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It's A Draw For Ugly Betty

Snippet 5

Tosin Emmanuel told us of how Ugly Betty was humiliated one day, and was honored the next day by the same man who humiliated her yesterday. This episode also revealed how the secret enemies of daniel scored a revenge goal against him, a goal which humbled him and made him running for help from ugly Betty whom he had despised before now. The telenovela scores are even now, this is getting lnteresting...

Ugly Betty did not let him say a word. She told him that that was what he wanted – to humiliate her until she quit because he did want to work with the Ugly girl his father forced on him. She congratulated him that he succeeded in doing just that.

Daniel watched as she left, he looked guilty and upset.

The next morning, Betty's was sitting on the front steps of her house at Queens, and Justin, her nephew brought a cup of chamomile tea for her. Justin apologized to betty for her job not working out, and said that his mom (Hilda) wished Betty would be more realistic, and said that jobs like that don't happen for people like them. But Justin said he disagrees with her.

Just then, Betty heard noises coming from Gina’s apartment and saw through her window that she was making out with a guy. She promptly handed the cup of tea to Justin, marched to Gina’s doorsteps and stormed into the house. She told Gina that it was unfair, living two doors down the street and that she could see them from her house. When Gina pulled back from the guy, he was not Walter. When Betty asked where Walter was, she said it was over between them after he gave her 30 percent discount off the Plasma TV. Betty then realized that Gina used Walter. She slammed the door as she left and the effect on the wall made the Plasma fall to the ground damaged.

Back to Mode, Fabia was in the conference room (accompanied by her small dog) with Philip, Wilhelmina, Marc and Daniel. Daniel (confidently) played the slide show of the pictures taken at the photo shoot; the accident scene – showing crashed burning cars, models posing as dead bodies, Police, ambulance and medics all dressed in leather outfits.

Fabia stopped the slideshow and asked if it was a joke and Daniel replied that it wasn’t. She shouted that all the photographs were "Stupid" and threw a handful of sweets at Daniel. She stormed out of the meeting very angry. Daniel was shocked and asked what happened. Marc took pleasure in explaining to him that about a month ago, Fabia backed her SUV car into 12 people and had not gotten over it yet.

Daniel was surprised that no one had told him about this; even Philip said he was not aware of this. Wilhelmina responded to Daniel’s complain by saying that he didn't include her in the concept and that she thought he knew what he was doing.

(Wilhelmina, Marc & Philip deliberately planned to sabotage Daniel’s effort by keeping this info away from him. If only, he had listened to Betty, who had gathered info about Fabia to assist him.)

Daniel knew just then that he was in BIG trouble.

His father Bradford Meade (while exercising) told Daniel that Fabia was not just considering canceling the Mode supplement but she that she wanted to withdraw her adverts from all Meade publications. He asked why Daniel did not carry anyone along on his idea. Daniel explained that the reason why he didn't confer with anyone else was because he had strong feelings that Wilhelmina was trying to sabotage him. He apologized to his father for letting him down and begged to be given another chance that he would to come up with something else by the next morning to fix the damage.

Wilhelmina was in bed when she received a call from Marc that Daniel was still trying to contact her. She asked if Daniel had any problem understanding that she was unavailable. Just then Philip, who had been in bed with her showed up with glasses of champagne to celebrate their victory. Wilhelmina told Philip that if Daniel had come to her earlier, she still would have sabotaged him. They toasted, Wilhelmina said to team-work and Philip said to revenge. (remember Daniel slept with his girlfriend) They sipped the wine and kissed.

Daniel was in his office, trying to come up with a new concept for Fabia. He had thrown photos all over the table and floor. Then, he closed a large binder from which he viewing photos, and saw Betty's concept lying underneath it in. He took the folder and started looking through the pictures.

In the Suarez house, another telenovela was showing of the TV and Betty’s father, Ignacio, was in an apron, standing in the living room watching, he then moved to the kitchen where Betty was on the phone talking to someone about her father’s prescription (he had a heart condition and needed to take pills which Betty couldn’t pay for at that time). She hanged up the phone when she was told to hold on again. Betty's father thanked her for being so good to him and for helping him out.

