Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gaby Espino: Pregnant and Out!

The telenovela media is awashed with the news that actress Gaby Espino alias 'Princessa Izaguirre' of Rebeca telenovela fame, has joined the league of Jeniffer Lopez and other celebrity 'moms-in-waiting', as she she took a gracious bow out of her current Telemundo telenovela (El engaƱo) where she was playing the leading role of a.k.a "Andrea Robles Conde".

The reason for this noble decision was to give more attention to and nurture her pregnancy. Remember I shared her testimony when she got hooked and walked to the altar with fashionable Cristobal Lander mid last year? She was recently quoted by Venezuelan press saying: "... I'm pregnant. We're very happy. I'm going to be a mom..."

We wish her a rotund and blissful time in her 'new club' of celebrity baby boomers. She wins my heart as a mother and wife. This is one sacrifice too big that many actresses on screen would not want to make because of pursuit of fame. Salute to you my dear telenovela sister.