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Snippets 111

Rigoberto ran to alert the doctors that Don is nodding and moving his body, and that he seems to be coming out of coma. They came to examine him and confirmed that Don has miraculously came back to life.

Alfredo did not know the extent of damage that the accident had done to him, he struggled to stand up and go to fulfill his marriage vows with L.F, but none of the muscle in his legs responded to his ambition, it has not yet dawn on him that he was crippled for now.

It was L.F they were seeking earlier in the day, now it was Alfredo's disappearance that spreads the anxiety fever for them. Where could he be on the day of his wedding? Nobody had an inkling that he had an accident on his way to the church, and was now lying critically injured and paralytic in the emergency ward of an hospital, being prepared for surgery.

Nobody understood that Alfredo, just like Consuelo and Jennifer, was fighting destiny and had suffered a shipwreck, at the nick of beating destiny with a marriage that would have been a disaster, if he had succeeded. On the other hand, L.F was weeping profusely because she regretted leading Alfredo on, to believe that they could be a happy couple inspite of Carlos Eduardo. Pedro was numb with words, he has no solution to the confusion which he has created and encouraged.

As Vanessa prepare to leave for L.F's wedding, she overheard Consuelo meticulously planning how she would make sure Don did not return alive to the house from the hospital.

Guadalupe and Caesar had a mini fight in her house when Caesar learnt that his father had suddenly re-appeared after over two decades of absence. He demanded to know who his father was, but Lupe ordered him to leave her house, because the man he called father, never had any input into his life.

As Pedro and Marissa opted to go in search of missing Alfredo, some men brought the news of his accident to Pedro. L.A arrived at the same time to beg L.F for forgiveness. As usual, she went wild and asked him to get out of her house, but L.A told her that he had come to ask for her forgiveness for one thing. She was surprised and wondered what could have humbled this arrogant man to come to seek her leniency.

Joaquina knew the purpose of L.A's visit and she tried to obstruct him from confessing his paternity to L.F on her wedding day, so that he would not upset the ceremony. Vanessa too knew why L.A was there and she tried to break the news to L.F but her boiling anger against L.A would permit her to even listen to Vanessa's tidings. (I won't call it good tidings because, there is nothing good about the news of discovering that her unknown father of 20 years, that now appears has been her trenchant persecutor and a criminal and murderer).

Carlos opted to carry out the surgery on Alfredo. Jennifer was afraid thinking that Carlos would kill Alfredo, so that he would go back to L.F. ( To the evil person, all things are also evil). She hypocritically 'defended' Alfredo by challenging Carlos for trying to operate on his rival, but Carlos assured her that he wasn't jealous, and his greatest flair in life is to save lives and not kill.

Xochil was weeping profusely before the operation, enviously blaming Luisa Fernanda for the bad luck which she brought to bear on her 'doctor Alfredo', on his wedding day. After the surgery, Carlos came out to inform Xochil that the operation was successful. She was happy.

Carlos tried to call L.F to break the news to her, but one of Pedro's supporters that picked the phone, hanged up on him. Pedro later broke the news of the accident to L.F. Clarita could not help but notice the affectionate attachment of Marissa to Pedro. She also noticed the tension between Lupe and her husband, Caesar, but Ordonez refuse to divulge the reason for the tension to her.

Armando told Carol that L.F was his half sister.

Snippets 110

L.F was missing on her wedding day, so Pedro began to search for her. Doubts began to be cast whether she had ran away with Carlos to avoid being married to Alfredo. Meanwhile Alfredo went to lobby a confused Mujica to negotiate how he would pay back Marissa's good gestures that rescued Pedro, he didn't want to be obligated to Carlos Eduardo's family for life.

Carlos, already knowing that L.F was truly the granddaughter of Don, advised her to go and see Consuelo, because she has a vital information to pass unto her. L.F thought it was because of the mortgage scandal instigated by Consuelo. When L.F got there, she accused Consuelo of being the evil brain behind the plot to throw Pedro and her unto the street.