Someone knock on the door and Betty opened to see Walter. He apologized for dumping her, saying he made a terrible mistake. Betty asked him when he realized it, before or after Gina dumped him. He said he broke up with her because he realized it was wrong and wanted to make it up to her. He was cut off by Daniel’s arrival (the door was still opened all this time) and on seeing Daniel, Walter accused Betty of dating Daniel; she ignored him and asked him to leave.

Ugly Betty: Stand-in Model

Snippet 4

Ugly Betty was really sorry, and Hilda said she hoped that Betty's job was really worth it. Betty slumped on the sofa tired.

(I wonder what must be going on in her mind right now. Guilt? Confusion? You know, when you are finally living your dream and it’s beginning to affect your family, it’s not a situation you want to be caught in)

She then happened to look in the direction of a picture of her mother and herself as a child. An idea stuck her mind and she quickly brought out her notepad and pen and wrote on it ‘Work Idea.’

The next morning, Betty and Daniel were walking though Mode’s corridor on their way out to a photo shoot and Daniel was talking on the phone, Betty tried to keep up with him and in the process dropped the files she was carrying. Inside the lift, Betty tried to strike up a conversation with her boss but he ignored her. She was looking for a way to show him the idea she had written down on the Fabia Cosmetics but he just walked out of the lift without acknowledging her.

They got to the streets and Betty attempted to once again present her idea but as he got to his ride he told her to go back into the building and get an outfit they forgot.

(Jerk! Why didn’t he say this while they were still in the building? He’s trying to frustrate her to quit, remember?)

Betty went to Christina’s office (the wardrobe for all Modes’ outfits) and was looking at a dress when Christina joined her. She asked Betty how her job was going and although Betty tried to cover-up, Christina noticed. Betty opened up on how Daniel had been treating her and how he wouldn’t even listen to an idea she had about the Fabia Cosmetics.

Christina had to let Betty in on the reason why she was hired. She told her that it was Bradford, Daniel’s father that hired her. The reason being that he wanted someone his son will not be tempted to sleep with because he didn’t want him to be sleeping with his assistants anymore.

(Remember, his father caught him with his assistant and he is currently sleeping with Amanda, the Receptionist)

As hard as that was for Betty to swallow, she tried looking at the positive side of it, and said she was at least grateful for getting her break-through by getting that job and that maybe that was the way it was supposed to happen for her. She then left quickly with the outfit, leaving behind the folder that contained her idea. Christina felt sorry for her. (Me too.)

When she left, Christina picked up the folder and saw that it was ‘standby’ idea for Fabia Cosmetics.

At the Photo Shoot, the set was like that of an accident scene – with three of four cars in an accident-like set-up with fire (fake) burning in the background and models lying about with blood-like substance here and there.

Amanda, Daniel’s current fling, showed up and told him she stopped by in case he needed anything.

There was one problem though, one of the models failed to show up and Philip was looking for a stand-in. Just as he was relating this to Daniel, Betty showed up staring at the whole set-up wide-eyed. Philip sighted Betty and told Daniel to ask Betty to be the stand-in. His rationale being that, she was unlikely to consent to it and this could be their opportunity of making ugly Betty quit.

Betty helped herself to a piece of donut, took a bite only to spit it out when Daniel approached her. He told her he was glad to see her and explained the situation to her and that he wanted her to help them by standing-in. Betty looked at what the models were wearing and asked Daniel if that was what he wanted her to do. He said yes and Betty, with a mixture of anger, resentment & frustration showing on her face, walked away. Daniel watched her go (looking disappointed) and thought he had finally gotten rid of her.

(Oh! How mistaken you are Danny?)

He went to Philip to tell that she had finally quit, only for Philip to look up and his face expressed surprise. Even Amanda’s face showed “I can’t believe it” look and the other models around were amused (at this fat model). Daniel couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Betty emerge in the costume (Picture a plump girl of medium height, in a tight red high necked, sleeveless mini-top, opened in the front to reveal cleavage and black leather hot pant, with thigh high silver boots and elbow length red gloves). She summoned courage and walked-up (self-consciously) to Philip, the photographer, and asked him where he wanted her.

Daniel looked uncomfortable seeing Betty in the outfit.
Philip placed Betty in between two tall, thin models and started shooting. He told the girls to give him sexy poses and Betty tried to imitate them but looked ridiculous and all that resulted in hysteric laughter from all around her. Daniel was looking upset watching Betty humiliated before him. He walked over to Philip and asked him to stop.

