Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Snippet 25 - Ugly Betty Recovers Daniel's Watch

Amanda handed her the watch without saying anything and ran to the ladies with Betty hot on her trail.

Betty didn’t find it funny at all. She scolded her for letting her run around the city looking for the watch when it was in her possession all the time. Amanda started crying and said the reason why she did not say anything was because she hoped that, that was the one night she thought Daniel would remember. Betty asked her if Daniel knew the way she felt about him? Betty told her she was sure he feels the same way too. Amanda said she had to endure taking messages from ladies from him and now she is sending them flowers. Betty asked why she did not let him know and she said she thought he would one day get tired of serial dating. Betty asked her that what if he doesn’t and Amanda said he will, that she’ll just wait. Betty gave her the watch to take to him herself and let him know how she felt about him but she declined. She composed herself and told Betty that, that conversation never happened. She then cat walked to her office.

Wilhelmina had tried on the dress and it fit perfectly. She was however not convinced that Christina ordered for the actual size she requested for the label and Christina lied that she ate it. Wilhelmina was in the end able to get the truth out of her and at loss on what to do she sat down and the gown rip at the back. Christina wanted to take a look and suggested fixing it but she told her to leave it. Wilhelmina confessed that “it has happened”. That she could not deny that she has gotten to that age where she could not compete with younger women anymore and that she wasn’t going to the ‘stupid’ party (so much for the excitement) anymore. She was angry that it was a crime to age in the fashion business because she set the standards and that Christina could say it served her right. Rather, Christina told her that a lot of them were looking up to her and that she had paid her dues. But Wilhelmina's eyes were on Christina’s sandwich which she asked if she was still going to eat; Christina readily offered it to Wilhelmina who bit into it hungrily, having starved herself the whole day.

Daniel came into his office and met Betty standing by his desk displaying a boxer and two pairs of socks on his desk labeling them ‘treasures’ from her watch-hunt adventure. When Daniel asked if she had found his watch and when she handed over, he asked where she found and she asked “does it matter? And when he said no really, she replied “I don’t think so”.

He asked if the flowers had been sent, she told him Amanda had still hoping he’d remember. Betty couldn’t resist being sarcastic – she told him he was an adult and could do as he wished; moving from one person to the next leaving a string of broken hearts behind. She asked if there was anything more that he needed, he said “that’ll be all”. She turned to leave and he told her that he had a lot on his mind and that he had had a rough week. Her response was that she hoped he would deal more directly with what he had on his mind than he did with this (referring to setting her to do his dirty laundry), then, she left, leaving Daniel sitting dejectedly at his desk.

Snippet 24 - Daniel Investigates Fey/Bradford Relationship

Walter interrupted her to enquire about Betty. Amanda told him she had gone for lunch at the Sushi restaurant across the street.

At the restaurant, Claire told Daniel that she couldn’t explain how she felt seeing Fey holding her Christmas present in front of the magazine, that Fey called the house several times playing the music box in front of the phone. Daniel asked why his father didn’t end the relationship then. She said it was only then that she realized that he had been going out with Fey for 20 years. (she discovered only 6 weeks ago and became alcoholic as a result of that heartbreak).

She told him that what should bother Daniel was the philandering habit he inherited from his father, that it destroyed their family. She blackmailed him to give her a drink and that she’ll tell him everything. He told her to take a sip but being deprived for a month, she drank the whole content at once. She told him that she and Fey confronted Bradford in his office to make a choice between the two of them and when Daniel asked who his father choose, she replied that one of them was still alive while the other was dead.

Henry and Betty were enjoying their lunch and just when Henry was feeding her the Sushi, Walter busted in and caused a scene, embarrassing Betty and when she told him he was embarrassing her he interpreted it the other way round (looking himself over) and left.

Wilhelmina was in her office undergoing punitive beauty procedure in hands of a slimming therapist all in a bid to loose weight fast so as to fit into her dress. Marc brought her salad for lunch but she declined it desparate that she had only 6 hours to look 10 years younger and 5 pounds slimmer!

Betty was in the elevator on her way to her office, full of regrets because of the lunch date with Henry and that she may have lost Walter forever. Christina however refused to agreed with her on that. She has changed Wilhelmina’s dress to a size 4. Marc came into the elevator and told Christina that Wilhelmina must not know that the size was a 4 and Christina said she had the designer take the size out.

Daniel took his mum back to the rehab, the receptionist stared at her maybe from the obvious fact that she looked drunk. She told Daniel to be careful that she was stuck there and would not be able to stand it if anything should happen to him. He asked her if his father was capable of murder and she confirmed the mystery woman’s claim; that his father was capable of anything.

Betty got on the lift and had the strong temptation of going to Henry department but instead ran to Christina and told her she was afraid she was becoming like Daniel and soon will be able to juggling people’s heart like fruits. Christina told her they were two different people, that Daniel could not even remember who he was with on Monday night where he forgot his expensive watch.

The hint Christina dropped helped Betty figure out the whole puzzle and she realized that Amanda was Monday’s girl because she sent herself flowers. She quickly rushed out of the 'Wardrobe" to confront her.