Thursday, November 30, 2006

Episode 68: Banished For Love!

We have just entered the most dramatic phase of la hija del Jardinero. A phase of complicated irony. Few minutes after Luisa Fernanda swore to Sister Joaquina that she doesn't care about whoever her biological Dad is, because Pedro was the most wonderful and affectionate father in the world, this same Pedro, turned his back on Luisa Fernanda, and asked her to do him a great favour. Wonder what came out of this 'affectionate' father's mouth? "... I never want to see you again!"

I insist that Pedro is not mad. He is suffering from what I call an obsession, a loser's mentality that conditioned him to see his angelic daughter as abandoning him into his life-long defeats, as soon as she knows either L.A as her biological father or Don Fernando as her maternal grandfather. Amelia partly contributed to his loser's delusion. He was battered with words of failure throughout his 18 years "stolen marriage" by Amelia.

The only man who can help him out of that situation, the man who has a tonnage of information to transform his depressed state is emotionally compromised. Alfredo collects all the jigsaw pieces that have shattered Pedro. He assembled them together, not so much to put 'Humpty' Pedro together again, but to use as a weapon for rivalry advantage over lover boy, Carlos Eduardo.

Tonite might not be my time of critical appraisal of the drama and the dramatis personae in this telenovela, but this complexities drew my ire against injustice and stirred my passion for righteousness. I said 'stolen' because the circumstances that made Amelia to follow Pedro to the registry, to sign the dotted lines was never that of mutual consent or of mutual love. Very wrong for Pedro to turn afterwards and call Amelia his 'wife' for 18 years, when she never accepted him as husband. To visit the 'sins' of a late mother on an innocent and ignorant daughter is bad indeed.

Pedro's fears were unfounded, but who would 'unwind' him? I leave that to you.

That Girl Is Not Good Enough For Your Class!
Marissa continues in her gullible ride into deception by lashing out at her son, Carlos Eduardo, with the manipulative and wicked whips of his mortal enemies- Jenny and L.A. She told him that Luisa Fernanda has no class and would not befit his status as the future President of the Metropolitan Bank conglomerates. She lectured him on his need to marry an educated graduate with a social class befitting his future assignment. She also told him that whether he likes it or not, she would bring Luis Alejandro back as her husband into the house again.

L.A assured Andreina, who was already alarmed by the murder plot for Marissa, that As a widower, after Marissa's death, he would inherit a great fortune to be in a position to marry her and give her the best of things. Andreina began to gradually understand the mess she found herself in, that she had loved a cold-hearted and murderous monster all these years.

Alfredo positioned himself at his door, and when L.F came home, he called her and asked her why she was sad, wanting to know if his greatest wish had come to pass. He asked her if Carlos had fought her again. She said on the contrary, their love waxes stronger, but a lot of people are bothered by her recent happiness. She told him how Vanessa told her that she would never forgive nor reconcile with her. He followed her into her lonely house and sat down to drink coffee. It took the appearance of Carlos at the door to bring Alfredo back to his senses, he peacefully slid out to give the cupid couple some privacy.

Carlos broke the first vow of their reconciliation, by hiding the fact of the bitter battle he just fought with Marissa over L.F. When L.F asked him if his mother loved her, he lied to her that his mother loves her and approve of their love and reconciliation. Anytime you lie in love, you unconsciously dig a pit that would later endanger that love with unprepared burial. He gave her a gift of his mobile handset. He also insisted that she should never allow or entertain Alfredo in her house.

Consuelo is voraciously gathering data to launch her next evil scheme. She sat her father, Don, down to know the condition and state of Marissa's health. She also eavesdropped on Vanessa and L.F to ascertain the degree of conviction of Vanessa to fall in line with her evil plot to destroy L.F. Later, in the night, this evil mastermind sat Vanessa down to tutor her on how to jointly carry out their diabolical attack of vengeance against L.F.

The Allies Meeting
L.A phoned Jenny and asked her to meet him at an obscure restaurant. When she came, he fed her with stick-meat (I am surprised that these duo have not been going to bed together, they are a perfect match: comrades-in-wickedness), and also alerted her to cover for him, should in case, Armando came to ask her if she was truly the one who commissioned an investigation into his life, she should say yes. Jenny also demanded that L.A should make haste and get L.F imprisoned as he had promised her. He assured her that he was working that out soon.

After L.A left, Alfredo, who was also in the bar, saw her and invited her to dine with him. Jenny renewed her offer of partnership with him to split Carlos and L.F. She asked him if he was ready to fight for Luisa Fernanda's love? He politely declined, saying he didn't want to hurt L.F because she is currently happy with Carlos.

Believe This Lie; You'll Believe Anything!
L.A visited his victim again, (sorry, I don't want to call Marissa his wife again. His decision to murder her has nullified her as his wife, but now, his foolish victim). When she asked him why he abruptly left the previous day, he lied, saying he saw Carlos' girlfriend in the garden and decided to throw out the 'swindler' out of the house, but the 'little thief' claimed that her boyfriend is the owner of the house and he cannot send her out. He continued his manipulated lies by saying, that Carlos humiliated him and threw him out in the presence of all the servants. He said since he doesn't want a fight, he left peacefully.

Though this schemer had begun by saying that he did not want to give her any bad news that would upset her, he succeeded in rubbing in the distorted and manipulative story into Marissa's subconsciousness. She was boiling with anger by the time he completed that dirty assignment. He had succeeded in seting a solid stage to disinherit Carlos Eduardo.

Snippets 95/96A

The case for adoption of Salvador reached fever pitch because it has turned around to backfire on Pedro. He was now being accused of having kidnapped Salvador. The judge found Pedro a culpable suspect, and asked that, he be remanded in prison with option of bail until the next adjournment.

Based on Ceasar's alert, that L.F would marry Alfredo, that same day, as Carlos, Carlos Eduardo decided to go see L.F 'for the last time' before their respective weddings, per chance, she would change her mind at the 11th hour, and agree to marry him. When he got there, he asked her why she was in such an unusual hurry to wed Alfredo. While they were talking, Joaquina called her on phone that Pedro has been remanded in prison as suspect, in the twisted case of Salvador's adoption.

L.F was upset by this news, Carlos offered to support and drive her to the court to see Pedro. By the time Alfedo arrived, he was furious to see Carlos in the company of L.F. and protested his presence around his wife-to-be. A confrontation was inevitable between the two. Meanwhile, the Judge from the marriage registry that would join Jenny and Carlos together in 'holy wedlock' arrived in Marissa's house. Jenny was so desperate because Carlos was not around. She phoned the hospital and was told by Nurse Graziela that, Carlos had not come to the hospital that day. Jenny was heartbroken to learn that Carlos had lied to her in order to escape and avoid the wedding ceremony. She later found out that he had gone to L.f's house. The wedding had to be postponed indefinitely. When Carlos got back, he told her that he has confirmed that Pedrito was truly his child by L.F.

The judge imposed a surety of very huge sum of money to guarantee that Pedro, would not jump bail. L.f had to submit the house and business assets of Pedro to stand surety before he could be released. After they all came out of the court premises, Alfredo reminded L.F that their wedding was that day, L.F told him that she is no longer interested in marrying him.

L.A strolled to the Metropolitan Bank's head office and continued to pose as the president. Ordonez suspected that he must have had a hidden agenda, to show up in the bank, right after he was discharged from the hospital. So, he phoned Marissa to alert her that her ailing husband has resumed in the bank as the president. Marissa assured Ordonez not to worry. L.A challenged and accused him of stealing bank documents and keeping them in private houses.

Since Marissa sack Armando and since Jenny threw them out of her apartment, he and Carol had been swimming in an ocean of debts. Armando told her that he was living on the threshold of jail.

Don Fernando, in spite of Heriberto's opposition, has endorsed the relationship of Vanessa and Chante, and has asked him to move in, and live in the house with the family.

Snippets 94

Carlos Eduardo later asked Ordóñez about who invited LF to his wedding. Marissa's grieve was multiplied when the conditional bail of Carlos was withdrawn and he was arrested and detained in police cell awaiting trial.

Jennifer was hysterical, she accused alfredo of loosing control of his 'wife' by letting her run freely after carlos eduardo and subsequently disrupting her wedding.

On the trial day, the weak verbal evidences of solozarno and armando who testified against him were used to refuse him bail. Marissa was crushed and devastated by this 'betrayal' of L.A, she confronted L.A and called him a liar, because of his false assurance that, Armando would not stand to witness against Carlos in court, and that he would withdraw his charges, all of which did not happen.

L.A denied Marissa's accusation. He said he told Armando withdraw from the case, but was equally surprised that the "stubbornly" refused to listen to him.

L.F visited Carlos in detention for the second time to show solidarity with him.

Rigo went to tell Don that Consuelo had some things she wanted to confess to him, that, he should give her an audience.

Marissa got so angry that she confronted Armando and dismissed him as an employee of the bank. L.A later assured Armando that he would set him up in his own legal chambers to practice law.

Snippets 93

Now that the truth has been revealed, L.F knew from Carlos' account that Jenny sprung a scheme to keep her apart from Carlos, by hiding the fact that she (Jenny), knew about L.F's imprisonment. L.F regretted jumping into courtship with Alfredo, based on the wrong assumption that Carlos Eduardo did not love her and had gone romping to Baltimore with Jenny.

Carlos confronted Jenny with her pretentious lies and emotional trap, which she sprung to keep him apart from L.F. He accused her of answering L.F's phone-call and pretended that she, Jenny, was living with him in his hotel room when it was not yet so. Jenny lied by denying that she never received any phone-call from L.F. (when she called Carlos from prison cell, in her hour of desperate need). She morally blackmailed him into going ahead with his matrimonial commitment to her and the planned wedding, in spite of the fact that Pedrito is now confirmed as Carlos' son.

