Friday, March 30, 2007

Emotional Spare Tyre

The heightened drama got to a confrontational level between Victor and Alfredo Anzola. Victor accused him of being blind to the beauty and matchless virtues of Xochil, and that Alfredo only wanted to marry Luisa Fernanda as a revenge trophy, in his unending jealous battle against Carlos Eduardo. He even described Xochil as being "stupidly faithful" to Anzola.

On the other hand, Alfredo had unconsciously adopted a policy of keeping Xochil as a romantic "spare tyre" in his emotional journey with Luisa Fernanda. He knew in himself that, sooner or later, his emotional captive would loose steam, and his emotional tyre would burst. Because he dreaded that moment, that is why he kept Xochil in perpetual bond to himself.

Now, that dreaded moment has finally come. L.F told Pedro that she was fed up with this emotional psycho, called fiance, and would break up with him, to go back to Carlos Eduardo.

With the premonition that L.F was about to leave him for Carlos, Alfredo began to drown his tortured soul in a sea of alcohol, and also consoled his emotion with Xochil. It was like Victor's truth was the key that opened the floodgate of his bottled emotion for Xochil. They were both drowned in the ocean of unspeakable flood ...

Pedro behaved most irresponsibly yesterday when out of childish anger he rejected a copy of Fernando's original Will that Luis Alejandro brought for Luisa Fernanda. As usual with him, he was afraid that such favors might endear L.F to Montero. This not withstanding, Rigo is coming to reveal the truth to L.F tonite. More of these glimpses from the Site Map.

Expect me to serve you an appetizer in the next few hours in the form of the Grand Finale of Lorenzo's Wife (la Mujer de Lorenzo). This should wet the appetites of those who are asking for how it all ended. To keep you for the weekend. My weekend would be devoted to editing and flooding you with the snippets of this soap.

MamaJ was asking me a few days ago if I would start from where they are currently. The truth however is that, it is better to start from the beginning to the end. That way, we would not be accused of being selfish, by those who would come looking for the FULL STORY or summaries of La Mujer de Lorenzo - (Lorenzo's wife), in the future.

Posting all the snippets before the end of April would be best for us here. So I am giving myself a target of maximum 4 weeks, that also goes for the completion of Ugly Betty and Rebeca.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Tempo Changes ...

Its just 32 more episodes to go on the gardener's daughter soap opera. It's going to be racy from now on, all the deliberate delays and prolongations would be cut down. After recovery from the dangerous push that Jenny gave her, Luisa Fernanda woke up to declare to Carlos Eduardo that she was ready to marry him and would break off all commitments and pretenses with Alfredo Anzo'lie'.

She broke the news to Pedro, of her desire to marry Carlos and break up her unfruitful relationship with Anzola. By this time, it was obvious that Alfredo was already sleeping with Xochil and Luisa Fernanda caught them, 'red-handed' in the act.

The 'guardian angel' of Luisa Fernanda, Rigoberto, swung into action, and let the cat out of the bag by going to reveal all the truth about Don Fernando being her grandfather. It was both a devastating and joyous tidings to her. She wept and 'laugh-cried'.

To enjoy the last 32 racy snippets from the current Episode 147 to the Grand finale, go to the Site Map.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Eureka, Lorenzo's Wife Found!

The most vilified and most controversially popular telenovela in recent times, La Mujer de Lorenzo (Lorenzo's Wife) would soon start showing on LINK 65 (GOTEL). It is a new television station being seen on Lagos, Ogun, Oyo belt. I don't know if Abuja and Port Harcourt people are getting a glimpse of this TV.

Luckily for us, we just laid our hands on the 120-episodes summaries of the full story today. I promised you Lorenzo's Wife, some 51 days ago, on 5th February, 2007 that if I have my way, I would post it for you. That promise has come to fulfillment now.

Therefore, in order not to cause a telenovela riot, I would henceforth create a sitemap for each of the stories that I am posting. What this means is that, if you want to enjoy an uninterrupted flow of any particular story, it is better to get it from its sitemap. Just like I did for Gardener's Daughter and Esmeralda.

My husband criticized me recently, that I am easily influenced by the conflicting demands of my readers. I believe that he was right. If I am not influenced by you, I might lose your followership. Currently based on your demands, I am posting Rebeca, and wanted to resume Ugly Betty and begin posting Lorenzo's wife.

As at the last count, I have recorded about 270 votes or equivalent of commentaries for this soap opera.

The others may have to be suspended until we make a headway with this three. If I have to, as I would sure do, be posting 3 episodes of each daily, there may be a riot, unless you locate the sitemap for each of these you may not enjoy the flow.

Consuela Conned!

Cunning woman die, cunning man buried her! That was what yesterday's episode was garnished with in the gardener's daughter. Actress Alpha Acosta, popularly known as Consuela was dealt with by no less a person than, her accomplice in crime- Luis Alejandro Montero.

Her morbid fear to keep the stolen Will of Don Fernando from the suspicious hands of Vanessa, had pushed her to put the safe containing this indicting document, in the "safe" custody of her criminal friend, L.A. She had lied that it contained precious jeweleries inherited from her late mom.

The bubble has however burst yesterday, when her lips opened and she mistakenly let the cat out of the bag, that the small safe contained her father's stolen Will. That was enough for L.A take advantage of, he told her that he is going to pass it over to his own daughter, Luisa Fernanda, who was the ignorant but true heiress to the Don Fernando's fortune.

From now on till the next ten episodes when Consuela would die in a car inferno, she began a descent into hell, that none of her old tricks could rescue her from. More of this gists could be found at Snippet 146. For the full Summaries, you may go to the Site Map to capture whatever fish you may desire from the ocean of the gardener's daughter.

This actress got my curiosity and my research showed that she has acted in three telenovela stories in the past that broke records of viewing audience across the globe. They are "MORELIA" (1995), "Romántica Obsesión" (1999) and "La Hija del Mariachi" (2006). One of these days, we may roam into those telenovela territories.

The solidarity messages have continued to pour on me like the early rain, concerning the little illness of my last daughter, Gbemisoke, (who has since resumed schooling this morning), last week and over the weekend. Philip Effiong, Vivian from Abuja, Prof. Olofin from BUK, Kano, Omodesola, 5Alive, NewKing, ... I deeply appreciate your labour of love for my work and my family.

It is strange but true that, from the darkest corner of cyberspace, you people and others too numerous to mention, have helped to raise an enviable monument called the Gardener's daughter blog, worth more than $500 dollars in monthly revenue. That is more than the salary of a university graduate in Nigeria public service.

I love you all. Gbemisoke also appreciates your genuine concern and prayers. She says: "thank you uncles and aunties, big daddies and big mummies ".

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Forgive Him!

Pardon me for being off air in the last 5 days. My 3-year-old daughter, Gbemisoke, got under the weather with vomiting and stooling, thank God, she is back on her feet hale and hearty, tomorrow she would resume school.

Pedro surprised me yesternite. For the first time, I now know the real selfish reason why he concealed the paternity of L.F, and connection to Don Fernando, was because he wanted to avenge his humiliation of 25 years ago by Don. The old man had threatened to shoot Pedro to death when he bore false witness by admitting that he was the one that impregnated Don's daughter, Amelia. Don then threw Amelia out of the house and sacked Pedro from his gardener's job.

He made sure that the old man suffered and never knew that L.F was his granddaughter. What an uncanny way to punish your assumed enemy. What Pedro forgot was that he needed the forgiveness of Marissa too, while withholding same from Don Fernando. It took Vanessa to lecture Pedro on the virtues of forgiveness, before he realized that he had held on for too long his bitterness towards Fernando.