Instead of seizing the opportunity to confess to L.F that she was sorry for all her evil deeds against her and that she(L.F) was the true heiress to Don's fortune. Consuela was confident that Don would die in his comatose state, so, she lied and denied knowledge the mortgage scandal. When L.F came back she accused Carlos of sending her on a useless errand, because the woman denied everything. She angrily left for home.

When she got there, she saw that everybody was waiting for her, including Marissa. Pedro took Marissa outside where she told him the news that her divorce was almost completed, and that she would marry him immediately afterwards. The two senior lovers began to kiss in public again, this time, it was Suzanna, Pedro's 10-year secret lover who saw them, from the distance. She was heart-broken and felt betrayed by Pedro. She melted into the background so that they would not see her. She went to report the incident, with tears in her eyes, to Pancho who consoled her.

While Ordonez was chatting with Lupe on how Carlos reacted to the news that L.F was the granddaughter of Don, Reubén, the teenage boyfriend of Lupe, who impregnated her and ran away, returned. Lupe was shocked, so was Ordonez surprised. She accused him of having abandoned her for several years. She also told him that Caesar, his son, had married recently.

Carlos went back to Consuelo to accuse her of being unrepentant by refusing to tell L.F the whole truth. She begged Carlos not to tell L.F that she was the heiress to Don's fortune. After Carlos left, Consuelo called L.A and suggested to him, that they should map out plans to seek and steal the original will of Don which Ordonez had kept in the bank. L.A was not happy with the turn of events, he told Consuelo how he found Pedro and Marissa in a passionate kissing session.

Rosario came to L.F's house to warn her of the danger of going ahead with the wedding to Alfredo, when her heart is with Carlos. L.F admitted that it was true, but it was also too late to back out of her wedding to Alfredo.

Carlos could not bear it anymore, so he planned to disrupt and prevent L.F from Marrying Alfredo that day. Just before he stepped out to actualize his plans, Jennifer arrived and told him that she had gotten a good apartment for him where they would both live together as a couple before marriage.

As Xochil packed to leave Alfredo's house on his wedding day, she stunned him with a surprise but passionate kiss. As he left his house for the church wedding, still dreaming about the Xochil's tender lover's kiss, he ran into a car that hit him. He was rushed to the hospital. it was a tragic accident, there was need to perform operation on him in an emergency.

Carlos walked into the hospital to find that Alfredo was seriously wounded in a car accident, After Alfredo was examined, the doctors said he may be crippled as a result of injury which he suffered during the accident.

Meanwhile, L.F was crying in front of her dressing mirror, Pedro went to ask her why she was crying, she lied and told him it was nothing. (why wouldn't she cry when she could not marry the man she truly loved, Carlos Eduardo).

Rigoberto visited Don, who was still in coma, she spoke with him as if he heard her. She told him that today was Luisito her granddaughter's wedding to Alfredo and not to Carlos. She was surprised to see Don nod, as if he could truly hear her.

Snippets 109

The news of Pedro's romance with Marissa has not gotten to Jenny and Carlos, so he began to make moves to avoid another confrontation with L.A. He felt that his mom was pathetically weak whenever it come to loving a criminal like L.A. He was troubled that his mom was still doubting Leopoldo's witness in court as a jealous rival statement against L.A.

Carlos told Jenny to look for a new apartment for him to rent because, as soon as his mother brings the criminal L.A back, he doesn't want to live in the same house with them. Rosario made a last minute effort to convince Carlos never to give Jennifer a chance in his life, that she would ruin him, if he goes ahead to marry her.

Rigoberto was told by the doctor taking care of Don that, the chances of his full recovery is too low because he had brain damage as a result of wrong drugs that he had used in the past.

When Vanessa got this news from Rigo, she quickly rushed to go and tell L.F, warning her to make sure she visits Don in the hospital, because the doctors said he may not survive. L.F went to the hospital immediately and met Don still in a coma, she began to weep by his bedside. Carlos came in and saw her weeping, he embraced and consoled her.

L.A made several attempts to be reconciled with Marissa, but she rebuffed him, telling him with a tone of finality that the divorce is final and that there would be no 3rd chance for him. Pedro went to the social welfare home, to bring Salvador home so that he too can attend Alfredo and L.F's wedding.

