Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gaby Espino, Married at Last

Last week Thursday, 30-year old wild telenovela actress, "Princesa Izaguirre", of the 'Rebeca' and 'La Heredera' telenovela fame, Gaby Espino, has finally donned the bridal gown and marched to the altar with her boyfriend of many years, Cristóbal Lander, in the city of Caracas, Venezuela.

The wedding took place under the evening warmth and radiant candlelight at the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church in Caracas. The new groom is the popular modeling star- Cristóbal Lander.

Resplendent in an expensive but beautiful white designer lace gown made by Piera Ferrari, Gaby made family, friends and single ladies envious with desires to 'hook' Messrs Rights, and also settle down. Cristóbal too was Tuxedoed, and necked with a white bow-tie.

Characteristic of the quenched flames of the screen, some writers have already and unjustly started predicting a probable six-month duration for this newly consummated marriage.

Courtesy of the TV Chismes, I bring you photo glimpses of the wedding ceremony from the altar to the reception party. Thanks also to Wikipedia for the 'wild' picture above left.

We, from the Telenovela Love Garden here wish Gaby a blissful matrimony. We fervently wish that your happiness would endure as your marriage. It would not be like your telenovela 'marriage' to Eduardo Montalban.

The reception bash that took place after the church wedding was at the La Quinta La Esmeralda Center in Campo Alegre, Venezuela.