In his selfish and silent fight against Don Fernando, Pedro forgot that he was unwittingly hurting the people closest to him most- L.F and Marissa.

Guillermo has started to play the hide and seek game with Jennifer de la Vega. They have a lot advertising campaigns to do across many countries, and he had secretly invited Xochil for an interview and possible training, to become a model, perhaps in readiness for Jenny's frequent mental somersaults.

Jenny would dribble him again tonight when she sees L.F beside Carlos on TV as he was being arrested and handcuffed for attempted robbery. Her obsessive instability would make her to delay or postpone her business trip with Guillermo, as she would want to show off her 'feigned' solidarity with Carlos. This, for her, is another plunge in her rivalry war with L.F.

That 'pain-in-the-neck' called Alfredo Anzola was in his ear-sore best when he challenged and accused Pedro for supporting L.F escapades with Carlos Eduardo. He acted as an emotional landlord when he accused Vanessa too of covering up for L.F.

These are the Snippet 139, Snippet 140, Snippet 141, Snippet 142, Snippet 143, Snippet 144, Snippet 145, Snippet 146, which I missed posting, you can follow up from there or go to read the full story or summaries from Site Map.

I would resume posting Rebeca today, notwithstanding the criticism of my hubby in his make money online blog over the weekend.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Natalio - Adolfo Cubas

Natalio - (Adolfo Cubas): If you ask me, I would say that Natalio's name spells trouble everytime he is mentioned in this telenovela. He was the owner of the controversial CRYSTAL Night Club.

He was enraptured by his love for Niurka, when she began working as a waitress at his night club. He found it difficult to break his old relationship with Leona because the 'lioness' just wont let go this fat meat from her den.

By the time Rebeca Linares was sacked from the delivery supermart, she found succor in working in his night club, but then cometh trouble. He could not protect Rebeca from the hungry hands of Tony, so he had to tell Rebeca to leave his night club because, the bad boys led by Tony could make business impossible for him.

When eventually he found out that Leona was the one that sponsored the attempted assassination of Niurka, he broke away from her and sent the lioness back to her dark jungle.

He never had it jolly with his younger brother, Liborio, who detest his wayward life.

Liborio - Adrián Delgado

Liborio - (Adrián Delgado) was another shy gentleman who fell in love with the wrong person. He was the supervisor at the auto showroom where Rebeca Linares worked part-time. He was a friend and sympathizer of Martin for the love of Rebeca.

He was also the younger brother of Natalio and despised his wayward life and night club business. Always in recommended lenses, which made him look ugly. He was blind to the love advances of Arcoiris, the colleague of Rebeca at the delivery supermart, who desperately wanted him to propose to her, but his cupid eyes were glued to naughty and ambitious Patty Linares. What a pity!

Nicolás Izaguirre - Jorge Luis Pila

Nicolás Izaguirre - (Jorge Luis Pila): This is the coolest guy in this telenovela story. A medical doctor and gentleman to the core.

Unlike his evil and scheming siblings, Tony and Princesa, he was incapable of their manipulative dexterity. He got involved with quiet and beautiful Carolina Montalban, daughter of Sergio, and sister of Eduardo. He was the first to confront and tell the truth to Eduardo that he has fallen in love with Rebeca Linares, even when Eduardo was still denying that truth.

His relationship with Carolina was unfortunately unfruitful, as it was medically proven that Carolina could not conceive. His life took a dramatic change when Niurka was brought to his hospital after being shot in the back by gun-wielding Leon.

Tony Izaguirre - Pablo Martin

Tony Izaguirre - (Pablo Martin): Playboy and sex symbol of the rich Izaguirre family. A reckless Casanova and younger brother of Nicholas and Princesa Izaguirre, he goes for anything in skirt. His innumerable count of mistresses could not satisfy his urge for bizarre fun.

He took a bet with Eduardo that he would go to bed with Rebeca Linares. He was the secret lover of Regina, Adalberto's wife. He dated and jilted Patty Linares. He teamed up with his vengeful sister to defraud the Montalbans.

He naturally kept a bad company, having befriended the lion himself- León Valverde. He was assassinated in the high-wire intrigues of this telenovela.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Niurka Linares - Ana Patricia Rojo

Ana Patricia Rojo (Niurka Linares): It is almost natural to end up on the stage or screen, if your father was a celebrated telenovela actor with over 70 soaps to his credits, and your mother is a former beauty queen (Miss Peru), and your grandmother was a celebrity author and writer.

That is the briefest biography or "Telenov-Ana" of this thriller actress, Ana Rojo.

We have met this stunningly beautiful and flamboyant actress before, she was called Georgina, the scheming daughter of a rich medical director of a large hospital, who fell in love with Jose Armando, in Esmeralda.

She played the role of a walker and 'waitress' in CRYSTAL night club owned by Natalio. From there, she entered the dens of the lioness (Leona) and lion (Leon). Natalio fell in love with her, but that only brought more trouble her way, because Leona, her co-waitress was the regular girlfriend of Natalio.

That hot rivalry led Leona to set her equally evil brother- Leon, to get rid of her rival with a bullet in the back. That sent her permanently to a wheelchair, from where her doctor, Nicholas, fell in love with her, and broke his engagement to Carolina Montalban, his fiancee. Don't forget that Niurka was the first daughter of Matilde and elder sister of Rebeca Linares.

Matilde Linares - Susana Dosamantes

Veteran actress Susana Dosamantes a.k.a "Matilde Linares" was a doubly lucky woman. This is one woman who had the rare opportunity of a rematch game with destiny ... and she won! She was a stark illiterate and a matrimonial failure. Her second marriage was aborted at the gate of decision.

Adalberto Satander, her proposed second husband-to-be, chickened out of that relationship after she got pregnant, and Adalberto was advised by his parents to steer clear of her because they 'suspected' her to have many lovers, and that the pregnancy may not be his.

They did this obviously to get him out of an impending marriage to a "Mrs. Nobody", and get him to marry somebody with a big family name and wealth power- Regina Montalbán!

From that moment when she was forsaken by Adalberto, her life went down the drain. She became sickly and lived on the edge of penury, barely scrapping a living from menial and odd jobs, to raise a family of three children - two (Niurka and Rebeca), from two different men, and a third child (Patty), adopted as an extra and nuisance burden, on an already prostrate family.

At the end of two decades, Adalberto returned with repentance to her, and re-married her. She happily lived thereafter with her husband and was invited by Sergio Montalbán to live in the big mansion and stupendous wealth.

Martín García - Pablo Montero

Pablo Montero, 32 year old Mexican actor acted as Martín García in this telenovela. He was one of the two people that marched on the path of ironic love.

To you, all silent lovers out there, there is a lesson that we could learn from Martín. Very handsome but shy and cowardly. Humble to a fault. He was a childhood friend of Rebeca Linares. Crossing the line of puppy love to real adult affection became a mountain for him. He suffered in silence for a long time before he could give expression to his love for Rebeca.

He worked as the bartender at the CRYSTAL night club. As his heart-beats pumped after Rebeca, so was the heart-beat of another silent lover, Violeta panted after him. He never knew, just as Rebeca never knew too. Violeta was the daughter of his godmother whom he lived with.

He was the third man, after Sergio and Eduardo, in the turbulent romantic life of Rebeca. Until Princesa showed up.

Princesa Izaguirre - Gaby Espino

Actress Gaby Espino "Princesa Izaguirre" played her first 'wicked' role as a spoilt, rich girlfriend of Eduardo, lacking virtues and plotting evil continually. She was the princess among 'the three witches' which included Sara and Regina. Remember that we had a similar wicked trio of Angela, Babara and Berenice in Cuando Seas Mia (When you Are Mine)?

