Saturday, September 27, 2008

Snippet 29 - Ugly Betty Sells Herbalux!

Hilda thanked her but she brushed it aside. They introduced each other and Lear handed Hilda her card telling her to call her if she needed an attorney. Betty’s call came in. She had been investigating that picture of her mum instead of selling Herbalux - she had scanned it and blown it up on her computer. She informed Hilda that their mum had a wedding ring on in the picture. Hilda asked her how she was doing with her sales and had so far made only $10. A disappointed Hilda told Betty that she was coming over to Mode to show her how to do it. Betty protested but Hilda had already cut off the connection.

Wilhelmina in a phone conversation with the mystery woman told her that things were fine between her and Nico. The mystery woman told her she had something planned for Bradford on his ‘special’ day (It was Fey’s birthday and Bradford always celebrated with her). Wilhelmina asked if there was anything she could do to help. She declined and said it was a birthday date for two only. She then told her that she was more concerned about what Wilhelmina was planning for Daniel because he seemed to be getting his footing. She added that it will be impossible for them to take over the company is Daniel got full control. Wilhelmina agreed that she had tried every thing short of taking a bat to his knees. She however, told the mystery woman that the one possible way to get him was to explore the one person who had been propping him up all the time – Ugly Betty.

Marc rushed into Wilhelmina’s office with news that Nico had gotten into shop-lifting and burgling.

Daniel complained to Betty about the way Sofia Reyes treated him and reminded Betty that he told her to get him details about her. Betty apologized that some things came up. She told Daniel that Times Magazine did a profile on Sofia Reyes as a best selling author and that BBC carried the rumour about the new magazine launch the week before (I bet Daniel didn’t know because he spent his time doing other things). He complaining and said he did not pay attention to ABC and BBC news (Whose fault was that?); that she thought he was unqualified for the job and only got it because of his father. Betty wanted to say something but he told her “Don’t say anything”.

He told Betty that she was smarter and always steps ahead at every point, nothing like he ever met. Betty told him to just apologize to her but he said he had to be skillful and more profound (insecurity cropping in?). He as usual sought the cowardly way out. He told Betty to call a Fashion Jeweler and have the ‘usual’ sent to her, Betty just nodded knowingly with a ‘I thought you knew better’ look and left without saying a word.

The shop Manager came in (after obviously settlilng the issue with Marc) decided to forget the whole thing, saying that Nico’s mum was one of their dearest friends.

Nico saw Marc coming in and said, “O! She sent her b.......! (what's that name for a female dog?)

Hilda was at Mode, at Betty’s desk ready to do business but Betty was more interested in their mum’s picture in which she was wearing a wedding ring. Hilda convinced her that, that was in the past and that the most important thing currently was raising money to help their father. They set up their stuff in the cafeteria and pinned the ‘secret weapon’ badge on. Soon they were crowded with models falling over each other to buy their products. They made a lot of money and had a ball doing it until Wilhelmina walked in and asked, “What the hell is going on”. Betty quickly walked towards her to explain but Wilhelmina cut her off with “Do you realize how many rules you’ve broken?” Hilda, always the fighter, replied “Oh yeah!” and quoted the article of the constitution for ‘freedom of assembly’, (as she heard for the lady lawyer earlier) but Wilhelmina told her it was a private property and the she should pack her stuff and get out. She then ordered Ugly Betty, “And you, in my office, “Now”.

Sofia Reyes was in the Mode's gym working out and talking with a lady when Daniel came in. She acknowledged his entry with “Daniel, my new friend”. He brought out the jewelry box which he had earlier had Betty sent to Sofia as a peace offering. She said the necklace was “absolutely lovely” but insisted that she could not take; that it’s the kind of gift he gave to the girl he just slept with of the one he is planning to sleep with. Daniel responded that she clearly had the wrong impression about him. Sofia then called the lady she had been talking to (who had been quiet all the while) by her name, Laura, and the lady showed Daniel the necklace on her neck. (I’m sure he probably had forgotten he even slept with Laura) Daniel’s reply was “I thought I recognized you” and smiled sheepishly.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Snippet 28 - Daniel Plays the Hunter in Ugly Betty

The next day, Betty and Hilda packed and got ready to sell Herbalux at Mode. Hilda quickly gave her a crash course on marketing, pinning the badge with ‘lose 10 pounds in 10 day’ boldly inscribed on it, onto her outer coat wishing her “happy Herbaluxing”.
Betty got to work and Models kept walking past her without even looking at her. She saw Marc at Amanda desk. She took a deep breath, smiled and went to him. Marc took off immediately she called his name. She briefly told him about Herbalux but he wasn’t interest. By this time, she had followed him to his desk.
Wilhelmina, stood by the door of her office and reminded Marc that he had phone calls to make. Marc then suggested to Ugly Betty that she introduce herself to the ‘diet diva’ (Wilhelmina) who was still standing by the door of her office and when Ugly Betty smiled at her, she turned and waited inside her office for Marc to come in while she shut the door saying, “I don’t like it when she smiles, it so metallic”. She asked Marc what Ugly Betty wanted and he told her it seemed she wanted to lose weight which Wilhelmina said was interesting. Marc gave his boss some messages and then added that Daniel was having a meeting in Bradford’s office with the other Editor-in-Chiefs. Wihelmina said he was surely holding his own now.

Daniel walked into Bradford’s office with a dozen people in corporate outfits already having tea or coffee and discussing. He looked around and eyes rested on the elevator lady, she was standing by the tea table and handed an elderly man a tea cup on saucer. This dazzling telenovela actress looked smashing in an oxblood, sleeveless, below the knee length dress. He walked straight to her stood at the other end of the table. He stylishly let her know he was an editor too at Meade publications. She at first, she pretended not to know him and told him she was new at Meade Publications. The next minute, she told Daniel a bit about himself and he got confused.
Bradford summoned them and they all took their seats except the elevator lady, she was still by the tea table. Daniel took his seat still in a thoughtful mood. Bradford introduced her as a best selling author, who would be the Editor-in-Chief of a new magazine they were planning to launch the following year. She moved towards them and handed Daniel a cup of tea which he took with deflated ego.

Hilda was busy selling her products outside a shop but the owner didn't want her there. He came out and was about throwing her things away, when a woman in track-suit came to her rescue. She confronted the man and quoted one article of the constitution after the other, that made him guilty of what he was doing. He quickly changed his mind and left Hilda alone.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Snippet 27 - Ugly Betty in Deportation Battle

NB: We would like fans to know that these Snippets are written episodes as they were aired. Some are a bit shorter than the others but we assure you of regular updates. Happy reading..
Ugly Betty, Hilda and their father went to see an attorney who told them that he could be deported back to Mexico. Betty and her sister tried to let him know that he paid all his statutory dues and the rest but he told them his case was bad and was being investigated by the government. The attorney asked Ignacio why he hadn’t applied for citizenship all the years he had been in the U.S. Ignacio was a bit upset by this question and with a little attitude, said he was a little bit busy providing for his family. He then requested for the attorney’s fees and he gave them a bill of $20,000, which he said was a considerate fee because of Hilda’s relationship with his wife who is one of Hilda’s customers. They were stunned at the amount and wondered where they were going to get such an amount of money.

The next morning at Mode, Daniel and Amanda were walking towards the elevator together (they obviously spent the night together), when he spotted a beautiful lady walking by. She looked straight at him, smiled and got on one of the elevators. Daniel cleverly told Amanda that they should take separate elevators so that Mode staff does not begin to get ideas into their heads. So, he got on the same elevator with the lady.
While on the elevator, they were both stealing glances at each other. The elevator stopped at some point and every other person got off and the man directly behind her bumped into her elbow and the coffee she was carrying spilled on her shirt. Daniel was the only person left in the elevator with her. So, she told him to hold her coffee and suit; and she removed the shirt in the full glare of Daniel. He offered to give her a change of clothes from Mode's wardrobe but she misunderstood him and thought he wanted to bed her and asked him if he thought that was possible right there in the elevator. Daniel then said she smiled at him before they boarded the elevator and she replied that it was the way he was playing 'that poor girl' (Amanda) that amused her.
With her coat on now, she touched the button that’ll take her to her floor and while the elevator was in motion, she started telling him to picture both of them together on the elevator floor while moving very close to him, teasing him. Just then, the elevator arrival bell chimed and she said; “so much for that fantasy” and left him standing in the elevator, confused and challenged.

Wilhelmina in meeting with staff about the up-coming year, when her daughter called with a request which she turned down.

With so much high hopes for the coming year, she said Mode will not tolerate late-comers and that they must each solve their unanswered questions and unresolved issues in their lives and move on to the next phase.

Amanda and Daniel sat beside each other and she teased him with her leg under the table, Daniel was not game and he moved his legs away from her reach.

She also said there are fashion must-haves for 2007 that it will not include poka-dots while looking straight at Ugly Betty and then at a female staff that self-consciously looked down because she was wearing a black dress with white and red poka-dots. The meeting ended with that.

As Daniel and Betty walked to their offices, he told her about the “smoking hot” girl on the elevator, describing her and instructed Betty to get him details about her. Betty, wondering what he was up to again said “Must hunt down Daniel’s babe”.

Bradford was watching Fey on TV interview saying: “Whatever Bradford does, he can’t get rid of me”. His secretary (I presume) came in asked wondered out loud that he was still there.

