Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yes, I Still Love Him

Moments of soberity dawned on Luisa Fernanda tonight on the T.V soap, Gardener's Daughter. She listened to her heart and found out that every fiber of her being cried out for her soulmate, Carlos Eduardo.

What a discovery, a discovery that we've known all along, and are even bored with. This epileptic 'Tom and Jerry' love is not possible in real life. The script writers are toying with our feelings in this soap. I believe that, the cord of true love is so long, so thick, so tough and rugged, that vicissitudes of life cannot overwhelm the love bond.

However, the authors have tested our patience and endurance with the epileptic relationship between the prime lovers, Carlos Eduardo and Luisa Fernanda. It is taking the drama to great absurdities, when you bound a loveless couple like L.F and Alfredo, together FOR SO LONG (3 years duration), even after it has been clearly exposed to all that, the reason for the breakdown in love relationship between C.E and L.F was due to communication breakdown between them, which made Jennifer de la Serpent, to crawl into that vacuum from Baltimore, and also made Alfredo Anzola to hijack that relationship.

From now on, her confidence from this re-discovery would propel L.F into the waiting and happy arms of Carlos Eduardo. This would lead Jennifer to attempt suicide, she was almost dead, but was revived at the hospital where she was rushed to, by Carol. This would be confirmed in the resort city of La Paz, right there at the Rehabilitation clinic, under the noses of Alfredo, Marissa and Pedro.