Like her boyfriend, she was a bundle of confusion, not really sure whether to follow her heartbeats or headaches. Martin was her heartbeats while Eduardo was her headaches.

Her relationship with Eduardo later turned sour when she schemed and got Rebeca Linares sacked from her workplace. She later fell in love with Martin. A love that would made her to become remorseful and also broke her arrogance, (who says love can't melt a stony heart?). She had to stoop, as she truly wanted to marry humble Martin.

Before then, this princess of perfidy almost devastated and decimated the Montalbán fortune through a series of fictitious financial deals that swindled that family of their mansion and other assets, as a mark of her vengeance for being jilted.

Being married to Eduardo and having his daughter Marcelito did not stop her from infidelity with Martin. Adalberto, disapproved of her because she hated Rebeca with passion, and spinned many horrible schemes with Regina, to prevent the meeting and reunion of father and daughter, but at the end, she failed, woefully.

She had two diametrically opposed siblings, Tony and Nicholas, more about them later.

Sara Santos - Elluz Peraza

Don't be deceived by the mean stare and shabby make-up of actress Elluz Peraza (Sara Santos), who played the role of the bitter porter and old housemaid of the Montalbáns. 30 years ago she won the beauty pageant - Miss Venezuela. Her reign was the shortest in the history of pageants. She resigned and returned the coveted crown, after one and a half days. Why? Because of the irresistible pull of marriage at her then, prime age of 19 years.

"Sara" acted the most despicable role of seducing her boss, Sergio Montalbán, after making him to be drunk. The result of that 'one-night stand' was the pregnancy which produced Carolina, the daughter of Sergio. The unfortunate girl and heiress to the Montalbán fortune never had an inkling that the housemaid was her biological mother.

She gave birth to Carolina, the same night as Marcela, the wife of Sergio had a still-birth. A criminal exchange was transacted by Sergio and Sara, as they replaced the dead girl with infant Carolina without the knowledge of Marcela, just like it happened in Esmeralda.

Sara later went on to murder her mistress and wife of Sergio - Marcela, in an orgy of envy and bitter jealousy in an inferno that she deliberately started.

When Sergio ignored her and went on to marry a fresh and young Rebeca Linares, she poured the venom of her hatred in conspiracy against and persecution of this young girl, making her marriage to Sergio a tale of woes.

The inevitable law of retribution later caught up with Sara, she died in a similar inferno, but not before she committed other murders, if you must know who, then read on, as we begin posting the story, after the actors profiles.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Regina Montalbán de Santander - Katie Babieri

Actress Katie Babieri: the only thing that rivaled the prominence of the wickedness of "Regina Montalbán de Santander" in this telenovela was her fiery eyeballs. She was the persecutor-in-chief of Rebeca.

She was the first to abuse the humble girl with a hot slap on the face. She vowed fight and resist the romantic efforts of her rich brother to marry this girl, not knowing initially that, she was the unknown daughter of her miserable husband, Adalberto.

This society lady was an adulteress that relentlessly fought the moves of her hubby to divorce her and remarry any woman, particularly, Matilde. She remained a idle pest and irritant in the home of her rich elder brother, Sergio Montalbán. Her despicable acts could only be compared to the role of Jeniffer de la Vega of the gardener's daughter fame.

Adalberto Santander - Leonardo Daniel

Actor Leonardo Daniel a.k.a "Adalberto Santander" - This is one man whose name was so prominent in "Cuando Seas Mia" (When You Are Mine), but whose face and memory was scarcely preserved. He played the role of the late father of Diego, "Joaquin Sanchez Serrano", he died untimely, at his prime. He was one of the two sons of Inez for Lorenzo Sanchez Serrano, and also the younger brother of Juan Francisco, Fabian's father.

He acted another unfortunate role here. He was the pitiable father of Rebeca, whom he did not know. The consequential frustration of a fruitless and vain marriage to society lady, Regina Montalbán, pushed him into the agonizing search for his unknown daughter after 20 years.

Imagine what would happen when he eventually discovers that, his rich brother in-law and his wife's nephew were both in love with his unknown daughter.

He suffered so much from the hands of his bitchy wife, that he regretfully confessed that if he had married Maltide, he would have been a fulfilled and happy man. so much of the vanity of riches and the sorrow of those who pursue it to the detriment of their future peace and happiness.

Sergio Montalbán - Víctor Cámara

Victor Cámara is an old hand in the telenovela business. He was the lover boy in "Topazio", the original version of "Esmeralda". Here, he acted as "Sergio Montalbán", the wealthy shipping magnate and rich widower who unknowingly fell in love with Rebeca, a girl who later turned out to be his son's fiancee.

The "BUT" in this rich man's life was that, he has a moral skeleton in his wardrobe. His daughter, Carolina, was not the offspring of his late wife, she was the flower that germinated out of the seed of indulgence and alcoholic stupor between him and his housemaid, Sara.

Nobody, except him and Sara knew and kept this secret for two decades, until the entry of Rebeca put asunder every conspiracy, plotted in darkness. He was a proud father that sacrificially raised his children to adulthood.

When the time came for him to sit back and ejoy a quiet peaceful matrimonial life, with the woman he loved, his old 'sins' haunted and found him out.

Eduardo Montalbán - Ricardo Alamo

Eduardo Montalbán, heir to the fortune of the Montalbán financial dynasty, grew up as pampered and confused rich boy. He enjoyed life and 'bounced' girls without measure ... until he met one that refused to dance to his amorous drumbeats. That girl was Rebeca Linares.

This made Eduardo to fall in love much more with her, and this, to the detriment of the ambition of his lack-luster and gold-digging fiancee, Princesa Izaguirre. For a long time Eduardo dilly-dallied over his relationship with this lady. He was manipulated and lacked the guts to draw the line in the sand for her.

Eduardo suffered a great emotional set-back when his father 'snatched' and married the love of his life- Rebeca Linares. This only paved the way for high-level infidelity, at the end of which his father gave up, and recognized the right of his heir and only son, to a happy marital life with the woman he loved so dearly.

Principal Actors and Actresses of REBECA

Actress Mariana Seoane, born a Mexican some 30 years ago, but with Cuban genealogy. she has many things in common with 'Luisa Fernanda' of the gardener's daughter fame, apart from being namesake "Mariana".

Like Mariana Ochoa, she also is a singer. She was the main actress and heroine of the REBECA telenovela. Her enchanting beauty provoked tumultuous emotional battles between three men, two of which were father and son.

Rebeca was a virgin at 20, a virtue which her two younger sisters Niurka and Patty, have lost in their youth due to moral corruption of a family without a moral heroine. She was compromised into a loveless marriage to wealthy Sergio Montalbán, who happens to be the father of her dream lover and prince Charming, Eduardo Montalbán.

Her hard-work of combining two jobs as a delivery girl and cleaner in an auto showroom could not surmount the endemic poverty of her family of 2 sisters and one sickly mother, Matilde Linares.

Destiny played ball in to her court, she scored her goal in a house of wealth and woes. The wealth was a rescue for her poverty, but the woes were intrigues by four women who made her matrimonial life miserable, until she finally won back honor and love, when Eduardo reunited with her to win the vicious battles of her destiny.

2. Eduardo Montalbán.

3. Sergio Montalbán.

4. Adalberto Satander.

5. Regina Montalbán de Santander

Saturday, March 17, 2007


About three weeks ago, the popular telenovela REBECA began airing on TV3 and MITV. Because of the popular clamor by our readers, we would begin the episode summaries or snippets of this soap opera. Thanks to my good friend, Bola Oluyemi whose in-depth telenovela research, discovered the story, in full, for us.

If we can complete the snippets in one week, (a miracle!), then we would have succeeded in providing a platform of entertainment for our community of readers on this blog.

