Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Episode 47: In Seven Days

Clarita tonite helped in no small way to shapen and sharpen our perspectives of great changes that are in store, and which would radically alter the destinies of many characters in this telenovela. All things are almost ready for her modest wedding to Ceasar. The few things remaining are her wedding gown and losing weight (I love her rotund shape as it is). She said to herself with unbelievable joy: "... In seven days time, I'm going to be married to my darling Ceasar!"

That seven days would turn around so many situations and circumtances, it would turn the tables against many a schemer in this soap opera.

Carlos Eduardo remained unbelieveably calm at gun point. L.A. screamed at him saying: "... this would be the last time you would ever hate me, Carlos Eduardo!" Carlos marched forward with boldness to embrace death. At close range he told L.A: "... shoot me, go ahead bastard, shoot me!" What a courage! L.A. seem undecided by the unusual boldness of Carlos. In the midst of his indecision, two security guards at the hospital emerged from the blues, with their guns pointed at Luis Alejandro, shouting at him to drop his gun.

L.A. quickly changed the subject, telling them that Carlos was his step-son, and he had come to have a family chat with him. Carlos denied him, saying he did not know him, that the man wanted to rob him. L.A. was disarmed and arrested and was taken to the police station. Carlos was invited also to give a statement. At the station, L.A. insisted that he was just having a domestic arguement with his step-son; while Carlos denied any relationship with him, but insisting that he must be charged with attempted robbery. L.A. told the policemen that he was a lawyer and they can't do this to him. He threatened Carlos with reprisals saying: "... Carlos Eduardo buddy boy, you'd pay for this..."

Andreina was surprised that Leopoldo was waiting for her as she disembarked from a taxi. Leo pleaded with her not to go back to L.A. nor live with him. He warned her that there is no guarantee that L.A would not hit her again. She however told him that L.A. is going to divorce Marissa and that was dream come true for her. She has ever been waiting for that to happen, now that it is about to happen, is the best time to stick with L.A. because she truly loved him.

Worried Andreina continued to wonder why L.A. never picked her calls nor came to sleep at 'home' last nite. Could he be in trouble? Has he gone back to reconcile with Marissa? In the midst of her troubled thoughts, 'never-say-die' Leopoldo came again to meet her at home. She shared her fears with him, and he helped her to jump into conclusion that L.A. must have gone back to Marissa, to plead for reconcilliation because he can never forgo the pleasures and perks that Marissa's fortune gave to him.

At the suggestion of Leopoldo, the two agreed to go for a short vacation in Cancun. For the first time she surrendered to be kissed affectionately by Leo. She hurriedly packed her luggage and called to notify Jenny of her Cancun trip. Jenny was happy with the newes, for her, it was a good riddance, so she hid the information that L.A. was detained in police custody from Andreina. as much as she could Jenny does not want to be implicated in the Andreina-L.A-Marissa tango, she doesn't want to incur Marissa's wrath.

Luisa Fernanda got two rude shocks that jolted her naiveity. First when she was leaving the mental hospital, the 'professional' Psychiatrist (Alfredo), gave her an unexpected warm peck on her cheek to bid her bye. Second, in the evening while chatting with Vanessa, the 'dedicated professional' re-appeared in Luisa's house (my husband asked me where and how did this fella got Luisa's house address:- from the mental hospital file of Pedro, I guess), with flower in hand to invite L.F. to dinner. She smartly declined, on the reason that the next day would be her first day at work in a huge hardware store and needed to be mentally prepared for it.

Marissa seem to be unconsciously falling in love with Pedro and she did not know it! She is always eager, happy and at home in Pedro's company, whether in the garden or at the hospital. In Pedro's company, she is downright blunt with open heart, revealing her secret hurts and fears to a confidant and friend with a big heart to empathise with her. I don't know how some people manage their heart. Mine is a treasure, it is impossible for me to 'unconsciously' fall in love without my heart noticing the change in tenderness towards a person. There is thin line that divides, sympathy, empathy and fondness. It would be a cupid danger not to recognize those divisions.

During the hearty chat with Pedro, she revealed that she was in a similar situation as Pedro because, her hubby L.A, has cheated on her and does not love her as she loved him and having thrown him out, she is now near a mentally depressed state. Pedro in his satate of near-insanity made the most sensible statement of truth to her saying: "... you know what, Mrs. Marissa? ... If he cheated on you, he doesn't deserve you." Marissa nodded her acknowledgement of this truth, but for how long would she stand her ground?

Lupe was in a mourning mood with sorrowful tears on the loss of her only begotten son, Ceasar, to a common housemaid called Clarita. She sees the marriage of her university undergraduate son to a house servant, as an unmitigated faliure. Lic Ordonez tried without success to convince her that Ceasar's choice was a wise one, saying: "... Lupe don't be so narrow-minded, the lady is beautiful and very intelligent and ambitious, she would not remain a maid of Marissa for life... though, we cared and spend resources to train up our children, it is not right for us to think that we have a right to their lives..."

Consuela, the consumate evil architect of this telenovela surfaced at her father's steel factory and demanded that Heriberto find a solution by stealing, to raise the blackmail ransome from the vault of the company's cash reserve. Virginia entered the office fondly calling Heriberto "honey", unaware that it was Consu that was sitting in the visitor's seat. When she realised it, she stammered her apology, but Consu mama told her not to worry and became exceptionally warm and friendly with Virgy. After asking and knowing from Virgy that she had put in 10 years of service in the company's employment. She asked her to continue her report to her boss, Heriberto.

Virgy told Heriberto that the payroll for workers was ready, for his signature. At that point, Consu asked her where the money was kept and she replied that it was in the safe and only three people have knowledge of the combination that opens the safe: They are Don Fernando, Heriberto and herself (Virginia). The next day Don insisted on following Heriberto to the office to oversee the preparation for the 30th anniversary celebration of the steel company. On arrival at the office, they saw many detectives roving about, when challenged, Virginia said she was the one that invited them, because the workers money has disappeared (stolen), from the safe.

Luisa Fernanda finally got a job as a clerk at a huge hardware store. When she resumed work the next day, her boss, Mr. Molina lured her to go into the dark recess of the store for stock-taking of the inventory. On getting there together, the new boss pounced on her and began to ravage her body in an amorous drive. She screamed for help! ...Wait till next episode to know if Molina mauled our princess or she escaped.

A big row broke out between Marissa and Carlos when she learnt of the detention by police of L.A. She said: "... the fact that I threw Luis Alejandro out doesn't mean that I have stopped loving him..." She pleaded with Carlos to withdraw the homicide charges he was pressing against him. she said it would cause a big scandal when the newspapers carried banal headlines about the husband of a banking rxecutive arrested for attempted homicide by police. Carlos was so furious by the blindness of his mom. He said that "... he (L.A) pulled his gun on me and all you are concerned about is a scandal." Marissa's delusion worries me now, I wonder what she would have felt or be saying now, if her estranged husband had shot her only son to death.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Snippets 61

The restaurant drama is a true test of deep love. L.F showed by her jealous disposition that she is still deeply in love with Carlos Eduardo. L.A was reluctant to follow the suggestion of Consuela to burgle into Carlos room to steal the fake drug that Carlos wanted to go and test in the lab. He eventually agreed with Consu on the evil mission. After picking the bottle of pills and as they were leaving the empty mansion of Marissa, the crowd arrived from the church wedding for the reception and were shocked to find Consuela and L.A in the house. They lied to Marissa that they had come for the reception and nobody suspected them of their evil mission. They mixed with the winning and dinning crowd.

Vanessa got news about the Clarita-Caesar wedding and was determined to attend because of Carlos Eduardo. the wedding was an opportunity for partial reconciliation between Carlos and L.F. they publicly kissed. Jenny and Alfredo, two ambitious schemers who never wished for their reconciliation, became very hot with jealousy, because of the reconciliation.

Alfredo did not stay long at the reception, he was afraid of being attacked by Carlos Eduardo. He avoided L.F and went back to the mental hospital to manipulate Pedro against L.F. and Carlos. He told Pedro that L.F and C.E has reconciled and both were currently at the wedding reception in Carlos Eduardo's house. Pedro lost his appetite for food and was boiling with anger.

Leopoldo called on Andreina to explain his side of the story, he tried without success to convince Andreina that he was not involved in the allegation of corruption and that it was a political vendetta. He got sympathy of Andreina but not her conviction to depart from L.A.

By the time Carol and Armando arrived at the reception, all guests were surprised at the striking resemblance between L.A and Armando. L.A too was surprised that Armando resembled him too much.

Marissa introduced Consuela to Lic Ordo'ñez. While they were chatting, Lic mentioned that he first heard about her through a detective named Solórzano. She pretended, feigning ignorance, saying she never knew anybody by that name.

As C.E pleaded with L.F to forgive him, Carol, encouraged by, and in the company of Jennifer, angrily came to insult L.F while she was reconcilling with Carlos. Carol called her names and accused her of being a boyfriend-snatcher. L.F was angry and she was leaving the reception but Carlos ran after her, he pleaded with her to come back to the reception and ignore the nuisance of carol. She agreed and came back with Carlos, and forgave him finally. Carlos later confesses to Consuela at the party that he is in love with L.F.

Don Fernando had another fit of mental disturbances, Rigo had to call the Specialist, Dr.Arreola, because she could not get Carlos online due to the wedding reception. When Consuela arrived, Dr. Arreola questioned her on the strange side-effects of the drug that he prescribed to Don.

Vanessa arrived at the reception to the Surprise of Carlos. Jennifer tried to collude with Vanessa telling her that Carlos and L.F had reconciled at the church wedding and that they even kissed publicly.

