Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Wicked Games" Movie... Just Another Game by Wicked Hearts

Wicked Games - Tatum O'NealEarly this week, Televista began showing on Africa Independent Television (AIT) a thriller movie called "Wicked Games". I waited a whole week to review and give my opinion on this movie. In that one week, many of our telenovela and soap oera fans began to voice out their desire that we should serialize the summary of this movie.

If I had a fantasy that this movie would be another block burster, my fantasy has been dashed. This movie falls into 'another one' of those predictable films, which removes the mystery and suspense that herald and accompanies telenovelas.

Woven in a revenge plot, from begining to the end, this 75-episode, 2006 movie has many lessons for those vengeful and non-forgiving ones among us.

Wicked Games played by Wicked Heart, Blythe HunterStarring Blythe Hunter (beautiful Oscar-winning actress Tatum O'Neal) who was jilted by a former lover - Theodore Crawford (charming Actor Clive Robinson), over twenty-five years ago... Imagine the boiling rage cleverly concealed and schemed from a wicked heart...

She married another man by whom she had two great and wonderful sons. One (JOSH, a medical doctor), was the good boy of the family, while she raise the second son (Aaron) as a pervert killer and most dagerous.

Wicked Games is just another game played by wicked hearts, because of the easy-to-predict nature, it is not and can never carry the entertainment weight of telenovelas. I hope to enjoy the thrills as the movie unravels.

We at the Telenovela Love Garden would help out in serializing the snippets of the full story of Wicked games, as is our tradition to satisfy your entertainment hunger.