It is the story of a poor 20-year old girl, Rebeca Linares, who had the misfortune to be born by emotionally reckless parents- Maltide and Adalberto. Right from conception, Adalberto became a run-away father. He doubted the his paternity over that pregnancy, abandoned Maltide Linares and went to marry a supposedly rich lady- Regina Montalbán. For twenty years, he had neither peace nor joy, because his marriage to Regina was barren. He then began a painful retreat and search, for what he threw away two decades ago- his unknown daughter and Maltide, his lover.

Rebeca met and fell in love with a young rich 25-year old man, Eduardo Montalbán, whom she shared the same birthday with. Attractive Rebeca Linares was the magnetic object of adoration for rich widower and father of Eduardo, Sergio Montalbán. So, the stage was set for romantic intrigues between father and son for the love of the same girl.

Sergio won the first round, as he succeeded in using the vulnerable pecuniary circumstances of Rebeca to get her into marrying him. But Sergio had enough 'skeletons in his wardrobe' to make that marriage awful for him. The trio of, his bitter housemaid and mother of one of his two children,- Sara, his sister- Regina and his daughter Carolina made his life and happiness in marriage to Rebeca Linares a woeful one.

How would you feel if your father 'snatched' your fiancee and married her, while you live under the same roof with them? That is part of the mystery questions and emotional agonies that this telenovela would seek to answer and assuage in the next few days of posting it.

Stay with me as I do a quick preview of the actors and actresses of REBECA, after which we would launch, full scale, into publishing the full story of REBECA Linares.

In The Middle of A Game

Guillermo has begun to suffer emotional hard knocks from the hands of Jennifer de la Cunning. He told his secretary after a disappointing outing with Jenny, that he just discovered that he was in the middle of a game between Jenny and her ex boyfriend.

He related how Jenny deceived him by pretending that she was his invited guest to the wedding of Ordonez. On getting there, he discovered that everybody at the ceremony were well-known to Jenny, and what more, the venue was the house of Carlos Eduardo, her ex boyfriend. He felt bad to know that Jenny was toying with his feelings while her emotional gaze was, obsessively still riveted on the fantasy restoration of relationships with Carlos Eduardo.

The unending game of revelation of Don Fernando's Granddaughter took another turn as Rigoberto partially let the cat out of the bag. Consuelo, in her traditional wickedness twisted that revelation by lying that Amelia was thrown out, not because of untimely pregnancy, but because of theft. She told the old man that Amelia and her boyfriend stole the old man's money and stocks from the steel plant.

She would later lie to the old man that his granddaughter, died in the auto crash that killed Amelia. This lie sent Don into another round of sorrow, and he had to escape from the house, to go and pour out his agony at the Park.

Jennifer de la Fury promises to go on the offensive in the coming week. She stumbled on Armando as he was telling Carol that he needed to be closer to L.F because she was his sister. Jenny was shocked and filled with fury to hear this truth. Not only would she order Armando and Carol to leave her house, because they were hobnobbing with her mortal enemy- Luisa Fernanda. She would also rush to leak the secrets to Marissa Gomez.

Caesar is about to send Carlos on an unpalatable assignment that may backfire. Having told Carlos about the stolen bank documents which L.A hid in his new office, Carlos was determined, and opted for the dangerous alternative of breaking into the place in the night to retrieve the documents. I wonder why he did not opt to report the matter to the police. They would have caught L.A in his wickedness. Perhaps it was as usual, to prolong the telenovela.

More about this story can be found in the Sitemap.

Friday, March 16, 2007

You Sleep With Him, He dreams of Me

The unending emotional skirmishes between L.F and Jennifer de la Fighter threw up another hilarious account yesterday. After being shunned and abandoned by Guillermo, for hiding the truth that she knew everybody at Lupe's wedding, and that the venue was Carlos' house. Jenny went to renew her warning to L.F not to come near Carlos Eduardo.

She threw up her old and jaded tricks that Carlos was still sleeping with her and could not be the love of L.F's life. L.F reassured her that she (Jenny) may be sleeping with him, but Carlos was always dreaming of her (L.F), while in bed with Jenny. This made Jenny to boil over with rage and with scarce restraint.

All is fair in war, so says a popular adage. Dr. Alfredo Anzola played foul yesterday when he descended to the ignominious level of lies in order to criminalize Carlos Eduardo before Luisa Fernanda.

He sought for and got more than what he bargained for. He took Carlos aside to warn him to desist from running after L.F. He lied that he and L.F have decided to go ahead with their marriage.

Carlos Lectured him that he would never win L.F's love by playing the pitiable victim chained to a wheelchair. He told Alfredo that he must have been happy and never wanting to recover the use of his limbs, so that his pitiable status would keep L.F chained to him.

Alfredo's ego was bruised by this verbal whip, when Xochil suddenly interrupted them, he shouted on her and asked her to leave him alone. Later when L.F found him, he lied to her that Carlos Eduardo threw him out of his house.

The drama was not concluded until Jenny's fantasy was shattered. She had gone to accuse Carlos of not looking in her direction throughout the wedding ceremony. Carlos bluntly told her, that as her ex, she should not bother him again. She was shocked, trying to clarify from Carlos what time did she become an ex?

Jenny walked away with all fury. Get ready for the raging fury of a jealous woman next episode! More of the episodes could be read at Sitemap

Hurray "REBECA" is Found!
Bola Oluyemi, my beloved friend and fellow woman blogger, just rescued most of us who have been asking for Snippets of the new telenovela "REBECA" being shown on MITV and TV3.

I would work to post the snippets after editing them later this weekend (Saturday and Sunday), for your reading pleasure.

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Visit her Blog called LIFE, and you would be amazed at the resourceful tips at the fingers of this beautiful African lady of inestimable capability. Once again, gardeners should help me by saying a BIG Thank You to Bola for REBECA telenovela.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Telenovela DVDs: The Burden of Leadership

I am passing this information to all lovers of TGD. It would be legally impossible for me to sell or distribute telenovela DVDs of the gardener's daughter, or other telenoveals which I promised you on January 19th this year.

I have received serious and legal objections to that move because, it was truly a copyright infringement. What I found out were, many internet communities where members exchanged the DVDs of these telenovelas among themselves.

For example, if you had watched and RECORDED the complete story of Cuando Seas Mia, (When You Are Mine), you can exchange it with another member who had watched and RECORDED Lorenzo's Wife (La Mujer de Lorenzo), etc, etc. But YOU CANNOT SELL the works without authorized permission of the authors and original owners of such works, e.g TV Azteca, Televisa, Venevision, etc.

My original plan was to collect these DVDs from some of these people at a token sum of money, and reproduce it for mass distribution and sale among fellow gardeners, who have mounted ceaseless pressures to buy them.

Except for old telenovelas dvds on sale at, most of these telenovelas are sold as TV rights to TV stations around the world, at hundreds of thousands of Dollars, sometimes, a few millions of Dollars per telenovela, by the Authors/Producers. These stations would in turn sell advertisement space to corporate players to recoup their investments with legitimate profits. Anything outside of these is ILLEGAL!

My blog is a leader in telenovela summaries and snippets today, thanks to God and to you all. The burden of this leadership has imposed a moral responsibility on me, NEVER to be involved in this untoward practices. It would be like the piracy been perpetrated by nefarious elements in the music and home video industry, which has devastated and decimated the talented labor of many artists, actors, musicians and entertainment industry practitioners.

The best I could do for you is to compile a list of web communities where voluntary and non-commercial exchanges of these telenovelas DVDs take place. I must however warn you that you may be disadvantaged at such communities because of the barter. If you have no DVDs to exchange, there may be no one willing to freely give you theirs, which they may be planning to barter with other telenovela fans.

