Monday, January 01, 2007

Esmeralda 32: Fátima Hatched Evil

Fátima was shocked and found it strange when Melesio told her that José Armando and Esmeralda had secretly married, a few days ago at the Marriage Registry in the village.

Lucio took to heavy bouts of alcohol to console his 'loss' of Esmeralda to Armando.

Meanwhile, José Armando was confused to receive a purpoted letter from one strange doctor called Álvaro, who signaled that he was ready for the surgery for Esmeralda's eyes. He did not know that this an 'arangee' doctor sprung by Fátima, to substitute for the real dr. Luzcano.

Fátima continuued in her ministry of evil diversion, by intercepting another letter, this time, sent by Rodolfo, from Tijuana, where he announced that he would be arriving from his trip back in Casa Grande the next day. Fátima kept the arrival date secret in order to perfect her wicked plans against Esmeralda.

The hostility of Blanca towards Esmeralda became softened and melted. Esmeralda was now being gradually accepted by her.

In the absence of Armando, who had traveled to the city, Fátima moved fast with her plot, she pretended to be guiding blind Esmeralda to the chapel and on the way, made her to trip at the ankle, and fell into the swimming pool to drown.

Graciela saw Esmeralda drowning and she dived into the pool to rescue her from drowning. Fátima was furious by this Samaritan gesture of Graciela, so she rebuked her and pretended, by sending her away into the house on a diversionary errand to Blanca. After Graciela left, Fátima too left the scene, with the evil expectation that Esmeralda that was wet and cold would fall again into the pool, and this time threr would be nobody around to rescue her.hoping that

Esmeralda was lonely but heard footsteps of someone walking towards her, and she was anxious, who was that? who could it be? was it an helper or a predator?...

2007: It's a Year of Release and Rest!

I want to flow with the spirit of the season. Every true and fake 'prophets' in town have been coming up with all manner of predictions for the new year. I am a telenovela blogger, I am no prophet. If I have any prophecy for the year 2007, I have already done that in my New Year Message from my telenovela 'pulpit' here for our over 1,000+ telenovela 'congregation'. Afterall, many of this 'prophetic' clowns preside over much less flock population in their mushroom churches.

I have a terrific flair for numbers. I am a little bit sentimental and, if you like, 'superstitious' about numbers. I feel that the number "7" in this year is extremely significant. I am a living proof of it. I entered into matrimonial 'rest' ten years ago when I got married to my wonderful husband in Benin City, 1997. I am certainly entering into another kind of rest this year, (I'm keeping that close to my chest, until the testimony manifests).

Spiritually speaking, the number "7" represents- Perfection, Completion of a phase, Fulfillment, Release, Rest, Holy Spirit, etc. I am going to hold unto this believe throughout this year. I did that for the last ten years and it worked for me. I have a matrimonial bliss that would make many, a married woman envious. That was because of God and my faith in Him. And also because "7" is my lucky number! What about you? What does 2007 hold in picture for you? I have already told you mine, it is "Rest". Not as in slumber or rest, as in lying down and doing noting, (Oh! I am going to work a tonnage per day, this year on the web, "... my Father worketh hitherto, I must work"). I mean another level or phase of accomplishment.

Whatever picture you see for this year, whether you believe in numbers or not, I wish you the very best that this year 2007 holds in stock. Once again, happy and prosperous new year to all telenovela fans of this blog from 107 countries, (as at the last count)! number seven again? LOL.

Happy New Year

I am most excited to salute all telenovela fans, as we cross over to a new year- 2007 today! Looking with retrospect at the last four months of 2006, I am most grateful to all of you, who encouraged me with prayers, praise and patronage- the triple P's [PPP] that would guarantee my success as a web publisher in 2007.

See the statistics for for yourself too, 52,000+ unique visitors, over 185,000 page views, and over 1,100 FeedBurner subscribers in four months! That is an encouraging and inspiring pointer to the great potential and promises that this blog hold for us in the next 365 days. I make a solemn promise to deepen and greatly enrich our collective entertainment value from this novela blog, 20 times over, this year, 2007.

By the end of this new year, I pray, and would work to make this blog parade at least, the best 20 telenovela stories in the world, in English language for all of us, God help me.