Wilhelmina got home and met her daughter having cereal for diner. She had got something better for her and served her. They argued about the boarding school Wilhelmina intended sending her to (the same school she attended) which she stated had far better education, people and food than what she was eating. Her daughter went against everything her mother said. These two are simply Pararell lines or rather, like contestants, they both were not willing to give in to each other.

Betty, Hilda and Ignacio were gathering documents that would be required for their father to seek Amnesty. He apologized for all that he was making them go through. Hilda and Betty argued again about Mode job. Hilda’s point was that Betty’s job was taking too much of her time and if she agreed to sell Herbalux she could patronize the model there and get quick money. Their father said it was a bad idea, supporting Betty as usual. Betty found a photograph of their late mum which had the other part torn away. She asked her father and he said the torn part was of their mum’s old boyfriend. Betty was puzzled and told her father that she thought they were each other’s first love. Ignacio got upset and said she should stop the ‘damn’ questions! He removed the apron on him, said, “Its okay, Betty” and went out. He was really upset it showed.
Hilda asked Betty why she kept pestering him with questions knowing that he is sensitive about his past. Betty said she was only trying to help, that there was something he is not telling them and that they deserved to know what it was. Hilda told her getting him upset is not helping matters; that he had been there for them and it was their turn now to be there for him. Betty’s replied that she’ll sell Herbalux at Mode (Hilda smiled on hearing this) and do anything to help him but that she wasn’t going to let him off the hook until he tells them the truth. She held the picture and continued looking at it and getting emotional herself.

Snippet 26 - Secrets Unveiling on Ugly Betty

Marc, Wilhelmina and younger date were about going out when her daughter, Nico arrived, totally catching her off guard (Amanda couldn't keep her away). She looked at her mum and said said "Hi mum". Her date was surprised. He asked Wilhelmina "You are a mother?" Wilhelmina was tongue-tied and embarrassed that she caught she red-handed with a younger man.

Daniel confronted his father about his affair with Sommers. He admitted to making a mistake and apologized to Daniel that he never intended to hurt him or Claire. He told Daniel that Fey Sommers wouldn’t back away, that she wanted to become a Meade. Daniel asked him why he killed her and brought out the burnt plate number and glasses. Bradford told him that he loved her. He than asked if he loved his mother and Bradford cleverly dodged the query and said he had many lovers. He however denied having anything to do with her death, saying it was probably blackmail from one of his many estranged lovers. He pleaded with Daniel to settle down, that if he being his father could not teach him by example, he should at least learn from his mistake.

Betty and Henry in the elevator talking about their lunch date. Betty thanked him for the lunch date and when Henry apologized for what happened between her and Walter she told him it wasn’t his fault and apologized to him.

Daniel with so much on his mind with his recent discovery met Amanda by the elevator as he came out of his father’s office. She offered to keep him company but he declined and told her that he needed to be alone.

Betty got home and threw the remains of her butterfly wings in the trash can outside her home. Hilda (made up like a cat) and Justin (still in his sailor’s outfit) on their way to the Halloween party, while Walter was waiting outside her house, she apologized to him. Walter blamed himself for pushing her into it. They then kissed and made up.

Wilhelmina was with mystery woman discussing how her daughter ruined her outing (she was still in that red dinner dress. I bet she lost interest in partying when her daughter appeared). They also talked about Daniel and Bradford. Wilhelmina told her that when Daniel came out of Bradford’s office, all seemed well, contrary to what they expected. She asked the mystery woman what they should do next. She replied that it was time Fey Sommers emerge from seclusion.

Betty came into her house and Ignacio, dressed like a Vampire, appeared behind her in a bid to scare her but she wasn’t sold on that. He asked her about her lunch date with the Henry (Walter had obviously been harping about it all day) and she said she just wanted to try something new. She then asked him about their pending problem (the false Social Security number) but he just looked at her exasperatedly and Betty said alright, knowing he didn’t want to be interrogated and left for her room. She took a few steps up the stairs when he finally said; “I was trying to protect you”, and Betty stopped to listen and re-traced her steps. He continued; “I had to use someone else’s because you can’t get one if you’re in this country illegally and I am”. Betty looked at him in shock. The door bell rang but none of them moved to open it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Snippet 25 - Ugly Betty Recovers Daniel's Watch

Amanda handed her the watch without saying anything and ran to the ladies with Betty hot on her trail.

Betty didn’t find it funny at all. She scolded her for letting her run around the city looking for the watch when it was in her possession all the time. Amanda started crying and said the reason why she did not say anything was because she hoped that, that was the one night she thought Daniel would remember. Betty asked her if Daniel knew the way she felt about him? Betty told her she was sure he feels the same way too. Amanda said she had to endure taking messages from ladies from him and now she is sending them flowers. Betty asked why she did not let him know and she said she thought he would one day get tired of serial dating. Betty asked her that what if he doesn’t and Amanda said he will, that she’ll just wait. Betty gave her the watch to take to him herself and let him know how she felt about him but she declined. She composed herself and told Betty that, that conversation never happened. She then cat walked to her office.

Wilhelmina had tried on the dress and it fit perfectly. She was however not convinced that Christina ordered for the actual size she requested for the label and Christina lied that she ate it. Wilhelmina was in the end able to get the truth out of her and at loss on what to do she sat down and the gown rip at the back. Christina wanted to take a look and suggested fixing it but she told her to leave it. Wilhelmina confessed that “it has happened”. That she could not deny that she has gotten to that age where she could not compete with younger women anymore and that she wasn’t going to the ‘stupid’ party (so much for the excitement) anymore. She was angry that it was a crime to age in the fashion business because she set the standards and that Christina could say it served her right. Rather, Christina told her that a lot of them were looking up to her and that she had paid her dues. But Wilhelmina's eyes were on Christina’s sandwich which she asked if she was still going to eat; Christina readily offered it to Wilhelmina who bit into it hungrily, having starved herself the whole day.

Daniel came into his office and met Betty standing by his desk displaying a boxer and two pairs of socks on his desk labeling them ‘treasures’ from her watch-hunt adventure. When Daniel asked if she had found his watch and when she handed over, he asked where she found and she asked “does it matter? And when he said no really, she replied “I don’t think so”.

He asked if the flowers had been sent, she told him Amanda had still hoping he’d remember. Betty couldn’t resist being sarcastic – she told him he was an adult and could do as he wished; moving from one person to the next leaving a string of broken hearts behind. She asked if there was anything more that he needed, he said “that’ll be all”. She turned to leave and he told her that he had a lot on his mind and that he had had a rough week. Her response was that she hoped he would deal more directly with what he had on his mind than he did with this (referring to setting her to do his dirty laundry), then, she left, leaving Daniel sitting dejectedly at his desk.

Snippet 24 - Daniel Investigates Fey/Bradford Relationship

Walter interrupted her to enquire about Betty. Amanda told him she had gone for lunch at the Sushi restaurant across the street.

At the restaurant, Claire told Daniel that she couldn’t explain how she felt seeing Fey holding her Christmas present in front of the magazine, that Fey called the house several times playing the music box in front of the phone. Daniel asked why his father didn’t end the relationship then. She said it was only then that she realized that he had been going out with Fey for 20 years. (she discovered only 6 weeks ago and became alcoholic as a result of that heartbreak).

She told him that what should bother Daniel was the philandering habit he inherited from his father, that it destroyed their family. She blackmailed him to give her a drink and that she’ll tell him everything. He told her to take a sip but being deprived for a month, she drank the whole content at once. She told him that she and Fey confronted Bradford in his office to make a choice between the two of them and when Daniel asked who his father choose, she replied that one of them was still alive while the other was dead.

Henry and Betty were enjoying their lunch and just when Henry was feeding her the Sushi, Walter busted in and caused a scene, embarrassing Betty and when she told him he was embarrassing her he interpreted it the other way round (looking himself over) and left.

Wilhelmina was in her office undergoing punitive beauty procedure in hands of a slimming therapist all in a bid to loose weight fast so as to fit into her dress. Marc brought her salad for lunch but she declined it desparate that she had only 6 hours to look 10 years younger and 5 pounds slimmer!

Betty was in the elevator on her way to her office, full of regrets because of the lunch date with Henry and that she may have lost Walter forever. Christina however refused to agreed with her on that. She has changed Wilhelmina’s dress to a size 4. Marc came into the elevator and told Christina that Wilhelmina must not know that the size was a 4 and Christina said she had the designer take the size out.

Daniel took his mum back to the rehab, the receptionist stared at her maybe from the obvious fact that she looked drunk. She told Daniel to be careful that she was stuck there and would not be able to stand it if anything should happen to him. He asked her if his father was capable of murder and she confirmed the mystery woman’s claim; that his father was capable of anything.

Betty got on the lift and had the strong temptation of going to Henry department but instead ran to Christina and told her she was afraid she was becoming like Daniel and soon will be able to juggling people’s heart like fruits. Christina told her they were two different people, that Daniel could not even remember who he was with on Monday night where he forgot his expensive watch.

The hint Christina dropped helped Betty figure out the whole puzzle and she realized that Amanda was Monday’s girl because she sent herself flowers. She quickly rushed out of the 'Wardrobe" to confront her.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Snippet 23 - Ugly Betty in Watch Hunt Adventure

Betty sought Christina’s advice on Walter’s proposition. Christina’s opinion was that she should not condemn herself to just that one relationship until she has given herself the chance to experience other relationship first. Betty did not totally agree with her and left on Daniel’s watch hunt. The first lady was angry and rude at her because Daniel failed to call her back nor answered her calls. She however, flunged his boxers which he forgot at Betty and it hunged on her butterfly antennas.

