Thursday, September 27, 2007

Celebrating 9th Birthday With Google

Today marks the 9th birthday anniversary of the lovable giant search engine, GOOGLE. I would say I am indebted to Google for the fame of this telenovela blog.

Every discovery is a product of search. Every distinction is a function of discovery. The Google phenomenon is a product of two young boys and there associates discovering and filling a yawning gap in the internet industry.

From the obscurity of my living room, as a work-at-home-mom, Google catapulted me to international fame and, if not fortune yet, but comfortable satisfaction.

All I did was to use Google's blogspot platform to write about my passion for telenovela stories. I never knew any of you before, you found me by Google and I met and befriended you by Google. Google is the most liberal search engine, I have known. Very transparent and rewarding honest, creative and original hard work.

There was a time I became frightened by the awesome traffic brought my way by this giant. At that time, I considered 4,000-5,000 daily visitors and 42,000 daily pageviews, and an Adsense daily income of almost $40 as absolutely insane!

Who were these people from 128 countries of the six continents? Where did they come from? and what did they come to do on my modest telenovela blog. Only Google answered that question, when I checked my sitemeter and Google Analytics.

If I have not experienced that kind of awesome crowd since the end of that season, I know why and what I have not done. I have not completed any telenovela like I did with the full story of gardener's daughter (la hija del jardinero). Imagine if I complete the full story of SECOND CHANCE (El Cuerpo del Deseo), with the site map listed? There would be another Google rampage here.

It is the sweetest thing for any blogger to make good money, like $2,000+ from blogging activities. Google does not discriminate, you get what you give. If you don't sow, you don't reap. I have a delighted dream of hitting that threshold again soon, with my 'new baby' Story Story Dot Com which I am still test-running. I hope to multiply ten-fold the exploits of this blog over there.

May I use this opportunity of the Google's 9th birthday anniversary to shout out to the potentially loaded youths out there. There is a vacuum for you to fill with your fingers pouring your passion unto the internet, the Google fisherman would fish you out, if you have something to offer the world. And you would be handsomely rewarded, if you are creative and hardworking. Let nobody despise your youth, come out and showcase your God-given talents. you don't have to be a telenovela writer.

It is true that a shameful minority section of our youth had gone berserk with internet scams through the phenomenal "Yahoo-Yahoo Boys" syndrome. We can redeem that image if we become Google boys and girls, showcasing our creative writing talents through blogging and monetization of our blogs. We can make a respectable and legitimate income from there without leaving the shores of this country or continent to sell ourselves cheap abroad.

You are too loaded to lose in the battle of positive intellects! Do you know that anytime I get to the bank to Deposit my foreign checks, many counter cashiers at the bank ask me what I did to earn that much, some of them even confessed to me, when I deposited a Google check of $931 Dollars last month, that they don't earn that much in their professional banking jobs. Yet banking jobs are hot cakes of employment in this part of the world. It's time to proudly display that you are blogger, just like those guys used to proudly declared saying: "I am a Banker".

Do you know that Larry Page and Sergey both were listed, for the first time, this year by FORBES among the 400 Richest Americans? These boys are the two co-founders of Google 9 years ago! They are under 35-years old. The least person on that 400-richest Americans list by Forbes, is worth over $1.3 Billion Dollars!

All these two boys did was to leverage the power and potential of the internet to fill the vacuum in the search industry. Who says you too cannot fill a legitimate void on the internet? It's all a matter of discovering that vacuum. Your own discovery is awaiting your laborious and fruitful search.