Heriberto seem to have lost his guts, he pleaded with Consuelo to go and settle with L.F because he suspected that Vanessa may have told L.F the truth of her paternity and inheritance. He advised Consuelo to go and confirm to L.F that she was her aunt and seek for her forgiveness before it's too late and things get out of hand.

L.A now on the loser's side went to Pedro's house to accuse him of having an affair with his wife and also insult him.

Snippets 108

It's pay-back time! Marissa rebuffed L.A and justified why she had to kiss Pedro. She made him realize that her divorce from him is on-going, so he has no moral right to question her love life.

Ordo'ñez gave a good monetary tip to Consuelo's lawyer to reveal the identity of his principal. He accepted it and told him that it was Consuelo Alcantara.

Pedro, in a more relaxed and happy mood now, because Marissa has accepted his love, wanted to let go L.F by telling her who her biological father was. At that moment, Mujica walked in to break the good news, that the Property has been repurchased, though, at a very exorbitant cost. Pedro changed his mind about telling L.F who her real father was.

L.A, seeing the desperate efforts of Armando to unravel who his half sister was, told him that his half sister was Luisa Fernanda.

Don Fernando, on admission at the hospital remained in a state of coma. Carlos announced to Jenny that L.F would be marrying Alfredo at a ceremony tomorrow. Jenny was excited with the news, because that would leave the field clear for only her to win Carlos Eduardo back to loving and marrying her.

Information got to Carlos that it was Consuelo who was behind the purchase and re-selling of Pedro's mortgage debt.He went straight to her house to confront her. Consuelo lied, with crocodile tears that she did not know anything about it. she even said it must have been some fellows who hated her and wanted to harm her that were behind the rumour. Carlos did not believe her. Rigoberto was furious and knew Consuelo was lying. She drew near and walloped her with a heavy handed slap on her face, warning her that she would not tolerate her to do any more harm to her niece, Luisa Fernanda. Rigo tried to explain to Carlos that L.F was Don's granddaughter. He did not understand, thinking that it was like the platonic relationship of a father-son relationship between Don and him too that Rigo meant.

L.F invited Marissa (who came to visit Pedro at home), to her wedding with Alfredo, which takes place tomorrow. Marissa accepted to come as Pedro's guest. Alfredo was still insecured, so he asked L.F who was the person who paid for the mortgage debt. He was suspicious that if it was Carlos, then he may have a hidden agenda for him. L.F told him that it was Mrs. Marissa.

Vanessa told her fiance that she could no longer live with her dad and step mom, because they are evil workers.

Snippets 107

Marissa and Mujica considered it weird that a mouth-watering offer to repurchase Pedro's mortgage debt was rejected. They then concluded that whoever the mystery new buyer was, it must be a mortal enemy of Pedro that was determined to cause untold hardship for him and his daughter. There are things money can't buy, a mortal enemy that stands to gain much by your death would not be pacified by money. Marissa, with all her fortune is gradually realizing this truth.

Marissa renewed her offer to Pedro and L.F to come and live in her mansion. Pedro was worried because the adoption of Salvador may be canceled, if the authorities discovered that he does no have a house to bring him up.Alfredo, the opportunist also urged L.F to let both of them marry immediately so that she can have a roof over her head by living with him as his wife.

Jenny phoned L.A to warn him that Carlos now knows through Carol's information that he (L.A) has a daughter by another woman. She warned him that Carlos would tell Marissa this new information and it may negatively affect the consideration of Marissa from forgiving him.

When Marissa offered to buy Pedro a new house, he politely turned down the offer, saying he would prefer the gift of passionate and loving kiss from her. Marissa was touched by his expression of true love, she accepted and gave his a "YES" kiss. While they were at it, L.A arrived with motive to come and disabuse Marissa's mind not to believe whatever Carlos may have come to tell her about him having a daughter by another woman. He was stunned beyond imagination to see Marissa kissing a common gardener. He felt ashamed and humiliated to witness such a scenario. He just withdrew from being seen by the new lovers.

