Monday, November 27, 2006

Snippets 90

Because Marissa confronted Pedro with the inescapable truth, he could not look Marissa in the eye, he admitted the truth that Pedrito was truly Carlos Eduardo's son! Marissa got home and told Jenny that Pedro had confessed the truth that Pedrito was Carlos Eduardo's son by Luisa Fernanda. She however assured Jenny that she would not disclose the truth to Carlos until after her wedding to Carlos.

Pedro confessed to L.F that he had told Marissa the truth about Pedrito's paternity. Alfredo was disappointed but managed to hide his disappointment. L.F and Alfredo decided that they would have to disclose the truth to Carlos by their own mouth and not through any third party. Alfredo knew in his heart that his wedding plans with L.F would crash immediately if Carlos should know this truth. So he hid his fears and pessimism from L.F.

The plot thickens. Jenny organized a grand family dinner at home to herald the decision on the wedding date between her and Carlos. Marissa confronted Carlos that after two years of living as concubines, it is time that he fixes a date for marrying Jenny. He looked up and said TWO DAYS TIME! Jenny was overjoyed with this decision. Marissa went to L.A at the hospital to break the 'good news' of Carlos' wedding to Jennifer in 2 days time.

Don Fernando was tired of the ding-dong game between Heriberto and Daniel, Vanessa's fiance. He demanded that both Consuelo and Roberto accept and respect the choice of Vanessa for marriage. Don complained against manipulation by parents when two people love each other. In the midst of his statement, his memory suddenly came alive and he remembered how Marissa and Jennifer Manipulated against Luicito and Carlos Eduardo. He asked after Luicito and demanded that he wants to meet her immediately. He instructed Consuelo to call her on phone immediately. Consuelo almost choked with shock on the seat, she was scared to death as Don regained his precious lost memories. Rigo was exceedingly happy. The time of recompense drew nigh!

Alicia tried to keep away incriminating documents that L.A used for his shady deals when he was the bank's president. Ordonez caught her and told her drop them .After she left, Ordonez assembled the documents and went to hide it with Lupe.

When Odonez met Carlos the next day, Carlos invited him to his wedding ceremony in 24hours time. Ordonez was shocked, and he asked him if he knew that Pedrito was his son. Meanwhile, the 'chairlady' of the 'fans club', Clarita, went to tell L.F that in 24 hours, Carlos would be married to Jenny!

Snippets 89

Ordonez overheard Jennifer when she was pleading with Marissa not to disclose to Carlos that Pedrito was his son until after she had married him in few days time.

Alfredo discovered that L.F visited Carlos when he was detained for one day, as suspect in the assassination saga of L.A. He was so angry that, he confronted her for lying to him, in order to visit Carlos Eduardo in prison. She apologized but insisted that the visit was just showing pity and had nothing to do with emotional attachment to Carlos. She assured Alfredo that she would marry him and love him very much. He did not believe her empty promises, now he knew that her heart has been revived with renewed love for Carlos Eduardo.

Pedro invited Lupe to escort him and L.F to a bridal shop to purchase a wedding gown for L.F. Lupe declined because, words might reach Carlos, who is her boss, that she was part of the conspirators against his love for Luisa Fernanda.

Jennifer attempted to blackmail Armando for not withdrawing his accusation against Carlos as being the sponsor of the attempted assassination of L.A. She threatend to throw Armando and Carol out on the streets, from her apartment, where they now live as love concubines. Armando was adamant, he wouldn't trade his father's life for Jenny's roof and Carol's infatuation.

As L.A recovers from the 'gate of death', he called Solozarno to bear false witness against Carlos Eduardo. He told him to claim that he saw Carlos when he raised his gun and shot him. He also thanked Armando for donating blood for transfusion to save him from death. He confessed to Armando that he was his biological father. He apologized to him for denying his paternity over him when they met. He promised to arrange to change his name from Armando Perreira to Armando Montero as soon as he recovered from his wound.

