Monday, December 11, 2006

Snippets 149: The Truth Revealed!

Consuelo was more consumed by her impending and inevitable disgrace. So she was the only one among the guests, who was not happy and did not greet nor wished the newest couple in town (Vanessa and her hubby), a happy married life.

Xochil told Alfredo to forget completely and break off from L.F. As the two of them appeared at the wedding reception, holding each other affectionately, Carlos and concluded that these twosome are definitely in love with each other..

Consuelo was at the tail end of her ignoble acts. She called Pedro aside, during the reception and told him that she was sorry for maltreating L.F and regretted her past evil deeds, that was why, she claimed, she sent L.A to give him the Will of Don Fernando to pass to L.F. they both embraced as a sign of forgiveness and reconciliation.

L.F was stunned as she stumbled on them embracing each other. How could her father be embracing an unrepentant enemy of the family that almost threw them out of their own house, unto the streets without a roof over their head? Consuela lied to L.F telling her that Pedro was condoling her on the loss of her husband, Heriberto. L.F did not spare her. She 'washed' Consuelo to the ground with her acidic tongue.

Every effort by L.F to announce her impeding marriage with Carlos, to Alfredo during the reception was frustrated by Alfredo as he avoided her like a plague. He already suspected that was coming, but like every coward, he did not have the heart to receive such 'bad news' in public glare.

Pedro was petrified by the fact that L.F would soon discover that he hid the truth of Don Fernando's paternity from her, and may react by rejecting him henceforth as her 'father'. Pedro told Marissa that he was afraid of telling L.F a late truth now.

Tormented Jenny was no longer enthusiastic about the vacation trip proposed by Guillermo. She was haunted by Carlos Eduardo's definitive declaration that nothing would stop him from marrying L.F now. Guillermo's assistant Navy, warned him to dig into the past of Jenny and not rush into a relationship with her because of her emotional instability. Ordonez came to the rescue by telling Guillermo that Jenny was obsessed with Carlos, but Carlos is in love with L.F and not Jenny.

Guillermo received a business information that automatically canceled his proposed vacation trip Jenny.

Don told Rigo what Consuelo told him about her dead granddaughter. Rigo screamed that it was a lie. She assured Don that she would go and bring his daughter right away. She rushed to the L.F's house to tell her the long-overdue truth that her biological grandfather was Don Fernando Alcantara who was Amelia's father.

Snippets 148

Conspiracy and collusion between Armando and Jenny began to tear at the seams. The cause of their fight was Luisa Fernanda. Armando told Jenny that it was impossible for him to stop relating with his half sister, just because jenny did not like her face.

The failure of Alfredo to win the love of L.F after so many years weighed heavily on his memories. He began to drink alcohol to quench the desert of his implacable defeat. On getting home, Xochil accuse him of being drunk. He felt ashamed for his untoward state. He however insisted that he would still attend Vanessa's wedding reception. As he was struggling to wear his dress in readiness for the wedding, Xochil came to assist him to be ready. In the process, they got entwined again in kisses... and this time around, ... it happened!

L.F sought and obtained Pedro's permission to follow her heart, concering her matrimonial future. She called Carlos to annouce to him that she would want to marry him now and for ever! carlos was overjoyed by this L.F's decision. L.F told him to give her some few hours so that she could explain her irreversible decision to Alfrdo, then she would be ready any moment for marrige to Carlos. He went home celebrating the good news with Marissa.

Don gave Vanessa away in marriage.

Guillermo bought ticket for jenny and himself for a vacation to an Island resort to bury the pain of her rejection by Carlos.

Marissa visited Pedro to seal their reconciliation and promised each other that they would not keep any secrets from each other again.

Snippets 147

The old lion, Don Fernando rose up from coma and trauma, induced by Consuelo's lies. He condemned with ferocity all the evil plots of Consuelo to consigned him to a mental home. vanessa's joy doubled to know that Don would participate in her wedding which was less than 24 hours away. Don was discharged and went home, hale and hearty.

The jealous push which Jenny executed on L.F almost turned into a disaster, as L.F did not move her body from the spot where she was violently pushed. Jennifer de la Wicked became afraid when she saw blood seeping out L.F's head. She thought that L.F had died. She quickly ran away from the court scene before anybody could see and point her out as the murderer.

But for the merciful discovery of the unconscious and badly bruised body of L.F by Clarita and her husband, Caesar, L.F could have bled to death. They rushed her to the hospital. Carlos was released on bail and case adjourned.

Carlos was alerted and he came to treat L.F at the hospital. L.F responded to treatment and tender care of Carlos. She woke up and recounted the evil that Jenny did to her. She also declared with a tone of finality that she had nothing to do with Alfredo again.

L.A went to L.F's house to curry her favor by giving to her thw Will of Don, but it was Pedro that he met. Pedro could not stand the site of nor trust this guy, so, he chased L.A out of his house.

L.A went to announce to Consuelo that he had given the Will to Pedro, when he was told that L.F was not at home. Consuelo almost had a heart-attack because of this.

Jenny became restless and had to confess her desperate act that almost killed L.F, to Guillermo. He assured her he would make her forget the memories of Carlos if she would give him the chance. While they were discussing, Carlos came in, to vehemently accuse and warn Jenny never to touch L.F again.

Snippets 146

Alfredo behaved like a typical emotional landlord over L.F. accusing her of treachery and demanding explanation from her on why she was still moving in the company of Carlos, whom he claimed was a man of questionable and dubious character. After heated disputations between the two of them, L.F walked out on him.

