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Grand Finale: The Wicked Punished

Jenny was screaming at the top of her voice, as she was being led to detention. L.F watched the drama with amusement. With the collapse of the fraudulent schemes of Luis Alejandro Montero, Don Fernando appointed Vanessa's husband as the new President of the Iron & Steel Company.

Alfredo apologized to and declared his unflinching love for Xochil. They also began preparation for their wedding. L.F thanked and appreciated Alfredo's zealous contribution in the discovery and recovery of Pedrito.

Carol made a painful plea to the office of public prosecutor, for the transfer of her sister, Jennifer de la Suffer, or was it, de la Psycho? from prison to a mental hospital, because it was obvious that she had gone bonkers.

The most original version of Don Fernando Alcantara resurfaced. I am sure from the one Ordonez kept since he took it from L.A's office. Luisa Fernanda was magnanimous in victory. She acknowledged the vital role Vanessa and Rigoberto played in the exposure of evil. She gave part of her inherited fortune to Vanessa and old Rigoberto.

Carlos Eduardo and Luisa Fernanda proceeded to marry immediately. Marissa and Don Fernando began a desperate lobby for the prime couple to occupy and live happily in their respective mansions, which they gave out as wedding gifts to the new couple.

Pedro went to the prison to mock L.A, telling him that he has finally settled into where he ought to have been, and belonged to: PRISON!

Carol came a-begging, so that L.F could held Jenny in her mental degradation. She made her realize that a prison is the worst habitation for a mentally deranged woman, like Jennifer.

Just before she left with her wedding train for the church service, L.F kissed the picture of Amelia, her late mother. The glorious wedding of Carlos Eduardo and Luisa Fernanda was consumated, with family and well wishers present, to honor the triumph of true love over wickedness of the highest order.

Marissa and Rosario packed their luggages and came to live humbly with Pedro Perez, the luckiest gardener of the century.

Armando visited L.A to give him his son-father solidarity. L.A was saved from life imprisonment by his daughter, Luisa Fernanda. By the prerogative mercy of the judge, after the intervention of L.F, he was sentenced to 10 Years imprisonment. She also withdrew charges against Jenny who was already mental and had been transfered to a psychiatric asylum.

L.F announced to her husband that she is pregnant again, and this time, it she predicted that it would be a girl!

Snippets 178

Under the barrage of torture, Racon confessed that Pedrito was hidden in Slozarno's house with Rebecca. When Carlos and Alfredo got there with a team of policemen. When they got there, Rebecca quickly confessed to them that, L.A had com to pick the boy to an unknown hideout.

All the while Armando and Carol had been on the trail of Jenny and L.A without being noticed. As Solozarno and L.A deposited Pedrito in the new hideout, Jenny sought to disappear again as if she was innocent of the crime. At that moment Armando and Carol appeared and arrested her, to prevent her from escaping. They asked her where she hid the boy that she kidnapped?

The police arrived at L.A's house and formed a wall of arrest round about the house. As L.A stepped out to leave, Carlos Eduardo confronted and blocked him. Solozarno was about to kill Carlos as he pointed his gun at him, just before he pulled the trigger, the police appeared and arrested them.

At the police cell where the two criminals were locked up, L.A lied that he too had come to rescue Pedrito by going out to go and alert his daughter, Luisa Fernanda, that he already knew where Pedrito was hidden. He claimed that it was Jennifer who kidnapped the boy.

Guillermo also arrived at the scene. He promised Jenny that he would help her to escape justice if she could disclose the specific location of Pedrito. At that same moment, a detachment of policemen arrived with Carlos. Jenny was arrested and the boy was fished out from the warehouse where he was kept. Carlos phoned L.F to tell her that Pedrito has been found. L.F rushed to the scene, and she saw her mortal foe, Jennifer de la Robbery in handcuffs.

Don Fernando visited Pedro to expressed his gratitude to him for giving accommodation and protection to his daughter Amelia, for the 18 years that he sent her into the wilderness of life, before her tragic death. He embrace Pedro and thanked him again.

Snippets 177

A crack opened up among the kidnappers, Solozarno was threatened by Racon when he refused to cooperate with them. Racon blackmailed Solo that he would expose all his past shady deals to the police, if he backed out of their plot.

