned. She demanded that Carlos warn her to respect her age. Carlos Eduardo warned Jennifer to change her offensive attitude to Rosario and should respect Nana, saying he would not stand anybody to disrespect the nanny that nurtured him from infancy to adulthood.

Marissa called L.A and told him that she had made Carlos Eduardo the new President of Metropolitan Bank and he should hand-over to him. L.A pleaded with Marissa not to dispense with his 'valuable' services for the bank. He said Marissa should let him be the Special Adviser to the President, so that he would be able to properly guide Carlos in the complex business of the bank. When L.A got to the office, he told Ordonez that he is now the new adviser to Carlos. Ordonez disagreed with him that he is not morally positioned to guide the new president. A fight ensued between him and L.A.

Alfredo prevented Carlos from entering his apartment to investigate if L.F lives with him. Carlos went back home. On getting home, he met Rigoberto who begged him to visit Don and treat him as before. She also told him that Consuelo had sent her packing out of the house and took Don to an asylum. Carlos rose up immediately and asked Rigo to take him to see his old mentor, Don Fernando. On getting there, he resumed his care and treatment for Don.

Vanessa demanded to talk to Carlos after he finished with Don. From their discussions, he was able to learn that L.F was in jail for several months while he was in Baltimore, and that it was Alfredo who hired a lawyer to bail her out of prison. He was shocked with this news and became determined to get to the root of all what happened to L.F in his absence, particularly about the pregnancy and paternity of Pedrito.

Alfredo went to Pedro's house to inform him that He and L.F are getting married immediately, Pedro told him to be patient because the church wedding cannot take place earlier than two weeks from now. When Alfredo saw L.F he told her Carlos came looking for her in his apartment, but he prevented him from coming in. He seems to be insecured, so he lobbied and assured L.F that she would never regret marrying him.

Marissa told Ordonez that she wanted to revoke her Will, which she signed just before she went into coma. She said that now that she is alive to oversee her affairs, she no longer needs that kind of will.

Don Fernando demanded that Consuelo should go and look for Rigoberto and bring her back to the houser.

Marissa felt very bad about how Carlos embarrassed Pedro when he came visiting her yesterday, so she requested Clarita to take her to Pedro's house today. On getting there she saw L.F and Pedrito, she carried Pedrito in her arms, and she wondered the striking resemblance between the boy and her own son Carlos Eduardo. L.F was afraid of the truth, she denied the resemblance of her son with Carlos, and quickly went to call out Pedro to meet his visitor, while she went outside with Clarita. Clarita assured her that she has not disclosed the truth of Pedrito's paternity to Marissa, saying, Marissa came only because she wanted to visit Pedro and not because of the boy.

Marissa apologized to Pedro for the embarrassment he suffered in the hands of Carlos yesterday, She gave him a gift of beautiful flowers. She also asked him about the striking similarity of Pedrito and Carlos Eduardo. Pedro, like L.F, denied such resemblance, but Marissa was not convinced by their denials. She too was determined to get to the root of the matter.

Carlos attitude to Pedro triggered the suspicions of Jenny that Carlos was still in love with L.F. So, she deployed her younger sister, Carol to dig secretly into L.F's affairs whether she was truly married and happy in her marriage, including any relevant information about her that would help Jenny secure her firm grip on Carlos. Jenny also started her own investigations by going to Alfredo's house but did not meet him at home.

Vanessa demanded from her dad to rent a new apartment for her so she can live with her fiance, bur Heriberto turned down her request too. She also told Consuela that Carlos Eduardo now knows that L.F was in jail all the time he phone Consuelo from Baltimore. She told her that Carlos also knows that Consuela was lying about L.F being with Alfredo those times, and that Consuela is the principal suspect behind the imprisonment of L.F. Consuela wasafraid, not knowing what actions Carlos might take to fight back.

Carol visited L.F at home and was questioning her about her son, before L.F could answer, Sister Smiley came in to inform her about the preparations for the church wedding and also about the visit of Marissa. After carol left, she telephoned Jenny to tell her that Alfredo and L.F were about to wed in the next two weeks and that Marissa had visited Pedro's house sometimes earlier in the day. When Smiley came back from L.F Joaquina told her that she suspect that Pedro and Alfredo were pressurizing L.F into an emergency marriage because they were afraid that Carlos was back in Mexico. Pedro came to tell Joaquina that Marissa visited him and was saying that Pedrito resembled her son Carlos Eduardo, but he denied it.

After two years of marriage, Clarita has not been pregnant, so she asked her husband, Caesar to go infertility test, to determine the cause of barrenness. Caesar was afraid of the test.