Nana Rosario was downcast that Carlos, in spite of the truth, was bent on plunging headlong with jenny into a compromise relationship and unhappy marriage. She planned with her goddaughter, Clarita, to abort the wedding.

On the wedding day, just before they were joined together, Clarita went to bring L.F with Pedrito on the pretext of visiting nana Rosario, to bless Pedrito, (being her first time of meeting the little boy). Clarita did not tell L.F that it was Carlos' wedding day with Jeniffer.

When L.F appeared suddenly at the historic point of joining the couple, with Carlos' son in her hands, the whole place was frozen with shock. L.F too was shocked, to see the wedding about to be consummated. All eyes were on her, and on Carlos. She ran back, with disappointment written all over her face.

Carlos could not bear to see the pain and disappointment written all over L.F's face as she ran out of the ceremony's venue. He stood up and desperately ran after her. The wedding ceremony of Jennifer to Carlos Eduardo was thereby effectively aborted that day. All hell broke loose!

Ordonez and others present, tried to call him back but he ignored all and went out in search of L.F and Pedrito.

Because of Carlos' disappearance from the house on the supposed date of his wedding to Jenny. Marissa and Jenny were devastated, and Marissa had a nervous breakdown. It was Alfredo who attended to her medically.

Snippets 92

Carlos Eduardo confronted L.F and asked her why she hid the identity and truth of his son from him. Pedro was angry that Carlos stormed his house, he wanted to retaliate by sending Carlos out of his house, just as Carlos did to him, the last time he(Pedro) visited Marissa. Pedro also accused Joaquina of postponing the wedding of L.F and Alfredo in order to give Carlos Eduardo an opportunity to reconcile and marry L.F Joaquina denied his accusation.

Carlos also confronted Alfredo, he accused him of planning to hijack his son by making attempt to adopt him and even change his name to bear Alfredo's surname. He called him a coward. Alfredo justified his reason for his actions. When the argument became very hot between them, L.F was upset and angry, she sided with Carlos against Alfredo. So, Alfredo was angry and left for his own house. When he got home, he told Xóchil how Carlos humiliated him and L.F sided with Carlos. She reminded him that she had warned him that his marriage to L.F would not work. Alfrdo accused Xochil of being against his love for L.F She broke down and wept.

After Alfredo left, L.F apologize to Carlos for the secrecy over Pedrito's paternity. He closed in on her and kissed her. When she protested the kiss, Carlos swore to her that she is the only one his heart is capable of loving. he begged her to marry him, but L.F said he should justify his living with Jenny for two years now. She left him and walked away. Pedro asked her what Carlos came for. She confessed to him that Carlos wanted to marry her. Pedro objected to it, but L.F told him that she was still in love with Carlos.

Jenny also went to confront L.F warning her that she should steer clear of her fiancee Carlos Eduardo. When she went to convince Carlos to let them proceed with their wedding arrangements, Carlos told her to forget it because that was no wedding but a trap set for him by her and his mom.

Because of the tension build-up between Carlos and L.A, which makes it uneasy for L.A. to return to Marissa's house, Jenny and Marissa arranged for him to live in Jenny's house, which is vacant for now. Marissa warned Caesar not to tell Carlos where that L.A is now living in Jenny's house. Jennifer pleaded with Marissa to lie to Carlos that Pedrito is not his son and also that he should go ahead and marry Jenny.

Pressure was mounted on Armando by Jenny, Carol and Marissa, so that he could withdraw his charges of attempted assassination against Carlos. He refused to 'play ball'. So Marissa told L.A to advise his son to withdraw his charges against Carlos. L.A gave Marissa deceptive assurance that Armando would withdraw the charges. On the contrary he told Amando privily never to withdraw the charges. He gave him a huge some of money to bribe the judge, so that Carlos would be imprisoned.

Solozarno and Armando paid the robbers and gave them direction to Lupe's house where Ordonez kept all the bank documents that implicated L.A in shady deals. The stormed the house and held Caesar and Lupe hostage while they carted away all the boxes containing the incriminating documents. They tied up and gaged both Lupe and Caesar.

Leopoldo protested to the two hired assassins because L.A survived the rain of bullets. Consuela asked Vanessa what was the outcome of their visit to L.F's house. She told her the details.

Snippets 91

Ordonez released another 'bomb', telling Carlos that Alfredo and L.F are also just about to marry in less than two weeks time. He told him that his mom and Jennifer had decided to hide the info about Pedrito's paternity from him, until after his marriage (I call it, "Matrimonial Trap") to Jenny. Carlos was boiling over with anger and he practically ran home, spoiling for a fight.

Just before Carlos got home, Rosario was indicting Marissa for forcing her son, Carlos, into an "arrangee" marriage in which he does not love his partner, Jennifer.

From his sick bed, L.A directed operations, led by Armando to recover all the documents that contains the shady deals of L.A when he was the bank's president. He commanded that the boxes containing the documents be stolen in a commando fashion led by Armando.

Alfredo enlisted the legal services of his friend once again, to help Pedro in the adoption of Salvador, whom Pedro picked from the streets.

Don Fernando's first wish after the gradual recovery of his memory, to meet again with Luicito was fulfilled, as Vanessa and Rigoberto took him to L.F's house. Don carried Pedrito. As they were chatting with L.F, Pedro came in, he felt jealous and threatened by Don's presence in his house, he became furious that they came unannounced. He chased all of them out of his house.

Carlos stormed his mother's room to accuse her of manipulating his proposed wedding to Jennifer by hiding the truth of his Paternity of Pedrito. Jennifer also returned from a shopping spree with Carol for her wedding gown and other ceremonial needs. Carlos accused both his mom and Jenny, for scheming against him, by hiding the truth of Pedrito being his son to him. He announced the shocker to them as retaliation. Tomorrow's Wedding Canceled. No more wedding! He told Jenny to forget about getting him to marry her again.

Jennifer lied by denying her complicity in the scandal. She employed bold-face tactics to tell him that Pedrito was not his son. He replied that he would go right away to L.F's house to confirm the truth.

L.A was discharged and Marissa went to bring him home from the hospital. Armando asked him to fulfill his promise of renting an apartment for him and Carol since Jenny has thrown them out of her house. Jenny came to lo0bby L.A to insist to Marissa to force Carlos to marry her.

Marissa confessed to Nana Rosario that it was Jenny who forced her to play game by hiding the truth of Pedrito's Paternity from Carlos.

Reluctant Alfredo and L.F met Carlos Eduardo at the door, just as they were about setting out to go to his house, with the mission to go and confess to Carlos that Pedrito was his son. As soon as he met, them, Carlos asked L.F, saying: "... Where is my son, I would love to meet him." They were surprised that he already knew about Pedrito as his son.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Episode 67: The Fools Paradise

Like I said yesterday, Marissa began her journey to the grave by giving the trickster, L.A another chance to prove that he 'loves' her and she can trust him again. Tonite, two things happened simultaneously. While Marissa was busy churning out orders to Ordonez to stop the divorce proceedings in court against L.A, the bum was busy revealing and reviewing with his lover, Andreina, his plans to murder Marissa, if she gives him the second chance to come into her life again.

With her own hands, she signed her death warrant with a pen flowing with the ink of the fool's paradise. Marissa is a lesson in emotional weakness. In any society, the most shrewd set of people or profession are the money lenders or Bankers. Remember the fable of the 'Merchant of Venice'? Marissa has put the impeccable reputation of the banking profession into a huge shame. To allow an emotional robber toy with your life is one weakness too much.

For 18 years, this bum has played the gigolo, toying with her money, and she did not know this, until recently when she caught him cheating on her with a concubine called Andreina. That was sufficient evidence to break completely with emotional folly. To open again the door of her heart for a grand reception for this emotional thief, is something incomprehensible and, I believe the generation to come from that family lineage (the Alcantaras and the Gomez Ruiz), would never forgive the memory of this woman who opened the door of calamity, for tragedy to invade the family fortunes.

Every chain breaks at its weakest link. Marissa in this hour, represents the worst and weakest link in the love-chain of Luisa Fernanda and Carlos Eduardo. I am afraid she would bring incalculable disaster unto these two youngsters for the next two years, by her ungodly decision of emotional weakness, to bring Luis Alejandro back into her home and life. She is a message for every rich old lady that have hot pants for very young men. They are courting disasters! That is the message!

Touch Not Luicito!
Rigoberto, the no-nonsense old maid of the Alcantara's house is truly a guardian Angel. She heard L.F telling Don Fernando how L.A threatened her with imprisonment, because of loosing a case to her in court sometime ago. She stormed L.A's office to warn him that, not a single strand of hair from that young girl's hair must be plucked by L.A. She counter-threatened L.A that, she would expose him as a trickster and liar to Don Fernando. She promised him that, if he touches L.F, she would tell Don that he was the bast**d that impregnated Amelia 20 years ago. A word they say, is enough for the wise, or in this case, a trickster.

Forget About Your Father
Armando stormed the office of L.A with his girlfriend Carol, after they have excused Carol. Armando challenged L.A to tell him if he was his father. L.A told him that he must be crazy to jump to such conclusions and that, their coincidental resemblance was not biological, but one of those rare but possible cases of life. When he mentioned his mother's name, Armando was shocked, he asked him how he knew his mother and yet claimed he never met her? L.A lied to him that Jenny was concerned because he (Armando), was going out with her sister, Carol, and requested him to investigate Armando Perreira. He told him all the data, that Medina gave him, about his high grades in the University, his best friend's name etc. These additional facts calmed down his suspicions.

L.A offered him immediately the job of a Personal Assistant. Armando was overwhelmed with gratitude by this surprised and unsolicited employment. Armando said he would call his mother to tell her that he has gotten a new job. L.A became afraid, and told him not to tell his mom yet so that the woman would not be too anxious. He also told him to forget about his father, because he is already a grown-up man. L.A promised that he would teach him the tricks of the legal business, saying law thrives on tricks. What a heritage!