Betty was close to tears. She just walked out, straight into the streets, still wearing the costume. Daniel, feeling guilty, went after her and asked her to wait.

The Plot To frustrate Ugly Betty

Snippet 3

Philip then told him (Daniel) to keep his ideas away from other staff as they were all loyal to Wilhelmina. Betty interrupted their conversation, and asked it she could get him lunch to which Daniel said no, and that she should go ahead. She then told Philip that she was a big fan, but inadvertently accused him of stealing another photographer’s idea. Philip denied it and Betty, embarrassed left quickly. (Loud mouth Betty!)

Philip asked Daniel if ‘this’ (Ugly Betty) was who he wanted to represent him. Daniel told him it was his father that hired Betty and that he could not fire her. Philip said she was too ugly to be working at fashion magazine and suggested that if she could not be fired, they could get her to quit.

At the Cafeteria, while Betty walked through the lunch area looking for a table, all the staff looked at her with contempt. Even Amanda, as Betty approached, deliberately placed her bag on an empty stool beside her because she didn’t want Betty to sit by her and lower her fashion class. (ooh, vain, vain Amanda).

She finally found an empty stool and as soon as she sat down, Christina, the Scottish in-house seamstress who was also dressed differently from the fashion enthusiast around them, joined her and introduced herself. Nancy and Zelda, who were also not part of the fashion elite, joined them. Christina did the introductions and they both welcomed Betty warmly.

(This was the first time anybody was been nice to her)

Daniel’s father, Bradford Meade was sitting on a park bench feeding pigeons when another man joined him. He told Bradford that ‘she was gone’.

(Want to take a guess at who this could be?)

He reminded Bradford that he attended her funeral but Bradford wasn’t sure if she was really gone, he had the feeling she was not dead. He told the man to double and triple-check what Fey Sommers knew about him, and his company.

Back in Daniel’s office, he began hatching his plans on frustrating Betty into quitting.

First of all, he asked her to pick the cabbage out of his coleslaw. (Can you imagine that? What is coleslaw without cabbage?)

Secondly, he called her at 3.23 am in the morning disrupting her sleep.

Then, he sent Betty to get him and Philip coffee from a coffee shop on the street while they waited for her, that done, he handed the leash of great Dane for her to walk on the street! Poor Betty, the dog was so out-of-control and was pulling her along, making her run all over the street.

Later, Daniel had the affront to tell his assistant, (or slave? That’s exactly how he’s been treating her) Betty, to remove chewing gum for the sole of his shoe while he walked the length and breath of his office discussing the Fabia supplement with Philip. (the evil genius)

The official hours ended and he still would not let Betty go home. He had her sit outside, in front of his house while he was with Amanda in his bedroom. Hilda called her to inform her that she was missing their father’s birthday party and Betty told her that she forgot because she was still working. At that moment, a young woman got out of a cab and Betty quickly ended her call and called Daniel to tell him that ‘the red turkey was on the move’.

Daniel answered her call while still on his bed in his boxes with Amanda in her briefs, he told her the call was ‘work stuff’ and that she had to leave. Amanda asked him when the assistant position would be open and he said very soon. She then put on her coat and left.

Meanwhile his call was still on and Betty asked if he needed anything else (she wanted to leave desperately) but he said ‘why don’t you stick around a little bit to make sure everything is okay’ and she said ‘no problem’. She watched her through the large glass window and for a moment felt sorry for her but unfortunately, the ‘red turkey’ came in just then and showed Daniel what she had under her coat and that distracted him.

Betty got home late that night, and as she walked by Gina's house, she heard Gina and Walter’s voices, they were making out and she could see their shadow through the window. (What a day? Poor Betty!)

Inside the Suarez home, it was all quite, the party was over and Hilda was clearing-up. She told Betty that their father was already asleep and made her realize that, that was the first time since their mum passed away that they hadn’t been together on his birthday.

Mother Luck Smiles At Ugly Betty

Snippet 2

Back in the house, Betty got a phone call from Meade to say that she had got a job working for Mode, the fashion magazine, as assistant editor-in-chief. Betty was surprised and excited at the same time because she never expected this, not after the way she was treated by the Interviewer. Justin told Betty that she needed to dress fashionably and asked if she had something that she could wear for her first day at work. She said she did.

