Thursday, December 28, 2006

Meet The Actors/Actresses of La Heredera (The Heiress)

1. Silvia Navarro as "María Claudia". We already know this screen prodigy. She was the star actress of this telenovela, in fact, she was the heiress. After five years of studying abroad and graduating as an Architect, she returned back to Mexico to face a series of destiny trials that tested her moral fibre to assume the heritage to a great fortune. An upright woman of strong moral character. She ended up becoming one of the 50 richest and most powerful women in the world.


2. Sergio Basañez as "Juan Antonio". He is also a popular telenovela icon. Trained as a pilot but worked as the best and one of the top officers of the Mexican Government's Drug Law Enforcement Agency. Living with his grandfather and also ran a tourist company. Inherited a great wealth which brought him into the same social class and encounter with Maria Claudia. His friendship and later, passionate love, changed the life of Maria Claudia dramatically. He acted as "Diego" in Cuando Seas Mia (When You Are Mine), which took the Nigerian screen with a storm for 11 months in 2005 to 2006. He is back in a big way in La Heredera. I can't wait to start posting the snippets.

3. Guillermo Murray (Don Julián Madero Grimaldi), is the 75-year old wealthy Patriarch and Philanthropist. He was the Life President of the Madero Conglomerates. With four heirs to his throne, he shared out the running of his empire among his four children, with a close supervisory eyes. He made a costly mistake that caused incalculable tragedy for his life and wealthy family.

4. Margarita Gralia- (Ana Gabriela Madero), She was the faithful, elegant and beautiful wife of Don Julian. She never ceases to worry about the fearful monster she had raised to maturity ... an impeding doom ... popularly known as "Angela", the mother of Fabian and leader of the 'three witches' including 'Babara' and 'Berenice' in "Cuando Seas Mia" (When You are Mine).

5. Ángela Fuste (Brenda), is a popular face too from the Gardener's daughter (La Hija del Jardinero). she acted the role of the mother of Luisa Fernanda, she was known then as Amelia Alcantara, but she would be known in La Heredera as BRENDA.

6. Evangelina Elizondo: 77-year old mother of the screen has over 68 telenovelas to her credit. popularly known as "Inez", in Cuando seas Mia. She was the Matriarch of the Sanchez Serrano heritage in that novela. She would be gracing La Heredera, even in her twilight as an actress. Hold your breath.

7. Fernando Sarfatti is also another character from When You Are Mine, they call him Giancarlo, he was "Paloma's" mentor and he later became her stepfather when he married 'Soledad', Paloma's mother.

8. Sergio de Bustamante know as 'Juan Francisco', the father of 'Fabian' and husband of 'Angela' in Cuando Seas Mia.

9. Juan Manuel Bernal "Dionisio Torres Corrales" (left), was the homosexual son of the wealthy Torres Corrales family. Spoilt by his mother, Dulce. Lauro Madero preferred him to his elder brother, Santiago, and schemed unsuccessfully to make him marry his younger sister, Maria Claudia. He is always throwing large parties and when drunken to stupor, threw away the mask of finesse to transform into a monstrous homo. (10.) Víctor Huggo Martín "Lauro Enrique Madero" (right), First born and natural heir to the Don Julian Madero fortune. Trained as a brilliant economist with post-graduate degree in finance. He was also a multi-linguist like his father. He was the handsome dream groom of most single ladies in Mexico. He was the villain of this telenovela. He expertly organized the murder of his father, Julian Madero. He hates his upright younger sister Maria Claudia (Paloma), with passion. A talented conman, proud and unscrupulous.


11. Aylin Mujica "Lorena Madero" (left), she was the second daughter in the Madero family, trained as a fashion designer from Italy. She was in charge of the family's chain of departmental stores. The fear of obesity drove her to be compulsive tennis player. Ruthless and highly ambitious, she sought to dethrone her father. (12.) Andrea Noli "Kauris Guzmán" (right). Brilliant and intelligent Criminologist, an expert fighter, trained in martial arts. She was the immediate boss of Antonio "Diego" at the Drug Law Enforcement Agency. She had more than an official interest in Antonio, she was emotionally interested in him, so, she deployed all her manipulative skills to con him into a love trap.
13. Fabián Corres "Solomon Mayorca" He was the right-hand, hatchet man and 'Mr. Fix It' for Lauro Madero. An astute accountant, he was the figurehead of some of Lauro's shady businesses.
14. Bruno Bichir "Santiago Daniel Torres Corrales". He was the first son and handsome heir of the Corrales Torres family. Managing the family's international business empire from abroad. When he returned to Mexico, he fell in love with Maria Claudia. he went all-out in a decent manner to fight every obstacle on his path of love of Maria Claudia. Would he win the emotional battles?

15. Julieta Egurrola "Doña Dulce Regina Corrales Astorga" Wife of Don Paschal. She was a super schemer even on the stock exchange. A cold, calculating and cruel. Full of pride and prejudice for poor people. She buys scrap companies and resells them triple the value to unsuspecting clients.

When Dionisio's homosexual case became rotten, she was moved by passion for her morally decadent son to a battle to rehabilitate him. She hides under the facade of environmental activism to perpetrate her evil schemes.