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Back in Las Crustas, the Priest, Father Giacomo, (the last time I had seen him was back in July, when he was telling Lily to repent) showed Cantalicia Salvador’s picture in a wedding in the all Cantalicia wanted to do was to go and find her Salvador, she insisted, and insisted and threatened to go to the city alone.

The Priest wished he had never shown Cantalicia that photo, but when she threatened to go alone, he promised that he would help her by calling his Uncle Philippe to accommodate her when she went out looking for her husband. So Cantalicia went with the bus to the ‘big city’.

Meanwhile, back in the Donoso house, Salvador overhears Valaria in the study admitting to Simon again that she is not ashamed to admit that she kind of fell in love with Don Pedro. (This is when he was collecting all the jewellery and money he had left on the floor, and the money in the safe and putting it in a big bag to re-locate all of it to a more accessible place) Simon continues to fall in love with Valeria....

Isabel continues loving Salvador more, and continues to look at Pedro’s pictures (Salvador reminded her of Pedro). Vicky one day tells Salvador that she keeps on seeing Walter and Vicky going to the basement as if looking for something, and Salvador suspects that the two are looking for the jewellery he had as Pedro, so he goes back to the safe and leaves the empty safe door open (except for a brown envelope) and leaves the doors of the basements open, so as to arouse Walters suspicions.

This works, as Walter goes to investigate where the doors the basement are both open, and almost has a ‘cardiac arrest’ because he is very surprised the safe is open and that it is empty! Walter suspects Rebecca, and even tries to awake her at night to question her, but fails to when he crosses paths with Andre. He however calls out Rebecca the following morning when she is speaking to Salvador.

Salvador suspects the reason and before anyone sees him, goes to the library to listen through the library wall. He smiles when he hears Walter and Rebecca keep on accusing each other, until they finally realise neither of them took the money..."

I have updated with the help of Tessie from Kenya, the site map for El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance), from Sinppet one to the end ...

23: My Lover Capable of Murder...

During the flight, Andre and Salvador noticed that Isabel kept on glancing back at Salvador. This made Andre jealous! The honeymoon, which run for a whole week (about 4 or five episodes or more), consisted of Isabel baring Andre from her bed, Andre sleeping with a servant, Andre pretending to everyone (especially Salvador ) that they were the ‘perfect’ couple.

Salvador surprising everyone especially Vicky, about his profound knowledge about the Island, and the family who took care of the house in the Island.

Andre became jealous and suspicious of Salvador, he discovered that Salvador knew way too much information (almost like Pedro). Salvador and Isabel ‘stealing kisses’ under Andre’s nose (underwater), and Andre leaving Salvador out in a small boat at the sea to give him a sever sun-burn that almost killed him (this was almost Andre’s first attempt on Salvador’s life).

All Andre was looking for was approval he kept on asking Isabel that ‘if he were in Salvador’s place (with the sunburn) would she worry and care for him as much as she did for Salvador?

At the Donoso house, the atmosphere was relaxed (except for Rebecca, who cried for the love of her life, Salvador. And Walter who was disgusted to be left with the rest of the servants). Simon started to see the ‘new, pretty, and sweet Valeria’, and Valeria could entertain the household with her piano pieces. However, all this was interrupted when the ‘couple’ returned unannounced from their sour honeymoon, and the first thing Andre did was to pull out his gun to point at the dog, Azur, who was barking at him furiously.

Angela had forbidden Andre from living in the house, but Andre latter moved in into the guest room. So as to save Salvador from Andre’s anger, Isabel fired Salvador (Andre had told Isabel at the honeymoon that if he ever discovered that there was another man in her life, he would be capable of murder).

So Salvador was fired, but Angela did not allow it (she had grown fond of Salvador, and Salvador had become her legal advisor secretly after her lawyer’s murder), so she let Salvador be fired, and re-hired him as her personal driver (Although they did not know it, this helped Angela spend more time with her Father-Pedro/Salvador, and Salvador (Pedro) educated his daughter on all the business and legal issues, which he had failed to do as Pedro)...