Betty arrived for work the following morning in a grand style looking like a telenovela star dressed in a large red very unfashionable cloak with ‘Guadalajara' splashed in yellow across the front of it.

The receptionist, Amanda’s first words on sighting her were: ‘Oh my God! She greeted her and asked for her reason of being there. Amanda was surprised and at the same time angry that Betty had been given a position she had been eyeing.

She led Betty to the door of the conference room where Daniel was in a meeting with Mode's staff. (Amanda, So much for cat-walking!)

Betty took a few seconds to prepare herself to join the meeting. She encouraged herself with a few words;"You are a beautiful, smart and intelligent business woman" and walked confidently supposedly into the meeting but, oop! She walked straight into the large glass door, causing confusion in the meeting.

Betty quick gathered herself together and entered, Daniel asked if she was ok, she was embarrassed and quickly made her way to the corner of the room (all eyes were on her), where the other assistants were seated.

Daniel continued addressing the staff when, Wilhelmina Slater (remember? The Creative Director who had the ambition of being the Editor of Mode?) arrived the meeting late and sarcastically commented that Daniel had started the meeting without her. She told Marc, her assistant to give Daniel the gift she got for him – the name "Danny" was engraved on it. Daniel corrected her that it’s Daniel not Danny but she brushed this off and she took over the meeting, talking about the Fabia cosmetics supplement for Mode magazine. She explained that as the editor had changed, Fabia needed to agree to the supplement before it could be printed. Wilhelmina went on to say that everyone was there to help Daniel succeed, and she promptly wrapped up the meeting and told all present to get on to their tasks.

(Daniel realized at that moment that he had a formidable enemy in Wilhelmina Slayer, oops! Slater)

Betty went to introduce herself to Daniel and he asked who exactly she worked for. He was unimpressed to learn that she was his new assistant.
In Wilhelmina's office, Marc was injecting Botox (age reducing beauty injection) into her face while she lamented that after all she had put into the magazine, Bradford gave a job that should have been hers to his son, Daniel, who knew next to nothing about fashion.

Her gossipy assistant, Marc, added that his new assistant who didn’t fit into Mode will soon be his downfall.

Wilhelmina got a phone call and she waved Marc away. From her conversation, the person with whom she was speaking was in a hospital recovering, this made Marc (who hanged around to listen in) suspicious.

Betty was at her desk gathering information about Fabia for Daniel. Amanda (another gossipy act) came to gossip about the photographer, Philip that was in Daniel’s office. She told Betty that Daniel once slept with Philip’s girlfriend. (ouch!)

Meanwhile, Daniel was confiding in Philip. He told him that he knew he wasn’t welcome as Mode's new editor and that he felt Wilhelmina was trying to sabotage him on the Fabia account with the design layout.

(Is someone with me? How could Daniel be so daft as to think that Philip could be his confidant at this crucial time after sleeping with his girlfriend? Someone correct me.)

Ugly Betty Opened Door of Double Disappointment

Tosin continues the serial review: Snippet 1

In the first scene of this telenovela, Betty Suarez was sitting in the lobby of the Meade building waiting to be interviewed. She was nervous and expressed it with the movement of her mouth in different directions. She then smiled at someone, showing us her wired teeth and made space to accommodate a lady who was a model, dressed in a cloak.

She tried having a conversation with the lady by telling her that she liked her “Poncho” (cloak), and that her father got one for her from Guadalajara. The model looked at her in a belittling way and said huh, Milan (Italy), Gucci.

Just then the Interviewer, who was descending the staircase behind where Betty was seated while she was taking to the model, called out her name. Betty turned on the seat, smiled and said Hi, but the Interviewer looked disappointed on sighting her. She quickly got up and told him she had a hard copy of her resume if he needed it and if she should follow him. The Interviewer, while still mesmerized by her looks said there had been a mistake and that all entry positions were filled, that he was sorry (mockingly).

Betty absorbed the shock for a few seconds. This was not the first time this happened to her and she knew he was lying (obviously). She quickly recovered and went after him trying to persuade him to change his mind. She told him about how working in the fashion industry had been her dream as a young girl and that Mode was a good to start her career. But, he took her by the hand and led her down the stairs but she followed him again on his way up and even stumbled in the process. She also told him she that she had tons of ideas, etc. This (mean, mean) guy got to the top of the stairs, said goodbye and shut the doors against her.

