Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Lover's Rescue

Catalina was shattered by the blunt declaration of Eduardo which called it quits with her.

The private detective phoned Lupe to confirm his suspicion that the Gustavo Negrete family are a bunch of desperate gold-diggers who would do anything for money. He however told Lupe that Catalina seems to be the angel in the family who was not involved in the evil plots for money by her parents.

Carmelo held fast unto his dreams that, Lupe would soon recognize him as 'his son', as soon as Sebastian get married, and decide to live in Mexico city with his new 'wife'.

Sebastian bought beautiful roses for Catalina. As he arrived at Catalina's apartment, he saw all the properties of the Negrete family being confiscated and carted out by creditors. Catalina was so ashamed and told him the truth that they were heavily indebted. Sebastian impulsively intervened and stopped the creditors from further action, asking how much was the debt.

He was shocked to learn that it was two hundred thousand Dollars ($200,000)! He however paid it off immediately, and even paid additional one month rent in advance. Catalina was exceedingly grateful to him. She accepted his flowers, and also accepted to be friend only with him.

The adventure of Adela and her greedy son, Ricardo, to the Mendoza ranch in Hacienda, ended up in a puff, as their car caught fire and they had to return back home by taxi cab, only to find their properties already thrown out by creditors, and also witnessed the salvation from shame by Sebastian.

Petra and Rufina, the two poor servants in the Mendoza ranch were discussing about a mystery letter, supposedly written by Matilda, Sebastian's mother, just before she died several years ago. They knew it was a confessional statement and there were fears that the letter would open a can of worms if found. But nobody seemed to know where or who took custody the letter.

Josefa, Antonietta's old maid, Rufina and Panchito also became curious about the lettered and they called it the "DAMNED LETTER". Meanwhile Carmelo began a restless inquisition about his past and origin, he could only remember that he was brought up from the age of 5 years, by Petra who claimed to be his aunt. He was told that his mother died when he was young, and the origin of his father remained a mystery.

Gustavo was shocked to meet Emilia in front of Sebastian's apartment. She lied to him that Sebastian was her lover and fiance. In anger, Gustavo went home and lambasted Sebastian for deceiving his daughter, Catalina, when he was already engaged to another girl. Sebastian denied and told them that Emilia was his childhood friend who lived in a neighboring ranch, and had lusted after him since, but he never loved her.

Carmelo went to the church to meet with the reverend father to ask him if there were any documents in the church to proof his paternity, unfortunately there were none. On coming out, he met Antonietta who despised him and called him a bastard. Carmelo admitted being a bastard but asked her: "... of who?"

Fury of a Jilted Lover

By this episode 3, it was clear that Catalina lived in a romantic dreamland from which she would soon be exiled. She rushed to her boyfriend's apartment to look after his health, only to realize that Eduardo was well, and he abruptly ushered her out of his house unceremoniously, to avoid meeting with Silvia, whom he had hid in the inner room.

Catalina was worried to see that her boyfriend was hale and hearty, she went back to confront the Gym owner (Luis), whom Eduardo works for, she told him that she was suspicious that Eduardo was hiding something. Luis would not disclose the double-dating game of Eduardo to Catalina. She went home disappointed.

Meanwhile, Sylvia had overheard the disturbing romantic concern in Catalina's voice. She vowed that she would not let Eduardo escape from her grip nor lose him to a much younger Catalina. She exemplified the sayings that: 'money answers all things', she vowed that she would buy Eduardo's love with her money, and would not share him with Catalina.

Madam Antonietta was one woman who had sought the hand of Don Lupe in marriage, after the death of his wife, Matilda. Lupe, till date had shunned her because, he regarded her as a 'worthless woman'. Antonietta was the best friend of the late Matilda. Over the years, her rejection by Lupe has nurtured a bitterness that has swelled into unbridled hatred for Lupe. She has vowed to bring Lupe to ruin if he refuse to marry her. She was constantly looking for any loophole of blackmail in the emotional armory of Lupe.

The private detective, Mr. Rosas, hired by Lupe called to tell him that the Gustavo Negrete family are broke and they could do anything to get money. This news made Lupe to conclude that Catalina must be a gold-digger, like mother like daughter. He was more determined to abort the relationship and romance between Sebastian and Catalina.

For Carmelo, who believed that he was the bastard son of Lupe by another woman, ambition and obsession were the principal driving force in his life. Every attempt by Petra to warn him not to stir up inquiry in that direction because he would end up hurt, was thrown overboard. He was even prepared to 'dine with the devil', getting closer to Antonietta, Lupe's enemy, in order to get the truth of his paternity.

Catalina became desperate and began to make elaborate plans to run away with her lover boyfriend Eduardo, so that her parents would not force her to marry Sebastian.

Ricardo, her brother who had followed in the footsteps of Adela, hired some thugs to threaten Eduardo so that he would steer clear of Catalina anytime he sees her.

Emilia too became alarmed and desperate because of the impending romance between Catalina and Sebastian. She slipped unnoticed into his room and stripped naked waiting for his entry into his room.

When Sebastian arrived and saw the naked Emilia on his bed, he angrily threw her out of his room. When she challenged him on what Catalina had that she did not have. He replied that Catalina would not cheaply strip naked before a man in order to woo him. I read somewhere when someone wrote that Diego was an expert at throwing out naked women who cheapen their womanhood before him. Antonia was the reference point in "Cuando Seas Mia" (When You are Mine".

As Catalina made effort to tell her father about her plan to disappear, Gustavo knew what she was about to say, so he schemed her ignorance by thanking her for 'falling in love' with a 'more responsible' Sebastian and he blessed her right 'decision'. She was lost for words...

The next day when she visited Eduardo in the gym, he bluntly told her that there was another woman in his life and he was calling it quit with their relationship. She thought that it was a huge joke and became confused.