After Armando left, L.A said to himself: "... life is funny, I did not have any child with Marissa, now I have two, a boy and a girl..., now I must find who the girl is..."

He is Not My Father!
L.F was worried the way Carlos treated L.A shabbily, saying, how could he treat his father like that. Carlos said: "...C'mmon my love, that st*pid bast**d isn't my father. He married my mother when I was young, My father died when I was four years old, my mother married him a few years after, despite all our objections to the marriage. I have never called him a father. He married my mother because of her money."

Your Mouth Is Filthy
Don Fernando dealt another blow on Consuela tonite by asking her to shut her filthy mouth. Consuela was surprised that Don came back from Marissa's house alone, so she asked him saying: ", that servant left you alone to come home by yourself?" Don was offended by her statement, and he called her to order, saying, "... that girl girl is not just a simple servant, neither is she an idiot as you called her... you have a filthy mouth, and only filthy things come out of it. Keep quiet if you have nothing clean to say about that girl." L.F entered at that moment, Don just grabbed her and told her that he had something private he wanted to tell her, so, he took her, in spite of the boiling jealousy of Consuela, to his study.

When they got there, he gave her the envelope containing a bulk money, and told her that was her salary for several months, paid in advance. She was surprised and grateful, and never suspected that the money was from Carlos Eduardo. Consuela was waiting for her when she came out of Don's study. She demanded from her, what was the private talks that Don was having with her. To my annoyance, L.F foolishly sat down to tell Consuela that Don gave a lot of monies to cover several month's salary.

What else does L.F needs to acknowledge this red snake as her enemy? Was it when she called her father, Pedro a lunatic; or when she fired her before Don rescued her; or when she lied to her and incited her against Rigo, but she later found out that Rigo was a sweet angel; or when Don openly accuse her(Consuela), of acting strangely and being jealous of L.F? Why would she have to open her mouth to tell the secret of what Don did for her in the open, to this poisonous snake? This grave error would cost her, her freedom very soon, as Consuela would use that information to accuse her later of stealing money from her house.

Jennifer lost her balance for the rest of the day because of the acidic tongue of Don Fernando. She felt very low to discover that, a complete stranger like Don, knew her phony pregnancy secrets.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Episode 66: What Marissa Forgot!

They said he had Alzheimer disease, that he has memory loss and suffers from amnesia. Don Fernando, the multi Billionaire steel magnate, who has been turned into a domestic mockery by his daughter, Consuelo, is the one who showed Marissa the inconvenient truth that Marissa chose to forget in tonite's episode.

Don Came into Marissa's bedroom and cheered her up, also telling her that he could not but come with his personal companion, the girlfriend of Carlos Eduardo, when he heard that she was a little under the weather. Jennifer was offended by Don's statement, so she mocked his statement, saying, "... Personal Companion??? you mean, your personal servant!" Don was pissed off by this mocker, and he challenged her saying: "who are you, young lady to teach me what I know?" Marissa quickly intervened by introducing her as her good friend, Jennifer de la Vega.

The old man smiled and said: "... Ok, now I understand your attitude, so you are the lady who made up that phony pregnancy story to keep Carlos Eduardo and Luicita apart!" It was as if a bucket of frozen water was poured on Jenny, she sank into silence and disappeared from the room. Marissa too was uncomfortable with the bitter reminder that Don brought to the fore. She tried to change the subject by telling Don that her son loved him like a father, he too said he loved him like a son, and he thanked Marissa for the unexpected loan her bank wanted to give to his steel factory. He also expressed his happiness for the reunion of Carlos and Luicito. Marissa could not tolerate any, more of the L.F promo that the old man is indulging in, so, she quickly found excuse to dispatch the old man to help her look for Carlos to come and take care of her.

Those who refused to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And when history repeats itself, it does so, first as a FARCE, like the phony pregnancy case, and later as a TRAGEDY. Marissa holds the key to the good fortune of this telenovela, if she looses that key to the wicked, to rule and ruin her life, a tragedy of incomparable dimension cannot be averted. Marissa unwittingly, is preparing herself for a tragic manipulation that would send her to "hell" for two years, and consequently send Carlos and Luisa Fernanda (the prime lovers), into a life of misery, sorrow and public disgrace, for the same period. What a shame, What a folly! and What a Lesson for us to learn about the kind of friends that surround us often.

Tonite's episode was all-round victory for Don Fernando. Earlier in the drama at home, Consuela fired L.F partly because she was asking for advance salary to pay for her her father's (Pedro) medical expenses. Consuela told her that the money shall be her terminal salary because her services were no longer needed, simply because she accused L.F of upsetting the nerves of her father, with her emotional cries for pity. Don overheard her hysteric shouts and came asking what the matter was. Rigo told him that Consuela wanted to sack Luicito because she asked for salary advance.

Don responded marvelously by saying: "... the one who really upset my nerves in this house is you, Consuela. In this house, I give the orders, because it me that pays all the workers and not you... Instead of accusing Luicito of being a stranger, it's you who have lately become a stranger here, you have grown jealous of this young girl, whereas she has been tender towards me, she did not upset my nerves like you did." Defeated Consuela angrily left the house with Heriberto.

Don told L.F to take him to Marissa's house to cheer her up. L.F was reluctant because of L.A who has been a nuisance to her recently at the hospital before Marissa was discharged. Don understood, but assured her that L.A is just one of his employees in his steel factory, and if the man should insult her again, he would simply fire him. So, she took him to Marissa's house. On getting there, Carlos took Don to his room for private talks. L.F insisted that she would just wait for them inside the garden with Clarita.

Jenny appeared with flowers for Marissa and saw L.F in the garden, and with blazing eyes, she said to her: "... so, the little girl is waiting outside, well, excuse me, because, in this house, I don't need to wait or hang around". L.F told her that she came with Mr. Fernando and does not have time for her tantrums, saying she could go inside, if she wanted because it is her boyfriend's house. Jenny disagreed, saying this house belongs to Marissa and not Carlos Eduardo. She assured L.F that she should go look for another boyfriend in her gardener's class, saying that Marissa would never allow her son to marry a gardener's daughter. She told L.F that she is beneath her class and that L.A would soon come out and make sure she is behind bars as he had promised her.

Jenny went in to tell L.A who was already toasting Marissa with fake promises that she should give him another opportunity to prove to her that she could, once again trust him by asking him to return and live with her as her husband. Marissa was on the verge of agreement because when Carlos told Marissa at the hospital, just before she was discharged, to sent him out. She disagreed with him, saying, "He has a right to be with me, because he is still my husband".

L.A. ran out of the room threatening to chase L.F out of the compound, saying get house of my house now. Carlos appeared and came to her rescue saying: "... the one who is going out of here now is You!". He told L.A to apologize to his girlfriend and wife-to-be for insulting her he refused. Then, Carlos threaten to beat him up if he did not get out of the compound immediately. L.A was humiliated out of the house. But he left a memorable word for Carlos that he would soon return to live as the head of the house.

That Man Is Clever
Odonez inspected the steel factory and promise Consuelo and Heriberto to write a report to the credit department bank to facilitate a speedy conclusion of the loan requested for. He later told Lupe at the office that L.A is now the legal adviser, with an office and a secretary, at the steel factory. Lupe was surprised and said that the man is very clever. Ordonez said he was not only clever, but also sneaky and a cheat. He suspected that he was rewarded by Consuelo, who paid a detective so that Amelia would not be brought back home. He swore with the memory of Amelia, that he would get to the root of this fraud scheme to deprive Luisa Fernanda from getting her inheritance. He even suggested going to Don to reveal all this truth.

L.A returne to the office to meet Rigo and Detective Medina. He took Medina in, and the detective reported back to him that Armando Perreira was the son of Elvira Perreira of Vera Cruz. She is still alive but the father could not be traced! L.A mused aloud in his heart at the revelation, saying in his heart: "Elvira Perreira was my girlfriend!"

Pedro was so obsessed with L.F-Carlos renewal of relationship that He began to insult his elder sister, Joaquina for always defending and protecting Carlos. Joaquina explained to him that his hatred was unfounded, because Montero is not the father of carlos. His father's name was Gomez. But Pedro was blinded with his obsession that he described L.F and her late mother, Amelia as ungrateful. Joaquina was offended by this categorizatioin and she told him so. he bacame so furious with Joaquina that he called her a traitor and little witch, commanding her to get him out of the mental prison that L.F locked her into so that she can go around with that 'bast**d' as he characteristically described Carlos. Joaquina broke into tears for her brother that had gone bonkers.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Snippets 90

Because Marissa confronted Pedro with the inescapable truth, he could not look Marissa in the eye, he admitted the truth that Pedrito was truly Carlos Eduardo's son! Marissa got home and told Jenny that Pedro had confessed the truth that Pedrito was Carlos Eduardo's son by Luisa Fernanda. She however assured Jenny that she would not disclose the truth to Carlos until after her wedding to Carlos.

Pedro confessed to L.F that he had told Marissa the truth about Pedrito's paternity. Alfredo was disappointed but managed to hide his disappointment. L.F and Alfredo decided that they would have to disclose the truth to Carlos by their own mouth and not through any third party. Alfredo knew in his heart that his wedding plans with L.F would crash immediately if Carlos should know this truth. So he hid his fears and pessimism from L.F.

The plot thickens. Jenny organized a grand family dinner at home to herald the decision on the wedding date between her and Carlos. Marissa confronted Carlos that after two years of living as concubines, it is time that he fixes a date for marrying Jenny. He looked up and said TWO DAYS TIME! Jenny was overjoyed with this decision. Marissa went to L.A at the hospital to break the 'good news' of Carlos' wedding to Jennifer in 2 days time.

