Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Snippets 153

Pedro, was yet to recover from the tauting and insult of Jenny, so he prevented Carlos from going to bring drunken L.F back from Alfredo's house. Carlos was furious and declared that he would cancel his marriage plans with L.F if she should sleep in Alfredo's house tonight.

Alfredo tried to convince L.F that there was nothing serious going on between him and Xochil and that it was she, that he still loves. He even lied that it was mere "master-servant" relationship that was between them. Xochil was very angry with Alfredo when she discovered that he contradicted her by lying again to L.F that there was nothing between them.

The next day when L.F got home, she was ashamed to face Pedro. So, Pedro approached her to tell her that he saw Jenny embracing and kissing Carlos in Marissa's house. This news threw L.F into another jealous rage. Pedro pleaded with L.F to let him accompany her to Don Fernando's house. L.F seek to meet with and insult Consuelo for all her cruelty towards her in the past.

Consuelo phoned to beg Pedro not to expose her before L.F and also before Don. Pedro told her that he is tired of cover ups. Consuelo really became afraid, she desperately sought out L.A and asked him to help her to she wanted to escape the impending shame and disgrace, by traveling out of the country. L.A demanded as payment for her request that she should appoint to act on her behalf, during her absence, as the President of the Iron and steel company.

Guillermo also came to warn Carlos to refuse to give audience to Jenny next time she comes to see him. The judge freed Carlos at the next hearing and L.A was not happy about the court's decision.

Don Fernando waited impatiently for the arrival of his granddaughter- Luisa Fernanda.

Snippets 152

Alarm don blow, the final whistle was stridently screaming the end of moral blackmail and deception by hypocritical Alfredo. He stood up and stammered an incoherent excuse and denial of what L.F saw with her koro koro eyes. L.F stormed out of his house. Xochil too, half naked, ran after her, begging for audience to explain what happened and when it began. L.F agreed and they both went to the nearby restaurant to talk.

Meanwhile, Carlos and Pedro were floundering in guilt for not disclosing the L.F-Fernando clue to her since they got to knew about it.

Consuela was in her last feeble dribbles. She made sure she was the first to break the news of discovery of Don's granddaughter. She pretended to be shocked and was as surprised as Don, that Luisito was the lost but found granddaughter! Don Fernando requested Rigo and Consuelo to take him straight away to meet L.F in Pedro's house. When they got there, the whole house was empty, there was nobody at home.

Jenny went to Carlos' house to thank him for saving her job by asking Guillermo not to substitute her for the advertising campaign. Now, because she saw Pedro around, she decided to play one of her old evil tricks by embracing Carlos and saying that she loved him. Pedro was confused by this action and challenged Carlos for allowing himself to be kissed by Jenny when he had just reconciled with L.F. Jenny insulted and denigrated Pedro publicly in the presence of Marissa.

Carlos took Jenny to the lobby and told her for the umpteenth time with a tone of finality, that she should never come to his house to look for him under any pretext again. He told her not to intervene again for ever in his matrimonial plans with L.F. Marissa accused and lambasted jenny for insulting her husband-to-be, Pedro.

Xochil confessed to L.F that she truly loved Alfredo. L.F felt the pain of betrayal. She and Xochil began to take the traditional alcoholic beverage, Tequila, to quench their respective pains. By the time they left the bar both were drunken to a pitiable state of stupor. They both staggered back to Alfredo's apartment. When Carlos became worried and was going to search for L.F in Alfredo's house, Alfredo called Pedro to tell him that L.F was in a bad drunken state and would sleep over at his house. Carlos was furious when he heard this.

L.A commissioned his hatchet man, Solórzano, afresh to cause incalculable injury to Pedro for the heavy beatings he received from Pedro the last time.

Esmeralda Debuts on AIT

Yesternight, African Independence Television (AIT), surprised us with the first Episode of the eagerly-awaited novela "ESMERALDA". I switched at 7:35pm during commercials on MITV, only to find that they have started the first episode, some 30 minutes earlier.