Nana Rosario proposed a toast at the end of the reception and the newly married couple, after kissing, left for their honeymoon at an hotel. Luisa Fernanda accepts and Eduardo reconciles with Carlos.

A mutual friend and colleague, Nicholas, advised Lucero to drop her fantasy of marriage or befriending Armando because it would fail.

Episode 46: The Litmus Test of Love

Tonite's episode tested the depth of Luisa Fernanda's love for Carlos Eduardo. Carlos warned her that Alfredo is in love with her and that he was and would do anything to turn L.F. against him. L.F. denied it, saying that Alfredo was just another dedicated professional who is absorbed with his work. Carlos justified his suspicion with his first impression of Alfredo, on the first day when he met him. He said: "...I saw how he devoured you with his eyes, that first day,.... he wants to manipulate you against me..." When it appears that L.F. seem to be adamant in her ignorant defence of Alfredo, Carlos challenged her saying: "... If you don't want to see me again, tell me from the bottom of your heart that you don't love me, then, I would go..."

Luisa Fernanda was hesitant... (I wondered, if she would fail this litmus test of true love). She has no words in her mouth... Carlos challenged her again with the truth saying: "... you can't do it!... you can't say that, because you still love me with the same intensity that I love you..." He grabbed her and planted his mouth upon hers, she initially resisted, but later flowed with the romantic rhythm, she was trembling with ectasy in his hands,... at that point, he declared to her that: "...you are mine!... you are mine!" Sis Joaquina interrupted the flow with her unannounced entry into Pedro's house.

The nun protested the 'unholy' sight. She accused Carlos of wanting to take advantage of L.F. being alone at home. Carlos told her of his noble intentions towards L.F. and would never do anything that would harm her. Sister Joaquina dismissed Carlos. After he left, she quarrelled with L.F. for encouraging amorous affairs with Carlos. L.F. confessed to her that. L.F. replied saying: "... Aunty, yes, but it was a moment of weakness..." Joaquina advised her to come to grips with reality, saying: "... you can't keep on fighting your feelings for him..." L.F. declared that she would never reconcile with Carlos Eduardo.

Consuela is under pressure of Solozano's blackmail. She came to L.A's office handing over the new Will signed by Don to him. She wants to collect 200,000 Dollars from the company's account to pay the blackmail ransome. L.A. explained to her that it was foolish and naive of her to expect immediate cash from the Will. He told her that the Will is not a power of attorney for her to begin to spend the fortune of Don. He told her that she would have to wait till Don dies before the Will takes effect.

In the midst of their discussion, A lawyer from Marissa's bank arrived and served a verbal notice of eviction on Luis Alejandro. L.A. told him that this was his office and it was ridiculous for anyone to ask him quit the office. The lawyer explained to him that the Rent and office expenses were all in Marissa's name and she wanted him out of the office within 24 hours! L.A. pleaded for time to communicate with marissa to resolve the eviction notice amicably. The lawyer warned him that, if he did not resolve it by the next day he would come with an order of eviction signed by a judge, first thing in the morning.

Consuela mocked him for his calamity. She even offered to help him with accomodation in the guest room in her father's mansion. He rejected her sympathetic undertaker's offer.

At the mental hospital, Pedro, in an unguarded moment, told Alfredo that Carlos was a spoilt brat who wanted to take advantage of L.F. like his father took advantage of Amelia! When he realised what he just said, it was too late to retract, as Alfredo asked him if Carlos Eduardo's father knew Amelia his late wife. Pedro noded and said both men were really despicable and that both were "twisted" on the inside. He explained that L.A. took advantage of Amelia when they were young.

Carlos met and reported Alfredo to Dr. Serrano, their senior colleague. He said: "... though your prodigy may be a Magne con laude, but he does not have a bit of professional ethic." Carlos told him how Alfredo was using Pedro's illness to manipulate his girlfriend, Luisa Fernanda, against him. he asked Serrano to tell Alfredo to be careful because he would from now keep an eye on him.

L.F. came in company of Joaquina to visit Pedro at the mental hospital and she challenged Alfredo to tell her what has been going on between him and Carlos Eduardo. Alfredo referred to him as a "spoilt brat"- exact words as Pedro's.

Ceasar approached his mother, Lupe, with the news of the year: "... I came to let you know that I am going to get married next week!" Lupe was downcast, because she knew that Ceasar's mind is made up. Nothing could deter him from marrying the love of his life- CLARITA.

Carlos received a message left by Rigoberto, requesting him to come and examine his patient Don Fernando Alcantara. He went and met the old man. Don complained that the drug prescribed by carlos's senior colleague has been embarassingly making him to be heavily drowsy, like a zombie. carlos promised to meet again with the Physician to find out why that should be so.

Later when Don asked him about his girlfriend, carlos expressed his fear that L.F. has a new admirer now. The old man advised him not to let jealousy take over his life.; he also assured him that if his girlfriend truly loves him, she won't succumb to the manipulative schemes of another man. He made him promised that when they fully reconcile, he would bring his girlfriend to visit Don.

After several phonecalls to Marissa by a desperate L.A, (she refused to pick any of his SOS calls) L.A. went out of his office and surfaced in Carlos Eduardo's hospital. He accused him of inciting Marissa to cancel his credit cards, eject him from the office and from his matrimonial home, saying: "...Marissa doesn't have that kind of intelligence or courage to do that kind of thing..." carlos was angry with this accusation and he pulled out his punch and landed a devastating blow (this is fast becoming a tradition during arguements betwen them) on his face and turned to go back into the hospital, L.A smartened up and pulled out a pistol and pointed it in readiness to pull the trigger on Carlos saying: "...I'm going to have the last word..."

Carlos was surprised but calm, looking at L.A .... Would L.A. pull the trigger? Would he kill Carlos? What would happen? Would a divine rescue appear from the blues to save Carlos? Next Episode would tell.

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Episode 45: Tasking The Thief to Safeguard Your Property

I ask for your forgiveness for not being around over the weekend to post friday's episode and our week 10 weekend review. Had to travel to Benin, (Mid-West or is it now South-South Nigeria), for a family function. I am back, safe and sound, I promise to make up for the ga..p this week. Love to all our "gardeners". I have a lot of very enlightened mails from several countries, including Nigeria, I hope to use next weekend to answer to the querries.

Pedro showed us on Friday that there is a very thin line that divides virulent obsession and insanity. That episode also showed us that the telenovela of the gardener's daughter is all about a protracted battle between the "Manipulators" and the "Manipulated"! That is the broad categories that the actors are divided. Once in a while, a sprinkle of people defected to either side but that has not changed the color of this TV soap opera.

Pedro has swung fully to the side of the manipulators, he hides the truth of the root cause of his depression. many wrongly thought that it was the death of Amelia. Pedro has asecret lover (Suzana) of 10 years. He was not that much of a saint concerning his matrimonial wows to Amelia. His real problem was his OBSESSION with loosing L.F. to Luis Alejandro. His avowed hatred for Carlos was not because he double-dated L.F. and Jenny at the same time. His mortal fear was that Carlos is related to L.A. his mortal enemy, therefore Carlos must have nothing to do with L.F period!

He has assigned the Psychiatrist- Alfredo, to keep Carlos out of the hospital and prevent him from coming near Luisa Fernanda , by every means possible. What an unusual candidate for an unusual assignment. Alfredo is after L.F and want to marry her. His only obstacle to that ambition is CARLOS EDUARDO! With this new assignment Pedro has only succeeded in adding petrol into fire. Love cannot be imprisoned, no artificial boundary can separate true love. Love cannot be banned nor banished! Love would conquer hatred and manipulation ultimately, if not at the begining.

Consuela succedded in manipulating her father to sign the new Will that names her as the heiress to the Don Alcantara fortune.

Carlos came back home to meet the mess of drunkeness that his mom and Jenny had sunk into. he never failed to tell Jenny to have a shred of dignity by stopping her latest attitude of introducing herself all over town as his girlfriend. He told her that the pregnancy lie was enough damage.

Marissa swore to leave L.A. penniless and she achieved that albeit temporarily. L.A. was humiliated at a boutique when all the new dress he bought could not be paid for with his 'bounced' credit cards. he was simply told that the primarycard holder has cancelled his credits......


I hope to complete this later today....got to attend to some things first. thanks.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Episode 44: Drinking With The Devil

Marissa is a spectacle and big lesson for me in this telenovela. 18 years of blindness was enough to learn to SEE well, but unfortunately she revelled in, and celebrated her dumbness, with her greatest enemy: Jennifer de la Cunning, as I love to call her. I hate weakness, even my own weakness too. I was so sad tonite seeing Marissa foolishly marketing her weakness to an eager buyer in Jenny. Much later in this telenovela Marissa is going to deeply regret her current cosy friendship with the devil,... I mean, with Jennifer de la Vega, the evil queen of this soap opera.

Andreina received her worst humiliation yet tonite in this episode. Marissa 'washed' her with the mire from the smelly location. And she crowned it with a hot bitter slap on Andreina's face. Calling her a shameless whore, which Andreina did not dispute. She told her that she ought to have backed down the moment she discovered that L.A. was her husband.

Jenny ran after her to explain her 'innocence' in the conspiratorial show. On getting home Marissa found that all L.A's clothes were about to be sent to him, she intercepted them, the beast in her, (and every angry human being) came out, and tore them to shreds with scissors. Ceasar took the clothes to L.A. and Marissa said she finally have a reason to celebrate, she went wild into a drinking orgy with Jennifer. In her stupor she opened her mouth wide and poured out her heart to her 'good friend' Jennifer. She told her how her life would be void without L.A. Jenny took a mental note of this revealed weakness for furture use.

