Monday, May 05, 2008

BODY of Desire - Mario Cimarro

He could even have been classified as a slim actor with a handsome mien. But that was 5 years ago when he played the role of Antonio Rodolfo, beguiled by two women, one a tender lover, the other a murderous Jezebel. That was in La Mujer de Mi Vida (The Woman of My Life).

Suddenly, last year, Actor Mario Cimarro re-appeared, not with a slim body as we all knew, but with rippling the muscles of a body builder. Except for his face, the old slim body had gone, paving way for a 'new' body, in El Cuerpo del Deseo, (Second Chance) telenovela, which 'coincidentally' interprets to mean: "BODY OF DESIRE"
That was one body that set hell loose on that telenovela. That body melted the 'Iron lady' Isabel Arroyo, making her breathless every time she was alone with him. The seductive fire in that body, (which he delights in showing off), warmed up frigid Valeria, and boiled over cantankerous old lady Rebeca.

Like I said in another post on the telenovela mega blog earlier today, that body was a bundle of Controversy, even in the soap. Everybody that encountered him knew and felt they had met or known him before then. Only he knew that he stole the body of a poor peasant to return back to his house, even as a chauffeur, in order to conquer another body, whom he paid dowry for but never lived long enough to 'possess'.

Unveiling The New Mega Telenovela Stories dot TV

New Telenovela Love Stories Mega BlogThis morning, I unveiled my new Telenovela Mega Blog (pix above). That is one project that would catapult mega entertainment and joy into many homes and offices this year.

So far,only about 50% of the 'effects' coded for the blog is in place, but I told my husband that I can't wait any minute longer, there is a great hunger for telenovela entertainment out there, I can't keep my fans continually in suspense. That is what gave birth to the unveiling of the new site this morning.

Imagine what it would look like when the job is 100% completed! I love what I am seeing so far. Please, fans go visit the blog and look it over, and also give me your critique, that would help modify any hitch you may notice while we are still test-running it.

Some 'crazy things' would happen over there between now and December which would drive a traffic of over 5 million pairs of eyes to watch it. I keep that up my sleeves as we release them piecemeal unto you. It was John Wesley who was quoted as saying:

"... when I set myself ablaze, people would be driven to come and watch me burn ..."
alluding to preaching the gospel with powerful annointing that would convict sinners and save their souls.

Well, a different kind of irresistible fire would be ignited on the new mega telenovela blog between now and December, fasten your telenovela seat-belts! That entertainment conflagration would be so great, even you, would come there to watch, (... wait a minute, not telenovela but...), to watch those who are watching it. A strange case of - When "watchers" become "the watched"!

It means that there would be an entertainment contagion that would be injected like adrenaling into readers' system by visting the blog multiple times daily, to the point that many would also stumble into their stardom through participation on the blog.

The greatest driver of popular traffic for any site is INNOVATIVE CONTENT! That is what I am preparing to 'unleash' (that is one favorite choice word of my husband, uhh - unleash!) mega content like food to the hungry. I pray God would bless me with the energy to make it happen as I have dreamt it. Just make sure you subscribe now by your email address, to keep up with the daily download of stories and opportunities from the telenovela mega kingdom then I would be sure that you are on board the cruise.

In my three years on the net, I have also learnt that there is a king called FREE! I am going to diligently court that the favors of that king on your behalf, to visit us on that blog with his 'royal majesty'. A time would come on that blog that you would not know what you came there to do. Whether to read snippets of telenovela stories, or to date 'stalk?', or participate in many games/quiz/competitions that bring so many free gifts into your bosom. I am excited, wait until it hits you the way it has been hitting me these past few days and weeks.

Happy Novelatainment friends!