(I felt for her at this early stage – it was like the door of her dreams had been shut against her).
Unknown to both of them, Bradford Meade was watching the whole scenario from the floor above.

In the next scene, a television screen was showing a telenovela scene in the Suarez house. Justin, a boy of about 10 (Betty’s nephew), was standing before the television complaining that he hated telenovelas and that he wanted to watch fashion TV.

Hilda, his mother, seated at the Dinning Table with her father, told him that he could watch fashion TV when his aunt Betty was baby-watching him. She told him to come and eat something which he declined with the excuse that he was going to get fat but his mother said he was a boy and that it doesn’t matter if he got fat or not.

(Justin is obviously a fashion freak or elf? Whatever?)

Hilda then asked Betty if she ordered their father’s birthday cake, and Betty replied that she had ordered the same as the one they had last year. Betty joined them at the Table and her father asked Betty how the interview went. She tried covering up by saying it was really good, and that they were impressed but Hilda wasn't fooled.

Her father was infuriated because she was smart, intelligent and qualified, that they should have begged her to work for them. He did not just understand the reason why his daughter was been treated this way. Hilda, in her own way of helping out asked Betty if she had thought of exploring other options and Betty said she was not going to sell Herbalux, which was what Hilda markets for a living. Betty's father had to come in before an argument ensued and told Hilda that this was Betty’s dream job and she should be allowed to pursue it.

Hilda then said she was not the only one with dreams and she asked Justin to tell them what he overheard. Justin told them he overheard Betty's boyfriend on the phone telling someone that "she's the one." The family assumed that he was going to ask Betty to marry him. While Betty was still reeling in shock by this exciting news, the door bell rang. It was Betty’s boyfriend. He came in and was greeted with excitement, as he took Betty outside to talk.

Justin tuned the TV from the telenovela to fashion TV, which was airing the news that Fey Sommers, the Editor of Mode Magazine, had died and that Daniel Meade, Bradford's son, had been named Editor rather than the more experienced Creative Director, Wilhelmina Slater.

Back to the Meade building, and floor which the offices of Mode Magazine occupied. Daniel was seated behind his desk, in a relaxed mood and was startled when his father walked into his office. His father asked him if he liked his new office to which he answered nervously that he (his father) scared him and that he should give a few minutes to get himself together.

Bradford then found a lady’s underwear (just as he suspected that his son’s nervousness meant something) in a flower arrangement on Daniel’s desk, which prompted the lady under Daniel’s desk to emerge from hiding. Daniel introduced her to his father as his Assistant. Bradford obviously not pleased, told Daniel that, that was not the way to run a magazine.

Back to Walter and Betty, he told her he was in love with Gina, a neighbour who lived just 2 houses away from the Suarez! Betty couldn’t understand how the only person who she thought was totally into her was quitting on her.

Ugly Betty: The Guest Stars

The Guest Stars in this Episode are :

1. Ava Gaudet staring as Gina Gambarro

2. Gina Gershon staring as Fabia

3. William Abadie staring as Phillippe Michel

Kevin Sussman as Walter

Kevin Sussman as Walter
Betty's weird boyfriend Walter, dumped her for her neighbour Gina but later realized that she only used him. He now wants Betty back.

Mark Indelicato as Justin Suarez

13. Mark Indelicato as Justin Suarez
Hilda's son and Betty's Nephew. A fashion devotee who know more about fashion than his mother and aunt put together.

An adorable and smart kid who had his grandfather as the only father figure and just when he thought his dream of having his father by him was coming to pass, lost him tragically.

Ana Ortiz as Hilda Suarez

12. Ana Ortiz as Hilda Suarez

Betty’s sister. A single mother who believes in practical living and not dreams.

She feels her college graduate sister isn’t cut out for the fashion world and wanted her to sell Herbalux like she did for a living. She wished Betty will be more realistic because she thinks fairly tale fashion career doesn’t happen to people like them

Tony Plana as Ignacio Suarez

11. Tony Plana as Ignacio Suarez
Betty’s father. An upright and devoted father who is proud of his daughter and believes that she can do whatever she set her mind to do. He thinks she is smart, intelligent and beautiful.

He loves and cherishes his children and has looked after them single-handedly since their mother passed away.

He entered America illegally then and now out of a job, is faced with the consequence of his action after so many years.