Carlos Eduardo bursted in on L.F and accused her that he was in position of all the secrets she had been hiding from him. L.F was surprised, she didn't know which aspect of the so many secrets!

Snippets 83

Consuela was threatened when she heard that Vanessa went to beg for forgiveness from L.F. She was angry and warned her not to be close to L.F because she (L.F), can harm her by seeking retaliation.

News began to filter to Marissa that the Bank's management was in bad shape, she was obviously displeased with the bad management reports of the bank in her absence, by L.A. So she decided to change Leadership of the Bank by making her son, Carlos Eduardo to become the new President of the Bank.

Pedro came to visit Marissa at home. When Lupe asked him what his mission was, he refused to tell her. Later when he saw Marissa he begged her to prevent Carlos from pursuing his daughter L.F, because she is engaged to marry very soon, and she is happy with Alfredo. When Jenny arrived with Carlos, and learnt that Pedro was around, talking to Marissa. She tried unsuccessfully to prevent him from entering the house so that he would not meet Pedro who is a reminder of L.F.

L.F called and begged Alfredo never to tell Carlos about Pedrito, his son. She wanted Alfredo to claim that Pedrito was his own son. Alfredo demanded as condition for him to take that risk and lie about Pedrito, that L.F should marry him immediately. She agreed to marry him.

Carlos Eduardo swept aside the cunning resistance of Jenny and entered, only to see Pedro talking to Marissa, he was so furious and challenged him what he was doing in his house. He asked him to leave his house immediately, if he does not want any embarrassment. After Pedro left, Carlos protested to Marissa for entertaining a man that almost stabbed him with a broken bottle few years ago. He also said he would not like anybody to talk ill of Luisa Fernanda.

Jenny was worried by the level of passionate defense of L.F by Carlos, and his vengeful hatred for Pedro. All these, she thought, were indications that he was still deeply in love with L.F, despite his claim to the contrary.

Carlos Eduardo became suspicious of the flurry of activities around his arrival, so he decided to investigate the relationship between L.F and Alfredo. He also decided to know the origin of their son Pedrito.

L.A became desperately bothered by the decisions of Marissa that reverses all his previous decisions, he feels humiliated. He knew that it was now a matter of time before Marissa relives him of the Presidency of the bank. He therefore contracted his "Mr. Fix It" detective Solozarno, to find hired assassins who would kill Carlos. He told him to arrange it so that it would look like a vehicle accident in traffic.

Alfredo escorted L.F back to her house. They met Joaquina and Smiley who left the house for the couple. Salvador, the adopted child of Pedro, informed them that Pedro has gone to visit Marissa. When Alfredo got back home, he announced to his confidant and beautiful housemaid, Xóchil, that L.F has agreed to marry him immediately. She was secretly jealous, and tried to discourage her master, warning him that L.F's heart is still with Carlos, and even if she married him, she would not give him her full heart.

It is a fact that Heriberto was not happy with the choice of Vanessa for fiance. He would have preferred the Billionaire heir, Carlos Eduardo. So when Daniel requested a loan to rent an apartment so that he and Vanessa can live together, Heriberto turned down the request. He saw him as another gold digger.

When Pedro returned from Marissa's house L.F questioned him where he was coming from. He confessed to her that, he was afraid that she would fall in love with Carlos again, so he had to go and beg Marissa to advise her son to steer clear of L.F. She told him not to worry about that because, she had accepted to marry Alfredo immediately, only a few hours earlier this afternoon.

Pedro was exceedingly happy and he took the anouncement to Joaquina. Sister Joaquina opposed the hurried wedding proposal, she said that they must marry by Catholic church tradition. The earliest time that was possible is two weeks time and not immediately as they had planned.

Carlos did not yet know that Alfredo and L.F were not living together as husband and wife, so he went to Alfredo's house, seeking to talk with L.F. Alfredo blocked the entrance and refused to let him enter, he also did not tell him that they were not living together.

Clarita and Rosario were gossiping about Carlos, how he still loves L.F and why they supported his desire. Jenny overheard all what they discussed and showed herself to them and insulted Rosario.

Snippets 82

Consuelo told Don that he must return to the asylum, the old man refuses, saying that he is not a lunatic.

Carlos had a private talk with his Nana Rosario when he got home, he told her of his encounter with L.F and Alfredo. He said he had an intuition that the child may be his.

