Friday, November 24, 2006

Episode 65: Take Advantage!

Marissa, the 48-year old President of Metropolitan Bank, was diagnosed for Muscular Dystrophy, a disease that makes a person to gradually loose the the use of all their muscles, this would progress into partial paralysis, and later unto total paralysis. It was also noted that it could be hereditary. So, Carlos had to also undergo medical examination to determine if he has trace of it.

Jennifer was all over Carlos, hovering all over him. It was a threatening shock for her to see L.F arrive at midnight at the hospital, brought by Alfredo. A confrontation was inevitable. She challenged L.F telling her she is not wanted at the hospital. A verbal warfare ensued between the two of them, that was what Alfredo wanted: a clash with Jenny that would make L.F change her mind over Carlos Eduardo.

By the time Carlos came out from his briefings by the doctors, he saw L.F and other friends like Ordonez and Lupe. They crowded on him to tell them what was happening. Jenny rested her head on Carlos shoulder while Carlos was briefing L.F. This was to spite L.F and provoke her envy. Carlos told all of them present that they should excuse him, as he wanted privacy with his girlfriend. Wow! what a damnation public disgrace for Jennifer! There was no more room for public doubt as to whom his girlfriend is from now. Every body including Jennifer and Alfredo had to give them some space by sluggishly dragging their feet out of vicinity.

Out of anger, Jenny swung to the express lane of envious revenge. She went to one corner to phone L.A to come immediately, that Marissa was hospitalized. After the call, she feels satisfied anbd smiled, saying, REVENGE IS SWEET! She proceeded to Marissa's hospital bed to weep crocodile tears on her neck, telling her that Carlos has carried L.F to his office and not ready to talk to anyone else including Marissa.

Marissa sent her to call Carlos, she went to Carlos office and saw Carlos and L.F crying and kissing each other as L.F tries to console him for his sorrow over his mom's ailment. She drew their attention and told him that his mother needs him now, and not time for romance at the hour of his mother's illness. Carlos was angry and wanted to insult her again, but L.F prevented him from doing so, telling him to go and see his mom and just ignore the nuisance of Jenny. He pleaded with her not to go home alone, but wait for him, so that that he would take her home after seeing his mother.

When L.A arrived, after abandoning Andreina in the middle of his discussion with her at home, on receiving Jenny's emergency call. Jenny alerted him this is a lifetime opportunity for him. Telling him that Marissa is emotionally weak because of her illness, she said: "... right now, you have to take full advantage of her weakness, this may be your last chance... show her concern and care, stay by her then you will win her back!" What an evil counsellor this serpentine lady has become.

After L.A had showered generous but pretentious love and concern on Marissa, Carlos excused them to have a private chat with his mom. Jenny practically dragged him to where L.F was standing so that he can chastise the "gold-digger" who swindled him for money. He assured her that he would not rest, until he see her locked behind bars to rot in jail. L.f replied that but for her respect for Carlos Eduardo, he did not merit a reply.

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Episode 64: Marissa Going, Going...

When you despise the lessons that life teaches, you can't escape judgemental failure in the exams of destiny. Marissa is one blind woman that mocks the relationship tests that life administers to her. Tonite's telenovela drama opened the gate of descent in the armoury of Marissa, which her chosen friends (L.A and Jenny), but in actual fact, her greatest foes, would take full advantage of, to send her on a voyage of almost no return for the next two years.

Marissa went to lunch with her 'closest confidant' and 'friend' Jennifer, and while she went to the ladies, this her 'friend' stood up and went to the lunch table of her son's rival to plot sorrow and downfall of her son. What a friend indeed. She even persuaded Alfredo not to be moralistic about 'sinking' Carlos' love boat, because all is fair in warfare. She also boasted that Marissa would make life a living hell for L.F and of course, by implication Carlos Eduardo, her son, because she (Jenny) has succeeded in turning Marissa as a manipulative tool in her hands.

While she was unsuccessfully trying to recruit Alfredo, an emergency message came, that Marissa had collapsed in the Ladies. She was rushed to Carlos Hospital, the end result: after Cat scan and EKG tests, Marissa was found to be suffering from "Muscular dystrophy".

Consuela perfected her game-plan by inciting Vanessa to retaliate with vengeance against L.F for snatching her 'boyfriend' Carlos. She urged her not to let her 'enemies get the best of her and go scot-free. Vanessa said she does not want to hurt L.F, but Consuela reminded her that they hurt her without remorse, they were even kissing under her nose, in her own house.

L.A went in the company of Andreina, for the dinner with Contreras. He coached her to smile throughout the meeting and say yes, yes, yes, like a robot to anything that Contreras says during the dinner. At the dinner Contreras gave L.A a huge sum of money, as a compensation for being a false witness against Leopoldo, his political rival.

L.A as usual, took excuse to go to the gents, but of course the slimmy coward was giving Contreras some few minutes of amorous affairs with Andreina. Leopoldo appeared at the restaurant and saw Contreras running his greedy hands over Andreina's body. He was frozen with unbelieve. Next episode would reveal the drama as Leopoldo exposed the lies of L.A that Andreina was his secretary. Leo would tell Contreras that she was L.A's mistress.