Rebecca Romijn as Alexis Meade

10. Rebecca Romijn as Alexis Meade
Daniel's brother who underwent a sex exchange to become a woman. She plotted to get even with her father (Bradford) who disowned him before the sex exchange.

He also wanted revenge because he (now she) never forgave Bradford for making Claire become alcoholic because of his relationship with Fey Sommers by presenting evidence that will send her father to jail for the murder of Sommers.

Alan Dale as Bradford Meade

9. Alan Dale as Bradford Meade

The Mogul of Mode. Daniel's father and Claire's husband. Became haunted by Fey Sommers even after her death. Later fell for Wilhelmina's feminine wiles and went ahead with preparations to marry her because he thought she loved him.

He found out too late that she wanted him because she wanted Mode magazine (which belonged to Claire). He realized that Claire was the only woman who truly loved him on his hospital bed.

Judith Light as Claire Meade

8. Judith Light as Claire Meade
Daniel's unpredictable mother. She loves her husband (Bradford) whole-heartedly and became alcoholic as a result of his relationship with Fey Sommers which the latter, flaunted in her face for over 20 years.
She decided to hand herself over to the authorities for the murder of Sommers so that her husband can be freed from detention.

Later, she escaped jail and disguised to see her children and husband before eloping to France. But when she learnt that her husband was in a serious condition and in the hospital threw cautions to the wind, disguise herself to see him one last time. She was caught and taken back to prison.

Christopher Gorham as Henry Grubstick

7. Christopher Gorham as Henry Grubstick
He is Mode's Accountant. He and Betty fell in love that was not meant to last as his girlfriend, Charlie arrived just in time to spoil their fun.

Against all the odds they still managed to spend time together even though they knew it was for a short while and that their departure would be a painful one.

Ashley Jensen as Christina Mckinney, Ugly Betty's Friend

6. Ashley Jensen as Christina Mckinney
Betty's friend and ally. A warm and friendly woman. The first person to treat Betty like a human. She is the seamsmistress of Mode.

Was once married but ran away from her husband because of his life style to start a new life in New York.

Becki Newton as Amanda

5. Becki Newton as Amanda
She is Mode's Receptionist and Daniel's current fling. A cotton-head who thinks she is fashionable but has an upside knowledge of it. She is covetous of anything related to a fashion label and is addicted to junk food.

She hates Betty's guts because she had her eye on the Assistant Editor-in-Chief job even though she doesn't have the qualifications, a really confused girl. Marc's ally.

Michael Urie as Marc St. James - Ugly Betty Cast

Thanks to Tosin for this serial:

4. Michael Urie as Marc St. James

Wilhelmina’s assistant. Her most loyal ally and accomplice. He
is manipulative and cunning just like his boss and does her utmost bidding. He shares all of Wilhelmina’s secrets until he found out about the strange woman Wilhelmina had been plotting with.

He detests Betty until he was forced to asked her for a favour - to cover up his gay lifestyle from his mother. Amanda’s best pal and also a fashion freak.

Vanessa Williams as Wilhelmina Slater in 'UGLY BETTY'

Tosin digs further into the Ugly Betty cast

3. Vanessa Williams as Wilhelmina Slater
The pronouncement of Daniel as Editor-in-Chief did not augur well with Wilhelmina Slater, Mode's Creative Director, an ambitious woman who had her eye on the position given to Daniel.

She became his arch-enemy and plotted endlessly, sabotaging his every effort in order to prove to his father that he was incompetent to handle that office.

She is ruthless when it comes to getting what she wants and went to great lengths all in a bid to get Mode.

Eric Mabius as Daniel Meade - UGLY BETTY CAST

Tosin Emmanuel continues with her narrative...

2. Eric Mabius as Daniel Meade
The is the Cassanova son of Bradford Meade. On the demise of former The Editor-in-Chief, Fey Sommers, who died in a mysterious hit-and-run car accident, Daniel Meade was assigned this position by his father because he was a Meade and not because he was experienced in the business.

A pure Casanova; who wasn’t keen on working with the Ugly assistant his father hired for him. So, he gave her ridiculous and humiliating tasks to frustrate her into quitting.

align="justify">It was after he almost lost the Fabia Cosmetics account that he realized that he needed her to win the account and also to save him from losing his own job.