Thursday, January 11, 2007

La Heredera 1: Destinies Under Attack

Don Julian Madero is undoubtedly the most controversial and influential figure in the economic and political landscape of Mexico. A resentful and heated argument provoked by his mafioso son, and heir-apparent, Lauro Madero, during the Annual General Meeting of the shareholders of the Madero Group of Companies, triggered a cardiac arrest in him, that sent the Mexican stock exchange into a crash, when the news of his heart attack filtered to the press.

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Meanwhile, Salomon and Aranza, the hatchet man and woman in the executive wing of Lauro's mafioso organization were caught in a crossfire, as they were taking delivery of illegal arms, smuggled into Mexico through the border River Papaloapan. They were intercepted by a crack team of detectives from the drug law and enforcement department, based on tip off, and led by female detective Kauris. Aranza managed to escape with many bullet wounds, many of her crooked aides were killed and others on danger list were rushed to the hospital.

Gabriela, Don Julian's faithful wife and mother of his four children was informed by Brenda (Angela Fuste), her private secretary, about the cardiac arrest. The other three children, María Claudia, Octavio and Lorena were promptly informed about the news of their father's heart-attack. They were summoned back to Mexico to be by their father's bedside, to support him with their presence and solidarity.

Lorenna, who handles the chain of boutiques and fashion department instructed Don Ángel to hire a pilot to fly their father's jet plane to to go to Austin, Texas, to bring María Claudia back to Mexico. Antonio (Sergio Basanez), was contracted to fly the plane.

But Lauro was furious because he and his men had sabotaged the jet plane so that his father would die by air crash at his next flight. He didn't want his sister to meet with his planned fate for his father, but he didn't want to expose himself by betraying his emotions or wicked plot. He had so sabotaged the jet that it has become a 'flying coffin', waiting to swallow it's next occupants in mid air anytime it takes off.

Dr. Álvaro, the family doctor and his team of medical experts were able to save Don Julián Madero from sudden death, albeit temporarily.

Gabriela had already told her two children, Lorena and Octavio, that Lauro was to blame for his father's cardiac arrest, because he triggered it with is heated argument with the old man. Octavio warned his brother Lauro, that he would not be absolved of guilt, if the old man should die.

Aranza, on hearing the news about Julián's heart attack, sent words to her mafioso boss that the operation was aborted and that, she had to go 'underground' until the heat is off. Meanwhile, detective Kauris was sad about the news of Julián's tragedy, because she believed that the old man was behind the illegal drug and gun running in the underworld in Mexico. She vowed to catch up with her, because she (Kauris), knew of a fact that Aranza had a son, by whom she could be traced.

María Claudia (Sylvia Navarro) boarded the jet plane which Antonio was patiently waiting to fly to Mexico from the U. S. After formal introduction of pilot Antonio to María Claudia by Luis, the flight attendant, the plane took off the airport.

An urgent and high-risk surgery was necessary to take Don Julián out of the perimeter of cardiac danger. His wife, Gabriela assured him that he would come out fine and that his daughter is already on flight back home and that Lauro has taken effective control of all his business interests and should not worry again. Lauro too approached his father and told him that though he(Julián) hated him, but he wished him a safe surgery led by Dr. Álvaro and his team.

The news of Don Julián's attack spread like wildfire during harmarttan. Some were sad because they see him as a good man, while some were happy because they consider him to be a bad man whose source of enormous wealth was shrouded in mystery and envy.

Dulce was happy and told her younger son, Dionisio, that she prayed that Julián would die because of the unending rivalry between the two richest families in Mexico, which had led to a lot of financial wounds that refused to heal over decades. Santiago, the first son of Dulce was indifferent about the news of Julián health.

As the jet gained altitude, Antonio chatted with María Claudia telling her of his life passion for flying. He also tried to comfort her over the attack which her father just suffered. Suddenly, the jet developed mechanical fault in mid-air and they lost contact with the control tower. Antonio had to begin to expertly maneuver the plane , looking for where to crash land safely, because the plane had disappeared from the radar.

Thumbs Up For the Maids! Episode 93

The battles of destiny is reaching fever pitch and are being fought in the dirty trenches now. Yesterday's epic battle of the Gardener's Daughter episode 93 found in Snippet 93 was the toast and icing on the cake of the maids, Clarita and Nana Rosario who plotted and succeeded in aborting the 'arrangee' marriage of Carlos to Jennifer de la Liar.'

All is fair in warfare, so goes a popular saying, these two righteous maids deployed dirty tricks of cunning lies, in order to abruptly terminate the grand shame called wedding, between CE and Jenny.

If I call Marissa the biggest fool of this la hija del jardinero novela it is not too much. She and Pedro Perez were good persons but thanks to their follies, this novela was prolonged, causing aches and pains that neither phensic nor panadol or any emotional aspirin could cure.

The 'Baddest' Guy on Telenovela

Coming soon! - we all know him, so it seems. The meanest and 'baddest' guy in "Todo sobre Camila" 'All About Camila'- 39 year old Peruvian, Bernie Paz, alias Eduardo Bonfil makes my hairs on my neck to stand straight, anytime he spins his traditional wickedness.

The table turned against him in yesterday's episode. Camilla survived and escaped his plot to murder her and her infant child in the prison, when his agents caused a prison riot and started a fire that killed 18 innocent souls in the prison.

Let me keep my fingers on my chest awaiting the outcome of research into this 110 episode telenovela. As soon as it lands in our hands, I would let you know and it shall be one of our 20 best for this year.

Later today, you can check for 10 episodes each La Heredera 'The Heiress' and Amor sin Condiciones 'Love Without Conditions(LWC).