True, some of these people surreptitiously sell theirs for between $35 to $100 per telenovela, but it is outright violation of copyright laws, not withstanding the color of the perpetrators.

Let us hold the banner of integrity loftily. Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any man.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Enough of This Blackmail!

I knew it. I knew that the emotional blackmail drum of Alfredo was beating too loud, and that manipulative drumbeats would soon burst. L.F woke up from being an emotional captive, she fought back with the ferocity of a goat pushed to the wall. She defiantly declared to Alfredo to stop his emotional blackmails and stop playing the victim. She told him to forget about her commitment marry him at all cost. She even advised him to go for psychological cure of his insane jealousy.

The greatest lesson I have learnt from this telenovela is RELATIONSHIP. Things ought to evidently go smooth for L.F and Carlos from now on. But it was not so. Marissa held on to a dying relationship with Jenny, the same way she held on to a dead relationship with L.A, until she was burnt by the hot ashes of that relationship.

My husband always say that: "You either BELONG or BEGONE!". Jennifer de la Vega does not belong to the Gomez Ruiz family, but marissa did not allow her to 'begone'. That was the principal reason why the reunion btween Carlos and L.F would be short-lived, because jenny who regularly hanged around Mrs. Foolish (Marissa), used took full advantage of that teetering relationship to break up the two lovers again. Jenny used Marissa as the ladder, and Pedro as the axe to cut the romantic reunion of L.F and Carlos.

Time For Vendetta

Now it is clear that Jenny recognized and appreciated the superior passion of Guillermo for her. After the 'bed-affair' between them yester-night, Jenny refused Guillermo's precious gift of a pair of specially carved earrings. She doesn't want to make the affair a formal one. She begged him for some time, and not to rush her into another relationship.

I asked myself: 'Time for what?' I concluded that Jenny is suffering from an obsession called "CARLOSMANIA". After such an intimate night with Guillermo on bed, to wake up the following morning and begin to plan vengeance against Carlos was something erratic. Jenny was indirectly telling Guillermo to give her time to plan her vendetta against Carlos.

Her plan now is to sabotage and frustrate any relationship between Carlos and L.F. Her new 'philosophy' seems to be proclaiming that: 'anything I cannot get must be destroyed so that no one else would get it'. She almost succeeded in this game, thank God to the foolishness of Luisa Fernanda.

Guillermo has a long wait in this new game. His patience would be tasked and stretched to breaking point. It is a nightmare for any man to be sentenced to the prison of 'fiance-in-waiting', only to discover that the lady he was waiting for ended up in prison for heinous crimes, or ended up in a mental sanatorium.

I have always maintained a harsh judgement on Pedro. His miserable role in tonight's episode was just unacceptable to me. It was simply selfishness at its uttermost heights. Pedro begged and warned Vanessa not to reveal the secrets of Consuelo, which made her to steal Don Fernando's Will and made her to ruthlessly deal with both Vanessa and L.F.

His excuse was that when such secrets are exposed, it would ultimately lead to the fact that L.F would know that Don Fernando was her grandfather. He said he wanted L.F to know the truth from him first, and not from outsiders.

It is unacceptable for Pedro to be wrapped in the arms of Marissa, enjoying a romantic bliss at the expense the pain of old Don Fernando and Luisa Fernanda. I have never prayed and would never pray that my blessings and joys be founded on the sorrows and misfortunes of other innocent people.

This is not the first time Ramiro Huerta, alias 'Pedro' or "Aurelio would be playing such miserable roles in telenovelas. Cuando Seas Mia (When You are Mine) he moral knees weakened and buckled when he allowed himself to be lured to sleeping with his best friend's (Diego) unfaithful wife, Berenice. Not once, not twice. Moral weakness is one disease too much.

More about Episode 134 could be found at Snippet 134 and 135. The full story could be read from the Sitemap.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Is It True?

A breath-seizing question was thrown by Don Fernando at Pedro Perez in La Paz: "Is it true that my granddaughter lives in your house?" Pedro, with a conscience seared with hideous secrets, was lost for words because he thought the old man had come to the knowledge that L.F was his granddaughter.

When Don eventually clarified that he meant Vanessa, Pedro and Rigoberto heaved a sigh of great relief. i am beginning to be bothered by the complacency and complicity of Rigoberto. This old guardian Angel of L.F seem to be slipping into criminal complicity with Consuelo. Everytime in the last two weeks when Fernando raised the subject of his biological granddaughter, it pains me to see Rigoberto evasive. I had expected her to use the opportunity of the La Paz trip to tell the truth to the poor old Fernando about his granddaughter.

Rigoberto seems more afraid of the subject even more that the real architects of the lies- Pedro and Consuelo, more about this in episode 133 and 134. If you desire to read the full story of la hija del jardinero, then, go to the site map for Gardener's Daughter.

My ambition this new week is to dig deeper into the La Heredera and Ugly Betty telenovelas. So far, my research has not produced a Spanish or English site for the episodic account of REBECA telenovela which fans are clamoring for.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Your Tricks Against You!

Vanessa Sotomayor was a product of a grand delusion. She was a 'graduate' in the Consuela's school of scams. She was filled with rage when she discovered that Consuela had sacked her boyfriend. She went t'o confront the 'wicked queen' on her 'throne' and in her steel 'palace'.

She delivered some lethal verbal blows on Consuelo. It takes a crook to catch another crook on a crooked path. Vanessa assured Consuela that, she had learnt not quite some few tricks from her, and would not hesitate to use it on her former tutor- Consuelo. She warned Consuelo that she would apply her old tricks on her for throwing her on the streets, and throwing her boyfriend- Orlando, into unemployment.

I consider it strange, that a woman full of wickedness could still have a space in her heart for romance with any man. Reuben is playing with fire, if he thinks that Consuelo is just a kitten like Lupe, whom he cheated on and dumped like a kitchen napkin. He has a shocking discovery awaiting him. He should have sought sound counsel from his best friend, L.A who never 'messed around' with the romantic snares of Consuelito.

To Die For Love

Carlos Eduardo was at his humorous best tonite, in La Paz. He caused quite a stir at the restaurant, when L.F staged a walk-out on him from the dinner that Don Fernando invited both of them to, for reunion purposes.

He shouted to the hearing of all ears at the restaurant, saying that he loved her, and would kill himself if she should walk out on him. He picked a knife and made a motion as if he would stab himself to death. L.F stopped in her tracks when she saw this embarrassing drama.

You and I know that Carlos is a sober and rational lover. He only said this much to get his rightly deserved attention and affection from Luisa Fernanda. he won't play the suicidal madness game of Jennifer or the insane obsessive game of Alfredo. The episode tomorrow would show how the prime lovers of this telenovela won out together in the La Paz skirmishes.

Talking about Alfredo, much expletives have been rained on him on this blog by commentators. Alfredo is not a sportsman. He behaved badly like a little sulking child. He refused to take responsibility for the woeful failure of his emotional shenanigan. His scheme to trap L.F in a loveless marriage has fallen once again, flat on his face. This guy was a bad loser. Everybody knew he was in bad mood, as he gave the cold shoulder to, and was rude to all persons who encountered him, from Maribel, to Don Fernando.

Tonight, hypocritical Alfredo and Xochil were doing 'their thing' - kissing passionately and were oblivious of the world or L.F. This was the same man who had been sulking all about because L.F disappeared into thin air with Carlos Eduardo. The bubble of hypocrisy would soon burst in la Paz. wait till tomorrow to see how this hypocrite would be defeated.

If the first kiss on his aborted wedding day was a mistake, this second one was on purpose and went deeper. The third one to happen in Mexico, would lead to a disgrace for Alfredo because, L.F would catch them in the act.