22: A Wedding Dirge

Isabel made arrangements for the honeymoon. Instead of flying abroad, as she had planned with Andre, they would go to Pedro’s beach house, and she would take Vicky and any other one employee with her. Unaware, without telling Isabel, Andre chose Walter to go with them at the honeymoon in the beach house.

Isabel ignored this choice and later embarrassing Walter in front of the servants, chose Salvador to go with them to the honeymoon, though Andre was unaware of this (Salvador later asked her if she was too afraid of her husband that she couldn’t go alone). Later Andre met Salvador and told him to prepare to leave, because as soon as he become the ‘master’ of the house, he did not want to see him. Salvador told him not to worry because he "wouldn’t be in the house...", when he (Andre) arrived from his honeymoon.

About two or so episodes later, Isabel threw away her torn wedding dress on her wedding day to Andre (she had torn her wedding dress some episodes earlier when Salvador had commented negatively on it...he didn’t like her wedding dress)...and shocked everyone when she attended her wedding in a black dress, as if it was a funeral!! Andre was not happy...but looked at the positive side; at least Isabel had agreed to marry him! Salvador ended being captured in the wedding photo with Andre and Isabella, (which was later published in the newspaper)....

When Isabel and Andre got back home, there was a small party. Valaria had remembered the promise she had made to Salvador, and she transformed herself from the black dresses to a beautiful colorful dress for the party, everyone admired her as she looked prettier than before. Vicky and Salvador got ready for the honeymoon.

During this time, Walter updated Andre that although he wanted to serve him, he couldn’t because Isabel had chosen Salvador to go with them to the honeymoon. Andre saw red, so he stormed to where Salvador and told him he was a hypocrite and a liar because he (Salvador) had promised that he "wouldn’t be in the house...", when Andre arrived from his honeymoon. Salvador told him that it was not a lie because he Salvador wouldn’t be in the house when Andre arrived from his honeymoon because it was logical; he would be coming back with Andre.

Andre wanted to throw Salvador out in front of the guests, so Salvador dared him to go ahead. When Andre did not act, Salvador picked up his luggage and shoved Andre off... Andre got so annoyed that he took a statue, which he planned to hit Salvador with, over his head, but the dog Azur), barked a warning, so Salvador was alerted of Andre, and Andre could not hit Salvador.

21: Lovers-In-Crime Fell Apart!

We can now see Salvador’s revenge unfolding...he is taking away Isabel from Andre the same way Andre did when Pedro was engaged and later married to Isabel. After sleeping with Salvador, Isabel was unable to give herself or sleep with Andre. Some episodes later, she finally told Andre the truth, that she was no-longer in love with him... Andre was hurt because he loved Isabel, genuinely. As Isabel packed her bags to get out from the house and from Andre, Andre threw her bags away and told her she can’t leave him because he would die without her.

Her bags being thrown on the floor of her room, Isabel decided to prepare a bath to soak and relax in, as Andre drooled on how he would die without her...Isabel wondered if the man was an idiot, hadn’t she explained herself well? She no longer loved him. Andre could not believe, he said he would die without her, he was sure if she looked at it more, she would also realize she could not live without him in the she would die without him...

Saying this he grabbed her hair and forced her face into the bathing water in the bath-tub emphasizing on her dying without him, if she wasn’t going to be with him...

A few seconds later Andre continued holding Isabel underwater, until he heard Abigail knocking on the door to inform Isabel of a phone-call. He quickly released Isabel who was gasping for breath. Realizing what he had done, he held Isabel close to him and asked for her forgiveness. They argued for a while and Andre left Isabel’s room. Isabel went to ‘soak’ her self in the bathtub this time with a razor. When her Aunt Rebecca found her in the bathtub it looked as if she was about to cut her wrists to commit suicide...which she later denied.

Valeria tried to help her cousin, and asked Andre to leave her cousin alone since the relationship did not seam to be working. Andre for the second time told her she was too ugly to even talk to him, and that when he married Isabel, he would get rid of all the people who disturbed them, including her.