Mujica also called Carlos to alert him that they lost the battle to repurchase Pedro's mortgage debt. He warned him that L.F and her father may be homeless in a matter of days. Carlos thanked him and went to see L.F. He told her that he wanted to buy a new house for his son, Pedrito. Alfredo was threatened by this deft move of Carlos and he expressed his worry about the offer. But L.F insisted and succeeded in convincing Alfredo to let her accept the new house offer of Carlos for Pedrito.

Pedro, after the long and heavenly kissing session with Marissa, declared his unquenchable love for her, she was touched by the honest difference in his expression and accepted to go out with him.

Armando continued his investigation into his mystery half sister. He met and discussed it with Vanessa, and Vanessa told him the identity of his half sister. Consuelo and Heriberto organized a meeting with Vanessa to calm her down and negotiate with her, since she already know their secret agenda to disinherit her bosom friend, Luisa Fernanda.

Consuelo's lawyer reported back to her about the overtures of Marissa's lawyer. She instructed him to go back to the negotiating table and demand for an outrageous amount for the repurchase of Pedro's mortgage debt.

Based on tip-off, Police detectives came to search Solozarno's house for the stolen bank documents. They could not find any trace of the documents. L.A later came to accuse Marissa of cheating on him with a common gardener.

Don Fernando's health complications worsened.

Snippets 106

Rigo reacted sharply to Consuela's shakara, saying that the time to play dumb has ended, and that she would expose Consuela to Don, for all the evil she had done to L.F. Consu succeeded in postponing the judgment day, as she promised Rigo that she would, by herself tell Don the whole truth about Luisito, but Rigo should give her a breathing space of time, to get prepared for the task.

Vanessa came out of hiding and confronted Consuelo. She also vowed not to keep quiet, that she would expose the whole truth of her lineage and paternity to Luisa Fernanda. She rushed out to search for L.F, an when she got her, she asked her to talk privily with her, on an urgent secret that she ought to know. As Vanessa opened her mouth to tell her the secret, the social welfare staff entered the house to announce to all present that, Salvador's adoption by Pedro has been approved by the judge.

Everyone went into wild orgy of jubilation and dancing. Vanessa had to leave the scene for another appropriate time, when she hoped to come and tell L.F. the truth. She went straight to indict her father, Heriberto, for colluding with Consuelo to falsify Don's Will in order to deprive L.F of her rightful inheritance.

Pedro and L.F accepted the hand of assistance that Marissa stretched to them. Mujica got in touch with the lawyer representing the new buyer. Despite the mouth-watering offers of Marissa, the lawyer told Mujica that his client won't compromise the purchase of the mortgage debt for any sum of money. Marissa told them that the buyer refused to give up the possession, even with a mouth-watering offer proposed to him. She advised them that they may be in danger of losing the house any moment.

Ordonez and Lupe called Pedro aside, and showed him all the facts of L.F's paternity and how Don had willed all his fortune to her. Ordonez asked him to fulfill that noble role by calling L.F, to tell her that her father was L.A. Pedro was afraid and ashamed, because it looked too late now, if he had to tell L.F, he felt L.F would never forgive him, if he told her the truth now. Sister Joaquina also warned him that this is his best opportunity to tell the truth to L.F about L.A. In the midst of their talk, L.A appeared in Pedro's house to demand once again to meet his daughter.

It was a big drama, As Pedro was accusing him of being an opportunist, seeking for L.F because Don had willed his fortunes to her. L.F came out and was surprised to see L.A. in her house. She did not give him any room for explaining his mission, she chased him out of her house.

Don Fernando, at the edge of his memory breakthrough, suffered an asthmatic attack, which caused a complicated case of brain damage. Consuelo was so overjoyed by this latest development, because it would be in her favor, if Don relapse into amnesia or even die at this point. She knew that she would never have to confess anything about L.F to Don.

Armando went to the prison to interview Leopoldo about who his step sister was, since he (Leopoldo) knew so much about his father, L.A, from their teenage days.

