Thursday, October 04, 2007

Call Me Lilly...

Of all the cast of El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance) telenovela, the most melodramatic is madam Lilly (Actress Alcira Gil, sitting extreme right) who played the role of a sex-starved widow. She became the fortunate woman who hosted 'Salvador', away from the prying eyes of roving journalists who came to cover the strange story of the man who resurrected from the dead.

That was an opportuned moment for her pent-up desire to burst at the emotional seams. She went haywire with lust and practically did almost everything from the books of lust to get Salvador to the bed, but Pedro Donoso, a man of high moral fortitude won't burge. She cried blue murder, and accused 'Salvador' of casting a strong love spell on her, so he was removed from her house to the church.

After Salvador parted with Cantalicia, it was this woman again that was his first point of call. He explained why he had to re-discover his destiny and his need for a token loan to buy ticket for the trip to Real Clara. She got angry and accused him of not loving her enough. She refused to give him any money, saying she cannot afford to let him go away from the region, much less from her life.

She screamed with ectasy and gyrated her little body, crying unto 'Salvador' saying: "PLEASE HUG ME,... KISS ME, ... LOVE ME, ... MAKE LOVE TO ME TONIGHT, I HAVE LONGED FOR AGES FOR A HUNK LIKE YOU, I CAN'T LET YOU GO"

Salvador tried unsuccessfully to calm her down. He left her and went his way into the long ardous and lonely jorney in the night... but madam Lilly won't let go... she ran aftyer him and caught up with him, asking him to call her by her first name Lilly. She knelt down, begged and hung unto him. She eventually succeeded in playing on his dire needd for money and lured him back to her house for the money he needed for his trip.

On getting there she brought her life savings which runs into hundreds of thousands of Dollars, but 'Salavador' told her it was very little money he needed for his trip. She threw the money carelesslky on the sofa and begged him to wait briefly for her... WHAT FOR? To undress or to change and follow him to Real Clara?

The temptation was so great for 'Salvador' at this point: to take the little he need for his trip and bolt or wait for her to come out and seduce him? Next episode would surely tell.

GoodBye, ... Cantalicia

Yersternight was an emotional moment between "Salvador" and his 'wife' Cantalicia. After he had successfully, with the wisdom of the acients, dislodged the warring neighboring peasants, who came to attack him and 'his' family, everybody got scared by the unusual knowledge of letters that he possessed.

To them this was a weird situation, even the old pesant warned his three sons to steer clear of him because, he said he knew him since he was a child in the village, and was certain the strange being is not Salvador Sorenzo, but a possessd being.

Cantalicia confessed to him that the reason why she too beat a retreat was because she was terrified of him. She went to Las Cruztas to report his strange manners to Father Giacomo, but that one assured her to be patient with him, and he turned down her request that they should come and take him to an assylum.

She accused him of offending her with the ugly things he said about her, saying she had begun to believe what the neighbours said about him being a weirdo. She locked him out and did not allow him to sleep the night inside their shack.

It was an emotional moment when he too admitted saying: "I don't know that man (meaning the original Salvador), but I assure you that we are different. Maybe your Salvador truly died on that day, and I replaced him. The father of that boy Mancho, the father of your son really died, and simply disappeared, as I too would soon disappear. I assure you that he still loves you, wherever he is now."

At that point, She drew near to him and wept profusely, begging him not to 'disappear'. He frankly, with emotion-laddened voice told her that he can't continue to live with her because, doing so was only making her life miserable, he said it was the best thing for everybody. He concluded by saying: "You and Manchito can't live with a stranger, ... now I know what I have to do, I must go. Goodbye..."

He left without looking back, on getting outside he embraced and kissed the sorrowful boy Mancho, and left forever! ... forever?

Irreplaceable Love...

The sudden birthday party thrown by Isabel did not go without its own gravitating drama. She felt so unsecured by the the seeming reunion of Andre and Angela, and she went there to interrupt what she thought, may be another escapade by these duo, which may leave her out in the cold.

At that point, Angela excused herself and left them, after Angela's departure Korona commented about the gleam of love in Agela's eyes, which he has never seen before (He didn't know that he had lost out to Antonio, in the cupid game, he might end up being a double loser!). Isabel was suddenly jealous, but he quickly reassured her that she was the only love of his life.

As they toasted the wine, Andre said: "... to you, to me and to both of us". Isabel's turn to whip him emotionally came when she replied saying: "... and to someone irreplaceable, Pedro Donoso... Salute". That abruptly ended the romantic night for Andre, he hated competition, and whenever Isabel reminded him that Pedro's void in her heart could not be filled by him, he usually went sour, and sourly.

This might be the reason for her chickening out of the plan to marry him, as soon as Pedro died. She is discovering that her cold-blooded partner may not truley be in love with her afterall, as she had done with him, even unto helping him to murder an old weak man...

Andre had his last emotional slap on Isabel when, after the guests have gone, Aunty Rebeca urged Andre to frequent the mansion. He assured her that he would soon come to live with them, not as a guest, but as the man of the house, "... although, (he quipped), am not good enough to replace Don Pedro". Isabel protested that she never meant to spite him with her 'irreplaceable' tongue. He bade them goodnight and left.

I await with ectasy when Irreplaceable Pedro arrive at the masion in the body of resurrected Salvador! Then, the inevitable game of love and death would be played out in full, between three trio.

Like An Addiction...

Isabel has gotten her finger on her problem. Her problem is Andre Korona, her play-boy lover and criminal accomplice. She had discovered that his heart pants after another girl, and that is Angela, the only daughter of the man they both murdered.

She broke into tears after the act, but Korona was cold-blooded about the death of Pedro. She is having a re-think about possible marriage to Korona few months after the death of Pedro, she is looking for excuse to post-pone the marriage to Andre Korona. Possibly because, she feared that Korona may in likewise manner killed her in order to lay his hands on Angela.

When Valeria accused her of betraying Pedro, she confessed that it was because: "... Andre is like an addiction, ... I love him for the crazy things he made me to do". Now it is clear that he was like a drug or cigarette, which you know is injurious to your health, but has no power to stop smoking it. A terrible and deadly virus or a viper.

Time would tell if these couple would last.