Don't forget to prepare for Jenny and her entourage in la Paz, including her new lover, Guillermo. You can go right ahead of the crowd and read the full story, and what happens at the next episode 131.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Re: The Sex Mistake

Markus Frind is the 30-year old Canadian owner of "Plenty of fish Dot Com" dating site, which he manages with his fiancee, (pix right), it is the largest dating site in the world today. Bigger than even Yahoo Personals! He started it about four years ago with 1,200 daily visitors, but has grown in 4 years into 600,000 daily visitors and 4 million daily messages posted on his forum by users.

His income has also grown enviably from $40 dollars per day to the current average of, half a million dollars per month from that site.

I bring to the attention of our numerous readers today, the raging debate on the subject of premarital sex. The thread was started by a 40-year old lady (pix right), nicknamed Freude, from Austria on Plenty of fish Forum. As at the last count yesterday when I checked the raging fire, over 200 commentaries and 7,600 views in four days, have being registered on that debate! the debate opened up the lessons why Jennifer de la Vega, lost out and Luisa Fernanda won in the cupid battle of the gardener's daughter.

First, her short profile, from Plenty of Hi! I'm Irish and living in Austria. I came across this site some time ago simply because of some thread theme in the forums - hardly realized it was a dating site at the time :-)) I enjoy the forums and communicating with native-English speakers.

I'm not here for dating nor am I looking for a relationship - simply forum participation... if I add you to my "favourites", it's because I like your mind so just don't get too excited ;-)

The Sex Mistake

"After reading so many posts from women asking, "What went wrong?" I thought this article could be really helpful to many; it's long but a worthwhile read!

A reader recently wrote me about her experiences dating online. A man had started flirting with her, and she was pleased and flattered. She'd written him back and was surprised when he returned her email. Their exchanges were fun and flirty; he told her that he liked high heels and naughty lingerie and asked her what she liked in a man.

Where was their online flirtation going? Can anyone guess?

1. Relationship?
2. Friendship?
3. Sex?

If you answered "Sex," you'd be right!

Popular culture as depicted in television and movies has taught us that to be desirable, we must be sexy. We must dress sexy, talk sexy, look sexy and act sexy. If we do so, we will automatically attract male attention.

Of course we will. What do men enjoy more than anything else in the world - aside from a cold beer and Lazyboy in front of the television?

Promise a man sex, and you will get his attention.

But you may not get what matters most ... a chance at attracting his heart.

Today I'm going to give you the cold, hard facts about using sex, suggestive comments, or sexual allure to start a relationship with a man.

Tip 1. Giving a Man Sex Will Not Make Him Love You; It Will Just Make You More Emotionally Attached

There are many reasons that women engage in non-commital sex (source: Hooking Up, Hanging Out, and Hoping for Mr. Right). Some women do so in order to gain the intimacy they crave while avoiding the investment of time and emotional resources that a relationship requires. Other women do so in order to get closer to a man while pretending it means nothing to them. For these women, casual sex feels easier than dating, because it requires less divulgence of one's "real feelings" than talking does.

Still other women do so because they have been hurt in the past, and they believe that by keeping commitment out of sex, they won't allow anyone to hurt them again.

You can't avoid getting hurt or rejected by reducing sex to a casual encounter with a man. Although you may tell yourself that you won't get emotionally involved or that you won't develop "feelings," we women aren't built that way.

When you have sex with a man, your body releases oxytocin during orgasm. This "bonding hormone" (also produced when you're nursing your baby and childbirth), coupled with the female hormone estrogen, produces a powerful bonding effect.

What this means is that your psychological will to avoid getting attached must overcome your biological tendency to become emotionally involved with the man that you have sex with. It's certainly possible, but it's like rowing against the tide.

Unfortunately for us, the bonding effect of oxytocin in men is mitigated due to their testesterone levels. As you have a continued sexual relationship with a man, you will grow more emotionally involved ... but there's no guarantee that he will.

Men are programmed to seek sexual variety. Even men who are happily married will indulge in sexual fantasies to spice up their love life by imagining having sex with other partners. This doesn't mean that men are amoral or destined to be polygamous: it simply means that men crave sexual variety in a similar way to how we crave emotional attachment with our sex partners.

Because, for men, physical intimacy is distinct from emotional intimacy, a man can have a sexually intimate relationship with you without feeling emotionally intimate. For example, there are men who cheat on their partners but claim that it wasn't an affair because it was "just sex."

As a result, when you sleep with a man without having built a foundation of emotional intimacy, you aren't making any progress towards having a deeper relationship with him.

Intimacy, trust, and love are built on a foundation of communication, sharing emotions, and working through conflicts together. If you want to make a man fall in love with you, why not try talking? Opening him up verbally will do you more good than offering him sex.
Tip 2. First Impressions Count

It should be common knowledge by now, but it still surprises me how many women make this mistake.

* If you start off your relationship with a man by talking sexy, dressing sexy, and acting sexy, he will want sex.
* If you start off your relationship with a man by talking intelligently, dressing classy, and acting warm and inviting, he will want to get to know you better.

You get to choose. Do you want to be seen as a sexy woman that he will pursue to get sex with? Or do you want to be seen as potential relationship material?

Physical intimacy is easy to achieve with a man. Emotional intimacy is much, much harder.

If you want to become truly excellent at attracting men, focus your efforts on developing a feeling of connection, trust, and emotional intimacy with men.

Men want to know that the woman they marry will be their best friend. As much as they enjoy sex, sexual chemistry is only part of what they want in a future wife. They want someone they can live with, play with, and share every aspect of their lives with.

No wonder that in lists of qualities that men look for in women, personality and humor always top the list!

So when you meet a man for the first time, place yourself squarely in the "marriage-material" category. Attract him on the level of his brains, his funny bone, his emotions and his heart. Be someone that he wants to get to know better for who she is rather than the fun she'll be in bed.

And, if you can, wait at least a month after meeting him before sleeping together for the first time (though you don't have to be dating that long). Statistically, an overwhelming number of married couples waited at least that long. Taking it slow just might be the difference between a hasty goodbye and an engagement ring.

Tip 3. You are More Than Your Body

Men are visual creatures. We all know it. Place a picture of a beautiful woman in front of him, and he won't be able to avoid looking.

Men love to check out beautiful women; better yet, they love the status of being seen with their arm around a gorgeous woman.

It's not that men are shallow or superficial; it's simply that that is how men's brains are wired. Sexual arousal for men is directly wired to sensual input.

But here's the thing: men are more than their biology.

Especially modern men.

They're keenly aware of this side of themselves. They're aware that their bodies can deceive them into wanting one thing, when in reality something else would be much better for them.

That's why, when it comes to marriage, or when it comes to choosing someone to have a relationship with, most men listen to their heads just as much as their hormones.

They want a woman who's warm and funny. Who's a good sport and has a wicked laugh. Who's smart and has a great personality. Who's fun to be with and someone he can trust. Who makes him feel comfortable and feel good about himself.

In other words, guys want "the whole package."

Which means that if you're spending all of your time in the gym, in the tanning salon, or in the beauty salon, you're completely missing out on the more important aspects of your attractiveness: your mind and spirit .

We are all mind, spirit, and body. An intelligent mind, a positive spirit, and a healthy body enable us to connect with a man on an intellectual, emotional, and physical basis.

If any one of these is lacking, you are compromising your attractiveness. For example, if you have a beautiful body but a negative attitude, you will find it hard to attract a man for a long-term relationship.

Spend time developing your mind and spirit as well as your body. Focus on being healthy rather than "sexy" or superficially "attractive." A healthy woman is the most beautiful of all from a biological standpoint.