Don Fernando was tired of the ding-dong game between Heriberto and Daniel, Vanessa's fiance. He demanded that both Consuelo and Roberto accept and respect the choice of Vanessa for marriage. Don complained against manipulation by parents when two people love each other. In the midst of his statement, his memory suddenly came alive and he remembered how Marissa and Jennifer Manipulated against Luicito and Carlos Eduardo. He asked after Luicito and demanded that he wants to meet her immediately. He instructed Consuelo to call her on phone immediately. Consuelo almost choked with shock on the seat, she was scared to death as Don regained his precious lost memories. Rigo was exceedingly happy. The time of recompense drew nigh!

Alicia tried to keep away incriminating documents that L.A used for his shady deals when he was the bank's president. Ordonez caught her and told her drop them .After she left, Ordonez assembled the documents and went to hide it with Lupe.

When Odonez met Carlos the next day, Carlos invited him to his wedding ceremony in 24hours time. Ordonez was shocked, and he asked him if he knew that Pedrito was his son. Meanwhile, the 'chairlady' of the 'fans club', Clarita, went to tell L.F that in 24 hours, Carlos would be married to Jenny!

Snippets 89

Ordonez overheard Jennifer when she was pleading with Marissa not to disclose to Carlos that Pedrito was his son until after she had married him in few days time.

Alfredo discovered that L.F visited Carlos when he was detained for one day, as suspect in the assassination saga of L.A. He was so angry that, he confronted her for lying to him, in order to visit Carlos Eduardo in prison. She apologized but insisted that the visit was just showing pity and had nothing to do with emotional attachment to Carlos. She assured Alfredo that she would marry him and love him very much. He did not believe her empty promises, now he knew that her heart has been revived with renewed love for Carlos Eduardo.

Pedro invited Lupe to escort him and L.F to a bridal shop to purchase a wedding gown for L.F. Lupe declined because, words might reach Carlos, who is her boss, that she was part of the conspirators against his love for Luisa Fernanda.

Jennifer attempted to blackmail Armando for not withdrawing his accusation against Carlos as being the sponsor of the attempted assassination of L.A. She threatend to throw Armando and Carol out on the streets, from her apartment, where they now live as love concubines. Armando was adamant, he wouldn't trade his father's life for Jenny's roof and Carol's infatuation.

As L.A recovers from the 'gate of death', he called Solozarno to bear false witness against Carlos Eduardo. He told him to claim that he saw Carlos when he raised his gun and shot him. He also thanked Armando for donating blood for transfusion to save him from death. He confessed to Armando that he was his biological father. He apologized to him for denying his paternity over him when they met. He promised to arrange to change his name from Armando Perreira to Armando Montero as soon as he recovered from his wound.

Caesar came to warn L.F that Marissa and Ordonez already know that Carlos is the father of Pedrito. She became very afraid of the consequences, so, she ran to Lupe, begging her to intercede for her by pleading with Ordonez not to tell Carlos that Pedrito was his son. She was afraid that such disclosure might abort her wedding plans and bring much sorrow to Alfredo whom she owed her freedom from gaol to, for standing by her with legal defense, while she was in prison.

The trial judge interrogated Carlos and discovered that there was no proven evidence to convict him, for the attempted assassination of L.A, despite the contrary solo testimony of Solozarno that, Carlos was the mastermind of the crime. Carlos was pissed off by the false witness of Solozarno against him. The judge set Carlos free, pending further investigations into the case. L.A was so angry when he heard the news that Carlos was set free by the court. Carlos went straight to the hospital to confront L.A, asking him how much he paid to Solozarno to bear false witness against him.

Don Fernando paid Carlos a visit at the hospital as he recuperates. Marissa went to visit Pedro to challenge him that she already knew that Pedrito was her grandson by Carlos.

Daniel threatened to file a lawsuit against Heriberto, for disallowing him from visiting his fiance Vanessa. He accused him of kidnapping his fiancee, and preventing him from seeing her.

Snippets 88

L.F was really traumatized to hear Carlos Eduardo being accused of attempted assassination of L.A. The police came back with arrest warrant, arrested Carlos and made him incommunicado with anybody. The event caused a big scandal and big ripple in the city of Mexico.

Alfredo was also furious that L.F admitted Vanessa to come and live with her. He reminded her that the bulk money that Do paid her as advanced salary was what Vanessa used as in her witness's evidence against her that she, L.F stole her (Vanessa's), money.

Armando faced a surprised Marissa and swore to her that L.A was his father, based on the facts he had gathered from his mother from Vera Cruz.

Don Fernando stumbled on his fabricated Will, falsified by Consuela, which ceded all his fortunes to Consuelo.

Lawyer Mujica was unable to bail Carlos, he had to spend the night in the police cell. Next day as he arranged to go to the police station to bail Carlos. Jennifer arrived and went wild, when she discovered that L.F wanted to follow him to visit Carlos at the station, saying L.F cannot visit her 'husband' because she had no business visiting him in custody, because she is not his wife or fiancee.

The hired assassins went to Leopoldo's house to collect the payment for their work, as assigned by him against L.A.

once beaten, twice shy, daniel now crings from the idea of living together with Vanessa without her father's approval and sponsorship. he told Vanessa of his new resolution. Heriberto along with Consuelo, arrived at L.F's house, to plead with Vanessa to come back home with him.

Snippets 87

Consuela was paranoid with the threat of Carlos Eduardo to publicly expose her for being the fraudulent Mastermind behind the incarceration of L.F. She quickly ran with a heavy sum of money to L.F's house to compensate her for the damages her actions have caused to the image and reputation of L.F. Luisa Fernanda, the noble and priceless princess, destined to fulfill destiny rejected the mess of pottage offered by Consuela. She told Consuela that no amount of money can cleanse the immorality of Consuela's damaging actions.

As L.A fell to the assassins bullets, he was rushed in an emergency in his critical conditions to the hospital. While Marissa was confiding in Pedro to advise her on what to do with the relentless battles between her son, Carlos and her husband and Carlos step-father and also the nightmare which the feud had caused her. Jennifer called her to tell her that L.A has been felled by assassins bullets and they have rushed him to the hospital. Pedro had to help the still limping Marissa back into the car to take her back home.

At that moment, L.F came to Carlos with intention to tell him the truth about her imprisonment by the wicked schemes of Consuelo. Jenny entered and was destabilized and fearful to see L.F in the garden with Carlos. She quickly went to Carlos side, calling him 'hubby' to spite L.F, so that L.F can think that they were already married.

When Armando heard about the attempted assassination of L.A, he jumped into conclusion that it was Carlos who masterminded it. He publicly accused Carlos of sponsoring the assassination and went to bring policemen to arrest him. Mujica, the Bank's lawyer, legally prevented Carlos from being arrested because, he said the policemen had no warrant of arrest.

Marissa was so distressed, that she believed the accusation of Armando. This was because she had just witnessed the previous day when Carlos threatened L.A with death.

Vanessa felt so humiliated by her father's action and attitude towards her fiance. She walked out of the house in anger. She went to L.F's house to share her tale of woes, L.F had compassion on her and forgave and reconciled with her. She offered her space to come and live with her. Pedro and Joaquina were furious with L.F for bringing the 'devil's daughter' to live in the house. They reminded her that While she was in prison, Vanessa refused, despite their many pleadings to withdraw the charges she filed in court against L.F.

L.F defended Vanessa against eviction attempts by Pedro, she told them that it was Consuela, the 'saint' who masterminded the imprisonment and was the one winding the Vanessa to press the charges.

By evening when Vanessa had not returned Heriberto was worried and asked Consuela to escort him to L.F's house since he suspected that would be where Vanessa must have gone to hibernate.

At the emergency ward in the hospital, L.A had lost much blood, and was struggling between life and death, Armando arrived and to the surprise of everyone present, including Marissa, he accepted to donate blood for transfusion to L.A because it matched. He also publicly acknowledged L.A as his father. This sent confusion and astonishment to all who were there. Jenny called Armando aside, and told him to stop accusing Carlos of this attempted asassination, but he refused.

Snippets 86

Caesar felt so guilty for telling Carlos the truth about L.F' marital status. He therefore went to confess to L.F, to clear his conscience, what he told Carlos. L.F became agitated because, she suspected that the information is capable of propelling Carlos to begin fresh moves to seeking to marry her. Caesar warned her to also go and confess the truth to Carlos, because he would inevitably find out the truth. L.F was touched by this noble advise from Caesar.

L.A spoke with Carlos that Marissa wanted him to be his special adviser, Carlos disagreed with him, because he reasoned that he cannot share his presidency with a scumbag like him. He did not trust him. He accused him of capable of sending hired killers after him, so that he would take over his inheritance from him. Carlos assured him that before L.A kills him, he would have killed L.A too. Jenny and Marissa were shocked by the daring accusation of assassination that Carlos made against L.A.

Marissa tried to calm him down, but he snubbed his mother and accused her of collaborating with a criminal to dupe him of his inheritance. He stormed out of the house and went to meet Lic Ordonez at a bar, where he poured out his bitterness at the plot of L.A to disinherit him and the cowardice and complicity of his mom. He said in frustration that, if L.A dares to play games with his life, like he did with his mom, he would kill him. Armando was incidentally by the opposite table near them, and heard all the threats of Carlos.

After he left, L.A persuaded Marissa to counsel Carlos to accept him as his special adviser, and for cohabitational arrangement in the bank's Presidency.

Ordonez began to gather and prepare evidence of profligacy and prodigality against L.A. during his two year reign as the bank's president in Marissa's absence. He instructed another lawyer to make documentary photocopies of fraudulent transaction deals of L.A.

Carlos went to visit Don and took effective care to treat him, not just as his patient, as before, but this time, like as if, Don were his father. When he came downstairs, he saw Consuelo and accused her of being the mastermind behind the incarceration of his former girlfriend, Luisa Fernanda. He threatend her to go and pay L.F compensation for the damages done to the image of L.F during the trial, otherwise he would not hesitate to expose her before the public.