Carlos challenged L.F. whom he accused of treating him like her enemy. He complained to her for treating him with indifference. He frankly told her that the reason why he was offering her the money for Pedro's treatment is because he desires to support her because he loves her. He said he is not bothered with L.F's fear of not wanting to be bound to him, saying: "...that's your problem, but I can't stop loving you". He ordered that Ordonez and Lupe should prepare a check to the tune of any amount that L.F. may need.

After the board meeting, Carlos told Ordonez of how Jennifer caused problem between him and L.F. and why he still loves L.F. Ordonez encouraged him not to give up and fight for his love. Ordonez also warned him of the impending danger, as L.A would scheme by legal manuovres and by "any means" to get a good part of Marissa's forutne as settlement in court during the divorce proceedings. He explained that it is only the holdings in the Bank Conglomerate that L.A. cannot touch because of the smart prohibitive clauses in the bank's statue. He however warned Carlos that Marissa has a lot of investment outside of the bank's statue in the last 18 years of Marriage to L.A. those are the vulnerable assets which L.A. may be plotting to win. He warned him not to let L.A catch him by surprise.

Alfredo joined the camp of schemers in this telenovela tonite by warning L.F to beware of Carlos because he had another girl-friend called Jennifer. That was stale news to L.F. and she told him so. After Alfredo thought he had done enough damage to the image of Carlos, he now posed the million-dollar question: "...do you love him?" He received his first jolt when L.F. nodded her acknowledgement that she loved, him but can never reconcile with him because she was hurting.

Leopoldo visited Andreina's apartment, only to meet L.A. there. There was a hot debate on who Andreina truly loves. L.A. told him the truth that Andreina would never love him (Leopoldo). He said that she was only "using" Leopoldo to make him(L.A) Jealous. He told him that he has packed out ( the coward did not say that he was booted out by Marissa), of Marissa's house to stay permanently with Andreina, saying: "...I've stopped loving her (Marissa), may years ago, I don't want to keep up public appearances of a happy couple with her anymore."

Consuela scored another bull's eye by painting Heriberto as untrustworthy because of his recent infidelity, to Don, and therefore she needed to be on the board of directors to have a voice and manage the family's interest in the steel factory. The old man concurred with her. She surreptitiously passed the New Will to him, lying to him that those were the papers to empower her as a new member of the board of directors which was prepared by L.A. the new legal advisor to the Company. In tomrrow's episode, would the old man sign away his fortune? Let's wait and watch.

Ceasar came with the luggage of L.A. to Andreina's apartment, after tipping Ceasar, he opened his box, alas! he shouted, "... my London suit! my Italian ties! torn to shreds, this woman must is crazy! it can't be, it can't be!!!" Andreina watched with fear and dread at the capacity for havoc exhibited by Marissa's action. she had earlier frown at what she called "... a twisted family tradition" referring to how Marissa slapped her after the fashion of a similar slap by L.A. some few weeks earlier.

Carlos visited the Mental hospital, and it was time for the scheming cynic Alfredo to ask him another question, saying "... how many girlfriends do you have?"

Vanessa showed up and went home with L.F. While asking L.F when she would resume at the university, she replied that: "... College can wait, but my father's health cannot wait." She told her how she is plannin to look for a job to earn some money to take care of her father. At that point Vanessa remembered Don and Rigo's needs. So she offered her if she would like to be a paid companinon for someone- her step-grand father who needs exactly that service. The stage is set for destiny encounter between Luisa Fernanda and her grand father!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Episode 43: Tit-For-Tat

Consuela is hot, I have no doubt, but she met a surprising match in Heriberto, her husband. She dragged him to their room to 'resolve' the scandal of infidelity caused by him at the factory. She was about to excercise her power of "Landlord's daughter" by throwing Heriberto (and his daughter, Vanessa) out of the mansion, for the shame of adultery. The man responded back with her own coin: COUNTER- BLACKMAIL! Consuela looked like someone who had just been drenched by a very cold water. Her con-husband, who had turned her into a "cash register" had pulled the rug from under her feet.

He warned her not to attempt to intimidate him, saying: "...I can destroy you anytime I want. I will expose all your dirty deals..." this was more than a big slap on the face of Consuela, she had no answer to this blackmail. Later the next day at work, Virginia was worried that Consuela may come to the office to cause a scene and possibly sack her, Heriberto exhibited his macho by telling her that she should never worry about Consuela, that he knows how to handle and manage his home and his office. In essence, he was telling her that he has caged Consuela.

Another dramatic counter-blackmail was played out between Jennifer and her right-hand woman- Andreina. Jennifer wants to have her cake and also eat it. Her ambition crossed the line of Andreina's passion. She discovered that Andreina has refused to follow her advise to run out of town for Marissa. Andreina told her that Leopoldo advised her to the contrary and she believed in the reasoning of Leopoldo. It was obvious that her manipulative counsel to Andreina to flee was purposed so that, she would use that as proof to Marissa that she had sacked Andreina, as demanded by Marissa.

Jenny expressed her disappointment, saying: "...It's a good to hear that you'd be in Mexico, but..., you can't come back to work for me at the Academy, not anymore..., Marissa would never forgive me if she knows that you are still working for me... I can't risk my friendship with Marissa." Andreina was shattered with this news, but like a typical street girl, she responded appropriately, as the circumstances demanded. Andreina said: "...Well then, I would have to tell Marissa that you have always known about my love affairs with Luis Alejandro..."

Jenny froze in her stride, she turned back and confronted Andreina, saying "...are you blackmailing me?" Andreina replied that "...if you don't have a loyalty to me, in spite of my loyal service to you, I would not have any loyalty for you too"

After Marissa sent L.A. out of her house, he proceeded, after spending the night at an hotel, to Andreina's apartment. Telling Andreina that he had been sent packing by Marissa. She laughed and told him that he has finally lost the hen that laid him golden eggs, she told him that situation has changed, and don't want him around her anymore. She asked him to leave her apartment. He quickly reminded her that he was the one paying the rent and therefore she has no right over the apartment. He also made her realise that they would swim or sink together, that he does not care a hoot anymore if Marissa knows that, he now lives in the same apartment with her.

Carlos and Alfredo went to a restaurant for dinner while waiting for their senior colleague Dr. Serrano, to join them. Carlos made Alfredo to realise that Luisa Fernanda was the love of his life. Alfredo told him that he was surprised by his claim because L.F never mentioned having any relationship with him as her boyfriend when he spoke with her. He even told Carlos that from his observation it seems L.F. is distant to him. Carlos replied that they had some misunderstandings but it would soon be resolved, that they love each other. Alfredo warned Carlos not to apply pressure on L.F. because she is the only emotional anchor for the recovery of Pedro.

Clarita phoned Carlos that his mom has become an emotional wreck because of the row between her and L.A. He took excuse to leave for home, to go and resolve some problems. Alfredo mocked him saying that he had more problems than running after L.F.

Jenny came to the hospital and asked to know Pedro's room. Graziela, the nurse, told her that Pedro has been transfered to a mental hospital. Alfredo walked in, so the nurse told him that Jenny wanted to know about Pedro. Alfredo introduced himself to her, as the Psychiatrist that treats Pedro now. She lied by introducing herself as the girlfriend to Carlos Eduardo. Alfredo mocked again by saying that Carlos is lucky to have her as girlfriend.

Marissa was so depressed that she could not attend the Bank's Board's Meeting. Carlos told Ordonez not to worry that he would replace his mom on the Board for the meeting. Marissa was happy because of Carlos involvement in the Bank's affairs. As he entered the the office of Ordonez for the meeting, he saw L.F. sitting in front of Ordonez requesting for financial assistance to offset Pedro's medical bill. Carlos interrupted by telling L.F. not to worry, that he would pick the medical bill.

Marissa surfaced in Jenny's Academy wearing all-black, presumably mourning the dead relationship with her husband of 18 years. She said she strolled out to avoid depression. As she was chatting with Jenny, Andreina strolled in, talking to Jenny..., her speech slurred into a stammering, on recognition of Marissa sitting in front of Jenny's desk. With a blazing and fiery eyes, Marissa stood up saying: "...Oh my God, why is this woman still working here? OK, that's fine, because I've got a lot of things to say to her!" Next episode would showcase the vituperations of Marissa on Andreina's head.

Don Fernando pleaded with Rigoberto to forgive him for not recognizing her the previous day because of his Amnesia. Rigo was depresed and told him that maybe she too was getting too old to be effective. She told him that Consuela's suggestion that a young nurse should be employed to care for him is most appropriate now. Don replied that old age is the worst enemy of any man. Vanessa heard them and chuckled. The stage is being set for the encounter of Luisa Fernanda with her grandfather. A memorial meeting between the Billionaire steel magnate and his unknown heiress grand daughter> Luisa Fernanda.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Episode 42: Quit Notice!!!

Thank God, AIT came back from slumbering (sorry, Prof from B.U.K called it Amnesia) tonite. We pray that she would live up to her responsibility in the future by being accountable to the sophisticated audience of the telenovelas, particularly, "La Hija del Jardinero" (the gardener's daughter). Afterall, we are neither a dumping ground nor a brickwall that deserves no attention. We have guests from over 70 countries that visit this blog. This blog cannot but reflect what the AIT potrays. Next time AIT should endeavour to be a good ambassador of Nigeria by consistent and responsible attitude to the audience.

This new week promises to be a week of Riddance. I am not sure if all the planned riddance are good or not. Consuela wants Rigoberto out of the house and out of her live. She warned L.A. to help her get rid of Rigo and if he refuses, she said she would have to get someone to get rid of the old, and stubbornly righteous Rigo. The wind of riddance would blow against Heriberto too later this week, he may be thrown out of of the mansion of the Alcantara for being caught by Don in a sexual escapade with his mistress, Virginia. The most interesting of all the "riddances" is that of Luis Alejandro Montero. Marissa served him a quit notice tonite after she received the report of Detective Guiterez.