Daniel went to visit his mum at the rehab centre.
Betty called Daniel to update him with how unsuccessful her search had been and he instructed her to send a dozen roses to all the ladies. (Walter called in the middle of their conversation but Betty told him she'll call him).

Marc and Wilhelmina were looking through pictures of older men to find a suitable partner who will escort Wilhelmina to Halloween party. She wasn’t interested in any of them, according to her they were old. Christina came in with the red dinner dress she ordered for, for fitting.

Claire gave Daniel a tour of the rehab. She was bitter about being deprived of her perfume and how she now smelled like ‘people’. She asked why he had come and he said to talk. She said she had been there all the time. He gave her the excuse that he had been busy that was why he couldn’t come to visit, she cut him off that it was almost weeks now. Daniel couldn’t contain his curiosity anymore. He told her he wanted to talk to her about Fey Sommers and immediately Claire’s pain at even hearing that name was evident. She requested he take her out.

Betty was still on her mission and the lady she met this time around thought she was sleeping with Daniel and wanted to sabotage their relationship. She was obviously smitten by him and told Betty she wasn’t going to let Daniel go without a fight. She ripped one of Betty’s wings right in the middle.

Marc was still on his man-searching mission but the photograph that was sent was also of an old man. Betty asked Amanda about the addresses she asked her to get; she said she was working on it. Betty asked for stapler to patch her wings and Henry came in just then helped nervous Betty staple her torn wing together even though she declined at first. Walter called just then but she didn’t want to take the call in Henry's presence. He asked her out for lunch and she was confused at first; said no and then yes!

Amanda asked Betty who Daniel said his Monday date was and Betty told her he didn’t remember. She was upset by this and crumbled the paper on which she was writing the addresses she had been gathering for Betty, opened her drawer where she kept Daniel watch and threw the crumbled paper into it.

Wilhelmina had instructed Christina to order a size 2 evening gown for her with did not fit. The seam mistress hinted that she was too big for that size (ignoring Marc’s silent warning not to say a thing) and Wilhelmina screamed at the top of her lungs.

Daniel and mum were at the restaurant she requested he take her to. The Manager brought her wine in a wine glass as a complimentary gift, commenting that it had been a while since she visited. Daniel quickly took the drink from her front. She kept looking at it. She then asked him to give it to her and set fire to her when she was done drinking it. Daniel asked her about the last Christmas that his father bought her a music box, he wanted to know why she was happy one moment and the next she was raving made and set fire to a thousand copies of Mode.

Betty and Henry at lunch date. Betty was nervous because this was her first date with another guy besides Walter, also she had never been to a Chinese eatery. She discovered they had more than one thing in common (their spectacles), he also dressed up in Super man costume under his shirt.

Hilda got home from shopping for groceries and asked her father (who was still playing Halloween in a bid to evade owning up) why the HMO said he was dead and why they said the social security number he had been using was not his. Instead of owning up he got defensive and she decided to drop the subject.

Amanda, pretending to be a medical provider for Daniel and under his instruction, started making calls to all the ladies he had slept with to warn them that he had Scabies and that they should check with their doctors. Her intention was to sabotage his chances with them and raise her own stakes!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Snippet 22 - Ugly Betty Celebrates Halloween

Marc, dressed like Betty, stood in front of Amanda’s desk saying “Hola! Happy Halloween” and every one reeled in laughter. They were cut short by Wilhelmina’s presence and she said “That's the absolute cruel thing I have ever seen” (Marc, was embarrassed while the others just pretended not to be there), then, she jokingly said it had earned him a raise.

At the Suarez house, Betty confronted her father about the social security issue (Ignacio had decorated the house with scary objects) but he cleverly evaded answering her. Justin dressed up as a sailor and performed a song for them. While Betty and Hilda were discussing about their father’s social security number, he was busy cutting through a pumpkin and pretended he had cut his hand, blood (fake) gushed out and he fell to the floor. His daughters just looked at him with this “you are up to one of your tricks” look. He cleverly changed the subject and Hilda said she was out, Betty left too but, not without telling her father to get to the HMO office to check things out.

Wilhelmina was just telling Marc about how she enjoyed her date with a younger man and that they were going to the Halloween ball that night. Just then it appeared on the Fashion TV, she was called a robber of the cradle. Wilhelmina watched with anger building up inside her. Marc tried to switch it off the flat screen to no avail; the poor thing had to remove the plug from the wall (to prevent Wilhelmina from breaking it into pieces like she usually does in moment of anger). She immediately told Marc to call her date (Jason) to tell him their date for that night was off (oops) and she irritatedly told Marc to take off the ridiculous costume as she could barely stand the original.

For the Halloween, Betty dressed to work as a butterfly. Walter waited for her on the streets and cut her with a net - he was dressed like an explorer. He presented with a pumpkin-like bucket of sweet or chocolates, maybe.

When Betty got to Mode she realized that she was the only one dressed in a costume. Daniel was surprised to see her in a costume. He had a difficult assignment for her: to find his wrist-watch which he forgot at a girlfriend’s apartment. Problem is, he could not remember which of his girlfriends! He gave her a list to work with and told her to ask Amanda to help her.

Bradford met with his private eye in a dark alley as usual. He told him that an anonymously caller had been calling and giving Daniel details about his investigations.

Amanda came by Betty’s desk and she asked for her help in tracking Daniel’s watch but she declined and started digging into Betty’s sweets and eating greedily as usual. Betty handed over the list to Amanda to call them each lady to ask for the missing watch. Henry from the account department came by and paid Betty compliments on her choice of costume. The exchanged pleasantries (as if Amanda wasn’t there) and he invited her to come down to his department later.

Amanda found a small gift box inside the bucket of sweet and when Betty opened it was a note with a key inside. The message was “Betty, will you move in with me? With love, Walter”.

Snippet 21 - The Storm is Over!

Marc on the other hand started making that stifling sound again out of fright and Amanda? She could not eat the candy she had been nibbling on, she just stood there like a mannequin blinking her eyelids fearfully (oh my, this is funny!). There was silence as Wilhelmina walked round the three of them making them very afraid. She then stopped behind them, watched them for a while and said they could go. There was a “what?” in unison as they were surprised at being left off and Amanda asked if Wilhelmina was not going to fire Ugly Betty. She replied that if she were to fire Ugly Betty, they would all have to go too.

Somehow, Wilhelmina had done her investigation. She told them she knew exactly what happened – they each leaked a portion of the spread but ‘fat’ Carol slept with Carlos and spilled the whole bean intentionally. They were surprised and disgusted at the same time but relieved that their jobs were still intact. So, ‘fat’ Carol gets the axe.

Betty took Justin to the photo shoot and he was pleasantly amazed. Daniel asked Betty if Wilhelmina told her what happened and she nodded and apologized for what happened. He was glad for not losing her.

Bradford came in and was surprised that, that was not the concept he approved. He added that he had the final say on the every holiday spread for the past 20 years. Daniel told him issues arose at the last minute that couldn’t be avoided and Wilhelmina added that their job was to fix problems and not to burden him with them. Bradford was not pleased with the idea and he said “you two are so full of crap”.

Wilhelmina signified that they were ready to roll. Daniel quickly brought out his mother’s music box and placed it on the sleigh in honour of his mum. He opened it and the music started playing. That draw Bradford’s attention, he moved closer and he asked where he got it from. Daniel replied that he got it from the attic, that he remembered his mother had it.

He then said “it looked like the one Fey had, don’t you think?” (The inscription “To my Claire with my undying love’ on the inside of its lid) Bradford answered “yes, it’s almost identical”. And, with that he said “Good job son” and left, leaving Daniel more confused and Wilhelmina watching from the corner of her eyes.

Justin rushed to Wilhelmina that there was no snow for the photo shoot and she told him to say ‘snow’, and snow came down. (It was a beautiful sight) Then she said “snow is a magical blanket, it hides what is ugly and makes everything beautiful.” Betty who was behind Justin and Wilhelmina looked sideways at her and looked on thoughtfully. Daniel on the other hand, was a picture of torment and pain.

Betty went to the HMO and she discovered that her father had been using someone else Social Security number, a person that was supposed to 117 years old and dead. Betty was shocked.

Wilhelmina and the mystery woman on a phone conversation were delighting in the fact that Daniel and his father had grown further apart.

The next scene was surprising: Carlos came into Wilhelmina’s office obviously responding to her summons. She lashed at him; “You are an underhanded bastard. A despicable, slimy weasel, you have no moral corpus, without scruples and would use anyone in your part to get what you want!” She then asked “How can I entice you to work at Mode? Or rather spy for Mode".

Just sat on a couch with a puppy-dog look while his mother listed his punishment for ditching school; she wants him home at 4 o’clock every day, no TV for a week, (Betty came in just then) and no Fashion TV for a month”. When he wasn’t moved his mother asked if he wasn’t upset, he smiled and said “it was worth it”. Hilda repeated “it was worth it?” and said “thank you” to Betty (as if she caused it). Betty just looked at her with this “I have more important things in my mind” look and went to the dinning table where her dad met her and asked how her day went. He offered her one of her favourite snacks but she declined and said she was going to bed but as she left the dinning area she heard someone singing outside there front door. She got outside and it was Walter singing ‘Beauty & the Beast’, Betty’s favourite movie. She sat down and began to sing with him.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Snippet 20 - Ugly Betty In The Slayer's Den

Marc, Amanda and Betty were still seated at the dinning table talking, seeking a way out of the whole problem. Marc and Amanda agreed to blame it on ‘fat’ Carol (Amanda was still eating through this) but Betty thought it was unfair. She refused and told them that lying will only get them into more trouble. These geeks convinced her by telling her they were doing it for her (oh yeah, you’re right?), that they could easily get another job but that for Betty…..