Valeria went back home crying where she bumped into Salvador when she swore she would leave immediately Isabel got married. He made her promise not to let people, especially those less than her put her down. That the next time he looked at her, she should be a changed woman. This is when she admitted to him that he (Salvador) reminded her of Pedro. Salvador asked Valaria if she really liked Pedro, and she admitted that she had ended up falling in love with him (Pedro), and described to Salvador how good Pedro was.

This brought tears to Salvador’s eyes, who later told her (maybe in the same episode or some episodes later), that if Pedro would had much more time, maybe he too (Pedro) would have fallen in love with her...and admire her, exactly the same way he (as Salvador)was doing at the exact same moment...

Snippet 20: An Unshaken Suspicion

As the episodes progress, Isabel continues falling for Salvador big time (though she cannot admit to herself that she loves Salvador), Abigail, Simon, Vicky, Angela and Antonio start trusting Salvador bit-by-bit (except for Walter). Of course everyone starts getting spooked as Salvador knows them so well, brings up their past, and talks to them so well using the exact same phrases...just like Pedro Jose Donoso.

They don’t know what to make out of it...However, Vicky has a theory that Salvador could be Pedro’s son.. However Antonio doesn’t think so after Salvador tells him a famous saying that Pedro always used to tell specifically him when he was just a boy...He suspects Pedro’s Spirit maybe communicates with Salvador.

His suspicions are further aroused when Salvador gives him an expensive book on his birthday for his school and he had signed the book in his name (Salvador), but he had written the dedication in the book in the same handwriting as Pedro and so he decides to investigate. One of the first places he went to was to Geytana’s place a couple of episodes later, and she told him that he was crazy to think that Pedro can take over someone else’s body, but he wasn’t so convinced...

A few episodes later, Isabel throws another party and she ends up needing Salvador to perform his duties, but she can’t find him anywhere. However, she decides to look for him to give him a piece of her mind. There she finds Salvador in the forest and they started arguing...and end up kissing. Meanwhile, Andre not knowing where Isabel is went to the forest, and luckily found them already finished kissing, so he doesn’t suspect as much, but he (Andre) still dislikes Salvador. In the same party, Isabel announces her engagement to Andre so as to show him ‘how much she loves him’ (and also as a challenge to Salvador, and to help herself focus on Andre and not Salvador).

Salvador and Angela get to be very close and Angela trusts him to give her advice about some documents Andre had given her to sign (Andre was trying to cheat her off) (Salvador had photocopied the documents earlier from Isabel and had carried an extra copy to warn Angela). Angela had earlier confessed to Salvador that she always felt unloved and alienated by her father.. This made Salvador very sad, as he realised he had made a mistake as Pedro, to alienate his daughter. In the end, Salvador directed her to a lawyer whom he as Pedro trusted and was incorruptible.

However some episodes later, the lawyer was followed in his car and the person following killed/murdered him. Although it was not clear who sent the man to kill the lawyer, I suspect Andre and not Isabel as at that same time this was happening, Isabel had been arguing with Salvador and somehow ended up sleeping with Salvador in the forest. Isabel being traumatized she slept ‘with the chauffer’ went and soaked, almost diving into her bathtub full of water.

Snippet 19: Misunderstood!

Walter and Rebecca were planning on poisoning the dog, as it was preventing them from entering the entrance of the secret place where they suspected Pedro had kept his jewellery. So without telling Rebecca, Walter put poison in a jar of water to give the dog, but he was called by Isabel. So by mistake, Abigail gave the water to Valaria, who claimed the water tasted funny.

She later suffered from severe side effects and wasn’t able to see properly, but she bumped into Salvador who wanted to take her to hospital, but Walter insisted it was not necessary (since he did not want to be discovered). In the end, Salvador managed to take her to hospital and save her life. However, everyone else including Isabel thought she had taken poison to kill herself.

