Saturday, May 03, 2008

Welcoming Pinoy Telenovela Fans

Pinoy Telenovela Fans ChartSince three weeks ago when Second Chance (El Cuerpo del Deseo), Telenovela began to air in the Philipines, Our blog has become a beehive of Pinoy telenovela fans as they continually feast on the salacious delicacy from Telemundo.

I checked through our sitemeter this afternoon and found to my surprise that Filipino fans occupy the second position (with 17%) after Nigerian fans (38%). You can imagine what it is like when the world's 12th most populous nation beseige your blog.

The United States have been pushed to 5th position back from her traditional 3rd position. Welcome again to all fans from yonder. Thank you for celebrating hunk actor, Mario Cimarro and Lorena Rojas and Martin Karpan with us.

While the feasting continues ensure to lessen my daily burdens by helping to refer others to the site map of the summaries of the full story of SECOND CHANCE, El Cuerpo del Deseo here.

Happy Novelatainment.

Digital Products for Your Telenovela Pleasure

Digital Products from DV WarehouseNow it is your turn Nollywood! That was the impression registered in my heart when I visited the website of our latest sponsor, all the way from Hollywood, California- DV Warehouse, which is an avid provider and reseller of Used Mac, that is, macintosh computers used for "... Digital Video Solutions for Broadcasting, Editing and Production ..."

Our Telenovela Blog was recently promoted to the status of a 3-star Blog. That means higher pay, and the advertisers have been coming in droves. This particular post is sponsored by DV Warehouse, an Hollywood firm that has been online since 2001, with a large inventory of used Apple computer parts.

At times I wonder about the poor quality of home video being churned out in their hundreds, weekly from our Nollywood. What was missing is the professional touch. I have always believed that the reason why majority of people prefer telenovelas to home videos is because of superior production quality and equipment used in production of the telenovela, as compared to Nollywood videos. The proof of this abound in the latest Second Chance telenovela.

If you are looking to save up to 50% to 75% off new & used Mac equipment prices, (far below the price you can get from the Computer village here in Lagos), DV Warehouse is the place to shop from.

DV Warehouse's used Macs division fulfills a need within the Apple community for a single source for used Mac and used Macintosh computers parts.