Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dead or Alive!

Salvador took a little of Lilly's money for his trip, and left a note that he would pay her back. He disappeared into the night's darkness, before the 'princess of seduction' came out in her enchanting gown.

Lilly went wild on discovering that Salvador has escaped from her seductive grip. She summoned Salvador's worst enemy in that town of La Cruztas, Sheriff Campo.

She lied by telling the Sheriff that Salvador attempted to sexually take advantage of her, and also robbed her of ALL her life savings. She demanded that he be found, captured and brought to justice, dead or alive!

Fate saved Salvador from an all-night, and all-party search by the police force, swarming all over the forests and crannies of the township. He was also saved by the same fate when, during the journey, the border police at the immigration point, almost woke him from deep and tired sleep, to question him, but were distracted, and he was left alone in the nitch of time.

My conclusion and lesson here is that, having "lined-up" with his fate or destiny, and without smearing his hand or body in any immoral filth or compromise, he became invincible and unstoppable. Are you still being hindered in one way or the another towards that noble goal you have set yourself at the begining of this year?

Time for self-examination. Perhaps you had unconsciously carried an evil load among your luggage. Time to drop them for momentum. Your attitude would determine the altitude you would attain. You can regain momentum and astonishing speed, that would swallow the stagnation of the last nine months, and still be able to attain those noble goals at the close of this December.

Don't give up your hope, the ONLY thing you should give up are those evil loads and burdensome distractions, that have cumbered your progress since the year began. Lilly was obviously an evil load, which Salvador refused to carry among and along with his luggage.

Drop your "Lillies" now, no matter how beautiful and enchanting they may seem to be. It would be short-lived and could whither your STRAIGHT path to fufilling your goals for the year. (Don't forget that the shortest distance between any two distant goals is the STRAIGHT path). You still have time before the year closes, you don't so much need time as you need the truth!

Pardon me, I have unconsciously slipped into preaching from telenovela love lessons... (Laugh)