Fearful and cowardly Alfredo went to Carlos and requested him to please, advise and persuade L.F not to renege on her promise to marry him (Alfredo). Carlos laughed at his cowardice and spinelessness. He told him not to worry because, L.F is not a baby. Since she had made a commitment to marry him (Alfredo), based on moral indebtedness to him, and not based on true love, he mocked him saying, L.F would fulfill her moral obligation to him.

Snippets 105

After the lawyer's threat to evacuate them from the house, Lupe, as Marissa's private secretary, passed the information to her, to help rescue Pedro and family, who were under eviction notice from the new owner who acquired the mortgage debt of their house. Marissa sent for Pedro to get the real facts from him. This was good news to Jenny. Anything that would inflict pain on L.F was her obsession. She later scolded Lupe for mentioning the case of L.F's father's eviction to Marissa for intervention.

Carlos, when he heard of the problem ran to L.F's house to assist to recover the house. But Alfredo told him not to worry, that he had resolved the whole problem. So Carlos left.

Carlos called Jenny to allow him search through her apartment to see if L.A was hiding any stolen bank's document there. She led him to her house to conduct the search, while he was going about the search, Jenny set an emotional ambush for him and he almost fell into the trap, as they were on the verge of having sex, but for the interruption of Carol who came in unannounced. carol came to deliver another 'bomb' about L.A having another child, this time a daughter by another woman, who also did not know the irresponsible man who fathered her. She also told them that Armando was determined to fish out the girl.

Alfredo failed to stop the possession of the property, the Bank told him that, the mortgage has been repurchased by another prospective buyer. When he returned L.F blamed him for jealously sending Carlos away, when he offered to help them. Another quarrel broke out between this incompatible 'couple'. Alfredo was angry and accuse L.F of always tauting him, using Carlos' ability to poke in his face and at his impotence. He told her that he couldn't stand the mockery. He felt humiliated and frustrated that he could not play the 'saviour-god' this time, for L.F and Pedro, as he had always done when Pedro was insane, and when L.F was jailed. He felt very vulnerable and depressed.

Don, after the exposure of the crimes of L.A in court and the disgrace that followed, sacked him as his company's legal adviser.

When Rigo got wind of Pedro's eviction, she ran back home asking Consuelo to help Pedro. L.A was also in the house when Rigo made her request of Consuelo. She faced L.A asking him to help Pedro, L.A told her that much as he would have loved to, he could not because that girl (meaning Luisa Fernanda), is a swindler! Rigo was mad with him, she insisted by telling him that that swindler as he choose to call innocent girl happens to be his daughter! She told him that he has an obligation to help his own flesh and blood!

At that moment, hell was let loose as L.A accused Consuelo of having deliberately hidden the truth of the identity of his daughter from him all this years. Consuelo counter accused him that his interest in that daughter of his was the inheritance willed to her by Don and not for the love of the poor girl. She told him that was why she never revealed her identity to him, since it would threaten her labor to hijack that inheritance.

Immediately, L.A faced Rigo and assured her that he would do anything to help his daughter. After he left, Consuelo was very upset and angry with Rigo for telling L.A about the truth of L.F. All this time Vanessa was hiding out of earshot and she heard all what transpired. She was amazed that Luisa Fernanda, her bosom friend was the unknown granddaughter of Don Fernando Alcantara, and not the gardener's daughter, as everybody were made to believe or be deceived!

Marissa asked Pedro to move into her mansion as she launched full scale investigation to know from the lawyer who the new buyer of Pedro was, as she vowed to pay all the debt to recover that house back for Pedro. L.F refused to follow Pedro to live in Carlos Eduardo's house.

Snippets 104

Armando visited Marissa's house. He came to apologize and asked for forgiveness, both of Carlos for testifying falsely against him in court and of Marissa, for refusing to withdraw his charges against Carlos, when Marissa asked him to.

After Carlos pleaded his case for their love and matrimonial re-union, L.F accused him of being ungrateful to Jenny who stood by him throughout his mother's travail with muscular dystrophy, for two years in Baltimore. She begged him not to disappoint Jenny after all her 'sacrifice' for him.

L.A sent Solozarno to the prison to negotiate with Leopoldo offering him a large sum in millions Dollars, if he could withdraw his statement and accuse Carlos Eduardo of being the one that paid the hired assassins to kill him.