Amanda asked Betty for more of whatever she had been eating and Betty went into the kitchen. Her father made a comment about Amanda’s appetite and when he saw the look on his daughter’s face, he told her that, “some times we have to keep secrets to survive.”

The next morning, Marc (holding a paper pack to his nose), Amanda (eating what looked like cake with butter/cream icing) and Betty were in the lift when ‘fat’ Carol stopped the lift to join them. She immediately started saying nasty things. First of all she said it was too bad about their Wilhelmina meeting, that ‘they’ would be missed. Amanda told her to shut up but that only ignited her more. She then said she does know if there is a re-hap for what it was Amanda and Marc were addicted with, that they should consider starting a job-hunt. She also saucily said she admired Betty the most and that at least there is someone fatter than she is, and then exited the lift. Well, she succeeded in infuriating them and they each got out of the lift one after the order saying the word ‘fat’ Carol.

Betty entered Daniel’s with the usual morning coffee and met him standing before his desk listening to the music from the music box that was on his table. Betty saw the mood he was in and asked where he got the box from and if he was ok. He told her when he was twelve years old and it was Christmas, his father just got back from Switzerland. His father bought his mom a music box exactly like the one on his table. A few days later, his mom hid the box in the attic and set fire to a thousand copies of Mode magazine without telling him why. As he narrated the whole story, it was glaring that this evoked painful memories for him. Now, it was apparent that his father box 2 boxes; one for his wife and the other for his mistress. Daniel then explained to Betty that that was why Fey appeared in the centre spread with the box. She was flaunting her relationship with Bradford before Claire. This resulted in Claire losing her mind and she had to be confined. (Poor Daniel!)

Betty said she was sorry to hear that and asked if there was anything inside the box. Daniel said no and Betty (inquisitive Betty!), removed the top layer and……… behold, inside the box was a broken part of Fey’s car registration plate – the part that carried ‘Fey’ and her burned sunglasses. Betty then said the mystery woman was trying to connect his father to Fey Sommers but Daniel said she did more than that; that she is connection his father to Sommer’s death. Vincent Bianci came into Daniel’s office with a request and Daniel had to go with him. Betty stopped him on his way out and told him she would be meeting with Wilhelmina in five minutes. Daniel came back in and closed the door. He asked her if she knew what she was doing and when she moved her head from side to side in a “no” response, he told her to be careful with what she says.

As she got to her desk, she say Justin coming towards her with Marc and when she asked him what he was doing there, he said he came to do more research on his paper work. Just then Hilda called and asked if Justin was there and when she found out he was there, she said she was going to kill him. She said knew it was going to happen like that and told Betty that there was no paper work. Justin made it up to ditch school to spend time in her world. She asked Betty to tell him that he is in big trouble when he gets home.

Betty scolded Justin for skipping school and told him that Mode and what transpires in the fashion industry was not good for kids. While on this was going on, Marc was still sitting close by using his Inhaler incessantly and trying to compose himself. (He obviously escaped Wilhelmina’s presence to put himself together and possibly his group) Then, Amanda came running and announced that Wilhelmina called for them! Betty instructing Justin not to move from her seat. And the three of them, glittery and panicky, their future at Mode hanging in the balance, left for Wilhelmina’s office.

In the Slayer’s den, she asked if she should throw questions at them or if they would just tell her what they know. Marc responded by saying they were all there and they all saw ‘fat’ Carol talking with Carlos Medina. Amanda supported his claim that it was ‘fat’ Carol that leaked the spread. Wilhelmina, not one to be made a fool of, was studying each of them as they spoke. She then asked Betty if that was what she saw. Betty hesitated, fear was written all over her face. Marc and Amanda almost had a heart attack just watching her, not knowing what she was going to say. Betty finally said “No”, that it was her, that she told Carlos everything!

(What! Do you see what fear can do to one? She only leaked a portion of the spread and now she is confessing to the whole thing!)

Snippet 19 - Ugly Betty In Uneasy Alliance

Hi Telenovela fans,

I hope you have enjoyed the story so far.

Forgive my inability to update you for some days now, I got caught up with official duties but, I back with sizzling snippets for your reading pleasure.

From where I stopped.... enjoy this hilarious snippet

Naïve Betty said Mode could not fire all of them but fell silent when Amanda told her about a similar incident in the past that had a whole department fired. They told her that she was one of them now, “The Assistants’ Club” and that they have to protect each other. She finally agreed, albeit reluctantly.

Walter was at Betty’s house discussion with her father on his relationship with Betty, how everthing changed and was at loss on what to do. As they were discussion, he was seeing to the Suarez TV and each time he stood or looked away, Ignacio sipped from his coffee (he was not supposed to take coffee!). This continued until he finished the whole cup without Walter realizing it because he was so engrossed in the discussion. Ignacio advised him to go romantic on her, citing an instance of a similar situation with Betty’s mum and how he got romantic and won her over. Walter was not optimistic about this. He feared that it may not work on the ‘new’ Betty but her father insisted that there was no ‘new’ Betty, that she was still the same.

The phone rang and Ignacio picked the phone and when he realized where the call was from his HMO (A Health Maintenance Organization - is a type of managed care organization that provides a form of health care coverage in the United States) to confirm his appointment. Ignacio said there had been a mistake and that it wasn’t necessary. The lady said it sounded like a legitimate claim and that a Betty Suarez has called her at least 25 times. Ignacio just thanked her and hung the phone (it seems he is hiding something)

Daniel and Wilhelmina met on the elevator this morning and while riding to their offices, Wilhelmina asked Daniel what he was going to tell Bradford and he in turn, asked her the same question. Wilhelmina suggested to Daniel that they should not tell Bradford about the leak. She said even though it was not their fault that there was a leak, they would be blamed for it. That, it was better they protect each other and work at getting it fixed. Daniel got off the lift, and hesitated, he wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or if it was a set-up again. He got back on the lift and then agreed that it will be ‘our’ secret. Wilhelmina then said they’ll work together to fix it, “we’re in this together” she said.

As soon as Daniel got to Betty’s desk, he instructed her to call the agency to inform them that the concept was changing. When he saw Justin seated on her seated, he asked; “do you work here?” His reply was a smile and a sing-song “some day”. Betty quickly introduced her nephew to him. Daniel told Amanda to get snacks and lunch for staff because they had work to do, that no one was leaving the building. She foolishly asked that who was going to answer the phone but Daniel did not dignify her with a response.

The phone on Betty’s desk rang and it was the mystery woman for Daniel but he refused to talk to her unless she revealed her identity. So, she left the message with Betty that: His father has been acting very strangely, that he is a man of many secrets and that Daniel should pay close attention to what was inside the music box.

Wilhelmina was still drilling staff members about the leak department by department (they were sweating) and as soon as each were cleared, Marc in a panicky state, quickly informed his alliance, Betty and Amanda.

It was snack time and Amanda arranged the snack on the reception’s table. A horde of staff rushed there and grabbed whatever they could, in the end, Amanda managed to grab a box of snack and engaged in a tug-o-war with a colleague before she got it. (In addition to all that she had stocked for herself.

Meanwhile, work continued in full force as department tried to meet up with the set deadline. Betty and Justin were busy working with the models. Marc kept calling to update them. The culprit had not been caught. Knowing that the investigation was still going on, Amanda kept up with her eating binge which stemmed from nervousness.

Justin and Betty were shown with the seam mistress. Justin was suggesting to Christina to put belt on the dress she made to make it look better.

Betty came out of a food store where she went to get Daniel’s and Wilhelminar's dinner and was walking along the side-walk when Bradford's car stopped and he asked her about the mystery woman. (I think he had been watching her and waited to speak to her outside the office environment not to arose his son’s suspicion) Betty told him all she knew and Bradford asked her if the woman said anything about the whereabout of the music box. Betty told him she didn’t say and with that, he said she was wasting their time and drove off.

When she got to the office, Amanda and Marc were waiting for her and reminded her that she MUST keep quite. He took a pack of salad from the package Betty was carrying.

Betty gave Daniel his dinner and he told her to call it a day. She wanted to tell him about her involvement in the leak saga but he told her that he didn’t have the time to listen at that moment and didn’t want to hear something that might lead to losing her.

Marc served the salad to Wilhelmina, (who was on the phone) with so much pomp. When she was through with her call she asked Marc, “Was Carlos Medina of Isabella at the Bar last night?” Marc could only make stifling sounds (as if he could not breath) and left her presence.

At the Suarez house, a telenovela was on air and as usual, Ignacio was giving it rapt attention when the door bell rang. Neither he nor Hilda who was engaged with Justin (who was showing his mum the cosmetics he brought home from Mode) stood up and Betty had to come down from her room to open the door. Surprise! It was Marc and Amanda. They informed her that Wilhelmina knew their secret and she wanted to see them at 10.00am the next morning. Amanda was eating wildly as usual.

Betty did the introductions and Justin came in to show a lotion to his aunt when he saw March and Amanda. He wanted to start socializing but his mum cut him off and sent him to do his homework.

When Amanda wanted to eat a plastic decorative item which Betty promptly retrieved from her, Ignacio took her to the kitchen to serve her snacks.

