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Justice Begins to Move

Fear is the word, as justice began her slow crawl to catch up with the murderer of Andre. Isabel was livid with rage and began her own vengeance mission, to destroy Harrieta, her former roommate for reporting to the police that she was involved in the murder of Andre. This is the essence of this snippet 57, more are available on the site map for second chance telenovela, otherwise called, El cuerpo del deseo.

Rebeca's joy was short-lived, as she was celebrating the disappearance of that 'trickster' (meaning Salvador). She marched on her dress, as a way of despising Salvador. (the same dress she wore the day Salvador exposed her at the restaurant, that he was married and had a son and walked out on Rebeca.

Isabel came into Rebeca's room to warn her of her extravagant spendings, which has become the talk of the town. She warned her not to follow the footsteps of her late mom, (Nina). Rebeca told her not to worry, as long as that man (Salvador), has left them in peace. Isabel surprised her by announcing that Salvador has re-appeared in the factory. Rebeca was depressed by this news.

Angela and Antonio came to chat with Salvador over his affair with Valeria and how she was hurting. Salvador told them that he knew, but they should let it be bygone. He told Angela not to meddle in the painful separation between him and Valeria. After Angela left, Salvador told Antonio in confidence to watch out that from now on, he should prepare himself for some dramatic surprises and unexpected news from his end.

The police summoned Isabel for further interrogation over the suspicious death of Andre Corona. She feigned anger, saying that she thought the same police authorities had told the press that it was natural suicide?

The police asked her if she knew Harrieta, her roommate. She disguised her surprise and fear with a bold-face, saying the lady was her co-worker in the factory, and also a girlfriend of her late husband. They told her that the lady had accused her of being a chief suspect in the murder case investigation into the death of Andre. Harieta had testified with evidence that Andre's death was neither suicide nor accidental, but was a calculated plan of conspiratorial murder.

Isabel angrily retorted that Harrieta was a crazy mistress of Andre and was lying against her in order to pin his death on her, out of sheer jealousy. She advised them not to listen to the ranting of an obsessed woman, whom she had caught several times in bed with Andre. The police threw another sudden question that almost caught her off-guard, they asked her if Salvador Sorenzo was known to her in any way...

She said Salvador was a driver and later became a director in the factory. When they asked her if she had any affair with him, she denied by lying that she had no romantic relationship with Salvador. They confronted her with the testimony of Harrieta that they were both lovers... at that point, she became agitated and demanded to speak no more except in the presence of her lawyer. The police managed to extract statement from her that no relationship existed between her and Salvador.

Rebeca was unsettled when Isabel did not return from the police station. Walter assured her that the police were doing a thorough job, and anybody suspected of complicity in Andre's death would be detained. Rebeca was angry because of his insinuation that Isabel was involved with the murder of Andre.

Isabel was later released but she was shivering with fear. She swore to take revenge on Harrieta. She also swore to throw out Walter after the dust settles, because of his insolence.

The Return of "Pedro"

After Salvador's escape, the foursome ran after him like mad men and women, chasing after another mad man on the street. Salvador ran to the express and found it difficult to cross the road, as he was contemplating in his confusion, he jumped across the road and a car hit him and he fainted. In his black-out state, he saw himself swimming in a very dark river and making love to Cantalicia.... [Check out more snippets 1- 57, of el cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela from the Story-Story Dot Com].

The driver came to see him and thought he was dead, as he was about to call police, Gaetana and Camilo arrived, and persuaded the driver to go, they told him that they would take care of him. They carried his almost lifeless body into Camilo's car and hurriedly left the scene of the accident, rushing him to the hospital.

On the way Salvador woke up and Gaetana asked him if he recognized her. He responded with the voice of Pedro Donoso, saying: "Yes, you are Gaetana, where are we going?" They told him to lie still, that he just had a fatal accident and was being rushed to the hospital.

He stood up and told them that he hates hospitals, and he had no pain or injury nor internal bleeding. He ordered Camilo to stop, and let all of them return back to Gaetana's home. When they got home Gaetana told him what had happened to 'him' (Pedro), in the last 24 hours.

He was surprised and was also afraid. He said it was like a good sleep, he never felt anything. Gaetana told him that he must learn to control the body of Salvador, so that 'he' (original Salvador), won't return to demand for his body again. Pedro said that of a truth, he too was afraid that any moment, he could turn into "another man" without any memory of who he was... Gaetana assured him that she would always care for him. He touched the fresh scar on his head sustained from the beatings from the three thugs.