L.F. found a box that looked like a treasure chest in the wardrobe of Amelia. She tried unsuccessfully to opened it until interrupted by Joaquina and, later, Alfredo. All I can say is that Alfredo is desperately looking for an entry into L.F's love life and he came at odd hours of the night or too early in the mornings bringing flowers and excuse of Pedro's ailment to chat with her. Much as his method is sublime, he is at least, above board when Jenny invited him to join her in splitting up L.F and Carlos again. He told Jenny that he only want L.F to love him and didn't want to go to the dirty extent of of tricking or compromising L.F to marry him. I would say he is a neat looser, and not a dirty one like Jenny.

Consuela warned L.F never to cry in the house again so she would not draw sympathy for her calamity, saying she should stop painting the picture of pain and misery. She also warned her not to take Don to see her lunatic father (Pedro), in a mad house.

Lupe visited Caesar and Clarita who had cut short their honeymoon because of the expesive hotel bill that was eating into their savings. I could see that she is still very snobbish to Clarita and really wanted to interfere in their domestic affairs, by ruling the marriage. She insinuated that Clarita does not know how to cook, because she was taught the old fashion way of cooking by Nana Rosario.

Kola's Message To Gardeners.

Our Blog here is proving to magnetize the very best brains in the telenovela world. Not only that, these best brains spent quality time on our website here either reading or writing and commenting, I cannot exhaust names like Irene, Philip, Cherish, Prof E. Olofin, Aishat, etc. who spend quality time here, contributing intelligently and excellently. Today at the wee hours after midnight, a guest named Kola, visited our blog to dazzle and enlighten us with information, rich for our fellow gardeners on this forum.

Because I was highly impressed by this 'walking encyclopedia of telenovela', who spent close to 180 minutes reading and writing to give us valuable information. I have decided to publish his "memoirs" for our rich references.

23 Nov 06, 15:59
Kola: Wow, you tried to document all this. Its cool. I am also following this Telenovela via AIT and TVT Tanzania via SVB Satellite Transmission in Lagos. Lusia Fernanda (Mariana Ochoa) is also Mexican Diva

23 Nov 06, 16:01
Kola: Mariana Ochoa was the one who sang the Theme Song for this telenovela.. check

23 Nov 06, 16:09
Kola: To me Mariana Ochoa is more of a musician than an actress, as I have watched some of her music videos on youtube.

23 Nov 06, 16:10
Kola: Just visit and use Mariana Ochoa as the search criteria and see plenty music videos of this wonderful personality

23 Nov 06, 16:11


23 Nov 06, 16:13
Kola: view this

23 Nov 06, 16:14
Kola: Top Models Soundtrack by Mariana Ochoa

23 Nov 06, 16:16
Kola: view this

23 Nov 06, 16:21

23 Nov 06, 16:46
Kola: view this video about gardeners daughter

23 Nov 06, 17:01
Kola: This page has videos of Maria Ochoa

23 Nov 06, 17:06
Kola: Amor sin condiciones (opening)

23 Nov 06, 17:23
Kola: it is true that Nigeria ranks 3rd in terms of movie production and sales, but piracy has been one of the main reasons why the latin soaps have been delayed in Nigeria

23 Nov 06, 17:25
Kola: the producers need to make their money first of all before they release such productions into the Nigerian airwaves, because doing such a time early into the release of such a film would be a disaster

23 Nov 06, 17:26
Kola: the reason is simple, the pirates would reap the producers of their commercial profits. this is happening in the software industry and movie industry and Nigeria has already been noted

23 Nov 06, 17:27
Kola: so producers would rather wait three years before they release their movies to our location, because by then they have made enough profits. Its all about the profits u know!

23 Nov 06, 17:28
Kola: but with a DVB Satellite Dish, you can watch your telenovelas directly from overseas without waiting for Nigerian local stations

23 Nov 06, 17:29
Kola: there are so many of them, that I am in fact confused and need some detachment from them, but I really admire the way you documented the entire episodes reeled out so far in Nigeria

23 Nov 06, 17:31
Kola: Tanzania via ITV and TVT and UBC of Uganda are Telenovela Crazy with titles such as La Revancha, Rebeca, La Tormenta, Secreto De' Amor and a long list of others too numerous to mention

23 Nov 06, 17:32
Kola: you can actually access them directly and the spanish channel that connects to TV Azteca in Mexico which also shows the soaps in their real sound formats (without translations)

23 Nov 06, 17:34
Kola: Even the Filipinos are coming up with their own telenovelas such as Pangako Sa' Yo (My Promise to you) which features Angelo and Y'na Macaspac (

23 Nov 06, 17:36
Kola: The DVB Satelite Dish is the best device for you if you want to watch soaps as they are released. With such a device you have no limits and no delays, especially if you know how to configure it well.

23 Nov 06, 17:36
Kola: Pangako Sa Yo ---'yo

23 Nov 06, 17:53
Kola: View this

23 Nov 06, 17:53
Kola: Entra en mi vida by Sin Bandera

Philomena Ojikutu: Kola, thanks for the load of information for gardeners. Thanks also for spending some precious 2 hours to write them out for us. we love u, thanks again. Happy telenovela surfing... LOL