Back at Mode office, Daniel, Wilhelmina and Bianci were still working! They were brainstorming and it they still seemed not to have arrived at a desirable conclusion until Wilhelmina showed them the December centre spread for 1986 which featured Fey Sommers on the cover sitting on a red sleigh. She said her appearance on the spread sent a shock wave around the fashion world because no editor had ever appeared on a centre spread. She added that being the year of her death; it would be a nice tribute to her. Bianci fell for it and Daniel (although a bit emotional at sighting the spread) also agreed.

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Snippet 18 - Ugly Betty - In The Eye of 'Leak' Storm

The following scene showed all staff of Mode in the conference room with Daniel and Wilhelmina presiding. Daniel explained the negative effect and what this leak could do to Mode – they would loose advertisers and their sales will drop catastrophically. Wilhelmina said that was precisely the reason why Mode does not tolerate leaks. She gave the culprit one chance to own up. Betty was about raising her hands but Marc quickly held it down with his hand while Amanda kicked her under the table.

Wilhelmina asked them again if any of them spoke to anyone at Isabella, while looking at each of them in the eye. She then said they were all guilty and would be treated as such until there was a confession.

Bradford was with his private eye in a dark place where their face could not be seen, telling him about the missing music box. He told him the only person who knew about it was his wife, Claire.

Still at the meeting, Wilhelmina informed Mode staff that they were embarking on creating a new concept and Daniel added that if they have any plans, they should cancel it. Wilhelmina explained that no one was leaving until they were done with the concept and she yelled them off to their posts.

Marc and Amanda grabbed Betty and hijacked her to the Ladies. They both tried to convince Betty to keep mute to protect their jobs. Fat Carol came out of one of the toilets and Amanda asked her if she didn’t have reasons to be nervous to which her reply was about something she ate and she left. They all recalled their discussion with Medina and discovered that each leaked a portion of the concept. Betty then decided that what was left was for them to go to Wilhelmina and confess but Marc tried to convince her that what they individual told Medina were bits of a giant concept and that there was no way they could have put that together to arrive at the whole concept, that there had to be someone else. Amanda told her that they have to keep quite and let the real culprit be caught. But Betty disagreed that, she would at least confess what ‘she’ did because she doesn’t like lying. Marc and Amanda stopped her from leaving and told her that if she confessed, it would be linked to them and would all get fired.

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Snippet 17 - Ugly Betty in 'Feature Spread' Leak Dilemma

In this telenovela episode, Mode was hosting a “Networking Night” get-together and Betty got there with Marc and Amanda. They told Betty to ‘circulate’ the room and introduce herself that they want everyone to meet her. Naïve, Ugly Betty, was elated and smiling broadly asked them to wish her luck and as soon as she turned, she bumped into a guy and the wine in his glass poured on his shirt. Marc and Amanda quickly brought out their cell phone and took the shot of the scene.

The first lady she first introduced herself to – Fat Carol (also worked for Mode) asked her how long she thought she’ll last and Betty said she didn’t know that unless the lady knew something she didn’t. Fat Carol looked all over and left. A guy walked up to her and introduced himself to her and said he knew Betty, that she was a legend.

At Bradford’s office, he was searching through his office for the music box (the one he took from Fey Sommers apartment) which Wilhelmina Slater had stolen from his office earlier. His Secretary reminded him that Daniel and Wilhelmina were waiting for him. He put on his suit and left telling her to keep looking.

He got to the studio, Wilhelmina and Daniel showed him the concept they intend to use for the December spread. It looked like a war zone with amour tanks on the background and models dressed in camouflages holding toy AK47 rifles. The concept was Wilhelmina’s idea. Bianci told Bradford that everything was ready and Daniel wanted him to see the Mock-up for approval before they proceed for the shooting. He just said “sounds good” (looking troubled and distracted) and that he was going back upstairs. Daniel and Bianci were bewildered at his strange behaviour but Wilhelmina knew what she was doing.

In the next scene, Wilhelmina was relating the incident to the strange woman. She told her Bradford looked very disturbed (obviously because of the missing music box). The woman responded by saying that he got sloppy. Wilhelmina then said “we’ve got a music box”, the music box was opened and playing.

Betty rushed into the house, late for dinner. She approached the dinning table and saw Walter seated at the table with her family. She wasn’t happy to see him and ask what he was doing at her house. He told her that it was Tuesday, Tamale night. She told him they had broken up but Justin said Walter always joined them on Tamale night. Betty was not ready to let go and she said he cheated on her and he could not just jump back in. Ignacio stood up, pulled out a smaller chair beside Walter and told Betty to take her seat, that he did not bring her up to be rude to guests. She thanked her father and quickly took her seat saying that she was starving.

She told them she had fun at the Networking party and Walter remarked that she had started drinking. She ignored him and continued recounting details of the evening she spent chatting and giving out her call cards. We were taken back to the party. The guy that approached her, Carlos Medina, of Isabella Magazine, was showing gave her credit for saving the Fabia layout on her first week but Betty would not accept it saying she was just doing her job. He bought her a drink and was flattering her lavishly while ladies around started flocking around them as a bee is drawn to a flower.

Amanda was with Daniel in his bedroom undressing and complaining about the attention Betty got at the party.

Betty attributed the Fabia layout success to Daniel, by this time there were about 5 ladies and 3 guys around them. Amanda, jealous of the way things were turning out, stepped in between Betty and the guy and started flirting with him. Betty however continued her conversation, telling the guy that she was the lucky one with a good boss.

Marc was also shown detailing how Betty conducted herself to Wilhelmina. Betty was surrounded and she gave her cards to everyone around her. Marc was disgusted by her attitude. (I think those who sat and listened to Betty were simply amused by her. You know seeing someone different from them. Someone new to their false world, who was so simple and naïve). Marc himself was engaged in a chit-chat with another of his kind.

Wilhelmina barked at Marc and said that was not what she wanted to her but ‘choice gossip’ or ‘dirt’ that could help her destroy the lesser magazines. Marc, frightened by her outburst (hiccupped) and promised that he’ll do better next time. She told him there were so many guys like him waiting to take his job and that he should not make her call them. He quickly got up hiccupped repeatedly as if he was having an asthmatic attack and escaped with his coat.

Betty continued recounting the last night’s details to her family, telling them that it was an amazing night. Walter just kept interjecting and interrupting her. (I think he is jealous) Justin told Betty that she’ll be perfect for his school project. On his mother’s enquiry, he explained that they were given a day off (the next day) at school to observe a person whose job they admire for a class project. He asked Betty if she could take him to Mode. Betty said “of course, if it is okay with your mum. Hilda responded in a voice that had an angry undertone to it that the fashion world was not so great and that it is filled with selfish, self-starving tramps that only care for expensive things and clothes that anyone with self respect would not put on. Justin, not one to back away easily asked his mum if he could still go. His mother could only say “don’t say I didn’t warn you”.

The next day, Betty and Justin happened to be on the elevator together with Marc and Amanda. Amanda in her usual way made a sarcastic remark when Betty introduced Justin to her and Marc. Justin who was knowledgeable about fashion took a peek at Amanda’s shoes and commented that it was a 2004 piece. Amanda was embarrassed because she had already lied to Marc. Marc looked at her and said “so you lied.”

When the got to Mode, they saw Wilhelmina and Daniel with Bianci in the conference room already. The latter was furious that another Magazine, Isabella, had stolen their entire feature spread. He was livid with rage that all his work and effort were now worthless. He tore off the posters on the wall, scattered the photographs all over the place while Wilhelmina and Daniel were speechless. He told Daniel that some one from Mode leaked the idea to the other magazine.
Betty, Amanda and Marc stood there perplexed. Betty remembered the guy who approached that night and said “he bought me a drink”.

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Gov. Sarah Palin And "Ugly Betty"

little Sarah PalinI am most grateful to my wife, Philomena, who sent me this comparative pix of our darling Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, (Republican VP nominee), as she compares favorably with the thrilling telenovela character - Ugly Betty, starring America Ferrera.

From the obscurity of small town Wasila, bespectacled Governor Sarah Palin rose to become the "ASSISTANT" to Senator McCain. Ugly Betty too followed a similar pattern: from the humble family background, Ugly Betty rose to the position of ASSISTANT to the Daniel Meade of the MODE fashion magazine.Ugly Betty The striking similarity did not end there, Ugly Betty was the miracle behind the revival and success of Mode magazine after the 'death' of the erstwhile editor, Fey Sommers.

Governor Sarah Palin has brought an unending enthusiasm and irreversible revival to the lack-luster presidential campaign of John McCain.Bespectacled Sarah Palin She has injected and electrified the sagging fortunes of the Republican Party with the ingenuity of ordinary Americans who have revolted in this year of change and new beginnings, against every make-believe manipulation of typical politicians.

Ugly Betty had this granny goggle behind which lain one of the smartest brains of the corporate fashion industry. Though the beginning of Sarah Palin may be ugly and rough, with Barak Obama & co looking to dig a political pitfall for her, but behind her bespectacled visage is one dynamic and intelligent mother that would save America from prostrate political cancer which the last 8 years of Bush administration has ran hit aground.

I am happy that what was 'stolen' by the "Obamista Change Revolution", from Hillary has been restored by Sarah Palin, who is an epitome of real change. I shed tears twice in the last two weeks, each at the national convention of the two parties, Denver and Minnesota.