After her regular Physiotherapeutic exercise, Marissa felt much better with her muscular movements, so, she decided to pay a surprise visit to Pedro at his floral shop. She told him that what brought her was a sensitive matter.

Having refused to grant the desire of Vanessa and her fiance for money to rent apartment. The two lovers found themselves on Heriberto's bed, and did there 'thing' right there on his bed. They were however unlucky as he arrived at the peak of their romance and was mad to see both naked on his bed. He was so furious that he slapped Daniel for 'abusing' his daughter in her own house.

L.A is now having Xochil as his regular date and replacement for Andreina. As he arrived at the bank in company of his right-hand man, Mr. "Fix it" Solozarno. two gunmen waiting for his arrival saw him and sprayed him with bullets, and ran away on motorbike for escape.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Snippets 85

When L.F asked him what he meant by secrets, Carlos told her that he learnt that she was in prison for several months during his trip to and stay in Baltimore. He also told her that the money that the plaintiff, Vanessa claimed was stolen from her was not even Don's money, but the money he gave to Don to give to her for Pedro's treatment, knowing that she would not collect it from him, if he had given her directly.

Consuelo was angry with Vanessa for telling Carlos Eduardo the truth. Vanessa said it was not her, but Rigo who went to Carlos house and told him all the story to fill the gap of his absence from Mexico. Consuelo went to meet Rigo and lambasted her for being a 'big mouth' who told Carlos Eduardo everything that happened in his absence. She threatened her that if she (Rigo) should open her mouth and tell Don all she knew about Luicito and Amelia, she (Consuela) would commit suicide.

Jenny came home to accuse Marissa of fraternizing with her enemies- Pedro and L.F. Marissa said she only went to apologize to Pedro for the bad reception given him by Carlos the previous day. She however told her that she saw the son of L.F and that she was absolutely sure that the boy, Pedrito, was Carlos son, because he was the exact replica of Carlos Eduardo. Jenny became real scared with this news, she pleaded with Marissa not to tell Carlos until after he had married her, and that Marissa should do everything possible to speed up the wedding day to a matter of days! Marissa assured her that she would help her.

Caesar was reluctant to go for the infertility tests. As Clarita urged him to, Jenny entered and challenged Clarita for supporting L.F against her. Caesar defended his wife by telling Jenny the truth, that Carlos Eduardo does not love her, and would always be loving Luisa Fernanda. When Carlos returned she reported Caesar and Clarita to him. Carlos assured her that he would talk to them to change their hostile attitude towards her. When Carlos met Caesar, and demanded why they were hostile to Jenny, Caesar opened his mouth wide and told Carlos that, L.F and Alfredo have never married nor lived as husband and wife. Carlos was shocked by this discovery.

Ordonez told L.A not to bother himself, that it was his duty to conduct an orientation for the new President, Carlos Eduardo. L.A was not happy with this turn of events. When Alfredo learnt that Carlos came to visit L.F he went to warn him never to come around L.F again because L.F despises him. Carlos was angry, he landed a heavy blow on Alfredo's face. Alfredo got his lawyer friend to sue Carlos for assault.

Alfredo came back home to quarrel with L.F for even talking to Carlos. L.F was angry and challenged him for doubting her integrity. Pedro supported Alfredo against L.F saying she should never have entertained Carlos when he came visiting. Alfredo broke relationship with L.F. She went to her room to weep, saying she was making sacrifice by wanting to marry a man she did not love. Pedro encouraged Alfredo never to give up this time, that he should fight to keep his wife-to-be, from that 'predator' (meaning Carlos). Alfredo later came back next day to apologize to her for doubting her, and they reconciled.

The rivalry between Lucero and Carol got to fever pitch when carol ordered that Lucero should be shoved out of the gym of Jenny's beauty Academy to put herself in shape. Lucero went to report the disgraceful conduct of Carol to Armando. L.A came looking for Jenny at the Academy but was told by Xochil (Alfredo's maid) that Jenny was not around. L.A was enraptured by Xochil's beauty, he toasted her and invited her to a dinner date. he felt it was time he replaces Andreina who had disappeared into thin air. Xochil accepted is dinner invitation. Joaquina warned Pedro to tell the truth of Pedrito Paternity to Marissa and Carlos.

Snippets 84

Jenny became afraid that the old Nana Rosario was not on her side. Fearing that she might influence Carlos not to marry her, she warned her to be absolutely loyal to her or she would sack her and her goddaughter, Clarita from that house. jenny's strong arm tactic failed to intimidate the old woman who reported her to Carlos, when he returned. She demanded that Carlos warn her to respect her age. Carlos Eduardo warned Jennifer to change her offensive attitude to Rosario and should respect Nana, saying he would not stand anybody to disrespect the nanny that nurtured him from infancy to adulthood.

Marissa called L.A and told him that she had made Carlos Eduardo the new President of Metropolitan Bank and he should hand-over to him. L.A pleaded with Marissa not to dispense with his 'valuable' services for the bank. He said Marissa should let him be the Special Adviser to the President, so that he would be able to properly guide Carlos in the complex business of the bank. When L.A got to the office, he told Ordonez that he is now the new adviser to Carlos. Ordonez disagreed with him that he is not morally positioned to guide the new president. A fight ensued between him and L.A.

Alfredo prevented Carlos from entering his apartment to investigate if L.F lives with him. Carlos went back home. On getting home, he met Rigoberto who begged him to visit Don and treat him as before. She also told him that Consuelo had sent her packing out of the house and took Don to an asylum. Carlos rose up immediately and asked Rigo to take him to see his old mentor, Don Fernando. On getting there, he resumed his care and treatment for Don.

Vanessa demanded to talk to Carlos after he finished with Don. From their discussions, he was able to learn that L.F was in jail for several months while he was in Baltimore, and that it was Alfredo who hired a lawyer to bail her out of prison. He was shocked with this news and became determined to get to the root of all what happened to L.F in his absence, particularly about the pregnancy and paternity of Pedrito.

Alfredo went to Pedro's house to inform him that He and L.F are getting married immediately, Pedro told him to be patient because the church wedding cannot take place earlier than two weeks from now. When Alfredo saw L.F he told her Carlos came looking for her in his apartment, but he prevented him from coming in. He seems to be insecured, so he lobbied and assured L.F that she would never regret marrying him.

Marissa told Ordonez that she wanted to revoke her Will, which she signed just before she went into coma. She said that now that she is alive to oversee her affairs, she no longer needs that kind of will.

Don Fernando demanded that Consuelo should go and look for Rigoberto and bring her back to the houser.

Marissa felt very bad about how Carlos embarrassed Pedro when he came visiting her yesterday, so she requested Clarita to take her to Pedro's house today. On getting there she saw L.F and Pedrito, she carried Pedrito in her arms, and she wondered the striking resemblance between the boy and her own son Carlos Eduardo. L.F was afraid of the truth, she denied the resemblance of her son with Carlos, and quickly went to call out Pedro to meet his visitor, while she went outside with Clarita. Clarita assured her that she has not disclosed the truth of Pedrito's paternity to Marissa, saying, Marissa came only because she wanted to visit Pedro and not because of the boy.

Marissa apologized to Pedro for the embarrassment he suffered in the hands of Carlos yesterday, She gave him a gift of beautiful flowers. She also asked him about the striking similarity of Pedrito and Carlos Eduardo. Pedro, like L.F, denied such resemblance, but Marissa was not convinced by their denials. She too was determined to get to the root of the matter.

Carlos attitude to Pedro triggered the suspicions of Jenny that Carlos was still in love with L.F. So, she deployed her younger sister, Carol to dig secretly into L.F's affairs whether she was truly married and happy in her marriage, including any relevant information about her that would help Jenny secure her firm grip on Carlos. Jenny also started her own investigations by going to Alfredo's house but did not meet him at home.

Vanessa demanded from her dad to rent a new apartment for her so she can live with her fiance, bur Heriberto turned down her request too. She also told Consuela that Carlos Eduardo now knows that L.F was in jail all the time he phone Consuelo from Baltimore. She told her that Carlos also knows that Consuela was lying about L.F being with Alfredo those times, and that Consuela is the principal suspect behind the imprisonment of L.F. Consuela wasafraid, not knowing what actions Carlos might take to fight back.

Carol visited L.F at home and was questioning her about her son, before L.F could answer, Sister Smiley came in to inform her about the preparations for the church wedding and also about the visit of Marissa. After carol left, she telephoned Jenny to tell her that Alfredo and L.F were about to wed in the next two weeks and that Marissa had visited Pedro's house sometimes earlier in the day. When Smiley came back from L.F Joaquina told her that she suspect that Pedro and Alfredo were pressurizing L.F into an emergency marriage because they were afraid that Carlos was back in Mexico. Pedro came to tell Joaquina that Marissa visited him and was saying that Pedrito resembled her son Carlos Eduardo, but he denied it.

After two years of marriage, Clarita has not been pregnant, so she asked her husband, Caesar to go infertility test, to determine the cause of barrenness. Caesar was afraid of the test.

Carlos Eduardo bursted in on L.F and accused her that he was in position of all the secrets she had been hiding from him. L.F was surprised, she didn't know which aspect of the so many secrets!

Snippets 83

Consuela was threatened when she heard that Vanessa went to beg for forgiveness from L.F. She was angry and warned her not to be close to L.F because she (L.F), can harm her by seeking retaliation.

News began to filter to Marissa that the Bank's management was in bad shape, she was obviously displeased with the bad management reports of the bank in her absence, by L.A. So she decided to change Leadership of the Bank by making her son, Carlos Eduardo to become the new President of the Bank.