She managed to convince them that she was sane. It was during this time a couple of episodes later Salvador saw Isabel kissing Andre, and he started feeling bad about the whole situation (He was not sure about his feelings as at this time, he had not yet discovered about Isabel’s and Andre’s betrayal). In the end Valaria recovered and thanked Salvador personally through the insistence of her Aunt Rebecca (who didn’t think Salvador could fall for a person like Valaria). In the end she told Salvador, how much she felt that he belonged to the house, and this made him so she had touched his heart

Some episodes later after Salvador discovered Andre’s and Isabel’s betrayal, Isabel had started and continued ‘playing’ with Salvador, telling him that it was common for all men including employees like him to fall in love with her, as she was unattainable. (This was because she was attracted to him) Isabel saw Salvador as a ‘challenge’ and was completely unprepared to fall for him. Salvador asked Isabel if she gets tired of using people and cheating on them like ‘the old man Donoso’ and now Andre.

She tried to convince him (or was it herself?) that she loved Andre. At some point Salvador started kissing her and she lost all coherent thought... In another episode, Salvador left a rose with a note in Isabel’s and Andre’s car, when they had both gone for a date, to congratulate them...but he signed as himself-Pedro Jose Donoso. Isabel was spooked as she recognized Pedro’s name and handwriting, but Andre thought she had an overactive imagination.

El Cuerpo: Tessie Back with Snippet 18

Thanks again Tessie, but we still need your photos...: "Hi!! I know I had promised to update you on the episodes sooner, but I got caught up with my college class work and my job. The El-Cuerpo Del Deseo Summaries that I started writing on Saturday are the summaries of all the episodes that run through June to October-this week so I might occasionally miss some information as I can’t remember the episodes exactingly.

On Saturday I had left writing about Salvador planning his revenge and Andre vowing to get Salvador out of their (Isabel’s) life. As I had mentioned earlier, Salvador had claimed to the company (initially when he was trying to get a job, and to Rebecca) that he knew Isabel, and that he used to work for the company (which is true as he was Pedro), but when Andre tried looking for his name under all the Company human resource files he never saw Salvador’s name, so he called in the old guy who works in the Factory and likes talking to Simon, and also called Isabel, and put Salvador on the spot as a liar.

Of course Salvador saved himself and claimed to be a certain boy who used to used to work for the company many years ago. He even recounted a fire incident that happened back then, so everyone believed that Salvador actually worked at the company and Andre looked like a fool.

Walter was always on Salvador’s case...and was always against him and treating him like a ‘nobody’.. There was an episode Walter reprimanded Salvador because he was late. Salvador had enough and reminded him that he should not treat people in a low manner just to uplift himself, “Doesn’t he remember that there was a time he left the Donoso house for two whole days without even calling Mr. Pedro Donoso, and during that time Mr. Donoso had suffered something terrible, a major heart attack, and when he (Walter) came back and explained himself, Mr. Donoso forgave him?”. This scared Walter as he couldn’t understand how Salvador knew so much... (only he and Pedro had known).

Also before Salvador discovered about Isabel’s betrayal (or maybe he had, I can’t remember which), Walter had tampered with the car and had caused an accident between Salvador and Isabel, (he had intended it for Salvador and maybe Angela). Salvador and Isabel survived the accident, and Salvador even had the nerve to kiss Isabel. Salvador knew right away that it was Walter who had tampered with the brakes and threatened him.

Walter either before or after this incident had also intended to find out more information about Salvador and where he lives. So when Salvador found out, he planned a distraction tactic he called his new side kicks, Geytana, Lupe and Lupe’s boyfriend to trail him into a shop. It seams Salvador/Pedro knew Walter very well and knew he was a thief who (as Walter admitted much later in another episode that he ‘couldn’t resist shiny things’). So Lupe and Geytana raised an alarm and Walter was arrested for one or two days for trying to steal ‘shiny’ Gold jewellery, (or maybe he escaped,) as he was just shown coming back home a day later with his clothes dishevelled. He told Isabel that he was caught by a street gang/fight.