Monday, December 18, 2006

Snippet 4: Provocative Query

Esmeralda began an innocent query of Dominga (see picture by the right hand), about who her parents were. Dominga knew that this trouble would come sooner than later, because Esmeralda has come of age. She had her ready-made but nervous answer for Esmeralda. She told her that her parents were dead. Her query was however enough to send Dominga on a provocative search for her 'accomplice' of 23 years ago... Crisanta, at the Casa Grande.

Dionisio advised Adrián to be careful and tender in his guidance of Armando for the mystery strawberry thief. Adrián was not too happy with Armando's accusation of Esmeralda as the strawberry thief. He told him that the lady was of impeccable moral standing in the village and that she may be poor, but she was not a thief. He advised Armando to leave her in peace.

Florecita, the daughter of foreman Dionisio, was a very good friend of Esmeralda. She was chatting and walking with her friend, Esmeralda. She warned her that now that Jose was searching for strawberry thieves, she should be careful to avoid walking into him.

As Armando and Adrian continued walking, Armando saw Esmeralda in the distance and pursued her, she too ran in fear, until she tripped. Adrian was so angry and made attempts to stop him, telling him that the lady is blind and could not see. Adrián followed her to her hut and helped her to treat her wound. He assured her that she should no longer be afraid of Jose.

Lucio tried to dash the hope of Esmeralda, by telling her that she would never gain her sight. It pays him that way because, as an oppressor, he prefer Esmeralda to be permanently blind, so that he could take advantage of her disability.

Blanca became restless and asked Crisanta to help her locate where her 'dead' daughter was buried, 23 years ago. Crisanta went to inquire from Fermín. He assured her that there was no such burial at the cemetery 23 years ago. Later when Esmeralda came to the cemetery, Fermín, being her good old friend that cares for her, warned her to be wary of her association with Lucio because his hidden evil intentions for her.

Snippet 3: Searching For The Mystery

Lucio Malaver was the village doctor, but he was also a scheming opportunist that seeks to take advantage of the innocence and vulnerability of blind but beautiful Esmeralda. Esmeralda goes to him once in a while for check ups, to also inquire hopefully if she could see with her eyes. He had always seized the opportunity to tell her that she is his property and belonged to him. He behaved typically like Dr. Alfredo Anzola of La Hija del Jardinero.

Esmeralda told Jose Armando her name. He suspected that she was the strawberry thief. As he made move to squeeze out the strawberries from her hands, she bit his hand and he ran back to Casa Grande.

Esmeralda too ran back to her guardian, Dominga, to tell her of her encounter. Dominga trembled to hear that activities are in full swing at Casa Grande, now that the owners have returned after over 2 decades. Her heart pumped with fear and excitement. Jose Armando told people at home his encounter with a beautiful strawberry thief he caught in the ranch. Crisanta inquired after Dominga and was told by Dionisio that she was alive and kicking.

Fátima was happy in the city when her daughter, Graciela, returned to tell her that Jose Armando promised to seek her hand in marriage anytime he returned from the countryside. Blanca noticed that Jose Armando was not thrilled with Graciela, even as a girlfriend.

Esmeralda went to the cemetery as her custom was, to lay wreath at the grave of the dead. She chatted happily with the cemetery keeper, Fermín, about the moon and the stars.

José Armando became restless and wanted to know more about the mystery lady. So he went to meet the village musician called Adrián, to inquire more about her from him. They both went out in search of the mystery lady again.