When Leopoldo refused the dirty offer from L.A through Solozarno for his silence, L.A changed gear, by contracting Solozarno to find someone within the prison walls who could murder Leopoldo for a chunky amount, before the next adjournment date.

Marissa was distressed with doubts about the innocence of L.A. as advocated and persuaded by lying Jennifer. So she begged Jennifer de la Schemer to help fish out Andreina to confirm the truth of Leopoldo's allegations.

Don Fernando Alcantara expressed a fresh need to write a new Will. Consuelo was afraid when she heard the old man wanted to change his will. The old man doubted the authenticity of a will that left all his fortune to Consuela alone to the exclusion of Rigo and Vanessa. So, he called Mujica, impressed him greatly during the trial of Carlos, to come around for instructions concerning a new will. Consuela became desperate and mortally afraid that Don would soon regain his full memory at the rate he was going, and that he would soon remember that he had a grand daughter.

Through gullible but innocent Vanessa, Consuelo got to know that Pedro is almost naked because he had mortgaged his house and business assets to bail himself from the pending case of kidnap/adoption of Salvador saga. Consuelo hurriedly and discretely employed a lawyer and estate agent to buy up Pedro's mortgage from the bank. Her purpose was to strip L.F naked of a roof over her head and make her life unbearable.

While the judge was considering denying Pedro the custody of Salvador, Luisa Fernanda gave testimony of how Pedro was a loving father that cared for Salvador, the judge was moved by her honest witness. Salvador and his Teresita were arrested and brought to court. During the trial, Salvador told the court the history of child-abuse, maltreatment and exploitation by his stepfather, and the sharp contrasts he enjoyed from Pedro's fatherly care and love. He declared that if he had any father, Pedro Perez, was his father.

Pedro also revealed to the judge how the stepfather of Salvador demanded a huge sum from him in exchange for Salvador's custody. After this fact, the judge was moved, to promise that he would give the custody of Salvador to Pedro after completion of formal adoption papers.

L.A resurfaced in the Bank's head office and Carlos confronted him to get out, because Marissa had revoked his power of attorney to act as the president. He also told him that divorce proceedings of Marissa had resumed against him. L.A, on hearing this ran to Marissa weeping crocodile tears, and telling her that he was victim of jealous conspiracy by the enemies of their re-union. He begged her not to throw him unto the streets again. She asked him to give her time to think over his appeal for mercy. When Carlos came home Marissa told Carlos what L.A came to do. He told his mother not to listen to him, and also assured her that he would uncover all the fraudulent deals of L.A when he was bank's President in a matter of time.

Jenny came to plead with Carlos again to restore their love relationship. With her traditional crocodile tears, she evoked sympathy and embraced Carlos, before he knew what came over him, she had closed her serpentine lips on him is fervent and passionate kiss. She told him that she could not live without him.

Carlos told her to give him time to clear all the problems created in his family and time to also reflect over her pleas, he assured her that he would send for her when he is ready to resume talks with her.

Back home, the Pedro family was happy and was expecting the release of Salvador for adoption. They were eagerly waiting for his arrival when a knock came on the door. Alas! it was Consuelo's lawyer who came in and told them that the property has been acquired by a new owner. He served them notice to quit the property immediately as requested by the faceless and undisclosed new owner.

Snippets 103

With the exposure of the cunning L.A, Marissa woke up from her day dream. Ordonez rushed to the courtroom to break the bad news of customers running on the bank. Marissa immediately revoked the power of attorney which she gave to L.A to become the Bank's president. She also asked Mujica to resume speedily the divorce suit against L.A.

Cowardly Alfredo was mortally afraid of the new twist, of Carlos' freedom after the adjournment of the court. L.F assured him (Alfredo) that she is eternally indebted to him for helping her to regain her freedom from jail, and therefore, she would not withdraw from the elaborate marriage ceremony she had planned with him. Alfredo was sad, because, from his understanding, what L.F is saying now is that, she would marry him because she was indebted to him for helping her out of jail, and not because she loved him.