Guiterez was able to discover during investigation that L.A. rented a cosy and tastefully furnished apartment for a mistress called Andreina Torres. Marissa was heart-broken with a tearful evidence to show. She summoned courage and took decision to begin divorce proceedings against L.A, but first launched a bitter and atrocious warfare gainst L.A. and his concubine, Andreina. She got home and began to pack all L.A's belongings, saying she bought everything for him with her money, and he would not leave her house with anything; as he came with nothing, in the first instant. The full humiliation is reseved till next episode.

Pedro remains in high-tension melodrama, he accused Luisa of being just like her mother who didn't care a hoot for him. He was not happy with the support of Luisa for the doctors who seek to transfer him to the mental home. He had to be sedated to effect a peaceful transfer. Carlos was highly suspicious and unhappy with the unwritten ambition of his medical colleague, Alfredo Anzola towards Luisa Fernanda. I see him (Alfredo), as another Mr. Wonderful "Mariano Sans". who unsuccessfully attempted to seduce Paloma, taking advantage of the strain in the relationship of Diego and Paloma in the famed "Cuando Seas Mia" (When You Are Mine).

Carlos had to go and dig into the background of Anzola from his senior colleague, Dr. Serrano. By the time he was done with hospital patients, he rushed out to the mental hospital, this time, not so much as being concerned for Pedro but more for Luisa Fernanda, he doesn't want the opportunist Psychiatrist, Alfredo to seduce innocent Luisa. By the time he got there, his worst fears seems to have been confirmed. He saw Luisa Fernanda weeping in the hands of Alfredo who was comforting her with a warm embrace. Carlos' eyes were glaring red with jealousy as he froze on the spot watching the drama. Next episode would tell us what happens next. I can forsee a physical combat between this two medical doctors in the nearest future over their love for L.F.

Jennifer dashed to Carlos office before he left for the mental hospital, taking advantage of the latest gossip of adultery and infidelity of L.A. as news to Carlos. After her gossip, she drew near Carlos to re-ignite her old flame but Carlos was cold as steak. He just waved her aside saying he had other things to attend to. He ushered her out of his office and rushed to the mental home for his true flame.

Jennifer warned Andreina that her game is up because Marissa is with full evidence gathered by a detective, of all her escapades with L.A. she advised Andreina to run out of town for a long vacation. Andreina went home to pack her things for the escape. Leopoldo came in and deciphered that she was on the run, but from what? Andreina confessed everything to Leopoldo and asked him if he still loves her and he said yes. He however advised her not to be a coward like L.A. that she should confront her problems instead of running away. The worst scenario that could happen is for Marissa to come and make noise and embarrass her in her apartment, after which he believes normalcy would be restored. Would she take this advise? next episode would determine that.

By the time Chante and Rigo recovered from the harassment of Don, the old man had disappeared from the house. He resurfaced at his offce at the steel factory. As he stormed into his office he caught Heriberto and Virginia in a sexual orgy, doing "their thing" on the flat table. He was mad with them and called them unprintable names. He called for the security officers to get them out of his office but those ones were reluctant. heriberto knew immediately that thge old man's amnesia has set in again. he pleaded with him that he misunderstood what he "saw". saying that he was his inlaw and vice-president of the steel factory... "I am Consuelo's husband..."

Consuela entered at that moment and Don recognised her. He first asked her if truly the fella was her husband which Consuela confirmed. Then he told Consuela of the shame and indignity which her husband was revelling in with a "slut" spreading her legs under him on his table. Consuela just ignored the distraction and was happy enough to get her father. she took him home with the new Will prepared by L.A. fresh under her armpit. Next episode would determine Heriberto's fate and whether the old man can be conned to sign the new Will.

There is one riddance or is it a nuisance now, that would not take no for an answer. That person is Vanessa Sotomayor, like Father; like daughter. She is an impostor and a leach that refuse to live in independent dignity. She came tonite from the university with her newest friend, (Luisa Fernanda seem to have become history for her). Looking for Carlos but missed him. She goes everywhere unashamedly introducing herself as Carlos' girlfriend. She heads for the mental hospital to catch Carlos there. Hope to see what happens next episode when she finds "Carlos".

Monday, October 23, 2006

Snippets of Episode 50 to 57

While enduring the interlude by AIT, I feel the best way to enjoy the break is to glean snippets of episodes of the Gardener's Daughter, (La Hija del Jardinero) soap opera, like I did last week, enjoy yourself with this. Be warned however that it does not represent the full version and it may be fraught with some inaccuracies because of the difficult comprehension of the translations from Spanish to English. I would not hesitate to delete these snippets as soon as AIT wakes up from her current slumber.

Episode 50:
With revelation of the truth of Luisa Fernanda's true identity being found out, zealous Rigoberto went to visit Pedro an the mental hospita. She told pedro the truth that Amelia was truly forgiven by her father and that the old man seeks to know his grand daughter now.

Because Carlos suspected 'foul play' in the administration of an ineffective drug by Consuela to Don, he took samples of the drug for test-analysis at the hospital. Consuela became afraid that her game was up.

Pedro escaped out of the Psychiatric hospital with the aid of his friends- Pancho and Ceasar. The carry-over of his resentment for L.A. must have spilled over to Carlos, he had a public and disgraceful fight with Carlos during the Bachelor's eve party for Ceasar. They were both arrested by the police and charged for public assault.

Episode 51:
The wedding ceremony of Ceasar and Clarita was the wonderful oppourtunity of reconciliation of the two enstranged love birds (Carlos Eduardo and Luisa Fernanda). Luisa Fernanda was the Chief Bride's maid, while Carlos played the role of "father of the bride". Vanessa and Jennifer were sad about this reconciliation. They continue to seek for ways and means of vengeance against L.F.

Desperate Consuela slipped through the crowd into Carlos Eduardo's room and stole the fake drugs that Carlos wanted to go and analyse in the medical laboratory of his hospital. She did this to prevent Carlos from finding out that she was the evil worker that did not want her father to recover from Amnesia.

Episode 52:
Pedro was destabilized with the news that Carlos and Luisa Fernanda have reconciled and are back togetrher as a couple. L.A. intoduced fake drugs into Marissa's drinks and took ill and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Doctors informed Carlos Eduardo that Marisa had "muscular dystrophy" a diesease of partial paralysis and needed to be taken to the U.S. for surgery.

Episode 53:
L. A. took advantage of Marissa's illness, pretended to be caring and loving, stood by her, begged her forgiveness and confessed to her thgat Andreina was trulty the concubine. Her heart melted and she forgave him and stopped the divorce proceedings. His real purpose was actually because of the statue of the bank which says that: in case of illness that incapacitates the president (Marissa), her husband Luis Alejandro, would act on her behalf during the period of her absence.

Episode 54:
Luis Alejandro told Andreina of his plan to kill Marissa and take over her fortune and he would now marry Andreina afterwards. Andreina became afraid of the impending crime of murder, she fled out of Mexico so that she would not be named as an accomplice of L.A.

Episode 55:
Consuela inspired and incited Vanessa to seek vengeance against L.F. by lying against her that she stole money from the house while she was an auxilliary nurse that cared for Don Fernando. The purpose was to send her to jail to take her out of the competitive platform for Carlos Eduardo's love.

Alfredo became bored with the game of secrecy concerning L.F's paternity, he threatened Sister Joaquina that he would tell L.F that her biological father is Luis Alejandro.

Episode 56:
The plot to jail L.F. was hatched as soon as Carlos escorted his sick mom out to Baltimore in the U.S. for surgery. The police swooped on L.F. arresting her for theft and burglary. Pedro became desperate, he went to Don to tell him to rescue L.F. but Don has lost his memory, he neither remembered Luisa Fernanda nor Pedro. So he disagreed and refused to help strangers.

L.F. was charged to court, Vanessa gave fabricated evidence of Consuela against L.F. Efforts by Rigoberto to save L.F from the gaol and prove her innocence by bringing Don to testify in favour of L.F failed because the old man did not remember anything. L.F was sent to 2-years imprisonment.

Episode 57:
Carlos Eduardo, in Baltimore, failed to communicate with Luisa Fernanda because of the calamity which his mom is going through. He did not know that L.F. had been sent to prison.

Just before the surgery, Marissa wrote her will. In it, she says that if she died as a result of the surgery carlos should inherit her fortune on one condition: that is if he did not marry the gardener's daughter- Luisa Fernanda.

The surgery was complicated and Marissa went into a long coma.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Week 9: Weekend Review

I had called the week that just ended, a week of unfolding secrets..., but AIT made it a week of aborted secrets. Three episodes of the Gardener's Daughter out of the expected five shown, saliently pointed in that direction.

Luisa Fernanda was the epicenter of all the secrets. Pedro, Consuelo, Luis Alejandro, Andreina, Jennifer, and Joaquina were the custodians of the different parts of a 20-year secret that has caused untold clamities in the life of Luisa Fernanda and Marissa Gomez.

Some of those secrets have begun to unfold in the three episodes that was shown during the week, but they were aborted when AIT refused to come out of a deep slumber from Thursday night. A 'gardener' from Kano, Nigeria, precisely a Professor from Bayero University, Kano, wrote my husband to let us know that the Nigerian entertainment Tse-tse fly had bitten the AIT too. He said it was not only over La hija del Jardinero (The Gardener's daughter), but also over another telenovela called "Lorenzo's wife" (La Mujer de Lorenzo), which, he said have entered repeated reverse gear of 'sleeping sickness' for the past 5 weeks on AIT.

