Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Adieu Consuela!

The chairlady of wickedness, Consuelo Alcantara, met with divine Justice yesternite. At exactly the same spot where Amelia died in a tragic auto accident, she met her divine Waterloo. Amelia's ghost appeared to Consuela, and she lost control of her speeding car and somersaulted into the deep pit, where Amelia vehicle had tumbled 3 years earlier.

Luisa Fernanda had gone to Consuela, threatening to open her can of worms, Consuela got frightened and decided there and then that she would kill the young lady. After Luisa Fernanda stormed out of Consuela's office, but not before cursing Consuela that, a terrible retribution of divine justice, would overtake her soonest, for all the evil she had done to her and her late mother, Amelia.

Consuela picked a gun from her drawer, pursued and trailed the taxi cab that was carrying L.F. Consuela's aim was to kill Luisa Fernanda before getting to meet the old man, Don Fernando Alcantara. Her car exploded on hitting the bottom of the pit.

Orlando was able to follow and witness the death of Consuela. He was heart-broken and good hearted enough to even described Consela as his mother-in-law. When she lost control of the steering, due to fright upon seeing Amelia's ghost, her car plunged into the deep pit and exploded.

Carlos Eduardo was foolish enough to tell the tale of his latest break-up with, and purported reunion of L. F and Alfredo, to Jennifer de la Serpent, as she made a quiet attempt to crawl back into Carlos emotional turmoil. He went to a bar, to get drunk and found Jenny. She seized the opportunity of his depression to become his miserable comforter.