Saturday, March 10, 2007

Is It True?

A breath-seizing question was thrown by Don Fernando at Pedro Perez in La Paz: "Is it true that my granddaughter lives in your house?" Pedro, with a conscience seared with hideous secrets, was lost for words because he thought the old man had come to the knowledge that L.F was his granddaughter.

When Don eventually clarified that he meant Vanessa, Pedro and Rigoberto heaved a sigh of great relief. i am beginning to be bothered by the complacency and complicity of Rigoberto. This old guardian Angel of L.F seem to be slipping into criminal complicity with Consuelo. Everytime in the last two weeks when Fernando raised the subject of his biological granddaughter, it pains me to see Rigoberto evasive. I had expected her to use the opportunity of the La Paz trip to tell the truth to the poor old Fernando about his granddaughter.

Rigoberto seems more afraid of the subject even more that the real architects of the lies- Pedro and Consuelo, more about this in episode 133 and 134. If you desire to read the full story of la hija del jardinero, then, go to the site map for Gardener's Daughter.

My ambition this new week is to dig deeper into the La Heredera and Ugly Betty telenovelas. So far, my research has not produced a Spanish or English site for the episodic account of REBECA telenovela which fans are clamoring for.