Thursday, February 08, 2007

Love Is No Respecter of Social Class

God give us men (and women), a time like this demands. Nana Rosario did us good tonite by making a profound statement in Snippet 112, on Marissa's new heart-beat for Pedro Perez, the gardener. She indicted her of being guilty of the same 'romantic crime' which she had earlier accused her son, Carlos Eduardo of wanting to marry a gardener's daughter, who was beneath his social class. Rosario declared that love is not a respecter of social class.

Talking about profound statement on the subject of love, Xochil won me over tonight with her noble and virtuous disposition. Some gardeners: Coolchic, Kiki and Cherish from Texas had even vouched for her nobility before now.

She apologized, not for accusing or blaming L.F, but for loving a man who did not belong to her. When L.F asked her to clarify what she meant by that staement, Xochil taught her with a profound but shocking statement that: " ... I love him more than you do, ..." h

Victor too was not left out of the impartation of profound statements on L.F. He asked her a million dollar question, to which L.F had no answer. He told her that now that Xochil had nobly summoned courage to tell her (L.F), that she Loved Alfredo Anzola, could she (L.F), summon a similar and noble courage to tell the truth to Alfredo when he recovers, that she did not love him?

Snippet 113 gives us more light on how the hypocritical opposition of Marissa and Pedro for the true love between L.F and Carlos Eduardo collapsed and were were shattered forever.