A healthy woman has a positive spirit, an active, enquiring mind, and a body that is fit and well-nourished. A sign of her beauty is the number and quality of friends she has about her. Because she loves her body, loves herself, and loves the world around her, others find it easy to love her in return.

I hope that this newsletter has enabled you to see why sex is no real substitute for the emotional intimacy of a real relationship. Sex cannot compare with open, heartfelt communication when it comes to building the kind of intimacy that will sustain a relationship into marriage.

The next time you meet a man that you're really interested in him, turn him on with a more powerful seduction method than high heels and naughty lingerie. Turn him on with a warm smile, easy conversation, and joyous, heartfelt laughter."

The ball is back to your court, what do you think? what is your frank opinion? Did you pick any lesson from that?

I'm Following My Love

The cupid warfare has shifted grounds to La Paz. Carlos managed to 'convince' his mom to begin immediately her physiotherapy there too. The only one missing in action in the La Paz battleground was Jennifer de la 'Fighter'. Don't worry, for she would soon divert the entire crew of the advertising agency (Guillermo is already a toy in her hands), from Vera Cruz to La Paz, she is not about throwing in the towel, as many may have thought three days ago.

L.F bumped into Carlos at bar on the ship, and was pleasantly surprised to see him there. When she enquired what brought him on board, he joyfully told her that, he was following his love. She was anxious that he would not provoke another round of jealous fits from Alfredo. He took her by hand and led her to where Marissa was sitting to show that his mom is his covert basis for the La Paz trip.

When Alfredo discovered that Carlos was on board with his mom, and that L.F had disappeared for sometime before then, he smartly concluded that she had been seeing and colluding with Carlos. His countenance changed, signaling the outbreak of emotional warfare in la paz. Carlos and L.F would surely win that battle this time.

Another noteworthy drama was the insanity of Alfredo that almost cost him his life. He forced a tired and dizzy Xochil to roll his wheelchair out of the cabin to search for L.F who had temporarily disappeared into thin air with Carlos. In the course of that dangerous adventure, Xochil lost her balance and consciousness, leaving Alfredo and his wheelchair freely rolling towards the sea. He would have cheaply tumbled over, into the sea and drowned but for the timely rescue by the stewards.

It was Russell O' Russell who commented on this blog yesterday with a profound quote that "Love is hot, when it doesn't belong to you, and all you could do, is let it go, but if you insist on holding on, be prepared to have your palms burnt up for life".

Alfredo is playing with a fire that may ultimately consume him. Further readings could be found at either episode 130 and 131 or the sitemap for the full story of gardener's daughter.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Meet The Arrow-Heads: Ugly Betty Telenovela

Today, in fulfillment of my January 19 promise, we begin sharing the gists of the famous Columbian telenovela, Ugly Betty (Yo Soy Betty, La Fea), written by Fernando Gaitán- the same man who wrote the original story of Cuando Seas Mia, otherwise called 'Coffee with the Aroma of a Woman'.

The American adaptation of this telenovela was saturated by popular Hollywood stars, all of whom have won one award or the other, in the entertainment industry. Let's explore the characters:

1. The star actress, Betty Suarez, popularly mocked as 'Ugly Betty' (role played by America Ferrera, picture right). She is the ugly but hard-working and intelligent girl who proverbially became the rejected stone that emerged as the chief corner-stone of this famous telenovela.

MODE magazine was the household name in the U.S fashion industry. Successful Business mogul, Bradford Meade, is the owner of this Enterprise and wanted his son, Daniel Meade to take over and learn the rudiments of the fashion publication business.

Ugly Betty got a challenging but fulfilling job as the Personal Assistant to the new editor-in-Chief of MODE magazine, Daniel Meade. It was a weird team: a womanizing Casanova and an ugly, unattractive but brainy lady at the helms of the most read fashion mag in the country. She paraded an impressive and impeccable resume, she was a bundle of talents, a multi linguist, ... the only BUT in her personality was the tainted and burnt teeth, definitely, not a front-desk showpiece in any corporate set up. The reason why she was not fired by her Casanova boss was because she was 'too good' and worked her way to the point of being indispensable to the organization.

Ugly Betty's industrious capacity only served to evoke enmity of other ambitious workers at MODE who envied her position and accomplishments. The list of her mortal enemies seems endless, ... but the trio of Wilhelmina Slater, Marc St. James and Amanda schemes to sabotage her works were legendary. Ugly Betty's succor came from only one ally in the MODE organization called Christina McKinney, the seamstress.

Ugly Betty's supper efficiency won her the trust of the mogul, Bradford Meade and his son, Daniel Meade. Ugly Betty has skills in arbitration and negotiation that leaves her enemies in awe.

Enter, Guillermo

At last, Jennifer found the guts to call it quits with Carlos. The reason was obvious, another man has crept into her emotional orbit. He is the handsome Guillermo, the owner of an advertising agency who offered Jenny the star role in the Latin American campaign for a new product. He advised her that the best way to escape personal-induced stress, is to immerse herself in work, and the advertising campaign would be a good break for her.

There was no doubt that in this episode 129, the two of them were mutually attracted to each other. When Carlos came to visit her, she found a temporary courage to tell him that it's best to split up their fruitless 3-year relationship. Did I hear you say, 'good riddance'? You are mistaken, because the virulent greed and obsession of Jenny would push her back to the precipice of disaster, as she could not bear the re-union of L.F and Carlos, not withstanding the facts that she had by then started sleeping with Guillermo.

The character called 'Guillermo' was no other person than the famous 'Fabian' of Cuando Seas Mia, telenovela, (When You are Mine). 'Fabian' looked fatter and more matured in this soap, obviously because there was a two year difference between WUAM (2001) and gardener's daughter (2003). The voice-over was different for TGD, but it is the same Rodrigo Abed.

This new role was a sharp contrast to the one he played in WUAM. He was a hawk that loved only himself and his ambition to inherit the Sanchez-Serrano fortune. In this new role, he was a perfect gentleman who suffered the rejection of the woman he loved dearly - Jennifer de la Vega. He literally 'licked her boot'. The 'Fabian' that played and toyed with the feelings of countless women in WUAM, became a game for Jenny in this soap opera.

Within a twinkle of an eye, Consuelo sacked and threw Vanessa out of the house, now that Don Fernando had traveled out to La Paz, in California, for physiotherapy rehabilitation of his palsied hands. It was a pity watching this orphan thrown unto the streets by Consuelo.

It was also a refreshing surprise to see Maribel, L.F's kind-hearted prison mate, two years ago, become a nurse at the rehab clinic. She was the one who took care and conducted Don Fernando around the facility when he arrived at the premises.

If you have not read the whole story, don't forget to visit the site map and navigate through the whole story la hija del Jardinero, the gardener's daughter.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Would You Pass Your Seed Test?

My good friend, Adetoun Mustapha, sent me this missile from the petroleum city, Port-Harcourt, South-South, Nigeria. I believe that everybody in life would sit for his or her seed exams. It is a Ghanaian fable, but apt for anyone who would learn and succeed in the school of destiny.


An aging king woke up one day to the realization that should he drop dead, there would be no male in the royal family to take his place. He was the last male in the royal family in a culture where only a male could succeed to the throne - and he was aging.

He decided that if he could not give birth to a male, he would adopt a son who then could take his place, but he insisted that such an adopted son must be extraordinary in every sense of the word. So he launched a competition in his kingdom, open to all boys, no matter what their background.

Ten boys made it to the every top. There was little to separate these boys in terms of intelligence and physical attributes and capabilities. The king said to them, "I have one
last test and whoever comes top will become my adopted son and heir to my throne."