When Hillary Clinton rose to deliver her historic speech. The tumultuous sea of white placards bearing her name that ushered and welcome her to the podium made me to ask with a tear-soaked voice, "... and all these for a defeated candidate? Then, who won the primaries?"

Gov Sarah PalinAt the Republican Convention, I could not bear it any longer when I heard the frenzied chants of USA! USA!! USA!!! by the delegates. I cracked into tears for my motherland Nigeria. The pure fervor and patriotism of the chanting delegates moved me to ask: "... when will dedicated men and women arise with similar patriotic fervor to save Nigeria?"

I believe in merit and excellence. That was why I supported a female presidential candidate - Juliet Southey-Cole, against a male (papa Chris) in the students union elections of over two decades ago in Unilag. The phenomenal emergence of Sarah Palin evokes similar and memorable emotion for excellence and merit which I believe she would bring to bear on the American elections. Memories that wont go, of articulate Ngozi Iwere (nee Ojidoh), former fiery PRO of National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS in 1982! Epitome courage and spartan discipline, from Bayero University, Kano (BUK). Hail!

I salute the system that could throw up this ordinary woman to the stage of history for accomplishing extra-ordinary things for the destiny of her nation. If this 44 year old woman knew she would be in the limelight today, maybe she would not have taken in 13 months ago and gave birth 4 months ago.

She was just a normal mother and wife, and the least of all Governors in the U.S.A, her State, Alaska, is the 47th among the 50 federating American states. Some people here in Nigeria crookedly prepare all their lives, with ambitions running high, to become governors, ministers and presidents. It is not so with Sarah, destiny just thrust this sweet and great responsibility on her shoulder.

Don't get me wrong, I love Obama and respect him. My sympathies are with the Democratic Party. But the last ten years in America has witness the rise of bipartisanship. That is why the last two elections won by bush were almost disputable narrow margins. the swing independent voters tip the balance and they would also tip the balance of this election on November 4 too, in favor of Sarah Palin.

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Snippet 16 - Ugly Betty Came Through for Mode

The Senator Wilhelmina was expecting turned out to be her father. He looked round her office (Wilhelmina was obviously pleased with the face-lift she gave her office for this occasion and thought that he would be impressed) and remarked in a disappointed tone “So, you are still JUST the creative Director”. “Yes Daddy”, she answered in a not-too-confident voice.

While Daniel was discussion with Bianci on the concept he had it mind for the new Mode, Amanda was busy flirting with him. Bianci asked Amanda what her father did for a living now. She goofed again, saying he is a banker (non-chalantly). Daniel corrected her that he is an Investment Banker. She continued flirting with him and Daniel could take it any more - he let the cat out of the bag.

He apologized to Bianci and while he was still talking, he overheard Betty trying to convince one of the staff at the restaurant to allow her see her boss pointing in Daniel’s direction. He turned and saw that it was indeed Betty. Bradford remarked that he didn’t know why Daniel thought she wouldn’t fit-in. Daniel quickly saved the situation and introduced Betty to Bianci who told him that meeting him was an honour.

Daniel apologized to Bianci that their meeting happened the way it did but noted it’ll be great opportunity for both of them if he agreed to work for them. He also gave him his word that he’ll let Bianci have a free reign at the shooting.

Bianci, looking thoughtfully, told Daniel that he was nothing like his brother - Alex. Daniel answered in the affirmative looking less confident (he thought Bianci was not impressed), excused himself and left. Betty immediately bade Bianci farewell and left too.

They arrived at the office and Daniel once again apologized to Betty for thinking that she would not fit-in. Betty also apologized for backing-down.

Shortly after they arrived at the office, Bradford came in also and handed the proposal to Daniel – Bianci had agreed to work with them again. Daniel instructed Betty to send an e-mail to all staff in Creative Department informing them about it. Daniel then asked his father about the Bayonne Salvage yard but Bradford denied having any knowledge of it.

As soon as Wilhelmina saw the mail, she went nuts, breaking every breakable in her office – all that she instructed Marc to get to decorate her office (you should have seen her, she totally lost it – it was sooo funny). Marc quickly moved in to save the recently acquired expensive flower vase and flowers out of her reach.

Betty got home that night just in time for dinner. She was very happy at how the day eventually ended. She told her father and sister that Mode landed Vincent Bianci for their December spread because of her. Her father hugged her, telling her how proud he was of her. When Betty saw the look of resignation on her sister’s face, she told him that it was Hilda’s make-over that helped her and he included her in the embrace and said he was so proud of them both.

Justin turn on the Dance Revolution just then and Betty ignored dinner to join him in dancing to the demo on the TV screen. Hilda and her father also joined in dancing in the gentler waltz.

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Ugly Betty - Fresh Episode

Hi friends,

I'm sorry for not posting any update yet.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a fresh episode.


Ugly Betty Encircled By 'Friendly' Enemies

Snippet 11: "You can take my bunny, but you can't take my spirit!"

Daniel arrived at Mode and entered the lift but as he heard Wilhelmina's voice telling him hold the elevator, he reacted by quickly hitting the ‘close door’ button, he didn’t want to be in the elevator with her. She however managed to get to the door just in time and squeezed herself through. She asked Daniel if he had looked through ‘The Book’ yet, that they couldn’t go to press until he approved it. Daniel told her to be ready for a meeting for 10 o’clock and he then remarked on the untouched photographs of Whitman that were in the mock up, that he was surprised she missed it.

Wilhelmina pretended she didn’t know this and Daniel told her not to sweat over it that she’s probably reaching the age where she needed to worry about getting glasses, that it happens to everyone (he was pleased with himself to have gotten her into a corner this time) and with that comment, Daniel left the elevator. Wilhelmina’s face showed disappointment at her failed plan.

Christina was in her office (the closet), and was talking to Betty on the phone. Betty told her the whole story and that she wasn’t comfortable like lying and felt she was probably going to get fired and also that she didn't fit in. While in the car, Betty found a photo of her bunny all tied up with tape. The driver overheard the conversation, and sent a text message to Wilhelmina that “Betty’s neighbour stole The Book”, Wilhelmina was pleased at this.

Daniel was at his office pacing up and down waiting for Betty to arrive. The board members were seated in the conference room waiting for him. Amanda floated in to remind him that they were still waiting for him. Betty arrived then and told Daniel the whole truth about The Book. Daniel was angry and scolded her for lying to him. He told her sternly never to lie to him again. He made her understand that they would be in done with if those pictures ever got out.

He told Betty that they should get to Queens to retrieve the book, that he was going to pay Gina her money. Betty then reminded him they were still waiting for him at the meeting. Daniel went into the conference room, and Wilhelmina seized the opportunity to ask for the The Book to which he replied that it was in his office. She then requested for it but he cleverly said that he needed to look through it one more time to make sure everything was perfect. He adjourned the meeting to three hours. As a parting remark, he said “it’s great to see every one and asked Jeff “how the wife?” Jeff answered “we are getting separated” and Daniel said “great to hear it”. (Oops?)

Betty got to her desk and found another picture of her bunny on her chair; the bunny was stuffed down a toilet. Betty was mad, she forgot about The Book for that moment, climbed her chair, and yelled “who put the bunny in the toilet to which they all laughed and she said it wasn’t funny but they all thought it was. She knew then that someone was trying to break her and she said: “you can take my bunny, but you can't take my spirit."

Daniel then signal at Betty and they headed for Queens. When they got to Gina’s house, she opened the door and appraised Daniel. He requested for The Book pulling Betty to his side. Gina then moved so that they could see Walter setting up a new flat screen television in Gina's room. She told Betty and Daniel that someone else came by and gave her enough money for a new TV, describing the person to them.

Walter was quick to tell Betty that he was there only on a professional visit but she told him that she didn't care. He asked if she got his gift, and she said “thanks, it will come in useful during hurricane season”. Walter and Betty got caught up as they relived their first date but Daniel interrupted them by telling Betty that they needed to talk. At that very moment, Gina's flat screen TV tuned to Fashion TV was airing the news about the untouched photos of Natalie Whitman that was lost by Mode.

The blond news reporter poured salt onto their injury by adding “Remember, We only make others feel bad to make you feel good” with a promise to show the pictures on screen as soon as they appear. Daniel and Betty stared at the TV screen petrified.

Wilhelmina was in her office telling Bradford on the phone, that The Book was not in her possession when it got missing, trying to make sure Daniel get the blame. Marc arrived dressed in an oversize tracksuit, with large sunglasses on his face. He opened the front zip of the tracksuit top to reveal The Book he hid inside. Wilhelmina was delighted. She told her accomplice that she would not let the pictures leak but that while the rumours continue to go around and everyone is worried, she'll just produce The Book and become the hero.

Daniel and Betty were in the back seat of his car still discussing what to do and what to say. Betty suggested that they tell the truth, and that he should blame her but that if he could twist the truth one more time and give her a good recommendation, she would really appreciate it. Daniel looked at her and told the driver to take them back to the Meade building. Betty looked at him with apprehension.

At the Mode’s conference room, Natalie's manager was pacing around, fuming while Natalie sat there looking unhappy. Daniel, seated with other staff at the other end of table, apologizing profusely but Natalie’s manager was not accepting any of it. Daniel assured him they were doing all they could at the moment to track The Book. Natalie had to calm her manager down and asked Daniel how the whole thing happened. Daniel saw Betty looking through the window of the conference room and his eyes spoke volumes to her. She left to her desk depressed and filled with guilt only to find Amanda already seated there.