So much for home television entertainment, as championed by the AIT. The heart of this telenovela is 'control of secrets'. Those who have knowledge over the secrets control and manipulate those who were ignorant of the secrets. The duration of this telenovela is determined by when the Full secrets would be revealed either by the custodians, or when the desperate seekers of the secrets are able to strike the truth.

Pedro was not really mental as people around him thought. It was the secret that he haboured for too long and refused to let go when it was over-due, that was tormenting him, and, I'm afraid his case would continue to deteriorate until he divulges the secret, which he does not have any moral rights over again, but to le let go. I am convinced that even if L.F knows about the truth that L.A is her father, she would not jump on the neck of that villain and kiss him. Why then should a Pedro not have a deep re-think over the matter. The obvious reason is because he felt guilty fo having witheld the secrets of Luisa Fernanda's paternity for too long, particularly after Amelia's death.

Consuela drew the ire of many righteous lovers of the Mexican Telenovela during the week, with her evil tricks. Lovers can't wait long enough for her divine punishment, for the turmoils she wrought in the life of her father, Rigo, L.F. and others.

It was also a week of agony for Marissa and Carlos Eduardo. Luisa Fernanda's heart rending declaration was the climax of his agony, and I am sure many of us empathise with Carlos. He has confessed that he missed it. He wanted two women in his life, one to massage his ego and manhood, while the other, to emotionally stir him with her innocence and true love. With his decision to forgo Jenny, I just pray that Luisa Fernanda would not 'over-react' and blow her opportunity for true re-union with Carlos.

Marissa's agony was the realisation of a 20-year fraud, whom she called a loving husband. It was much burden for her to bear when she finally realised that her hubby was an adulterer, a con-lover of two decades.

I am not comfortable with this Dr. Alfredo Anzola. He is too opportunistic, presumtious and restless for my liking. If Luisa falls for him in preference to Carlos, it would be tragic. His ambition is written all over his acts and his face. Was it a girlfriend that brought him here or the critical case of a patient? It is too sudden and aggressive for him to insinuate friendship and informalism with Luisa.

Snippets of Episodes 42 to 49

I bring you Snippets of eight episodes of La Hija del Jardinero, (The Gardener's Daughter) telenovela, in the midst of the obstinacy of AIT to continue from Episode 42 tonite, Friday 20th october, 2006. These snippets were gleaned from many sites Telenovela World forum, Mexican TV Azteca and Columbian Caracol TV. I did my best to understand and comprehend the hard sentences of the 'jaw-breaking' Spanish-to-English translations. We hope by Monday next week, AIT would have restored the full movie story by continuing from Episode 42.

Enjoy your weekend... and keep gardening...

Episode 42:
With the incriminating evidence gathered by detective Guitertez, Marissa was heart broken with the proofs that L.A and Andreina were secret lovers. Lic Ordonez comforted her. After she recovered her poise, she went home and she launched a war to 'destroy' L.A. She sent him out and siezed all his clothes and belongings. She humiliated and threw him out of her house, even in the presence of the house servants.

Pedro resisted his transfer into a psychiatric hospital but he was eventually transfered. Carlos became suspicious and jealous because of the closeness and friendliness, growing between Dr. Alfredo Anzola, the Psychiatrist, and Luisa Fernanda. In fact Carlos found Luisa in Alfredo arms on one of his visit to the mental hospital.

Jennifer met and warned Andreina that Marissa has hired a detective to trail L.A. and her, and that she already has the evidence in her hand. Andreina was concerned and became afraid, so she decided to travel out of town until the charged atmosphere calms down. Leopoldo intercepted her trip and forced her to confess the truth of her amorous infidelity with L.A. telling him also that Marissa is after her for vengeance.

Don Fernanda Alcantara has disappeared again from the house, and Consuela was worried because the new Will, prepared by L.A, is ready for his signature, but he is nowhere to be found. Don re-appeared in his steel factory and went straight to his old office, only to meet Heriberto and Virginia in a hot romantic pose, but he did not recognise any of them because of his amnesia. He chased them out of the factory, but Don was brought back home again.

Episode 43:
Consuela quickly made Don to sign the new Will which transfered all the fortune of Don to her. Carlos Eduardo had to call Alfredo aside and told him that Luisa Fernanda was his girlfriend and that they had misunderstandings, that was the reason for the current strains in their relationship. He wishes that Alfredo would not tresspass.

Vanessa offered the job of an auxilliary nurse to take care of Don Fernando, to Luisa Fernanda. She was hesitant to take the offer, but she needed money for Pedro's treatment and for her own survival. She didn't want to take any money from Carlos. Vanessa never knew that her best friend, Luisa Fernanda, was the much sought-for and unknown grand daughter, that Don originally willed his fortune to.

As soon as power changed hands in favour of Consuela, she threw Heriberto out of the house, accusing him of infidelity with Virginia, his secretary and office mistress. Don Fernando surpported Consuela's action, because he too was a witness. Upon realising that Luisa Fernanda was the daughter of Amelia, Consuela felt threatened and sought to sack her from the job of taking care of Don, but not before Rigoberto, with her native intelligence, put Luisa's name and face together with other evidences to discover that she was the supposedly 'dead' grand daughter that Consuelo lied to her about in the past.

The plot thickens..., as Jennifer desperately went to tell Dr. Alfredo not to believe Carlos Eduardo, because she was the only fiancee of Carlos, accepted by Carlos' mother. She also told Alfredo not to allow Carlos disuade him from his love for Luisa Fernanda.

L.A moved into the apartment he rented for Andreina, going from there to his office. But Marissa was not done yet with him, Marissa came to his office to eject him from there, because she was the one that rented and paid for his office accomodation. L.A. warned Jenny not to obey Marissa's instruction that she should sack Andreina from the beauty academy.

Episode 44:
As the ultimatum given by Solozano expired, Consuela and Heriberto diverted the salaries of workers to pay the blackmail money, demanded by Solozano. Marissa began divorce proceedings against L.A, the divorce process was a dramatic scenario as Marisa would be expected to pay a huge some as compensation to L.A. if the divorce went through, so, Lic Ordonez came to tell Carlos that the suit and settlement may leave him with nothing if L.A. wins the divorce suit.

Time for truth, Alfredo confronted Luisa with the revelation of Jennifer. She confirmed it to Alfredo, but said no more affair between them. Alfredo went to Carlos for the second time, to enquire from him the depth of his affection for Luisa Fernanda, before he (Alfredo) makes his marriage proposal to Luisa Fernanda. Carlos paid the hospital bill of Pedro when he discovered that Luisa was desperate and had no money to pay. Luisa was reluctant but could not prevent Carlos from paying the bill.

Marissa learnt that L.A. is now living in Andreina's apartment, she became so jealous again that she destroyed all the clothes of L.A which she siezed and sent the destroyed clothes to Andreina's apartment for him. Leopoldo too found out that L.A. has moved-in to Andreina's apartment. He drew the battle line for the love of Andreina.

Episode 45:
Andreina left Mexico with Leopoldo for a vacation from the high-wired intrigues of Mexico. L.A was angry because Andreina left him in the cold for Leopoldo. He began to plot the downfall of Leopoldo.

Luisa Fernanda eventually accepted to work for stipends by taking care of Don. Fernando. She went to the mansion to inspect where she would now be working to take care of her unknown grandfather.

The battle line is drawn between Alfredo and Carlos for the love of Luisa Fernanda. Alfredo proposed to marry Luisa, telling her that he has fallen in love with her. Luisa told him to hold it and not stampede her into decision, saying she is just recovering from a betrayal by a man, and is not prepared to rush into another love relationship. Pedro surpported Alfredo's ambition and warned him not to let Carlos come to the Psychiatric hospital to visit him again, and should not allow Carlos to come close to Luisa Fernanda again. What an illegal licence!

Carlos got to know that Jenny had come to lie to Alfredo about she being his fiancee. When he got home, he found his mother and Jennifer in a druken stupor solidarity of jilted lovers. Next day, Marissa further dug the battle trenches, She instructed the bank to cancel the credit cards carried by L.A. When L.A. went shopping for new clothes, he was shocked and humiliated to discover that all his credit cards 'bounced', because Marissa had cancelled them.

Episode 46:
L.A. got a miraculous break when Don called him to take over as the legal adviser of his steel company. Carlos learnt that Luisa Fernanda has started work as auxilliary nurse that takes care of Don Fernando at home. He went there to plead with her to forgive him again, she shut him out, saying no more relationship. He forced her to kiss him, to convince her that he still loves her. He pleaded with Don Fernando to help him convince Luisa to forgive his for his past emotional error and to marry him.

Consuela is broke and became worried since she could only take over the fortune after Don's death. She began to scheme to kill Don, so that she can inherit the fortune soon.

Pedro confesses the truth to Alfredo that he is not the real father of Luisa Fernanda. Alfredo began to suspect L.A. of being the biological father. Ceasar and Clarita went on in planning for their wedding to the chargrin of Lupe. He told her not to worry as he would be living under the roof of Marissa with his new wife-to-be after their wedding.

Carlos began to suspect 'foul-play' as the health of Don was not improving. Don complaint to him that the drug that Consuelo has giving him has not improved his memory or attention span.

Episode 47:
Desperate Jennifer went to reveal to Vanessa that Luisa Fernanda, her best friend, was the secret girlfriend of Carlos Eduardo. Luisa had to leave and find work elsewhere in a hardware store, when Vanessa's animosity became unbearable, because of Jenny's revelation.

Luis Alejandro incriminated Leopoldo as a revenge for taking Andreina from him. Luis Alejandro planned to kill Pedro with a gun on his visit to the mental hospital. He was disarmed by the hospital security when Alfredo exposed him that he was carrying a gun. L.A was arrested, taken to the police station and charged for assault..., When Carlos told Marissa of the ordeal of L.A. she was afraid of the scandal that the news of her estranged husband's imprisonment could cause for the image of the bank. Also because she was still gullibly in love with this con-man, she intervened to bail him from police custody. What a foolish mistake!