L.F too was afraid of the sudden appearance of Carlos after two years of absence from Mexico. She went to plead with Lupe, Clarita and Caesar never to reveal the truth that Pedrito is the son of Carlos to him. Caesar told her that she does not need to bother about Carlos because, Carlos is no longer interested in her again. He also told her that Jenny is living with him in Marissa's mansion, and he suspected that they must have been married while in the U.S.

Marissa began to question the wrong decisions of L.A in her absence when she was in coma. She began to reverse some of the decisions, one-by-one. She told him that she has recalled Caesar and Clarita to their work in the house. She also told him that she would recall Lupe and Ordonez.

The next day at the hospital, L.F asked Carlos if he had married. He told her that, unfortunately, he is still single, and that if he were to be, he would have loved to be married to her, that she was the only woman who could have made him happy in marriage.

Armando spoke about how beautiful Lucero is these days, and Carol screamed that he should never mention that girl's name again in her house.

Snippets 81

Carlos Eduardo took the baby from them and rushed him to the emergency ward. After examining him, he diagnosed that Pedrito had to be operated on for tonsils. L.F began to pray to the "Blessed Virgin" to save the life of the boy. L.F sent Alfredo to go and bring change of dress for Pedrito from her house. Pedro was so worried because of the illness of Pedrito, when Alfredo arrived and told him that Carlos was to operate on the boy for tonsil, Pedro was furious and said he did not trust him. Alfredo assured him that L.F did not disclose to Carlos that the baby was his son. Pedro warned Alfredo never to disclose to Carlos that Pedrito was his son. Carlos assumed that L.F and Alfredo were married as Consuelo had lied to him. He also assumed that Pedrito was their baby.

Marissa assured Jenny that she would urge Carlos to quickly marry her because it is not good for the two of them to live together as concubines as they did in Baltimore for two years.

Don Fernando slipped out of the asylum unnoticed by anybody. When Consuelo came to visit him, she discovered that the old man has disappeared. This is the irony of locking up people with minor ailment like depression and memory loss among lunatics. They don't belong there, they are more intelligent than the mentally deranged. That is why it was easy for Pedro and now, Don to escape from there. Those who belong there don't depart from there!

Jennifer became paranoid when she heard that her mortal 'enemy' L.F came with her sick child for treatment at Carlos hospital. Carlos assured her that he has nothing to do again with L.F because she is now happily married to Alfredo and they have a son together. Jennifer did not want him to work again at that hospital so that he would not have to encounter L.F again.

When Don arrived at his mansion, the first person he asked for is Rigoberto, vanessa told him that Rigo had resigned and gone to Puebla.

Marissa returned and began to gradually restore all the missing links in her armoury. She recalled Clarita and Caesar to come back and live in the mansion. She also promised Caesar that she would restore Lupe, his mother, to her job in the Bank.

L.F has fully inherited the evil pattern of her lineage, the misery of Amelia and the secrecy and deception that shrouded her life and which she was conceived and born into. Now she too was supposedly abandoned by the man that impregnated her, just like Amelia her mother was abandoned by L.A. Now she is hiding the truth of the Paternity of Pedrito from Carlos Eduardo, just like Pedro and Amelia hid the truth of her paternity from her for 18 years and till today she still doesn't now that L.A is her father. Now she wanted to go and marry the man whom she has never loved just like Amelia married Pedro whom she never loved for almost 20 years. What a wicked and evil pattern to inherit!

Sister Joaquina warned and advise L.F to confess to Carlos that Pedrito was his son, but she disagreed with Joaquina. Later when Caesar came to Carlos, he told Caesar not to lobby for him that he has forgotten about L.F

The return of Carlos Eduardo to Mexico has sent jitters to all evil schemers. Pedro was afraid and went to put pressure on L.F to get married quickly to Alfredo, but she replied that he should give her time to make up her mind. Joaquina supported her decision not to rush into marriage with Alfredo.

Alfredo too was afraid, when he got home, he told his beautiful housemaid, Xochil, (Whom he had already registered into Jennifer de la Vega Academy because sghh had ambition to become Miss Universe)that Carlos has returned, and that, judging by the way Carlos and L.F looked intensely at each other at the hospital. she is still in love with Carlos, and he is not sure if L.F would still be ready to go ahead to marry him as she had accepted during Pedrito's birthday anniversary. Xochil is secretly in love with her master Alfredo, but does not have the courage to tell him that: "Oga , I love you"

Jenny told Marissa that Carlos told her that L.F and Alfredo are happily married and they have a son as fruit of the marriage. Caesar and Clarita came to tell Lupe that Marissa is back and she wanted her to return to work as her Private secretary.

Vanessa brought her new boyfriend, Daniel to introduce to her father, Heriberto.