Amanda advised Betty to quit honourably instead of enduring the humiliation of being fired. She had already packed all Betty’s possessions into a box which she now handed to her, and her torn Bunny was right on top of it all (It was Amanda all along). Realizing this, Betty told her that she belonged there more than she did and that she truly hopes that Amanda gets all that she deserved.

Betty ran towards the lift, shouting the person on it should hold the elevator. She found herself inside with Natalie Whitman, who remembers her as the empanada girl. Natalie asked Betty if she was moving offices, and was surprised to find she's quitting. Betty revealed that it was her fault, that The Book was in her care when it got missing. Betty apologized to her for any damage it may cause her and told Natalie that she really liked the untouched photographs and with that she got off the lift.

Daniel was in his office explaining everything to his father, taking the whole responsibility on himself. He admitted that he was careless and promised never to let The Book out of his sight again. He had thought that his father was going to be disappointed but rather he was impressed and commented that that was the first time Daniel was being honest with him. Natalie barged in disrupting their discussion. She told Daniel that Betty inspired her with a solution to the whole mess and told Daniel not to fire her.

Wilhelmina was in her office, flipping through a magazine, she told Marc to put her through to Bradford. She announced to Bradford that The Book had turned up but Bradford told her that it didn't matter, that she should watch the latest report on it on the Fashion TV channel. Marc quickly turned on the TV. The same female presenter on the case announced that Natalie had given Mode the rights to publish her photographs untouched! (woah!)

Wilhelmina was still reeling in shock when Daniel showed up in office to rub the good news in her face and the retrieve The Book which she claimed was dropped off anonymously which he obviously didn’t buy. He told her he wasn’t going to let The Book out of his sight again and wished her and Marc a good night.

Our dear Betty was back at her desk typing away. She had re-decorated her table with possessions. Christina brought back Betty’s bunny, repaired as best as she could. She also gave Betty a bag which Betty took to Daniel. Daniel showed her the masthead which had been corrected - her name now spelt correctly. Daniel told her that he bought himself another day to go through The Book properly. Betty brought out a pair of shoes from the bag, made from a sweat shop. He told her that she could go home that he was going to be in the office a while longer.

As Betty was leaving, she told Amanda know that it was going to take a lot more than what Amanda did to get rid of her from Mode. Dump Amanda said, “whatever, I'm still prettier”.

Daniel was still in his office working when he received a phone call from a mysterious person telling him to be that it careful, that his father is a man of many secrets and that he was capable of practically anything. (The mysterious masked lady with whom Wilhelmina plotted to take over Mode was the person making this call).

The photograph of Bradford and Fey Sommers which he took from her house was burning while Bradford watched. The music box which he also took was in his hands. He then opened it and listened to the music while the photograph turned to ashes.

Catch you next week for more gist. Do enjoy your weekend.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Google At 10: My Internet Revolution and Inspiration

about this season last year my wife wrote a love poem for Google on this blog to mark the 9th birthday anniversary of Google Inc. Don't get me wrong, I was not jealous, I was happy because we both share some unparalleled passion for the web, and Google is the King of the web.

Today, 7th September begins the 10th anniversary of this web giant and I want to pay homage to industry, zeal and vision of Google's co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

I serve you the story from ABC, on how the internet search engine, rose from a garage with $10,000 to $200 Billion today.
Read on:

The world's leading internet search engine Google is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its existence.

Google began life in a garage and now has a market value of nearly $200 billion.

Today Google is one of the most recognised brands on the planet, with its core business as the world's number one search engine boasting 70 per cent of the market.

That leading position has spilled over into the lucrative world of online advertising of which Google claims a 40 per cent share.

In the last decade, Google has constantly expanded and diversified with products like g-mail, Google docs for word processing and spread sheets, Picasa for picture editing, YouTube's video sharing service, Google Earth and maps and the launch just last week of a new internet browser called Chrome.

Ugly Betty Battles For The Book

Snippet 10:

Bradford used his key to enter Fey Sommers house and was looking for anything that may link him to her. At the same time, Gina broke into Betty's house looking around. Bradford saw a photograph of him and Fey when they were younger and took it. At the Suarez house Gina was still snooping around and then saw The Book on the coffee table while Justin was still lying on the sofa beside it. Bradford picked up a musical box and listened to its music for a while, he then put it in his bag. At Betty’s house, just as Justin rolled over and turned his to Gina, she picked up The Book.

The next morning, Betty came downstairs in her pajamas and noticed that The Book was no longer on the coffee table. She was horrified and in frenzy started rummaging through the bin in the kitchen. Her father and sister came into the kitchen and she told them she was looking for the book. They both volunteered to search other parts of the house while Betty continued searching in the pantry of the kitchen making a huge mess all over the place. Hilda then found a note under the door in which Gina state that she had The Book and will swap it for a new flat screen TV.

At Daniels apartment, Amanda came out of the bathroom saying that showerhead could pay her bills, she would marry it! (Dumb thing to say). Daniel was checking the messages on his phone and he got the message Betty left him letting him know that she took The Book home for safe keeping. Daniel phoned Betty's house immediately, and Hilda told her to lie, and promised her that they will get The Book back. Daniel not happy with this development questioned why Betty took the book home (look who’s talking). She told him that the book was totally safe (Hilda was in front of her encouraging her). While Daniel was on the phone with Betty, Amanda was telling him to fire her that she would be a better assistant but Daniel responded that she should get dressed.

Betty then commended Daniel for his bravery by using the original photos of Natalie Whitman. Daniel replied that he never approved the untouched photos and that he will send a car over right away, to pick up the book. Betty was terrified and said she was in big trouble.

Ignacio and Hilda walked into the living area talking about the book Gina stole and Ignacio told Betty to give the phone to him that he was going to call her parents. Hilda said there was no need for that that she was going to go teach Gina a lesson she won’t forget. But, Betty refused their offer of help, and said she was an adult and could fight her own battles.

As Gina refused Betty entry and she had to force her face through the gap that the safety chain could allow and was begging. Gina told her she wasn’t giving up the book until she gives her $4000. She even pretended to be ripping up the pages; Betty pleaded even more telling Gina that she didn’t have that kind of money.

At that moment, Hilda busted in through the back door, let Betty in, and started fighting with Gina. While they were fighting, Betty was quickly looking through the room for ‘The Book’. A car’s horn was heard, an indication that the car Daniel sent had arrived and Betty exasperated ordered them to stop fighting but their hair was caught in each other’s jewelry. They tried separating from each other a large piece of Gina's hair got pulled out and she angrily told Hilda that she was going to pay for it.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ugly Betty Humiliated

Snippet 15

She reminded him that he asked her to dress up for their lunch-appointment and swirled around for him to see. He replied, “and dressed up you did”, dumbfounded and not too pleased with her looks. He then told Betty to call the restaurant and tell them to change their table to a private one at the back for the privacy they need with Bianci. (Oh no!) He went back to his office totally forgetting what brought him to her office in the first place. When he got to his office he peeped at her, amazed at her lack of fashion sense, while Betty stood there, hands on hips enchanted by her new self.

At the board meeting, Daniel presented his ideas for a make-over for Mode while Betty unveiled the idea Mode cover displayed on a mobile board. He informed them that he had Vincent Bianci in mind to do the Photo shoot because he was one of the best. His father voiced his doubts but Daniel assured him that he could convince Bianci to work with them again. But, Wilhelmina didn’t allow him to finish his presentation. She got up, cat-walked to where they were and stood beside Betty (Daniel was standing beside the board on one side while Betty was on the other side). She saucily remarked that change was a positive thing but that sometimes it could spiral out of control and could transit from simple designs to bold new colours and daring new looks while gesticulating at Betty’s hairdo, make-up and outfit (comparing Daniel’s make-over with Betty’s new look).

Daniel called Wilhelmina with a warning note to this voice but that only spurred her on. She finally nailed the coffin by saying that the truth was that he hadn’t improved on a thing (still looking Betty all over), and that in some cases, change makes a bad situation worse.”

(You see why I call her The Slayer?)

While Wilhelmina was putting on this show at Betty’s expense, Marc look at her, admiring her combat skills – talk of birds of same feathers.

Oh! Poor Ugly Betty. To say she was embarrassed was an understatement. Every other attendee beside Daniel and his father were trying hard to keep themselves from giggling. She escaped to the ladies room to cry. Daniel showed up there to make sure she was alright. She told Daniel that she could not go with him to the lunch appointment, that he should take Amanda. Daniel tried to persuade her but she refused. So, he had no choice than to take Amanda who was to pretend to be Betty Suarez! Bradford decided to go along (I think because Bianci). When they got to the restaurant, Vincent Bianci was already at the table waiting for them. He and Daniel shook hands but he refused to take Bradford’s hands saying he remembered him.

Meanwhile, Betty composed herself and left the ladies to her desk, all around her, everyone mocked her. She got to her desk and discovered that Daniel had forgotten to take the contract documents along. She quickly wore her coat and asked Marc to come with her to the restaurant to help deliver it but Marc took it from her that he would deliver it by himself. Betty got angry, yelled at him and snatched the document from his hands, putting him in his place.

Bianci asked Amanda about one of the teachers at the school they both (supposedly) attended and Amanda flopped, saying that the teacher died in her usual seductive manner.