When Andreina learnt that Marissa has reconciled with L.A. and he was no longer interested in her. She was saddened and quickly aligned with Leopoldo and they went on another vacation in Cancun.

From frying pan to fire, On her first day at work at the hardware store, her new boss found Luisa Fernanda very irresistible and he tried to sexually abuse her. She escaped from his amorous hands and ran away, that was her last day at that work-place.

Episode 48:
The chicken has come home to roost, Police investigation pointed to Heriberto and his mistress (Virginia), as accomplice in the theft and disappearance of workers salary in the steel company. Don Fernando prevented Virginia from being arrested by the police. Heriberto threatened to expose Consuela as the real thief if, she tries to disown him or worry Virginia.

Vanessa and Jennifer are now allies because of the undying love of Carlos for Luisa Fernanda. They are now plotting how to prevent Carlos and Luisa Fernanda from marrying each other. Rigoberto overheard Consuela planning to kill Luisa Fernanda, because she (Luisa) , remains a threat to her inheritance.

Carlos was angry because Marissa reconciled with L.A. Suspicion drove Lic Ordonez to investigate why L.A. was interested in killing Pedro.

Episode 49:
Lic Ordóñez found out through Solozano the reason why L.A. was interested in Amelia and later, Pedro. Don tried to persuade L.F. to reconsider and give Carlos a second chance. Carlos was heart-broken and disappointed with his mom for re-uniting with L.A. Jennifer was on hand to pacify him, she seduced him again to amorous affairs. Vanessa found out, and she was disappointed that Jenny betrayed their alliance by going behind her to seduce Carlos. She went to confess all these to Luisa Fernanda.

When Alfredo heard about this, he was happy, because he thought this would improve his chances of winning the love of Luisa Fernanda, in the absence of Carlos, who was now thought to have reconciled with Jennifer de la Vega.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Two Steps Backward: AIT

The Africa Independent Television (AIT) engaged reverse gear tonite, by going two steps backwards to repeat Episode 39 of the Gardener's Daughter telenovela. This has caused much anxiety among devotees of la Hija del Jardinero.

Speculations are rife that the AIT wanted to slow down her fast pace so that MITV could catch up with her. Another 'gardener' who called me from Kaduna, northern Nigeria, yesternite said it was sheer lack of dedication on the part of the AIT to have 'forgotten' that what she ought to have aired was Episode 42, and not the reverse gear they took lovers of the Mexican Soap Opera.

Yet, another source said that, MYTV, that holds the proprietary rights to the film in Nigeria, is desperately sourcing to get the remaining episodes 42 t0 180, which has not arrived yet to her hands. What ever be the case, my personal opinion is that AIT owes us an explanation for the 'reverse gear'. Don't take us for granted, don't take us for a ride, don't reduce our entertainment value on the altar of non-challance. You have over 300,000 enlightened and sophisticated viewers to account to.

We would watch out if the AIT would correct the anomaly by tomorrow, friday 20th October, 2006.

Keep Gardening....

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Episode 41: He Really Moved Me!

Yesternite It was Vintage Marissa. If she had put up this wise and 'iron lady' pose, (and sustained it), she would not have suffered the calamity that she was made to go through in this telenovela. The exposures continue..., and Marissa took back her crown of prudency. In their bedroom, Luis Alejandro tried to ferret information about Pedro from Marissa. She innocently told him of Pedro's state of health, but he warned her to be careful with Pedro, because a crazy man can cause havoc any time, he advised her to make sure she fires the man from coming to work in their house again. He even challenged her for talking about the 'simple gardener' as if he were a friend.

L.A. got what he did not bargained for, with his careless statement of 'advice and caution'. Marissa reacted sharply, saying: "...that 'simple gardener' is a kind-hearted man, full of devotion and true love for his late wife,... he really moved me, he adored and was faithful and loyal to his wife..., moreover, I cannot sack him, this is the time he needs the job most..." Having burned his finger, L.A. quickly withdrew and told his wife to forget about other people's affairs, as he made moves to caress her, she packed him aside, saying she is tired and went straight to bed and to sleep.

In the morning when they woke up, Marissa went to the shower, L.A. recieved an urgent phonecall from Andreina, as he was quitetly warning her of the danger of calling him at that odd hour, Marissa eavesdropped and came out of the bathroom. L.A. skillfully changed the subject saying, "...Mr. Fernando, don't worry I'd see you later this morning to iron out your Will, bye".

Marissa asked him who was calling, and he said it was Don. He rushed to the bathroom to avoid further enquiry. Marissa picked his hanset, and checked the last caller's number. Her eyes shone with anger, as she confirmed Andreina's number. She smiled and kept quiet. Clarita came to inform them that Jenny was waiting to see L.A. When L.A. came out, he cursorily glanced through Jenny's contract papers and told her to meet him in the office for counsel. He hurried out for his 'appointment' with Andreina.

As soon as he left, Marissa phoned detective Guiterez to tail him as he left the house. She told him to get the details of where he goes and whom he meets. Jenny erxpressed her shock at Marissa's new vigilance. Marissa replied saying: "...I want to get to the bottom of all the things that have been happening under my nose,... all these years of our marriage, I have been a trusting woman, but he took me for granted,... there is nothing that Luis Alejandro wanted that I did not give him, not only in finances, but also in other areas,... do you know how much I invested to look young and maintain my youthful figure? ... I have had proposition from men who are more powerful and more handsome than him, but I rejected them because I love him, ..."

When Jenny asked her if the detective should find out his infidelity to be true, what would she do? Marissa replied with emotion, saying: "...I would destroy him! I'd throw him unto the streets, ... and Andreina, that ungrateful animal, she would suffer!"

Jenny never let any oppourtunity to be with and seduce Carlos slipped her by, she used the opportunity of coming to meet L.A. at home to announce her new contract to Carlos, and as she pretended to be showing him the contract papers, she stylishly began to rub her breast on his back,... Carlos quickly withdrew and handed her over to Clarita to usher her to see L.A.

L.A visited Andreina in the apartment he rented for her, she told him as he came in that: "Marissa already knows that it is me..." As L.A. came out of Andreina's apartment, the detective was ready wioth camera, ... and he took several shots of him in front of Andreina's apartment.

The scheming couple, Consuelo and Heriberto perfected their plans to hijack the fortune of Don Fernando in their room. Heriberto collected a piece of paper from his wife, asking her what it was. She told him that it was the doctor's prescription that was to delay the onset of amnesia for Don. Heriberto urged her not to purchase the drug, so that instead of delay, they want his amnesia to accelerate so that he would sign the new Will that L.A. is preparing which would give them the whole fortune of Don. Consuela agreed and tore the prescription paper to shreds. I can't wait to see the judgement of God on this wicked couple!

The Psychiatrist Dr. Alfredo, arrived into an already tensed and charged atmosphere at the hospital. he went in to examine Pedro. Pedro told him that he is wasting his time, because he (Pedro) does not need a 'Shrink' now. After the examination, Alfredo came out and introduced himself to Carlos, but requested to see Luisa Fernanda in privacy. During their 'private' talk, it was obvious that Alfredo has a liking for Luisa. He broke down every wall of formality and told Luisa to be his friend and let them be on first name terms with each other.... (huuhh, I can smell emotional trouble coming...).

Just like she told Carlos, Luisa also told Alfredo about her suspicion of the possible cause of Pedro's depression. She told him that, she is not her father's daughter. Alfredo told her of the enormous cost of treating Pedro and the need to move him out of there to a mental hospital. She promised to talk Pedro into agreeing to go to the mental hospital. She also assured that she would do anything possible to raise the enormous fund needed to treat Pedro.

When Joaquina was worried about the depressed state of Pedro, Luisa said she felt it was her late mum, even from the grave that was still tormenting her father. Joaquina implore her to let Amelia's soul rest in peace. Luisa replied sarcastically, saying: "...Do you really think so?" When she lamented that her mom never really loved him, Joaquina reminded her that it was Pedro's choice, to stick to such weird relationship.

The amnesia of Don has worsened his state, he became aggressive with every one, including Rigoberto. He threatened to call police to arrest Chante, the plumber who was the son of the cook, Camilla. He did not recognise anybody! Consuela came downstairs with a bottle pills which she claimed was the prescribed drug she had bought for Don, (this is a lie). She said nobody but she alone would administer the drug on the old man. (I fear oo). Could it be just an analgestic or even a slow poison? I don't trust this snake called Consuelo.

For one week now Luisa Fernanda has missed lectures at the university because of the tragic occurences in her life. Pedro went wild, shouting that he was not crazy, when luisa told him that he would have to be moved to a mental hospital.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Episode 40: Driven By Love

He was an undergraduate, the only son of a middle-class corporate lady of taste, who happens to be the secretary of the Metropolitan Bank. His mother has a high expectation of him. In fact, she wanted him to complete his University education and take up a good job that would guarantee his upward mobility into the 'happening' class. Alas! he has been striken by a love thunderbolt, this cupid thunder has shattered the elitist dreams of his mother. Love-drunk Ceasar came to Marissa with one desperate request: To be a house servant (driver, mehanic, gardener...), anything to her, so long as it would keep him close to, and under the same roof with Clarita, his fiancee, who is Marissa's house-maid. What a fairy!