Alfredo wanted to accompany Carlos to the venue of appointment with the kidnappers to party ransom, but Carlos refused because he had been warned to come alone. When Carlos arrived at the meeting point with the kidnappers, with the ransom packaged in a briefcase, he was very nervous.

Armando came back to tell Carol that Carlos had gone to pay the ransom to the kidnappers for the release of Pedrito. Jenny was furious with this news, this was not how she wanted it, she did not know that the case would twist in this manner. She hurriedly left the house to go and alert her criminal accomplice, L.A, about the new development. Carol and Armando were sure by her reaction and the manner she rushed out of the house, that she knew about the kidnap. They suspected that she was rushing out to the kidnapper's hideout.

Alfredo called in the police to tell them the detail and the ransom. Carlos did not see anybody, at the appointed site, so, he came home for the long wait for another contact by the Kidnappers. When he got back home and saw policemen. He was angry with Alfredo for telling the police the details about the ransom. He almost landed Alfredo an angry punch.

L.A was confident that his plan could not be hijacked by Solozarno, to collect money and release Pedrito. So, he reluctantly took Jenny to Rebecca's joint where the gang holed out. Solozarno and Racon were at each other's throat. Solo threatened Racon that he would kill him if he made any independent deal to collect money from Carlos. L.A changed his decision to let Rebeca take custody of Pedrito, so he took the boy out with Jenny to another hideout.

The police interviewed Carlos and L.F, to know if they suspected anybody that might have enmity against them. Carlos supplied the name Luis Alejandro Montero, while L.F supplied the name of Jennifer.

Racon called Carlos, asking him to come to another site with the money and without any police intervention. This time around, Alfredo insisted of accompanying him, so both of them left for the new site. As they arrived at the site, Racon came out and demanded for the Ransom, at that split second, The police surrounded the place and arrested Racon.

Don Fernando inquired from Rigo that he did not know that 'Amelia' had any child. Rigo explained to him that Amelia was dead and that the person he calls Amelia now is Amelia's child and her name id Luisa Fernanda. When Vanessa came she confirmed to him that both Amelia and Consuela are dead and that he is only left with a granddaughter - Luisa Fernanda. The old man wept bitterly for his two dead daughters.

Snippets 176

L.A was not too happy with the careless condolence visit of Jenny to L.F and Carlos. He decided to go and 'commiserate' with L.F too. As he got there, Pedro got angry and began to chase him out with blows. Carlos had to quickly intervene to prevent battles again. L.F told everybody, including Pedro to go, because, instead of commiserating with her it was personal battles they were fighting.

Marissa learnt about the kidnap of Pedrito and she too was worried. Racon colluded with Rebecca, who took custody of Pedrito for Slozarno, to let them take advantage of the situation for their own fortune. So, Racon assigned Rebecca to convince Solozarno to fall in, with their plans to seize the opportunity and take advantage of the situation for their common profits. Racon put a call through to Pedro's house, and demanded for 50 million Dollars ransom.

Ordonez got the ransom ready from the bank's vault. Racon called and warn Carlos to come alone with the money and not involve the police, otherwise, he would never see Pedrito alive again.

Jennifer was full of joy, she told Carol that the son of the "mugu girl" has been kidnapped. Carol suspected that Jenny may know more than what she says because of her joy over the kidnap.

Alfredo, who has just been seconded to work under the supervision of Carlos, and to be working in the psychiatry department of the hospital, heard about the Pedrito kidnap. He rushed to Pedro's house to commiserate with them too.

Don Fernando suspected that L.F was in great anguish, so he queried Rigo who confessed to him that L.F's son, Pedrito has been kidnapped.

Xóchil requested for some time to settle the emotion of Alfredo, before she could follow Guillermo for Acapulco Advertising Campaigns.

Snippets 175

Whiz kid Salvador caught Jennifer in her nefarious act. She pushed Salvador with force to the ground and gaged Pedrito and left the house with his young victim. By the time the two lovers arrived at Pedro's house, they met Salvador wounded, lying on the ground, he was yet to fully recuperate from the fire burns of the floral shop.