I was able to catch in on it and summarized the First Episode here. They won't catch us napping again at 7 p.m. today. AIT has become so arrogant these days, that the word courtesy, is no longer in her dictionary. Many times in the last two weeks, they have refused to show the Gardener's daughter (La Hija del Jardinero), without prior announcement to eager viewers.

I hope to speed up the snippets of TGD today. I was out of home since 2pm yesterday, until 7pm, when I came back too tired.

Today, I pray God to engrace me with 15 snippets! LOL!

Snippets 151

Pedro was shattered by the accusation of L.F. With tears in his eyes, he tried to justify himself by reminding L.F that many times when he wanted to tell her the story of Amelia's family, she (L.F) had always said she was tired or not interested, that was why he chose to remain silent. She did not believe him, she just spurned him, as if he no longer exist in her life.

Rigoberto returned home to announce to Consuelo that her game is up and her time of wickedness have expired! She told her that she was just coming from L.F and had disclosed the whole truth to her. The chief concealer was lost for what to say, she was crestfallen.

An unusual alliance sprung up between Carlos Eduardo and Guillermo. Carlos assured him that he has broken completely his relationship with Jenny. Guillermo was happy and he assured him that he would prevent Jenny by every means from interfering in Carlos-L.F marriage. Carlos thanked him but also warned him that Jenny is like a dangerous devil who would do anything to escape being monitored.

A broken-hearted and contrite Pedro went crying to Marissa in her office, he told her how L.F dealt with him having known the whole truth. Marissa consoled him with a passionate kiss. while in the act, the villain, L.A showed up and was shocked to see that they have reconciled again. His hope of reclaiming Marissa, as if she was some sort of prized possession, was finally shattered!!! L.A interrupted their romance but Pedro became wroth with him, Ordonez was attracted to Marissa's office by their noises, he too joined is fighting and sending L.A out of Marissa's office.

L.F is not finished yet, She also went and accused Carlos Eduardo for hiding the truth of Don being her grandfather from her. She left afterwards for Alfredo's house to complete her severance of relationship with Alfredo. She was shocked when she entered the house and saw Alfredo and Xochil lost in an orgy of sexual acts.

Cornered Consuelo begged Rigo not to let Don know that she was behind the evil schemes because the old man would hate her for life, if he knows her plots.

Snippets 150

L.F was stunned by the revelations of Rigoberto, that Don Fernando was the father of her late mother, Amelia, and that, the most sought after lost daughter and granddaughter of Don Fernando, was her mother and her very self. Much more, that she was the sole heiress of Don Alcantara's fortune! Rigo sought L.F to forgive her for not disclosing this truth since, she said she was afraid for her life because Consuelo was capable of killing her (Rigo), if she had made move to tell her the truth. L.F forgave her immediately.

Rigoberto insisted that L.F should follow her now to go and see Don Fernando at home. Meanwhile, Don confronted Consuelo about the lie she told him concerning his 'dead' granddaughter. Consuelo characteristically denied, by lying that it was not her who told him that his granddaughter died in an accident with Amelia. She however hypocritically assured Don that she has never met nor know who the girl is but would help him to locate and bring her to him.

Jennifer went into a state of deep depression when Armando told her that Carlos and L.F were chosen at Vanessa's wedding as the godfather and godmother respectively of the unborn baby of Vanessa. Jenny knew that was a public acknowledgment and prelude to the planned wedding of the two prime lovers, which seems now irreversible.

Jenny's depression has thrown the spanners into the advertising campaign of Guillermo's agency. He went to warn her that he would substitute her if she did not desist from running after Carlos Eduardo. He banished her from seeing Carlos again. He further went to tell Carlos the actions he had taken against Jenny to prevent her from disrupting his (Carlos') marriage plans with L.F.

L.A was shocked when he fully realized the enormous fortune that his biological daughter, L.F would be swimming into. L.F went to the park alone to weep. She was overwhelmed with the good news that Rigo brought her. It was an anticlimax. When she recovered and got back home, she chastised Pedro for hiding her relationship with Don from her.