Friday, December 15, 2006

Celebrating With Montain Dew

I sit this afternoon to savor the victory of truth over falsehood. On my table is a bottle of "Mountain Dew" soft drinks, to celebrate the end of my snippets on La Hija del Jardinero, the Gardener's Daughter telenovela. The full story can only be enjoyed if you watch it.

WOW! 2,500+ daily visitors; 9,000+ daily page-views and 893 loyal and faithful subscribers, all, in a little less than 4 months is worth celebrating. I say thank you to all 'gardeners' who daily turn my blog into a prayer ground as they pray daily for more strength. Let me confess, your prayers tickles me, to the point of tears. I love you, and your edifying interaction with me. Congratulations to all of us.

I truly feel like one who has climbed a mountain indeed. Like after every human achievement, my heart began to ask me what next?

At the beginning, I made us realize that, for me, it was a passion, not necessarily an exertion, as many of may think. I have a lot of options for telenovela fans, but what I would do is to create a new item under the categories of this blog.

(A): I could, by God's special grace, take off with Amor Sin Conditionale (Love Without Conditions), that was release in 72 countries earlier this year. Mariana Ochoa and "Berenice" of Cuando Seas Mia, were the star actresses there.

(B): I could take off with Esmeralda, even though AIT had chickened out, since the first episode five days ago, on Monday.

(C): I could go ahead with my story on Goodbye Vanessa.

Give me this weekend to ruminate and arrive at a decision.

Meanwhile I would try to continue with the much slower, daily Episode Summaries. (we still have over 100 episodes to go, in Nigeria, before they finish that, we would have read over 10 telenovela full stories from this blog)

Some of us just can't stand waiting for eleven months to finish with any story. If I were reading a novel, no matter how big, I would finish it within a week, why must I be sentenced to 11 months of waiting, if I can get done with it in one month!!!

Once again I say Congratulations to all 'Gardeners'!


Cheers, Am I hearing the clink of glasses?