Ceasar has good eyes, Clarita is a bundle of beauty. Under the uniform of a house-maid lies an enchanting body that, even the best designers in the world would crave to model their fabric works of artistry. Clarita is ever joyful and compassionate lover. She has a penetrating intelligence that could see through the veneer of a classy and elegant ex-Miss Universe. From the beginning, she knew that Jennifer de la Vega was a farce, a woman without virtue. She is unbelieveably humble and honorable. Can you imagine her requesting Carlos (who is only a few years older than her), to be the 'father-of-the-bride' on her wedding day, to give her away to her husband? I am humbled by Clarita's virtue. A maid in Mexico with a heart of a virtuous queen. Jennifer Lopez' classic "Maid in Manhattan" is being reprised in this telenovela.

Luis Alejandro came face-to-face with a 20-year secret that he is now desperately seeking for..., ... but could not recognize it. all he saw was a gold-digger who squandered his money. He didn't see Amelia's face in his daughter: Luisa Fernanda. Lic Ordonez came to the hospital too, but interrupted what could have been an explosive encounter between Luisa Fernanda and her biological father, Luis Alejandro Montero. The appearance of Lic Ordonez scared L.A. who is a man of hideous past, he quickly withdew from the hospital and went to Consuela's house. Lic assured Luisa Fernanda that the bank would pick up the hospital bill of Pedro because of the loving memory of her sweet mother, Amelia. Lic is one man that death cheated: by licking away his fondness, called Amelia.

Marissa hired a private detective, Fransisco Guiterez, supplied by Lic Ordonez to watch out her husband and find any incriminating evidence of adultery in his life (I presume to use as evidence for divorce). When the detective shared the info with Lic, he was happy that Marissa eyes have finally been opened to the "... double-faced" con-lover, Luis Alejandro.

L.A. went to Consuela to seek her help to find out if it is true that Pedro really attempted suicide. He said that evidence would be enough for him to file a law suit to claim his daughter from Pedro, who, because of his presumed mental instability, would be incapable of taking care of Luisa Fernanda. Foolishness seems to be dodging every step of L.A. How could he in the world expect his proven enemy and blackmailer (Consuelo Alcantara), to turn in a report that would sink her ambition of inheriting Don's fortune?

Pancho came to the hospital too to challenge Pedro to live and not die, because of his daughter's love for him and because of loved ones like Mrs Marissa and others who have come to the hospital to support him with their solidarity. On his way out, he saw Suzanna, Pedro's secret lover of 10 years running. pancho advised her not to show her face to Pedro because he is a very depressed man who cannot be cheered up. Faces of loved ones only served to provoke more agony for him.

Jennifer de la Vega just won a contract with an international advertising agency to be their spokesperson. But her joy was not full because there was no Carlos to share it with. Carolina came back from the university with her boyfriend to introduce to Jenny. As soon as Jenny went out for her appointment, the two love-birds jumped on Jenny's bed for love-making. A few hours later, Jenny came back and caught them in the 'act'. She was mad and jealous with the duo perhaps because she had no lover and the vacum of her bed being 'hijacked' by her sister and her lover. She chased the boyfriend out and sent carolina packing out of her house, saying: "...you can't stay here anymore" Carolina was crestfallen...

Don Fernando gave hope to Carlos as he poured out his pain of presumed loss of his girlfriend, to the old man. Ooh he wept for the 'loss', he admitted his error, saying he wanted to eat his cake and have it at the same time. Don told him to weep and exhaust himself, that is how to be a man, he said. That is how to pour out his burden. Don mourned with him, but encouraged him that by next time, he would bring good news of reconciliation with his girlfriend to him, that he should not give up.

Consuelo sprung another masterpiece in evil subtlety tonite, when Rigoberto came to challenge her to divulge the content of her secret meeting with Luis Alejandro in Don's study. Without blinking, she impulsively lied to old Rigo that L.A. went to check on Amelia to ask her why she did not come again for her planned re-union with her father, only to be told that Amelia and her daughter died in a car accident on the day they were coming to meet Don. When Rigo asked for Pedro to confirm the truth, she told her additional lies that, Pedro had committed suicide because of the death of Amelia and her daughter, and all of them had been buried.

Rigo broke down into uncontrollable weeping, she said a mass must be organised in their memory. She also asked to be taken to the grave where they were buried so she can pay her last respect. Consuela made her to swear that she would not disclose the deaths to Don because it could cause him to suffer a heart-attack.

Few hours later while Rigo was still mourning. Don asked Consuela why Rigo was crying about the house like a maniac. Consuela characteristically again, lied to Don, saying that Rigo must have been mourning for her cousin that was on death bed. She also advised that Don should retire rigo and sent her away to her hometown, because she is too old, tired and worn out, and not as efficient as before. Don objected to her evil counsel.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Episode 39: The Unfolding Secrets

In what looked like a week of exposures of secrets, tonite's episode sets the tone when Leopoldo challenged Luis Alejandro with the million Dollar question: "...Are you sleeping with Andreina?" L.A. dismissed his question as unfounded and asked him to forget about Andreina, telling him there is no good thing that can come out of a lady that sleeps around with married men. Leopoldo is deeply in love with Andreina and he harbours doubts about the claim of L.A. that he had no romantic agenda for her.

Pedro, still on sick bed, squirms at the thought that a jerk like L.A. is married to Marissa. When later Carlos came to check his pulse, he warned and roughened up Carlos's shirt, telling him to do him a favour: "...I don't want you near my daughter again, never". When Sister Joaquina visited him to counsel him to get himself out of depression because of Amelia and for his daughter's sake, he begged her to help him separate, and never let Carlos touch Luisa Fernanda, because, he believed that he is Luis Alejandro Montero's son, saying he and Luisa Fernanda are relatives. Joaquina was worried by Pedro's new agitative turn, and she told him to be calm, saying: "...Carlos Eduardo is such a kind man, he loves her desperately, ...nothing could be better for her now than renewing her relationship with that doctor..." Moreover, she asked Pedro not to jump into conclusions because, Carlos' last name was not Montero, but Gomez. She said Carlos may have been a product of an earlier marriage with another man before L.A.

Carlos met and called Luisa Fernanda to his office to discuss the latest turn of the health of Pedro. He told her that Pedro may have been suffering severe depression that triggered some chemical reactions that may have produced alterations in his brains. He said Pedro need an examination by a Psychatrist. Luisa first reacted by saying that her father was not crazy, but later admitted that she knew the cause of his severe depression. Carlos was hopeful and begged her to tell him so that both of them can use the information to bring about his diagnosis and cure and help Pedro to recover.

Luisa told him with a solemn voice that Pedro was not her father, and that the knowledge of this truth was the cause of his depressions. She told him how she got the information from her mother, Amelia, just before the accident. She weas sure Amelia must have confronted him with this truth, that was why she thought, they went for a divorce. She also reminded him of the 'prophecy' of the Gypsy at the circus that there is a secret that would change her life. Her paternity is one of such many secrets and they have begun to unfold and are also changing her life now. Carlos was touched with pity saying, "...I love you, my love", and on impulse, held her close and kissed her, she yeilded too to his tender kiss and compassion.

She recovered from the dose of kissing and withdrew herself with tears streaming her eyes, saying: "...we can't get back together again,... I no longer believe in you,... even when you say the truth, I would be looking for what lies you are feeding me with..., you have lied to me so well that you did it perfectly..., I can't trust you, ...it hurts me so much to know that while you were dating me, you were still having sex with Jennifer..., our relationship was the best thing that ever happened to me, but you threw it all away..." She left and walked out of his office.

Consuela went again to L.A's office to know if he was ready to 'play ball' by altering Don's will to favour her. When L.A seems to be tardy about it, she invoked the blackmail weapon against him, saying: "...you don't want to be broke and homeless, because when your wife hears about your attrocities, that is what wold happen to you. If I also tell my father about who you really are, he would report you to the legal council and you would lose your license..." she told him how Solozano was also blackmailing her demanding for 200,000 Dollars. So, a cornered L.A. agreed to get on with the alteration of Don's Will.

Solozano came again but met Heriberto who quickly ushered him to his office for their talks. Solozano gave Heriberto and (Consuela in absentia), one week to pay up 200,000 Dollars or he would have a 'long conversation' with Don Alcantara. He told Heriberto that since he is the General manager of his father in-law's steel company, he should not find it difficult to raise the blackmail money.

Heriberto was flustered after Solozano left, Virginia, his mistress cum secretary came in to assuage his tensed nerves, Consuelo came in without their knowledge. She watched the two illegal lovers for a few minutes and coughed to distract their romantic attention. She asked them if she was interrupting..., Virginia quickly shuffled out of the office. Consuela waved away the lies and excuses of Heriberto, as to why Virginia was masaging his hair. Consuela seemed to be more consumed with how to get out of the blackmail logjam of Solozano than starting a fight over her husband's infidelity. She told him that she has a grand plan to get that huge money out before the expiration of Solozano's one-week ultimatum.

Rigoberto called Carlos to come and see the deterioration of Don's memory as the old man has begun to write things on pieces of papers and stuck them everywhere at home. After prescription of drugs to take to delay the onset of memory loss, the old man told Carlos not to go yet. He chatted Carlos up on his girl-friend. Carlos confessed to him that he has lost her for good!

Marissa called Ordonez and asked him to enlist the services of detectives for a non-banking job. I am sure it is for tailing the movements of Luis Alejandro. She left for Jennifer's office. She told Jenny that even though, she did not have evidence yet, but she has intuition saying: "...I believe Andreina is sleeping with Luis Alejandro..." she told Jenny how she found Andreina in L.A's office and how flustered and nervous she and L.A. were, when she saw them together. She also said the controversial ring was found by L.A's feet on the floor. She concluded that she was sure Andreina came to return the ring and threw it on L.A. as it fell to the floor.

