Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Angela Too Dares The Ghost

This is snippet 92. Simón launched an investigation into the background of Salvador, but had little success because Antonio offered him no cooperation. He traced the crisis of Antonio, Andre Corona and now, Walter, to a strange and mysterious encounter with Salvador. Antonio warned him not to dig further because, any further discovery would send him to a sanatorium.

With a predictable but sorrowful air, Gaetana continued to preserve Salvador's room, always making the bed every day. She told her friend, that Salvador would not dwell long with Isabel Arroyo, and Salvador may soon be running back to hide from all his troubles. Matilda was mistakenly convinced that Gaetana had fallen in love with Salvador.

The sorrow of Isabel multiplied without rest. In the bathroom where she ran to, Salvador followed her. She was inconsolable as tears of regret flowed ceaselessly from her eyes. they made love (perhaps for the last time?) in the bath.

As soon as Salvador left for the office the next day. Isabel sprang up from the bed and began to dig into Pedro's records to establish any connection between Salvador and Pedro. Angela caught her as she was trying to break into Pedro's study. She told her to take the key and not do it illegally like a thief.

Aunt Rebeca came in handy in her desperate and lonely search for the mystery called Salvador/Pedro. She gave Isabel the address of Uncle Phillipe, telling her to go and ask for the background of Salvador from him. She also told him that Salvador has a wife and a son. Isabel was now afraid to discover the truth, but she summoned up courage and picked the address and dressed up... over now to Phillipe's house to unravel the mystery.

Angela confessed to Antonio that she was planning to remove the strange piano from the study because it was driving everyone crazy in the house. Antonio begged and warned her not to stir up trouble, because that is what the removal of that piano would do to her if she dares to remove it from the study where Don Pedro left it before he died. She became a little worried at Salvador's mysterious background.

Isabel was surprised that Phillipe knew everything about her. He initially refused to divulge information about Salvador to her, but when Isabel accused him of covering up a case of bigamy, he retorted that Salvador never married but only had a son by another woman.

Phillipe warned her that it is a little too late to dig into Salvador's background because she had already married a man she knew nothing about. With tears and sobs, Isabel succeeded in collecting the address of Father Giacomo, telling her to go and meet his nephew who would give all information she wants about Salvador.

She headed straight home with plans to 'invade' Giacomo's town (La Crustas- the cradle of mystery), to unravel the mystery called Salvador. In the night, she lied to Salvador that she had to travel for some two days for a meeting with her future business partner.

After Isabel traveled, Salvador entered and surprised Antonio and Angela who was bent on going ahead to the study to remove the piano with plans to sell or give it away to some antique dealers, Salvador appeared. He demanded that Antonio leave him alone to talk to Angela... What was the encounter like? fill the telenovela gap in Snippet 93 of the full story.

Isabel's Turn - Snippet 90

Isabel came back into the room and confronted Salvador with his mud-caked shoe as evidence of his complicity in the present zombied state of Walter, because, according to her, Salvador and Walter disappeared at the same time, during the piano playing. Salvador still denied having anything to do with Walter's condition.

When Walter came back to consciousness he screamed and shouted like a mad man telling everybody that Don Pedro Jose Donoso is alive, and is in this house, because he saw him. He told them that it was Don Donoso who has been playing the piano all this while.

When Salvador came downstairs and offered to drive Walter to the hospital for medical attention, he became hysterical and hid behind the chair, saying Salvador should not touch him. He began to weep profusely, saying that Don Pedro Donoso wanted to kill him.

After Salvador left the house, Antonio ran after him, and he asked why he came back was to avenge himself of all his enemies, who did wickedly against Don Pedro Donoso? Salvador told him that he was not Don Pedro Donoso, but Salvador Sorenzo.

On the way to the office, The tyre burst, and Simon offered to change the tyre. After changing the tyre, Salvador gave Simon some money, and Simon felt insulted. But Salvador told him with the exact same tone of several years ago, by the late Pedro Donoso, that it is the reward for his labor, and for purchase of snickers for training at the gym.

Simon had a flashback of several years ago when he helped Don Pedro Jose Donoso to change a burst tyre of his car, and how the old man said the same thing that Salvador was saying now. Simon was unsettled by the striking similarity of events and statements of Salvador.

By the time the doctor came to examine Walter, he announced to Isabel that Walter is suffering from an emotional shock precipitated by a strange encounter, similar to what three other people (Antonio, André and Valeria), have experienced in the house. The doctor said this cannot be mere coincidence and he queried Isabel if she knew the source of this strange nervous break down. Isabel avoided a direct glance at the doctor and she too became troubled, as she suspected that Salvador was the mystery behind these mysterious drama.

Later when Isabel went to probe Walter about the source of his shock, he whispered with fear that a ghost cannot be accused. He told him that the ghost of Pedro has returned with fury to exact vengeance from all his enemies, including Isabel, and that ghost would not rest until all the enemies of Pedro are consumed and destroyed.

Isabel was frightened by the possible truth in Walter's statement... Isabel shouted with tremor in her voice that it is impossible... she dreaded what could happen afterwards, because, obviously, she is next in line of attack by this mysterious ghost... it is her turn... see how it unfolds in the next Snippet 91 at the full story sitemap.