Salvador told them that Pedrito had been kidnapped. L.F broke into painful tears, Carlos alerted the police of the kidnap. Jenny arrived at L.A's house with Pedrito and intimated him about her kidnap and vengeance act.

L.A called his hatchet man, Solozarno, telling him to swing into action and take responsibility for the kidnap and also demand a heavy ransom in exchange for the boy's life. Solozarno contacted Carlos announcing his responsibility for the kidnap.

Carlos became jittery, he called Ordonez to tell him that his son has been kidnapped and the kidnappers want ransom. He asked him to get ready some money for the ransom.

Xochil contract is taking her to Acapulco and Alfredo declined to follow her because of his schedule at work.

Don and Rigo became worried when L.F did not return home to sleep. Vanessa did not want to induce more anxiety, so she covered up for L.F by not telling them that Pedrito had been kidnapped.

A member of Solozarno's gang called Racon suspected that Solozarno was behind the kidnap racket.

Armando came to inform L.A about the kidnap of L.F's son. He also went to inform Jenny of Pedrito's kidnap. He suspected Jennifer, so decided to discretely investigate her.

Jennifer came with crocodile tears to console L.F on the kidnap of her son.

Snippets 174

Jenny, full of fury, having not been able to find Carlos, accused Marissa for not inviting her sick self to her wedding. She told her that she would wait for Carlos to return before she goes. Vanessa confronted Jenny and told her to stop fighting a lost battle., because Carlos loved L.F and not her. She also told Jenny that C.E and L.F have reconciled and their wedding would be the next in few days time.

That was too much a blow perfectly delivered by Vanessa on this ailing lady of tricks. Jenny was alarmed and began to plot how to take vengeance because of this.

Meanwhile, after their reunion love-making, the two lovers, Carlos and L.F agreed to get married immediately before another misfortune of fate tear them apart. They swore to always love each other.

At the reception, Don Fernando was boiling in misdirected anger, when he discovered that 'Amelia' (Meaning L.F), has gone out with that man who stole his money and decieved his princess 20 years ago. He refused every persuasion to go home alone unless 'Amelia' showed up back at the party. When eventually L.F returned Don assured Alfredo that he would chastise her for his sake. Alfredo told him that would not be necessary, because they have broken up their relationship.

The newest couple in town, Pedro and Marisa, took leave of their guests, and got ready for their honeymoon.

Jenny got a rude shock when Carol at the reception insisteds that she would no longer live in her house, now that she is respectably married woman. Suddenly it dawned on her that she was the only miserable loser that had no one to boast of as husband, (Guillermo for hewr was just a past time).

She launched her Al Queada operation in the midst of merriment, to cause untold anguish to L.F and Carlos. She went to Pedro's house and kidnapped little boy Pedrito, and ran away with him.

Snippets 173

Dr. Serrano warned Jenny that if she should discharge herself without adequate rest, she would suffer terrible medical consequences. Jenny's obsession with Carlos defies any medical restrictions. She stood up and got ready to attend Marissa's wedding despite the fact that she was no good friend of Pedro. Her motive was driven by an implacable hatred for L.F, and wanted to prevent any reunion of Carlos and L.F at the party. Still in great body pain, she left and headed for her last evil act at the party

Don Fernando watched in confusion, as Carlos kisses L.F without resistance. L.A was seething in anger and dismissed Armando as the legal Assistant of the steel company when he insisted that he would attend Marissa's wedding. Armando went straight to report L.A to L.F.

Jenny ignored the counsel of Alfredo and went to the party. By the time Guillermo arrived at the hospital to stand by his darling Jenny, he met an empty bed and was surprised.

L.F confessed to Carlos that she had never been happy with any man but him, Carlos Eduardo was her true happiness. She said that even Carol, a sister to Jenny and a former foe, testified to his faithfulness. Carlos proposed to her that they should go to a quiet motel, away from the hustle bustle of the merry makers at Marissa's wedding reception. for the second time in their love life, the two prime lovers, made love in the beautiful confines of the motel.

Jenny arrived at the party and began a fruitless search for Carlos Eduardo.

Marissa and Pedro thanked all their friends and associates for honoring them with their attendance at the party.

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