After the adjournment, L.A spoke with boldness to Jenny, telling her that if he sinks, she too would sink. He therefore told her to go and convince Marissa that He was innocent, and that Leopoldo's allegation was that of a jealous Andreina lover who chose to spite him. But Jennifer reminded him that Andreina had made the same allegation before she disappeared into thin air.

When L.F got home she gave a lowdown of what happened in court to Pedro. He was agitated, and L.F noticed that her 'father' was in love with Marissa. She smiled when Pedro quickly got prepared to pay Marissa a solidarity visit. She advised him to carry along the most beautiful of red roses from his floral shop to her as a gift, signaling his intention.

When Jenny arrived, Marissa accused her of being an accomplice of L.A, she denied it, expressing her innocence. She even went further, as instructed by L.A, to postulate to Marissa that Leopoldo's allegation were the statement of a drowning man, who would clutch to any straw of vengeance to strike back with a fist of jealousy against a former rival, over Andreina. Marissa seems to be convinced about L.A's innocence as argued by Jenny.

Rosario called her boy, Carlos, and encouraged him never to be shackled with a woman he never loved. She warned him to avoid the emotional ambush that Jenny may be setting for him. He thanked he and strolled out to L.F's house. He declared his unwavering love for her, asking her what is the fate of their love for each other, now that he has been free of all accusations by their common enemy- L.A.

Snippets 102/103

For L.A, Leopoldo was a lesser enemy, his mortal foe is Carlos Eduardo, so, he insisted that Carlos was the real sponsor of assassination attempt on him. He accused Carlos of having paid Leopoldo to take the rap in his stead, for his own freedom.

Leopoldo gave a graphic detail in his trial before the jury, what led him to assigned assassins to kill L.A. Luis Alenjandro became desperate and began to shout on top of his voice accusing Leopoldo of lying, his lawyer asked for adjournment of the trial but was declined by the judge. The 'punches' of Leopoldo's truth are delivering heavy blows to his L.A's head.

In rounding up his evidence, Leopoldo told the court that the real target of L.A was Marissa. He said L.A planned to kill Marissa so that, as the widower, he would inherit the Metropolitan Bank Conglomerate belonging to Marissa and her son. He related the horrific details told him by Andreina, before she ran away to Los Angeles: how L.A plan to murder son and mother to inherit the their fortune.

There was a run on Metropolitan Bank. Customers were amazed at the gory newspaper stories of fraud, assassinations and emotional scandals, that has begun to rock the bank in the absence of Marissa and the presidency of Luis Alejandro. So, they began to withdrew their funds from the financial powerhouse. Ordonez had to instruct all branches of the Bank to shut down because of the run on the bank.

Jenny was doing anything that would bring Carlos back into her slippery fingers. The classy lady of the universe stoop low, to plead for mercy and pardon by a lowly old maid of the house- Nana Rosario. She begged her to forgive her for threatening to sack her from her 30-year old job of impeccable service to the Gomez Ruiz family. Rosario snubbed Jenny's overtures, because she knew for certainty that this schemer was not sincere in her 'repentance'.

L.F was overjoyed as the jury believed Leopoldo. Marissa broke down in tears, asking Carlos Eduardo to forgive her for not believing him all these years and allowing her feelings to be manipulated by a con man.

L.A pleaded with Marissa not to believe Leopoldo, saying that he lied against him out of jealousy for Andreina's sake. He desperately made overtures to buy off Leopoldo to change his statement, but Leo rebuffed him.

As the crowd milled around congratulating Carlos, he asked to be excused so that he can speak alone with L.F who was by his side.

The stepfather of Salvador came to the floral shop of Pedro to negotiate an out-of-court settlement. He told Pedro to locate the boy and keep him, on the condition that he pays him a big sum of money in return.

Heriberto had never liked Orlando, because of his low class, he returned from the office to find him kissing Vanessa his daughter. He almost hit him with a rod of iron.

Salvador, later phoned Pedro in the night, to assure him that he is fine with Teresita, his kid-lover, whose parents were already afraid of their missing daughter; and that he should not worry for him, before Pedro could say anything, he (Salvador) hung up.