Friday, March 30, 2007

Emotional Spare Tyre

The heightened drama got to a confrontational level between Victor and Alfredo Anzola. Victor accused him of being blind to the beauty and matchless virtues of Xochil, and that Alfredo only wanted to marry Luisa Fernanda as a revenge trophy, in his unending jealous battle against Carlos Eduardo. He even described Xochil as being "stupidly faithful" to Anzola.

On the other hand, Alfredo had unconsciously adopted a policy of keeping Xochil as a romantic "spare tyre" in his emotional journey with Luisa Fernanda. He knew in himself that, sooner or later, his emotional captive would loose steam, and his emotional tyre would burst. Because he dreaded that moment, that is why he kept Xochil in perpetual bond to himself.

Now, that dreaded moment has finally come. L.F told Pedro that she was fed up with this emotional psycho, called fiance, and would break up with him, to go back to Carlos Eduardo.

With the premonition that L.F was about to leave him for Carlos, Alfredo began to drown his tortured soul in a sea of alcohol, and also consoled his emotion with Xochil. It was like Victor's truth was the key that opened the floodgate of his bottled emotion for Xochil. They were both drowned in the ocean of unspeakable flood ...

Pedro behaved most irresponsibly yesterday when out of childish anger he rejected a copy of Fernando's original Will that Luis Alejandro brought for Luisa Fernanda. As usual with him, he was afraid that such favors might endear L.F to Montero. This not withstanding, Rigo is coming to reveal the truth to L.F tonite. More of these glimpses from the Site Map.

Expect me to serve you an appetizer in the next few hours in the form of the Grand Finale of Lorenzo's Wife (la Mujer de Lorenzo). This should wet the appetites of those who are asking for how it all ended. To keep you for the weekend. My weekend would be devoted to editing and flooding you with the snippets of this soap.

MamaJ was asking me a few days ago if I would start from where they are currently. The truth however is that, it is better to start from the beginning to the end. That way, we would not be accused of being selfish, by those who would come looking for the FULL STORY or summaries of La Mujer de Lorenzo - (Lorenzo's wife), in the future.

Posting all the snippets before the end of April would be best for us here. So I am giving myself a target of maximum 4 weeks, that also goes for the completion of Ugly Betty and Rebeca.