The 'New' Ugly Betty

Snippet 14

Daniel was in his office with Amanda and four other ladies checking out two mock prints of Mode’s cover page and he was seeking their opinion on it because he wanted it to attract ‘the fashion conscious woman’. Betty walked in with pie for Daniel but he wasn’t interested in it, Betty then looked at the print-outs and remarked that she really like the gown, that it was very Cinderella, which put Amanda and Daniel off while the other ladies just laughed. With that, Betty just left them and went back the way she came. While Daniel continued by saying he wanted something cool and sexy, Amanda stayed so close to him distracting him.

Just then, the phone in Betty’s office started ringing but she ignored it and walked past her desk which made Daniel pick up the call. He called Betty and told her that Bianci was on the line for her. Betty’s low-sunked spirit immediately spring to life again. She quickly snatched the received and exchange pleasantries with him, they spoke a little and he requested to speak with Daniel. Daniel then rushed to his office to pick the call. They agreed to a Lunch meeting to discuss what they were proposing. He requested that Betty came along so, Daniel told her to make the reservations for the three of them and to dress up a little for the appointment.

Betty went to Christina to get help with what to wear for the important appointment. She wanted to look more ‘Mode-ish’ but she wasn’t much of a help. So, Betty was in the bathroom at home the next morning trying the made-up eye of a model she cut from a magazine on her own eye to see how she’d look. Her father came in and asked what was going on. Although, she quickly removed it, she confessed to her father that she worked in an office where the ladies where tall, slim and beautiful looking and she felt like was the odd one out.

Her father told her that she was beautiful and with a big heart but Betty told him that that lecture of his wasn’t going to help her. Hilda listened in on their conversation and as soon as their father left she walked in and stood by the door, arm akimbo, telling Betty, “You see? I told you”. Betty told her to shut-up and just help her. Hilda then rushed Betty to the salon to make her over!

Meanwhile, Wilhelmina also went to the salon to get her hair done. She told the stylist to do something different; something befitting an Editor-in-Chief. Wilhelmina was having her usual beauty routine – having her hair and eye-brows done, having a message while sipping wine.

Ugly Betty was also undergoing beauty routines that were strange to her. First and foremost, the local beautician was removing part of her bushy eye-brows and she screamed. Secondly while her hair was getting done, her feet were being manicured and the poor thing just kept giggling because it tickled her. Finally her hair was sprayed and she coughed as it she just caught the flu or something.

When Wilhelmina’s stylist was through her hair, she was pleased with it and said ‘perfect’.

Betty was also through and the stylist convinced her that her hair looked like the one on the model in a magazine cut-out Betty had with her. All the ladies in the salon applauded and Betty smiled broadly (pleased with the outcome), showing off her red-coloured manicured acrylic nails.

On her way to work that day, she walked confidently dressed in I describe her? Ok.

She walked by the store where Walter worked. He and his colleague came out to have another look to be sure it was her, they were simply amazed. She passed by a group of men (obviously Latinos) who were working on the drainage system who whistled at her and she stopped and asked it they were whistling at her. They nodded and she said ‘Really? Thanks’, pleased that she was getting noticed. As she walked on more confidently now, she lost her footing, managed to compose herself and walked on with measured steps.

Inside the lift to her office she was busy because when the lift opened she was re-painting her lips when Bradford joined her. It took her a while to notice that the new entrant was Bradford Meade because she was so pre-occupied with her new look. She said hello and had to introduce herself to him because he didn’t recognize her! He also told her she had changed and she said 'Thank You'.

When she got to Mode’s floor, walked confidently along the corridor but tripped a little and had to remove a shoe from one foot. Marc who was already on the look out for her, called Wilhelmina on his phone to fill her in, while following Betty to her office like a paparazzi. He bumped into someone in the process, called Betty and as she turned to face him, he took a shot of her on his camera phone, saying he just found his new screensaver!

The phone of Betty’s desk ranged just then and she received a mysterious call. The caller refused to identify herself and insisted on speaking with Daniel. She called Daniel and informed him about the caller. He, at first asked her to get rid of the caller but changed his mind and took the call putting it on speaker-phone. The woman told him she just finished reading his first issue and paid him compliments. He asked for her name but she said it was not important at that moment and said the real issue was how well Daniel knew his father! Daniel immediately picked up the receiver asking the woman to excuse him but she interrupted him and asked him to do her a favour – he should ask his father what he had been up to at Bayon Salvage Yard and she ended the call. Daniel dropped the receiver and marched purposefully to Betty’s office.

He got the shocked of his life at the sight of the ‘new’ Ugly Betty. The only thing he managed to utter was "look at you".

Friday, September 05, 2008

Ugly Betty In The Make-Over Quest

Snippet 13

As usual, a telenovela was showing on the TV and Ignacio, standing by a wall (obviously hiding), was drinking coffee while he watched. Betty caught him, collected the coffee and forced him to take his pills while telling him that he should take his heart problem seriously. By the time Betty poured milk for him to wash down his pills, he had already washed it down with coffee! His excuse? He had to wash it down with something!

Back to Mode, Bradford went to Wilhelmina’s office to ask if she stayed long at the party to which she answered ‘no’, that someone had to hold the back seat together. She told him that Daniel was trying but that some people were just naturals. She told Bradford not to worry that she had Daniel’s back covered. (What!)

Betty got on the lift carrying a box filled with old editions of Hudson magazine which she had retrieved from the store. Amanda (I think Anaconda is more suitable), remarked that she looked sweaty and asked her why she wasn’t at the party. Betty answered that she couldn’t get in and Amanda in her usual way mocked her and got off the lift.

(While this conversation was going on, there were two ladies standing behind them in the lift who were also finding the whole scenario funny)

Daniel and Betty were in his office talking, having looked through past episodes of Hudson for an idea or lead. Daniel wanted to prove to his father that he was also capable of turning Mode around like Alex did with Hudson.

Wilhelmina was in her office standing before the mirror checking herself out. She was dressed in a white designer suit and wore a purple ribbon on the left Lapel which she explained to Marc that it had to with the breast Cancer 'thing'. Marc told her that he saw something in the conference room which he wanted her to see.

Daniel and Betty were in the conference room brainstorming, noting their observations, searching for that lead that will give them a headway into the quest to ‘make over’ Mode. And, Betty discovered several albums of photographs shot by Vincent Bianci which were used by Alex in Hudson magazine and brought these to Daniel. Daniel told her that Bianci vowed never to work for Mode again because he and Alex had a huge disagreement. Betty innocently asked why Daniel couldn’t use Bianci since he was not Alex and Daniel got all emotional but checked himself just in time.

Meanwhile, Wilhelmina and Marc stood at a distance watching Daniel and Betty while making awful and mocking remarks about Daniel stealing from his dead brother’s work.

Bradford met his private eye in a field on a dark night, to get updates of his investigation. He told Bradford that the Police had brought in Sommers car but he didn’t know where it was kept. Bradford scolded him for taking too long in finding the salvage yard where the car was kept and ordered him to find it quickly.

Wilhelmina visited the mystery woman with champagne and while she poured the wine into glasses, the woman asked her what they were drinking to? Wilhelmina said: “to a father who realized that his son will never replace the one he lost and, to a son who would never measure up no matter how hard he tried. She added that as long as this wedge was between them, the relationship between Bradford and Daniel was doomed. The mystery woman then said that perhaps it was time she drove the wedge even deeper between them by tipping Daniel off as to what his father was capable of.

Daniel and Betty were still in the conference room, worn out from working, empty packets of Sushi were all over the table. Daniel was lying on his back on the conference table while Betty was sitting with her head on the table. He was still talking and when Betty didn’t respond, he stopped. She said after 5 hours of working she couldn’t get anything anymore. Daniel then told her that Alex should be doing this job not him. He told her that since they were kids, his father used to take Alex to the biggest college football games but he never once invited him and that he thought that after Alex’s death he’ll invite him. He told Betty that all fathers favour one sibling above the other and that it may be in a small way but she would see it; Betty disagreed with him though.

The next morning at the Suarez house, Betty was sitting at a table still going through albums, she yawned as if she had not slept at all. Hilda stormed the kitchen yelling for Justin to come down so he could get to school on time. Betty then asked Hilda is she ever felt that their father had a favourite among the two of them and she said yeah in a jiffy, “you” but that she wasn't going to kill anyone over it. Ignacio came into the kitchen and asked why Betty came in late the night before. Betty told him the reason was because her boss was trying to make some changes in the magazine and they had to work longer hours. Her father said they are making her work too hard and that she should ask for a raise. He then looked at the one of the albums with the name Vincent Bianci on it and told Betty that he knew the kid and that he grew up just four blocks away! Betty couldn’t believe her ears. Her father also told her he even went to the same school with her. With this information, Betty quickly packed the albums and left for work.

She got to her desk and placed a call to Bianci. Fortunately for her he picked the phone himself, referred her to his agent and was about getting off the phone but she quickly told him that he went to the same school with her and even grew up in the same neighbourhood; this pricked his interest. They chit-chatted about school and the famous hero sandwich shop which was the favourite of students then and he was sort of, getting to like the person on the phone. She then told him that the magazine she worked with wanted him to work with them but as soon as she mentioned Daniel Meade, he cut her off the phone.

Wilhelmina was busy preparing for her meeting with a senator. She gave Marc instructions in preparation for the important occasion.

After work, Betty went to Sal’s Dell, the famous Hero sandwiches shop to satiate her appetite which was activated by her discussion with Bianci.

Bradford Meade received a phone call from his private eye informing him about the Salvage Yard where Sommers car was kept and told him he sent him an e-present which Bradford had already opened on his laptop – an online bid for Sommers car with the minimum set at $10,000, to be sold to the highest bidder.