Caesar came to warn L.F that Marissa and Ordonez already know that Carlos is the father of Pedrito. She became very afraid of the consequences, so, she ran to Lupe, begging her to intercede for her by pleading with Ordonez not to tell Carlos that Pedrito was his son. She was afraid that such disclosure might abort her wedding plans and bring much sorrow to Alfredo whom she owed her freedom from gaol to, for standing by her with legal defense, while she was in prison.

The trial judge interrogated Carlos and discovered that there was no proven evidence to convict him, for the attempted assassination of L.A, despite the contrary solo testimony of Solozarno that, Carlos was the mastermind of the crime. Carlos was pissed off by the false witness of Solozarno against him. The judge set Carlos free, pending further investigations into the case. L.A was so angry when he heard the news that Carlos was set free by the court. Carlos went straight to the hospital to confront L.A, asking him how much he paid to Solozarno to bear false witness against him.

Don Fernando paid Carlos a visit at the hospital as he recuperates. Marissa went to visit Pedro to challenge him that she already knew that Pedrito was her grandson by Carlos.

Daniel threatened to file a lawsuit against Heriberto, for disallowing him from visiting his fiance Vanessa. He accused him of kidnapping his fiancee, and preventing him from seeing her.

Snippets 88

L.F was really traumatized to hear Carlos Eduardo being accused of attempted assassination of L.A. The police came back with arrest warrant, arrested Carlos and made him incommunicado with anybody. The event caused a big scandal and big ripple in the city of Mexico.

Alfredo was also furious that L.F admitted Vanessa to come and live with her. He reminded her that the bulk money that Do paid her as advanced salary was what Vanessa used as in her witness's evidence against her that she, L.F stole her (Vanessa's), money.

Armando faced a surprised Marissa and swore to her that L.A was his father, based on the facts he had gathered from his mother from Vera Cruz.

Don Fernando stumbled on his fabricated Will, falsified by Consuela, which ceded all his fortunes to Consuelo.

Lawyer Mujica was unable to bail Carlos, he had to spend the night in the police cell. Next day as he arranged to go to the police station to bail Carlos. Jennifer arrived and went wild, when she discovered that L.F wanted to follow him to visit Carlos at the station, saying L.F cannot visit her 'husband' because she had no business visiting him in custody, because she is not his wife or fiancee.

The hired assassins went to Leopoldo's house to collect the payment for their work, as assigned by him against L.A.

once beaten, twice shy, daniel now crings from the idea of living together with Vanessa without her father's approval and sponsorship. he told Vanessa of his new resolution. Heriberto along with Consuelo, arrived at L.F's house, to plead with Vanessa to come back home with him.

Snippets 87

Consuela was paranoid with the threat of Carlos Eduardo to publicly expose her for being the fraudulent Mastermind behind the incarceration of L.F. She quickly ran with a heavy sum of money to L.F's house to compensate her for the damages her actions have caused to the image and reputation of L.F. Luisa Fernanda, the noble and priceless princess, destined to fulfill destiny rejected the mess of pottage offered by Consuela. She told Consuela that no amount of money can cleanse the immorality of Consuela's damaging actions.

As L.A fell to the assassins bullets, he was rushed in an emergency in his critical conditions to the hospital. While Marissa was confiding in Pedro to advise her on what to do with the relentless battles between her son, Carlos and her husband and Carlos step-father and also the nightmare which the feud had caused her. Jennifer called her to tell her that L.A has been felled by assassins bullets and they have rushed him to the hospital. Pedro had to help the still limping Marissa back into the car to take her back home.

At that moment, L.F came to Carlos with intention to tell him the truth about her imprisonment by the wicked schemes of Consuelo. Jenny entered and was destabilized and fearful to see L.F in the garden with Carlos. She quickly went to Carlos side, calling him 'hubby' to spite L.F, so that L.F can think that they were already married.

When Armando heard about the attempted assassination of L.A, he jumped into conclusion that it was Carlos who masterminded it. He publicly accused Carlos of sponsoring the assassination and went to bring policemen to arrest him. Mujica, the Bank's lawyer, legally prevented Carlos from being arrested because, he said the policemen had no warrant of arrest.