Pedro came to visit Marissa at home. When Lupe asked him what his mission was, he refused to tell her. Later when he saw Marissa he begged her to prevent Carlos from pursuing his daughter L.F, because she is engaged to marry very soon, and she is happy with Alfredo. When Jenny arrived with Carlos, and learnt that Pedro was around, talking to Marissa. She tried unsuccessfully to prevent him from entering the house so that he would not meet Pedro who is a reminder of L.F.

L.F called and begged Alfredo never to tell Carlos about Pedrito, his son. She wanted Alfredo to claim that Pedrito was his own son. Alfredo demanded as condition for him to take that risk and lie about Pedrito, that L.F should marry him immediately. She agreed to marry him.

Carlos Eduardo swept aside the cunning resistance of Jenny and entered, only to see Pedro talking to Marissa, he was so furious and challenged him what he was doing in his house. He asked him to leave his house immediately, if he does not want any embarrassment. After Pedro left, Carlos protested to Marissa for entertaining a man that almost stabbed him with a broken bottle few years ago. He also said he would not like anybody to talk ill of Luisa Fernanda.

Jenny was worried by the level of passionate defense of L.F by Carlos, and his vengeful hatred for Pedro. All these, she thought, were indications that he was still deeply in love with L.F, despite his claim to the contrary.

Carlos Eduardo became suspicious of the flurry of activities around his arrival, so he decided to investigate the relationship between L.F and Alfredo. He also decided to know the origin of their son Pedrito.

L.A became desperately bothered by the decisions of Marissa that reverses all his previous decisions, he feels humiliated. He knew that it was now a matter of time before Marissa relives him of the Presidency of the bank. He therefore contracted his "Mr. Fix It" detective Solozarno, to find hired assassins who would kill Carlos. He told him to arrange it so that it would look like a vehicle accident in traffic.

Alfredo escorted L.F back to her house. They met Joaquina and Smiley who left the house for the couple. Salvador, the adopted child of Pedro, informed them that Pedro has gone to visit Marissa. When Alfredo got back home, he announced to his confidant and beautiful housemaid, Xóchil, that L.F has agreed to marry him immediately. She was secretly jealous, and tried to discourage her master, warning him that L.F's heart is still with Carlos, and even if she married him, she would not give him her full heart.

It is a fact that Heriberto was not happy with the choice of Vanessa for fiance. He would have preferred the Billionaire heir, Carlos Eduardo. So when Daniel requested a loan to rent an apartment so that he and Vanessa can live together, Heriberto turned down the request. He saw him as another gold digger.

When Pedro returned from Marissa's house L.F questioned him where he was coming from. He confessed to her that, he was afraid that she would fall in love with Carlos again, so he had to go and beg Marissa to advise her son to steer clear of L.F. She told him not to worry about that because, she had accepted to marry Alfredo immediately, only a few hours earlier this afternoon.

Pedro was exceedingly happy and he took the anouncement to Joaquina. Sister Joaquina opposed the hurried wedding proposal, she said that they must marry by Catholic church tradition. The earliest time that was possible is two weeks time and not immediately as they had planned.

Carlos did not yet know that Alfredo and L.F were not living together as husband and wife, so he went to Alfredo's house, seeking to talk with L.F. Alfredo blocked the entrance and refused to let him enter, he also did not tell him that they were not living together.

Clarita and Rosario were gossiping about Carlos, how he still loves L.F and why they supported his desire. Jenny overheard all what they discussed and showed herself to them and insulted Rosario.

Snippets 82

Consuelo told Don that he must return to the asylum, the old man refuses, saying that he is not a lunatic.

Carlos had a private talk with his Nana Rosario when he got home, he told her of his encounter with L.F and Alfredo. He said he had an intuition that the child may be his.

L.F too was afraid of the sudden appearance of Carlos after two years of absence from Mexico. She went to plead with Lupe, Clarita and Caesar never to reveal the truth that Pedrito is the son of Carlos to him. Caesar told her that she does not need to bother about Carlos because, Carlos is no longer interested in her again. He also told her that Jenny is living with him in Marissa's mansion, and he suspected that they must have been married while in the U.S.

Marissa began to question the wrong decisions of L.A in her absence when she was in coma. She began to reverse some of the decisions, one-by-one. She told him that she has recalled Caesar and Clarita to their work in the house. She also told him that she would recall Lupe and Ordonez.

The next day at the hospital, L.F asked Carlos if he had married. He told her that, unfortunately, he is still single, and that if he were to be, he would have loved to be married to her, that she was the only woman who could have made him happy in marriage.

Armando spoke about how beautiful Lucero is these days, and Carol screamed that he should never mention that girl's name again in her house.

Snippets 81

Carlos Eduardo took the baby from them and rushed him to the emergency ward. After examining him, he diagnosed that Pedrito had to be operated on for tonsils. L.F began to pray to the "Blessed Virgin" to save the life of the boy. L.F sent Alfredo to go and bring change of dress for Pedrito from her house. Pedro was so worried because of the illness of Pedrito, when Alfredo arrived and told him that Carlos was to operate on the boy for tonsil, Pedro was furious and said he did not trust him. Alfredo assured him that L.F did not disclose to Carlos that the baby was his son. Pedro warned Alfredo never to disclose to Carlos that Pedrito was his son. Carlos assumed that L.F and Alfredo were married as Consuelo had lied to him. He also assumed that Pedrito was their baby.

Marissa assured Jenny that she would urge Carlos to quickly marry her because it is not good for the two of them to live together as concubines as they did in Baltimore for two years.

Don Fernando slipped out of the asylum unnoticed by anybody. When Consuelo came to visit him, she discovered that the old man has disappeared. This is the irony of locking up people with minor ailment like depression and memory loss among lunatics. They don't belong there, they are more intelligent than the mentally deranged. That is why it was easy for Pedro and now, Don to escape from there. Those who belong there don't depart from there!

Jennifer became paranoid when she heard that her mortal 'enemy' L.F came with her sick child for treatment at Carlos hospital. Carlos assured her that he has nothing to do again with L.F because she is now happily married to Alfredo and they have a son together. Jennifer did not want him to work again at that hospital so that he would not have to encounter L.F again.

When Don arrived at his mansion, the first person he asked for is Rigoberto, vanessa told him that Rigo had resigned and gone to Puebla.

Marissa returned and began to gradually restore all the missing links in her armoury. She recalled Clarita and Caesar to come back and live in the mansion. She also promised Caesar that she would restore Lupe, his mother, to her job in the Bank.

L.F has fully inherited the evil pattern of her lineage, the misery of Amelia and the secrecy and deception that shrouded her life and which she was conceived and born into. Now she too was supposedly abandoned by the man that impregnated her, just like Amelia her mother was abandoned by L.A. Now she is hiding the truth of the Paternity of Pedrito from Carlos Eduardo, just like Pedro and Amelia hid the truth of her paternity from her for 18 years and till today she still doesn't now that L.A is her father. Now she wanted to go and marry the man whom she has never loved just like Amelia married Pedro whom she never loved for almost 20 years. What a wicked and evil pattern to inherit!

Sister Joaquina warned and advise L.F to confess to Carlos that Pedrito was his son, but she disagreed with Joaquina. Later when Caesar came to Carlos, he told Caesar not to lobby for him that he has forgotten about L.F

The return of Carlos Eduardo to Mexico has sent jitters to all evil schemers. Pedro was afraid and went to put pressure on L.F to get married quickly to Alfredo, but she replied that he should give her time to make up her mind. Joaquina supported her decision not to rush into marriage with Alfredo.

Alfredo too was afraid, when he got home, he told his beautiful housemaid, Xochil, (Whom he had already registered into Jennifer de la Vega Academy because sghh had ambition to become Miss Universe)that Carlos has returned, and that, judging by the way Carlos and L.F looked intensely at each other at the hospital. she is still in love with Carlos, and he is not sure if L.F would still be ready to go ahead to marry him as she had accepted during Pedrito's birthday anniversary. Xochil is secretly in love with her master Alfredo, but does not have the courage to tell him that: "Oga , I love you"

Jenny told Marissa that Carlos told her that L.F and Alfredo are happily married and they have a son as fruit of the marriage. Caesar and Clarita came to tell Lupe that Marissa is back and she wanted her to return to work as her Private secretary.

Vanessa brought her new boyfriend, Daniel to introduce to her father, Heriberto.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Snippets 80

L.F gave birth to a bouncing baby boy that was a carbon copy of Carlos Eduardo. Rigo and Pedro came to visit her at the maternity, they were moved with compassion for the new born baby. Rigo advised her to take the baby to the asylum to greet Don so that he can give her his blessings.

Lic Ordonez warned Carlos not to live together with Jenny, because he still loves L.F. Carlos went to talk to Marissa, who was still in coma, thinking aloud with desire to follow her counsel to get back together with Jenny, if that would make her to wake up.

Alfredo did not waste time in proposing marriage to L.F. She told him that it was too early for that because the memories of her love for Carlos Eduardo is still pervasively strong. Later when Consuelo and Vanessa met Alfredo, he told them that L.F has regained her freedom because an incorruptible judge reviewed her case and released her. Consuela almost fainted with astonishment at this news. Vanessa was happy. Consuelo never gave up, she began a fresh investigation into the activities of L.F, in order to know how she must strike next.

Rigo took L.F to visit Don at the mental asylum. Don was exceedingly happy, even though he did not remember having met Luisito before. He was happy to carry the new baby. Luisito announced to him that she had named the boy after him and her father, as a mark of affection and honor. She called his name as: PEDRITO FERNANDO.

On the first birthday anniversary of Pedrito, while all relatives and friends gathered to celebrate it, Alfredo proposed to marry L.F again. This time she accepted but, on the condition that they would have to be in courtship for some time to determine if marriage is possible or workable between them. Alfredo was overjoyed with her conditional acceptance.

In the course of his work, Pedro saw a homeless young boy called Salvador, that roams about the streets. He had compassion on him, so he adopted him as his son took him home and took care of him.

