Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Welcome From the Xmas Holiday

This is to welcome our friends and fans from the Xmas Holiday. I noticed this morning a surge of traffic which to indicated that our fellow gardeners are returning back from the holidays. Same with me here, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. I hope you enjoyed the Yuletide, just as I did mine.

The only sad moment was the tragic loss of over a hundred lives that were scooping 'free' petroleum products from a vandalized pipeline in Abule-Egba area of Lagos metropolis, in Nigeria. The 'free' oil, led to their free deaths. It suddenly cast a shadow as the Xmas festive eclipsed yesterday. After the 'big boys' criminals took their two tanker loads worth several millions of Naira, and left unhurt, the 'small boys', street urchins took over to scavenge for a few liters costing between 1,000-3,000 Naira only. The result was the ugly calamity of deaths.

It was a horrific site to watch the remains of fellow humans burnt to ashes, because of greed and governmental negligence. Safety wasn't the concern of our leadership because their greatest Xmas preoccupation was the dog-fight in the Presidency, between the President and his Vice, about how to upstage each other. We must not relent in prayers for Nigeria as we approach another transition year, 2007.

Welcome, once again from the holidays. A longer one awaits us in the first three work-free day next week, next month and next year. Festivities unlimited! Happy New 2007 in advance.

Gists About Lorenzo's Wife

Many of the times when people ask me to do some posts on the episodes of the Lorenzo's Wife, I always choose to ignore it. The reason for me was obvious, writing is all about passion, and the first episode of Lorenzo's wife that I watched was not motivating sufficiently, to do anything about. It was nothing but the glorification of infidelity. The woman slept with three different men in the first episode. I was pissed off. That was the end of it for me.

Yester-night, while I was waiting endlessly for "All About Camilla" on TV, I stumbled on Lorenzo's wife again at those 'ungodly' hours of 23:00Hrs. For want of something to do, I watched it again and ... WOW! I now understand why the AIT stopped airing it at some point and why, when they resumed, it was at those wee hours, when the whole house (particularly the children), would have gone to sleep. It was 60% adult content. The Films & Censors Board must have warned them to reduce the 'adult content' of the novela.

Now I also understand why many people crave for the Lorenzo's wife. For those of you who are fans of that novela, I am happy to disappoint you, that I would not post anything of it. It was explosive, high-octane sexual orgy. A celebration of infidelity and matrimonial defilement of the highest order.

I may be wrong, but the two episodes I have watched so far could drive the libido of any adult to amoral levels. What do you think? Am I such a 'crude' and perhaps, a 'prude' housewife that my estimation of it was just sheer exaggeration? Let me know your views.