Jenny said she did not believe it, that it was not possible. Marissa confronted Jenny to tell the truth, if she really knew of the love affair between L.A. and Andreina, Jenny lied that she did not know. Marissa left without even giving Andreina her traditional goodbye kiss. Andreina immedistely knew that the woman is already suspicious.

L.A. learnt through Rosario and Clarita that Pedro tried to commit suicide and he is now hospitalised. This news shook him, and he rushed to the hospital to see Pedro, on getting there, he saw Luisa Farnanda, and he raised his voice, saying: "...young lady, I am looking for Pedro Perez..." Luisa looked with anger at him and challenged him, speaking through her teeth: "...what are you doing here!"

At last another secret stared face-to-face with L.A. would he recognize his daughter now, just like he did with Amelia at the restaurant? Would Luisa acknowledge and forgive him? Let's await the epic scenario that this explosive encounter would unfold at the next episode, Episode 40.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Welcome Rambo IV and Rocky VI

Oscar and Academy award-winning action movie hero, Sylvester Stallone has donned the red bandana and boxing glove again, this time to resurrect the legend that these two movies have established in the heart of fans and foes world-wide. We captured this news from our new sister blog devoted to this thriller movie icon Sylvester Stallone

Though ageing, he celebrated his 60th birthday last July, he was the magnetic cynosure in the city of Philadepia last week when the City Museum re-commissioned his almost 9ft bronze statue as a symbol of acceptance of the fighting spirit of Philadepia- the city of "Smoking Joe", Joe Frazier, lengendary boxer. With the sound track of ROCKY movie thick in the atmosphere, and in the background throughout the ceremony, the chants of Rocky! Rocky!! Rocky!!! rented the air by enthusiastic crowd of fans who thronged the venue from far and wide, by air and by land, to catch a live glimpse of their hero at the commissioning ceremony.

In a post titled Rocky Forever! we depicted how fans would never cease to appreciate a good film and a talented actor or actress who adds value to life with the message of inspiration, courage, true love and victory that all his movies evoke. From Rocky I to VI and the audience is not tired of consumption. In fact Rocky I - V has been reproduced in DVDs and is still a hot cake among movie lovers in the U.S today. So if Rocky VI becomes a success, then get ready for Rocky 7,... ROCKY Forever!!!

The return of Rocky VI may as well be the tonic of inspiration for 48-year old Tim Whitherspoon, former World Heavy Weight Boxing champion who is dreaming of coming out of retirement to don the gloves again. he is still younger than Nigeria's Bash Ali, who is still trading punches and wants to equal American George Foreman's record.

We promise to keep tabs on the news as it moves to a climax by December/January for all Fans of Sylvester Stallone on our sister blog.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Week 8: Weekend Review

The week that just ended was dominated by Marissa and Luis Alejandro Montero. I have always called and discribed Marissa Gomez Ruiz as a woman of nobility. Though she had this inherent weakness of gullibility, therefore susceptible to manipulation by cunning associates and relatives. For one, her gullible disposition did not match the expected shrewdess of a banker, a President of a bank for that matter. If we use the yardstick of her success in running the conglomerate like her Metropolitan Bank for the last 20 years, to measure her failings in romantic and love affairs, then one can conclude that the author of the original and full story of "la Hija del Jardinero", Mariela Romero, left a huge gap in the character of Kenya Gascon a.k.a "Marissa Gomez".

This unbalanced character made me to digg deeper into her role from the beginning, and guess what I found? Marissa's nobility is a recent phenomenon, perhaps because of age, growth and greater responsibilities placed on her shoulders. At the begining, Marissa was a ruthless schemer, in the calibre of Jennifer. I ask myself, what sort of true love would propel a single-parent widow, in her late thirties to 'hoodwink' a boy (University student), of 20 years old into marriage, and never disclose to him before marriage that she had no womb, so, no child-bearing or rearing? That was nothing but a recipe for future matrimonial disaster that would be triggered by adulterous 'flings' by an insecure and unfaithful husband- Luis Alejandro Montero.

If you call that infatuation, I would declare to you that, it is an excuse for 'emotional robbery'. All the adversities that our dear and noble Marissa is facing now, and would still face in this telenovela, were as a result of the youth of Luis Alejandro Montero which she 'stole', some twenty years ago. Luis Alejandro could not be excused as a 'victim' in this drama. My husband even had a little sympathy for him, but not me. Why? because, with his eyes wide open, he surrendered his youth and freedom for a rich woman's body, in the name of love.

He too schemed his way into Marissa's heart. If truly he loved Marissa, he would have sat down with her during courtship to chart out their future matrimony, and naturally, child-bearing issues would have been a pivotal part of that discussion. Had he known that Marissa was wombless and still proceeded with the wedding, then he would naturally have taken the whole blame today. It a case of "cunning man die, cunning woman buried him". Marissa is reaping deception and trauma today because she sowed it first, some twenty years ago.

I am not at home with the cowardly Pedro in every respect. I abhor his methodology of evasive and escapist attitude to fundamental matters of life. The latest example of this attitude was when the revelation by Marissa to him that Luis Alejandro Montero was her cheating husband. What you fail to tackle now would later grow into a monster to torment you. I expected him to have punctured the 20-year hypocritical balloon Luis Alejandro, by telling Marissa that L.A was the man who impregnated Amelia and the product today is Luisa Fernanda. He should have also told Marissa, now that it seems she is 'jelly' for him, that his marriage to Amelia was a complete farce.

Episode 38: Trained To Be Suspicious

Its time to cast your vote: Who is the con queen in this telenovela? Consuela or Jennifer? I am at a quandary on who is the most cunning between the two, given the drama of tonite's episode. Consuela was made to drink a cupful of her own medicine of blackmail tonite as Detective Solozano showed up in her house. She was shaken beyond imagination, but she quickly recovered her lying wits to introduce him to Don as her 'Professor' in her college days.

In their private discussion in Don's study, Solozano told her of his suspicions, saying that: "...isn't it a strange coincidence that your sister Amelia died when you were doing everything possible to cover up investigation by your father to find her?" When Consuela threatened to throw him out he counter-threatened that he would expose her dirty deals to her father. She became afraid, and asked him to name is 'price'. Solozano was happy by her 'smartness' to recognize the game. They fixed appointment for another rendezvous to iron out the details of the 'settlement'.

Jennifer is no friend to anybody but to her selfish and serpentine self. She begged Luisa Fernanda to be her friend and listen to her beacuse she had things in common with her, as both of them, she claimed, were victims of a lying boyfriend. So, they went to the clinic's cafetaria to chat. When Jenny's chat was not meaningful or fruitful, Luisa stood up to go, but Jenny called her back saying she had a question to ask her. Luisa too said she a question to ask her too, saying: "...was it true that you lied about your pregnancy to Carlos?" Jenny broke out into crocodile and pitiable tears, saying she did it in desperation to prevent the only man she ever loved from abandoning her for another woman, on the eve of their wedding plans. She played the perfect role of the victim, evoking sympathy and made Luisa to believe that her relationship, though strained, is still on with Carlos. She wanted Luisa to be her friend, saying, "...can I call you my friend?"

A nurse informed Carlos that Jenny and Luisa were chatting at the cafetaria, he stood up quickly and went there. On getting there, Luisa stood up and left to attend to her father. Carlos asked her what she told Luisa. She said: "...If you think I'm going to say good things for you to your little school-girl, No..., my sense of sacrifice does not go that far."

GuadaLupe has inherited the prejudicial virus of her dead friend Amelia. When Ceasar, for the first time, brought his girlfriend- Clarita, to introduce to his mom and also announce their wedding plans. Lupe was horrified when she discovered that Clarita was "...a common house servant" of Marissa, and she did not hide her opposition and disgust. This offended Clarita and she had to leave abruptly. Ceasar was mad with Lupe and he vowed to go ahead with his marriage plans with Clarita for that was the only woman he ever loved, to think of settling down into a matrimonial relationship. Lupe insisted and decreed that Ceasar must not bring a 'maid' into her house.

Andreina explained away her visit to Marissa as legal consultation to determine whether she could sue her monsterous lover for abuse. After Andreina left with Leopoldo, Marissa looked at the floor and saw the controversial ring on the floor. She picked it and challenged her husband to explain what the ring was doing in his office. He lied that the woman sent an employee to return the ring after he quarrelled with her, demanding for the return of the ring, because his wife did not approve of it.

Marissa wondered saying: "...so, this insignificant woman has an employee?" He faltered and lied again that it was the employee of a courrier service company that she used... Marissa became angry, knowing that he was lying again, she walked out of his office.

Marissa was shocked to learn from Carlos that Pedro was hospitalised because he attempted to comit suicide. She went straight to commiserate with him at the hospital. Pedro confessed to her that he had no purpose for living again after the death of his wife. He told her how he adored Amelia as a godess, despite her unbriddled temperament. Told her how he had never loved any other woman all his life. He also apologized to her for pretending that he never knew Amelia when she introduced her, as her secretary to him. He said that it was Amelia who warned him never to identify with her publicly because she was ashamed of him being a gardener.

Marissa was moved to tears with this testimony of unparalleled love and devotion of Pedro. She came close to him and knelt down by his bedside saying: "...I am moved to envy for your dead wife, how I wish I could find a man that would love and adore me like that" The two of them looked deeply, with unspoken words and with tender into each other's eyes. She told Pedro how, about 20 years earlier she took the risk of falling in love with a much younger man Luis Alejandro, but who today is cheating on her with a younger woman... Pedro was shocked at the mention of L.A's name. He asked he: "...did you say Luis Alejandro?..., Luis Alejandro Gomez?" Marissa said "...No, Luis Alejandro Montero!" Pedro trembled on his bed at the strange coincidence and the fact that it is the same man that is causing him and Marissa traumatic experience.