Marissa was so distressed, that she believed the accusation of Armando. This was because she had just witnessed the previous day when Carlos threatened L.A with death.

Vanessa felt so humiliated by her father's action and attitude towards her fiance. She walked out of the house in anger. She went to L.F's house to share her tale of woes, L.F had compassion on her and forgave and reconciled with her. She offered her space to come and live with her. Pedro and Joaquina were furious with L.F for bringing the 'devil's daughter' to live in the house. They reminded her that While she was in prison, Vanessa refused, despite their many pleadings to withdraw the charges she filed in court against L.F.

L.F defended Vanessa against eviction attempts by Pedro, she told them that it was Consuela, the 'saint' who masterminded the imprisonment and was the one winding the Vanessa to press the charges.

By evening when Vanessa had not returned Heriberto was worried and asked Consuela to escort him to L.F's house since he suspected that would be where Vanessa must have gone to hibernate.

At the emergency ward in the hospital, L.A had lost much blood, and was struggling between life and death, Armando arrived and to the surprise of everyone present, including Marissa, he accepted to donate blood for transfusion to L.A because it matched. He also publicly acknowledged L.A as his father. This sent confusion and astonishment to all who were there. Jenny called Armando aside, and told him to stop accusing Carlos of this attempted asassination, but he refused.

Snippets 86

Caesar felt so guilty for telling Carlos the truth about L.F' marital status. He therefore went to confess to L.F, to clear his conscience, what he told Carlos. L.F became agitated because, she suspected that the information is capable of propelling Carlos to begin fresh moves to seeking to marry her. Caesar warned her to also go and confess the truth to Carlos, because he would inevitably find out the truth. L.F was touched by this noble advise from Caesar.

L.A spoke with Carlos that Marissa wanted him to be his special adviser, Carlos disagreed with him, because he reasoned that he cannot share his presidency with a scumbag like him. He did not trust him. He accused him of capable of sending hired killers after him, so that he would take over his inheritance from him. Carlos assured him that before L.A kills him, he would have killed L.A too. Jenny and Marissa were shocked by the daring accusation of assassination that Carlos made against L.A.

Marissa tried to calm him down, but he snubbed his mother and accused her of collaborating with a criminal to dupe him of his inheritance. He stormed out of the house and went to meet Lic Ordonez at a bar, where he poured out his bitterness at the plot of L.A to disinherit him and the cowardice and complicity of his mom. He said in frustration that, if L.A dares to play games with his life, like he did with his mom, he would kill him. Armando was incidentally by the opposite table near them, and heard all the threats of Carlos.

After he left, L.A persuaded Marissa to counsel Carlos to accept him as his special adviser, and for cohabitational arrangement in the bank's Presidency.

Ordonez began to gather and prepare evidence of profligacy and prodigality against L.A. during his two year reign as the bank's president in Marissa's absence. He instructed another lawyer to make documentary photocopies of fraudulent transaction deals of L.A.

Carlos went to visit Don and took effective care to treat him, not just as his patient, as before, but this time, like as if, Don were his father. When he came downstairs, he saw Consuelo and accused her of being the mastermind behind the incarceration of his former girlfriend, Luisa Fernanda. He threatend her to go and pay L.F compensation for the damages done to the image of L.F during the trial, otherwise he would not hesitate to expose her before the public.

After her regular Physiotherapeutic exercise, Marissa felt much better with her muscular movements, so, she decided to pay a surprise visit to Pedro at his floral shop. She told him that what brought her was a sensitive matter.

Having refused to grant the desire of Vanessa and her fiance for money to rent apartment. The two lovers found themselves on Heriberto's bed, and did there 'thing' right there on his bed. They were however unlucky as he arrived at the peak of their romance and was mad to see both naked on his bed. He was so furious that he slapped Daniel for 'abusing' his daughter in her own house.

L.A is now having Xochil as his regular date and replacement for Andreina. As he arrived at the bank in company of his right-hand man, Mr. "Fix it" Solozarno. two gunmen waiting for his arrival saw him and sprayed him with bullets, and ran away on motorbike for escape.