By a miracle and divine intervention, Marissa came out of coma, after two long years. She returned back to Mexico in a wheel chair. The doctor said with regular physiotherapy exercise, she would gradually recover the full use of her limbs. L.A was shocked with the revival and return of Marissa, he had thought that she would die from her state of coma. The schemer once again pretended as if he was happy, with emotional tears, welcoming her and thanking God that she survived the coma.

Carlos Eduardo also went back to work in the former hospital where he was an intern. Jenny told Marissa the 'testimony' of reconciliation with Carlos and how both of them lived together as a couple for two years in Baltimore, telling her that L.F is no longer a hindrance to their love because she has finally broken up with C.E. Marissa urged her to quickly consummate the marriage and stop living like a concubine with him.

Pedrito was ill with high fever and Alfredo brought L.F and the boy for treatment at the hospital where Carlos worked. They did not know that he has arrived from Baltimore and was the doctor in charge of pediatrics. When they entered the ward They were shocked to see Carlos Eduardo, as L.F and Carlos looked at each other the old invisible flame between them got ignited.

Snippets 79

Jenny began to gradually warm her way back into Carlos life, pledging to him that she would stick with Marissa as long as she remains in coma and on admission at the hospital. She told him that she can never stop loving him. She does this, knowing the love of Carlos for his mother.

A terrible in-mate threatened L.F and a fight ensued between them, they were sent into solitary confinement as punishment for two days. When she came out of confinement, she was very ill, so was taken to the sick bay. On being examined by the doctor at the sick bay, it was found out that she was pregnant!

After two months, Pedro went to visit Don Fernando at the asylum where Consuela abandoned him. He tried to let him know the situation with L.F, but Amnesia or memory loss disease won't let Don remember anything, including who Pedro was.

Carlos settled down in Baltimore and pursued his academic studies at Postgraduate levels. Jennifer also sought for and got a job in Baltimore, She moved in to live with Carlos, despite the reluctance of Carlos to renew love relationship with her. She had planned to wear down his resistance and reluctance over time, moving in to live with him is her best strategy to accomplish this.

L.A in collusion with Armando, began to mismanage the finances of the bank with bad and selfish decisions. Armando moved in to live permanently with Carol in Jennifer's apartment because of the long absence of Jenny.

The news of the pregnancy shocked L.F She broke out in tear and when Alfredo visited her she told him the story of her pregnancy. Alfredo was moved with pity and vowed that he would love and stand by her even though he was not the one that impregnated her. When Pedro got the news of L.F's pregnancy he was mad with the news but later accepted the role of a future grand father to the unborn child. He pledged to L.F to take care and love the his grand child.

Rigoberto visited Don at the asylum, while she was there, Consuelo arrived and She (Consuelo) was afraid that Rigo was still coming around. She chased Rigo out of the asylum and warned her never to come near Don again.

Marissa's conditions improved and became stable, but she still remained in coma. The doctor advised Carlos to always talk to her, even if she cannot respond because it was a good therapy for her full recovery.

Pedro and Pancho revived their business of gardening. their finances improved.

After few months Luisa Fernanda was released on parole from the prison. Partly because she was heavy with Pregnancy and also because she was of good character while in prison.

Snippets 78

Carlos was furious with L.F for staying with Alfredo in his house. She lambasted him for deceiving her again by going back to Jenny. She told him that she does not want to ever see him again. Carlos left there angry and confused. L.F begged Alfredo not to tell Pedro that Carlos came to his house looking for her.

L.A sacked Lupe and Ordonez and all staff that were loyal to Marissa. He called Armando to resume as his Personal Assistant to the President of the Bank. Ordonez phoned Carlos to tell him that L.A had fired all staff loyal to Marissa from the bank. Carlos assured him that he would visit him the next day to talk over the matter with him. Next day when they met, Carlos asked Ordonez to proceed with him to Baltimore, and live there till his mother, Marissa wakes up. Lupe too told Caesar that L.A had dismissed her from the bank.

Jenny, who was already jealous by the absence of Carlos, phoned Carlos to tell him that Marissa seem to be moving and he should come back immediately to Baltimore. Alfredo went to visit Carlos and told him L.F does not love him anymore for betraying her. Carlos was angry and he landed a big blow on Alfredo's face. The two started fighting until they were separated. Carlos warned Caesar not to tell L.F that he fought with Alfredo.

L.A called Consuela to tell her that he is now the President of the Bank and asked her to make sure L.F return back to prison. Consuela met with the judge and bribe him to withdraw the surety that Pedro submitted to grant her bail. L.F returned to her house and was crying when Alfredo came in, she saw his face swollen and investigated it. She found out that Carlos and Alfredo have been fighting because of her.

Policemen came to rearrest L.F, her bail has been revoked because the presiding judge had withdrawn Pedro's surety. After her re-arrest, Daniel said the only hope remaining for her freedom would be the recovery and restoration of Don Fernando's lost memory. Vanessa was upset with the re-arrest of L.F but Consuela assured her that her confinement is in the best interest of all, including Vanessa. Consuela called L.A on phone and told him that L.F bail has been revoked and she has been re-arrested. She also demanded of him to fulfill his part of the deal by recovering the original Will of Don Fernando from Ordonez.

When Carlos arrived in Baltimore, Jenny learnt that L.F has finally separated from him, she was happy and took full advantage of the situation to win Carlos over to her bed and life again.

Snippets 77

L.F woke up out of the bad dream and she refused to sleep again. Meanwhile, Carlos called Alcantara's house again on phone, and this time, somebody picked it, it was Consuela. When Carlos asked after L.F from her, she lied that L.F is no longer working there, and that she is married to Alfredo now. This was a big blow to Carlos, he hung up the phone. Meanwhile, Pedro was trying to console L.F telling her that Carlos had lied again to her and has gone ahead to reconcile with Jenny. L.F wept and told Alfredo that Carlos had gone back to Jenny. Alfredo embraced and consoled her.

Ordonez returned to Mexico and announced to the senior staff, Lupe and lawyer Mujica that L.A has taken over as the interim President of the Bank pending the recovery of Marissa from coma. When L.A resumed work the next day, he asked for a copy of Marissa's will that transferred the Presidency of the Bank to him. Caesar and Clarita never decieved themselves that L.a loves them, they already envisaged that L.A may sent them packing from the house, in tyhe absense of Marissa.

Dr Espinoza also advised Carlos to return to Mexico while awaiting the recovery of Marissa from coma. Jenny was afraid and disagreed with the doctor, she doesn't want Carlos to go to Mexico because her may learn of the imprisonment of L.F and may want to help release her on bail. When Carlos tried to tell Jenny to also go back to Mexico and face her business, the doctor suggested that Jenny can wait behind to watch over Marissa.

Lawyer Daniel and Alfredo tried to extract the truth from Vanessa, even though she she regretted her role in the imprisonment of L.F but she was afraid that if she tells the truth, she would be tried and jailed for being a false witness.

Consuela registered and sent her father, Don Fernando into an Asylum, she also dismissed Rigoberto asking her to return to Puebla, her hometown, because her services were no longer needed, since Don has gone to an asylum. Rigo informed Pedro that she had been sacked by Consuela.

Pedro was able to mortgage his house as surety for L.F she was released on bail and when she came out of prison, Pedro asked her to hang out for a while in Alfredo's new flat. L.F pleaded with Alfredo never to let Carlos know that she was jailed. He promised her to keep his mouth shut.

Carlos decided to return to Mexico after he got information that Alfredo has moved into another apartment with L.F When Carlos arrived in Mexico, he headed straight for Alfredo's new flat to confront him.

Snippets 76

Daniel, the lawyer filed a suit to appeal the judgement of the judge, he suspected that the man has been bribed, the way he hushed up the case. Alfredo explained to Daniel, that he is in love with L.F. L.F and Pedro agreed to call Carlos so that he can help L.F out of jail. She asked for Carlos Hotel Phone number from Caesar, but he refused to give her his number, because he was afraid that Jenny may pick the phone and L.F would know that Jenny followed him to Baltimore.

Pedro went to Consuela to make phonecalls on behalf of L.F to L.A or Carlos. Consuela fabricated lies by telling him that Jenny and Carlos have reconciled just as L.A and Marissa have reconciled too, and that was the reason why the four of them traveled together to the U.S. She told him that L.A is no longer interested in searching for L.F. Pedro came to break the news to L.F, she broke down and wept over the second time betrayal, she suspected that was the reason why Caesar refused to give her his phone number in Baltimore. Rigo overheard, and doubted if Carlos can betray L.F.

Meanwhile, after Carlos received the news of Marissa's coma, he inspected her and was so disturbed emotionally, Jenny took advantage of his confusion and asked him to come and rest in her room at the hotel. He agreed and went to sleep there.

Out of frustration, L.F fought with a prison-mate and she was punished by the warders and locked up in isolation for two days.

L.A prepared to travel back to Mexico to take over the Presidency of the Bank, since Marissa is in coma, and he told Carlos so, showing him the legal transfer papers that Marissa signed before she went into coma. Carlos was afraid that L.A may be planning to completely disinherit him from his inheritance. He vowed that he would do anything in his power to prevent this from happening. He also was worried by the clause that forfeits his inheritance if he marries L.F. He sent Ordonez to Mexico to monitor L.A and also get information about L.F for him.

L.A went to Marissa's hospital ward and this wicked man mocked Marissa that was in coma, that he had the last laugh over her and the humiliation that she put him through.

L.F had a bad dream while in prison, she saw a cloaked person trying to stab her in the dream.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Episode 65: Take Advantage!

Marissa, the 48-year old President of Metropolitan Bank, was diagnosed for Muscular Dystrophy, a disease that makes a person to gradually loose the the use of all their muscles, this would progress into partial paralysis, and later unto total paralysis. It was also noted that it could be hereditary. So, Carlos had to also undergo medical examination to determine if he has trace of it.