Then he said, "This kingdom depends solely on agriculture. So the king must know how to cultivate plants. So here is a seed of corn for each of you. Take it home and plant and nurture it for three weeks. At the end of three weeks, we shall see who has done the best job of cultivating the seed. That person will be my heir-apparent. "

The boys took their seeds and hurried home. They each got a flower pot and planted the seed as soon as they got home. There was much excitement in the kingdom as the people waited with bated breath to see who was destined to be their next king.

In one home, the boy and his parents were almost heartbroken when after days of intense care, the seed failed to sprout. He did not know what had gone wrong with his. He had selected the soil carefully, he had applied the right quantity and type of fertilizer, he had been very dutiful in watering it at the right intervals, he had even prayed over it day and night and yet his seed had turned out to be unproductive.

Some of his friends advised him to go and buy a seed from the market and plant that. "After all," they said, "how can anyone tell one seed of corn from another?" But his parents who had always taught him the value of integrity reminded him that, if the king wanted them to plant any corn, he would have asked them to go for their own seed. "If you take anything different from what the king gave you, that would be dishonesty. Maybe we are not destined for the throne. If so, let it be but don't be found to have deceived the king," they told him.

The D-Day came, and the boys returned to the palace each of them proudly exhibiting a very fine corn seedling. It was obvious that the other nine boys had had great success with their seeds. The king began making his way down the line of eager boys and asked each of them, "Is this what came out of the seed I gave you?" And each boy responded, "Yes, your majesty." And the king would nod and move down the line. The king finally got to the last boy in the line-up. The boy was shaking with fear. He knew that the king was going to have him thrown into prison for wasting his seed.

"What did you do with the seed I gave you?" the king asked.

"I planted it and cared for it diligently, your majesty, but alas it failed to sprout." the boy said tearfully, as the crowd booed him.

But the king raised his hands and signaled for silence. Then he said, "My people, behold your next king." The people were confused. "Why that one?" many asked. "How can he be the right choice?" The king took his place on his throne with the boy by his side and said, "I gave these boys boiled seeds. This test was not for cultivating corn. It was the test of character; a test of integrity. It was the ultimate test. If a king must have one quality, it must be that he should be above above dishonesty. Only this boy passed the test. A boiled seed cannot sprout."

We live in a society that has become obsessed with success and many show success at any cost. We say the end justifies the means. It is the tragedy of life. You see, failure often is an invitation to God to show that he is all-powerful and does not need help to make us great or to bless us.

You know, sometimes God looks for people who will trust him completely no matter what so he could show the world that it is not by might or by power but by his spirit. God sometimes ordains failure.

But many seek to circumvent divinely ordained failure by resorting to dubious means. When a civil servant builds a big house and sends his five children to expensive schools, when he does not have a second source of income, is that not a case of a boiled seed sprouting?

When a minister of state is able to sustain a lavish mistress and at the same time put up houses from his income as minister, is that not a case of a boiled seed coming to life? We should stop cheering rogues in Ghana .

I believe that we have all been given lives to lead according to God's plan and if we are living faithfully, we should all have different results. For instance, I believe that not all marriages are meant to have children. I believe that some women would stand before God with their children
and God would say, "That's strange. I did not give you and your husband
children so how did you get these?"

I believe that not every student should make it to the university. So, many would stand before God with their certificates and God would say, "Now that is strange. How did you get to the
university when I closed the door to the university to you?"

I believe that not all people are supposed to marry. But there are those who would throw away their scruples just to get a spouse. Now before God's judgment throne, they would hear, "Now that is strange. You were to remain single to honor my name. So how did you get a spouse when I did not give you one?"

The bible says the race is not for the swift and the battle is not for the strong. So how come, that in Ghana , the swift wins the race and the strong the battle? It is because we are refusing to remain faithful to God and refusing to allow God to be God in all things and in our affairs.

Boiled seed does not sprout. Next time you see a successful person, find out what kind of seed he was given and ask him, "how come your boiled seed has sprouted?"

Thanks once again Toun, for this refreshing lessons. Keep up the winning spirit. Love you, sis.

Follow Not The Flunked Crowd

I am publishing Toun Mustapha's motivational advise which she sent me recently as a tonic for our week.

"I Made A 41"

Perhaps the only test score that I remember is the 41. I was in high school. The class was taught by one of the two teachers that impacted me most, Mr. Bales. The other teacher was Mrs. Drew from the seventh grade. It's amazing how I can remember from over 30 years ago my two most impacting teachers.

The eighth grade. It was a time when I, like most, didn't know what I was to be in life. The drama of that time of youth was simply get through school and make the long walk home.

There are some things that will still be like the eighth grade when you get to be eighty. The test was the final for the class. I remember anxiously waiting as Mr. Bales passed out test after test. It was a rather difficult test. I didn't know how well I had done but I knew there were things on it that I didn't know.

The air whooshed around the pages as it made a gentle sound plopping down. It was a rhythm as each student received their test - plop, plop, plop.

I heard groan after groan that accompanied the plops. I could tell by the groans that the grades weren't looking good. Mr. Bales dropped the stapled pages on my desk. There in big red numbers, circled to draw attention, was my grade- 41


I moved my paper where it wasn't in plain view, a 41 is not something that you wanted your classmates to see. After the final plop, Mr. Bales stood behind the worn desk that had stood guard over countless students before me. He addressed the none too jubilant class. "The grades were not very good, none of you passed, so I will have to consider grading on a scale," Mr. Bales announced.

"The highest grade in the class was a 41, so all of you flunked," were the final words that I remember. A 41. That's me!

Suddenly my dismal looking final didn't look quite so bad. There were at least 30 students in the class. I had the highest grade. I felt a whole lot better. I walked home that day with the low but high grade safely tucked away in my book satchel. My mother knew that I had a big test that day and asked me as soon as I got home, "how did you do on your test."

"I made a 41," I said.

My mother's expression changed. A frown now stood where a smile was a few seconds earlier. I knew that I had to explain and explain fast. "But mother, I had the highest grade in the class," I proudly stated.

I knew that statement would change things. I had the highest grade in the class, that made a difference. My mother said, "You flunked."

"But I had the highest grade in the class!" I replied.

"I don't care what everyone else had, you flunked. It doesn't matter if everyone else flunked too, what matters is what you do," my mother firmly answered.

For years, I thought that was a harsh judgment. My mother was always that way. It didn't matter what the other kids did, it only mattered what I did and that I did it excellently.

We often don't understand the wisdom of good parents until we ourselves stand in the parenting shoes. My mother's philosophy has carried me throughout life. Don't worry about what the crowd does.

The crowd often goes the wrong way.

If you follow the crowd, you will go to the same destination as the crowd. The path of the crowd is wide and it is crowded. The path to pass the tests of life is narrow and there are very few people on it.

The path up the mountain is narrow; it is not crowded.

The path to health is narrow; it is not crowded.

The path to harmony, peace and happiness with your spouse is narrow; it is not crowded.

The path to peace with yourself and the world is narrow; it is not crowded.

I made a 41 and was proud of it, but it would not have gotten me through the real tests.

The majority of spouses are not faithful, it's the crowd, and even though you may be the smoothest deceiver of the group, you are on the road to failure; it's not a passing grade.

The crowd eats fattening unhealthy fast food. That food sends you to an early appointment with the doctor and the funeral director. It's the food of the crowd.

The crowd spends no special time in prayer and meditation each day. That leads to an unhealthy spirit. It's the way of the crowd.

Thirty years after my mother said that she didn't care if I was the best failure in the class, I understand why.

"Wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it."

That's a quote that my mother lives by.

We often take comfort in the crowd; the only problem is that the crowd is not comfortable.

PASS the class!

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