The landlord arrived again, this time alone, and without his thugs. He came for peaceful negotiation. He asked if it was because of Salvador that Gaetana rejected his business proposal for partnership, she said yes. He wanted Gaetana to swear that she had no 'affair' with Salvador. She stood up angry, saying that she was old enough to be his (Salvador's) mother and would never have any romantic affair with Salvador. The landlord gave them three months to vacate his property, which they have turned into a night club.

The next day, 'Salvador' returned to the factory and everybody were relieved to know that he was back, except Simon, who snubbed him. When Angela broke the news to Isabel, she tried to disguise her joy and told Angela that she would go to see him later at the factory.

A New Headache

Fasten your telenovela seat belts, as we aproach the climax of the el cuerpo del deseo (second chance), last legs. While we await Tessie to join us as soon asd she done of her exams, I would give you rare snippets from the difficult-to-translate episodes, from the Spanish to English, of this novela... it is manageably thrilling. This is snippet 55: If you are just joining this telenovela flight, better for you to go to the site map to read the full story of El cuerpo del deseo.

Cantalicia continued to suffer romantic hallucinations about the original Salvador, she felt strongly for this season her real husband and father to her son, Mancho has returned to her.

Camilo arrived at the scene where Salvador was being beaten to a pulp, but he was helpless against three murderous thugs, so he ran back into the house call for others to help. He commanded Lupe to call the police while Gaetana and Matilda rushed out and somehow, they managed to scare away the thugs. They carried unconscious Salvador to the house.

Salvador woke up from his pains and pushed them away, he had never in his peasant life known all this people. He asked them to release him because he wanted to go back to the village and to his farm. gaetana was at first surprised and later sad when she realized that the spirit of the original Salvador had repossessd his body and displaced Don Pedro Jose Donoso.

Gaetana tried to assure him that she would help him, he was even surprised how Gaetana knew his name, because he never knew who she was. He distrusted all these four strangers. While Gaetana was treating his wounds with first aid, he asked her, with a new voice of an illiterate peasant, how she knew his name.

She assured him that he knew him very well, even though he could not recognize her for now. When Salvador rose up to force his way out because he could not trust this strangers, Gaetana pulled another surprise string when she suddenly counseled him that she knew also his wife Cantalicia and his son Mancho, she promised him that she would help him to re-unite with them, He calmed down and really believed that this strange woman truly knew him and his family.

Gaetana was too afraid to tell others about the return of the old Salvador, they too thought that Salvador was behaving strangely as if he was "another person". She later confessed to Camilo that they may lose Salvador and something strange is happening and they should find ways of restoring the spirit of Pedro Donoso back to Salvador's body before they get into new financial troubles.

Back at the Donoso factory, the new director (Dr. Garces), and another director, were wondering why Salvador had not come to work early that Monday morning. They were even surprised because, they knew he was ever punctual, they wondered what must have happened to him.

The directors and Angela were worried by the absence of Salvador at the factory, for the bast six hours. Nobody knew where he lives and Angela promised to talk to Antonio, her husband, whom she believed knew the intimate secrets of Salvador. The directors felt ashamed that they did not have any file on such an important member of management,of the Citrus factory.

Meanwhile, Salvador was almost running mad with the sophistication surrounding him in Gaetana's house. He was shocked about his new clothes and solid shoes. All his life as a peasant, he has always worn rags and walked bare-footed. He removed the shoes, shouting aloud what happened to him. Gaetana burst out hopelessly weeping, for this astonishing reversal.

Antonio was reluctant to give the phone number of Gaetana's house to Angela. He said he did not have it. When Isabel got the news that Salvador has disappeared into thin air without trace, she was equally shocked. Rebeca laughed and said he was a coward, who had no option but to flee after been caught with Valeria. Isabel remembered Salvador's last promise to fulfill his original promise to be with her and marry her. She was depressed.

Gaetana began to desperately invoke the spirit of Don Pedro Jose Donoso to reappear and come to enter the body of sleeping Salvador Sorenzo. Suddenly a strange wind blew into the room and quenched the light of the spiritual candle, Salvador awoke with cold sweat, (what a mumbo jumbo!). Salvador woke up suddenly and broke out of the room, pushing them aggressively out of his way, and running away from them....