Jennifer was all over Carlos, hovering all over him. It was a threatening shock for her to see L.F arrive at midnight at the hospital, brought by Alfredo. A confrontation was inevitable. She challenged L.F telling her she is not wanted at the hospital. A verbal warfare ensued between the two of them, that was what Alfredo wanted: a clash with Jenny that would make L.F change her mind over Carlos Eduardo.

By the time Carlos came out from his briefings by the doctors, he saw L.F and other friends like Ordonez and Lupe. They crowded on him to tell them what was happening. Jenny rested her head on Carlos shoulder while Carlos was briefing L.F. This was to spite L.F and provoke her envy. Carlos told all of them present that they should excuse him, as he wanted privacy with his girlfriend. Wow! what a damnation public disgrace for Jennifer! There was no more room for public doubt as to whom his girlfriend is from now. Every body including Jennifer and Alfredo had to give them some space by sluggishly dragging their feet out of vicinity.

Out of anger, Jenny swung to the express lane of envious revenge. She went to one corner to phone L.A to come immediately, that Marissa was hospitalized. After the call, she feels satisfied anbd smiled, saying, REVENGE IS SWEET! She proceeded to Marissa's hospital bed to weep crocodile tears on her neck, telling her that Carlos has carried L.F to his office and not ready to talk to anyone else including Marissa.

Marissa sent her to call Carlos, she went to Carlos office and saw Carlos and L.F crying and kissing each other as L.F tries to console him for his sorrow over his mom's ailment. She drew their attention and told him that his mother needs him now, and not time for romance at the hour of his mother's illness. Carlos was angry and wanted to insult her again, but L.F prevented him from doing so, telling him to go and see his mom and just ignore the nuisance of Jenny. He pleaded with her not to go home alone, but wait for him, so that that he would take her home after seeing his mother.

When L.A arrived, after abandoning Andreina in the middle of his discussion with her at home, on receiving Jenny's emergency call. Jenny alerted him this is a lifetime opportunity for him. Telling him that Marissa is emotionally weak because of her illness, she said: "... right now, you have to take full advantage of her weakness, this may be your last chance... show her concern and care, stay by her then you will win her back!" What an evil counsellor this serpentine lady has become.

After L.A had showered generous but pretentious love and concern on Marissa, Carlos excused them to have a private chat with his mom. Jenny practically dragged him to where L.F was standing so that he can chastise the "gold-digger" who swindled him for money. He assured her that he would not rest, until he see her locked behind bars to rot in jail. L.f replied that but for her respect for Carlos Eduardo, he did not merit a reply.

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Episode 64: Marissa Going, Going...

When you despise the lessons that life teaches, you can't escape judgemental failure in the exams of destiny. Marissa is one blind woman that mocks the relationship tests that life administers to her. Tonite's telenovela drama opened the gate of descent in the armoury of Marissa, which her chosen friends (L.A and Jenny), but in actual fact, her greatest foes, would take full advantage of, to send her on a voyage of almost no return for the next two years.

Marissa went to lunch with her 'closest confidant' and 'friend' Jennifer, and while she went to the ladies, this her 'friend' stood up and went to the lunch table of her son's rival to plot sorrow and downfall of her son. What a friend indeed. She even persuaded Alfredo not to be moralistic about 'sinking' Carlos' love boat, because all is fair in warfare. She also boasted that Marissa would make life a living hell for L.F and of course, by implication Carlos Eduardo, her son, because she (Jenny) has succeeded in turning Marissa as a manipulative tool in her hands.

While she was unsuccessfully trying to recruit Alfredo, an emergency message came, that Marissa had collapsed in the Ladies. She was rushed to Carlos Hospital, the end result: after Cat scan and EKG tests, Marissa was found to be suffering from "Muscular dystrophy".

Consuela perfected her game-plan by inciting Vanessa to retaliate with vengeance against L.F for snatching her 'boyfriend' Carlos. She urged her not to let her 'enemies get the best of her and go scot-free. Vanessa said she does not want to hurt L.F, but Consuela reminded her that they hurt her without remorse, they were even kissing under her nose, in her own house.

L.A went in the company of Andreina, for the dinner with Contreras. He coached her to smile throughout the meeting and say yes, yes, yes, like a robot to anything that Contreras says during the dinner. At the dinner Contreras gave L.A a huge sum of money, as a compensation for being a false witness against Leopoldo, his political rival.

L.A as usual, took excuse to go to the gents, but of course the slimmy coward was giving Contreras some few minutes of amorous affairs with Andreina. Leopoldo appeared at the restaurant and saw Contreras running his greedy hands over Andreina's body. He was frozen with unbelieve. Next episode would reveal the drama as Leopoldo exposed the lies of L.A that Andreina was his secretary. Leo would tell Contreras that she was L.A's mistress.

L.F. found a box that looked like a treasure chest in the wardrobe of Amelia. She tried unsuccessfully to opened it until interrupted by Joaquina and, later, Alfredo. All I can say is that Alfredo is desperately looking for an entry into L.F's love life and he came at odd hours of the night or too early in the mornings bringing flowers and excuse of Pedro's ailment to chat with her. Much as his method is sublime, he is at least, above board when Jenny invited him to join her in splitting up L.F and Carlos again. He told Jenny that he only want L.F to love him and didn't want to go to the dirty extent of of tricking or compromising L.F to marry him. I would say he is a neat looser, and not a dirty one like Jenny.

Consuela warned L.F never to cry in the house again so she would not draw sympathy for her calamity, saying she should stop painting the picture of pain and misery. She also warned her not to take Don to see her lunatic father (Pedro), in a mad house.

Lupe visited Caesar and Clarita who had cut short their honeymoon because of the expesive hotel bill that was eating into their savings. I could see that she is still very snobbish to Clarita and really wanted to interfere in their domestic affairs, by ruling the marriage. She insinuated that Clarita does not know how to cook, because she was taught the old fashion way of cooking by Nana Rosario.

Kola's Message To Gardeners.

Our Blog here is proving to magnetize the very best brains in the telenovela world. Not only that, these best brains spent quality time on our website here either reading or writing and commenting, I cannot exhaust names like Irene, Philip, Cherish, Prof E. Olofin, Aishat, etc. who spend quality time here, contributing intelligently and excellently. Today at the wee hours after midnight, a guest named Kola, visited our blog to dazzle and enlighten us with information, rich for our fellow gardeners on this forum.

Because I was highly impressed by this 'walking encyclopedia of telenovela', who spent close to 180 minutes reading and writing to give us valuable information. I have decided to publish his "memoirs" for our rich references.

23 Nov 06, 15:59
Kola: Wow, you tried to document all this. Its cool. I am also following this Telenovela via AIT and TVT Tanzania via SVB Satellite Transmission in Lagos. Lusia Fernanda (Mariana Ochoa) is also Mexican Diva

23 Nov 06, 16:01
Kola: Mariana Ochoa was the one who sang the Theme Song for this telenovela.. check

23 Nov 06, 16:09
Kola: To me Mariana Ochoa is more of a musician than an actress, as I have watched some of her music videos on youtube.

23 Nov 06, 16:10
Kola: Just visit and use Mariana Ochoa as the search criteria and see plenty music videos of this wonderful personality

23 Nov 06, 16:11


23 Nov 06, 16:13
Kola: view this

23 Nov 06, 16:14
Kola: Top Models Soundtrack by Mariana Ochoa

23 Nov 06, 16:16
Kola: view this

23 Nov 06, 16:21

23 Nov 06, 16:46
Kola: view this video about gardeners daughter

23 Nov 06, 17:01
Kola: This page has videos of Maria Ochoa

23 Nov 06, 17:06
Kola: Amor sin condiciones (opening)

23 Nov 06, 17:23
Kola: it is true that Nigeria ranks 3rd in terms of movie production and sales, but piracy has been one of the main reasons why the latin soaps have been delayed in Nigeria

23 Nov 06, 17:25
Kola: the producers need to make their money first of all before they release such productions into the Nigerian airwaves, because doing such a time early into the release of such a film would be a disaster

23 Nov 06, 17:26
Kola: the reason is simple, the pirates would reap the producers of their commercial profits. this is happening in the software industry and movie industry and Nigeria has already been noted

23 Nov 06, 17:27
Kola: so producers would rather wait three years before they release their movies to our location, because by then they have made enough profits. Its all about the profits u know!

23 Nov 06, 17:28
Kola: but with a DVB Satellite Dish, you can watch your telenovelas directly from overseas without waiting for Nigerian local stations

23 Nov 06, 17:29
Kola: there are so many of them, that I am in fact confused and need some detachment from them, but I really admire the way you documented the entire episodes reeled out so far in Nigeria

23 Nov 06, 17:31
Kola: Tanzania via ITV and TVT and UBC of Uganda are Telenovela Crazy with titles such as La Revancha, Rebeca, La Tormenta, Secreto De' Amor and a long list of others too numerous to mention

23 Nov 06, 17:32
Kola: you can actually access them directly and the spanish channel that connects to TV Azteca in Mexico which also shows the soaps in their real sound formats (without translations)

23 Nov 06, 17:34
Kola: Even the Filipinos are coming up with their own telenovelas such as Pangako Sa' Yo (My Promise to you) which features Angelo and Y'na Macaspac (

23 Nov 06, 17:36
Kola: The DVB Satelite Dish is the best device for you if you want to watch soaps as they are released. With such a device you have no limits and no delays, especially if you know how to configure it well.

23 Nov 06, 17:36
Kola: Pangako Sa Yo ---'yo

23 Nov 06, 17:53
Kola: View this

23 Nov 06, 17:53
Kola: Entra en mi vida by Sin Bandera

Philomena Ojikutu: Kola, thanks for the load of information for gardeners. Thanks also for spending some precious 2 hours to write them out for us. we love u, thanks again. Happy telenovela surfing... LOL