Alfredo went to visit Carlos in the prison and mocked him, gloating over him that as a 'thief', Carlos was not a good model for model Pedrito, therefore he (Alfredo), would file for adoption of the boy and raise him as his child, away from the thieving example that Carlos had laid for him. Carlos assured him that he was a defeated and jealous foe and L.F would never marry him, so, on what platform would he adopt Pedrito?

Schemers Fall Apart!
Consuelo, almost suffered a nervous break down after L.A refused to return to her the latest will of Don Fernando which he obtained from her some few weeks ago on the pretext that he wanted to study it. He told her that He is going to hand it over to the owner, which is his own biological daughter, Luisa Fernanda.

Vanessa rushed back to the hospital to tell Rigo of his encounter with Pedro and the latest news of Carlos Eduardo's imprisonment for theft and burglary. Baba Fernando could no longer pretend to remain in coma at this news of his beloved boy being locked up for attempted robbery. He was jolted back into full consciousness, and woke to ask them to explain to him what happened to C.E.

Carlos detention and L.A's propagation of the 'robbery' was a blessing in disguise. It afforded Pedro and Marissa opportunity to reconcile again as Pedro apologized ton her and supported her during this difficult times.

Reuben suspected foul play in the way and manner of L.A setting trap for Caesar and Carlos. Jennifer asked Carol to cover for her, in the midst of a successful advertising campaign so she could attend court hearing and give support to Carlos.

She was surprised to find L.F in the court, she started a heated argument with L.F and pushed her to fall with bruises on the ground.

L.F suspected that Alfredo was already falling in love with Xochil and she mentione dthis fact to a family friend called Victor.

Snippets 145

The wicked thrives, L.A rejoices as Marissa's pleas fell on deaf ears of the police. What an irony for Carlos to meet Leopoldo as cell mates in the prison. Reuben was surprised and... depressed to learn that L.A, his bosom and childhood friend, set up a trap to implicate and imprison his son Caesar as Carlos Eduardo's accomplice in the burglary of his office.

Alfredo was still sulking about being 'gamed' by L.F when he got home, only to see that all news on TV was about Carlos, an heir to a banking empire caught in burglary and attempted robbery. L.A made sure it was widely circulated scandalous news in all media. He also saw L.F in the video clips of the news report. Alfredo went wild with rage. He rushed back to Pedro's house to tell him that L.F has renege on her promise of renewed relationship with him, as, she was part of entourage that escorted Carlos to the prison.

Rosario se3nt Jenny out of the house because she was rude to her, when she visited to ask about Carlos.

Snippets 144

The latest illness of Don Fernando has been like a blessing in disguise. All the secrets that everybody around him had been hiding from him, are being gradually revealed to him. None of them knew that Don, in his unconscious state, was hearing and listening to all their discussions.

Vanessa moved close to Don's bedside and said to the sleeping figure of Don: "... Please recover quickly and know the truth and embrace your granddaughter Luisa Fernanda". Vanessa also took decision to visit L.F and reveal all the truth to her. Rigo backed up her desire and plan.

Jennifer and Alfredo suffer from the same sickness of obsession. When Xochil came home and told Alfredo of the new prospect of being showcased in a career limelight by Guillermo, he was hot with jealousy. Like Jenny, he is obsessed with the 'bird' flying in the forest, while not wanting the 'bird' at his hand the freedom of a romantic flight.

Carlos heeded the warning of Lupe, he decided to break into L.A's office alone. Caesar was too loyal to Carlos to allow him to go alone, he went with his pally for the burglary adventure. Clarita suspected that the absence of Caesar from the house may not be unconnected with the planned burglary, so, she went to alert Marissa, who was mending fences with Luisa Fernanda. The three of them rushed to Reuben's office in Marissa's car.

It was walking into a trap with a wide-opened eyes. L.A who had gotten a tip off from Alicia about the suspicious movements of Caesar was able to put 2 and 2 together to arrive at 4. He knew that, being an loyal ally of Carlos must have being acting in concert with Carlos Eduardo, his mortal enemy. So he set a trap waiting for their arrival.

While collecting the documents, the security men and L.A appeared and caught Carlos 'red-handed'. They called the police to arrest them for theft and burglary. They were locked up in police cell for attempted burglary and attempted robbery. By the time L.F and Marissa, in company of pregnant Clarita arrived, it was too late, for they were already caught.

Meanwhile, Vanessa arrived to argue with Pedro that she had come to tell L.F the whole truth and nothing, including Pedro shall deter her. While they were talking, Alfredo arrived, only to learn that L.F has gone to Carlos house. He was mad with jealousy to learn that L.F is still following after Carlos, despite having told her that he has resumed work and ready to renew his romance with her.

Snippets 143

Jennifer turned the fire of her consuming jealousy on Xochil, when she found out that Guillermo was already parading her as an apprentice model, to be trained in her absence. Jenny felt threatened that Guillermo may fall in love with Xochil. She insulted and humiliated her accusing her of being too forward. Jenny wanted to eat her cake and still have it. With one breath, she claimed she didn't love Guillermo but Carlos; in another breath, she doesn't want any lady to come near Guillermo.

Guillermo was not happy with Jenny's aggression against Xochil and he complained against her attitude.

Consuelo went to visit Don at the hospital, she pretended that she was worried sympathetic with her father's condition, she accused Rigo for triggering her father's deterioration of health, because Rigo decided to reveal the painful past, about Amelia and granddaughter, to the old man. Vanessa defended Rigo, and accused Consuelo of greediness, and being the one who causes untold sorrow to the old man, because of his fortune that she wanted to hijack. That was too much a blow for Consuelo. She turned back and... GBOSA!!! A blinding slap on Vanessa's face.

Consuelo told Carlos that she could no have her father discharged to come back home. She told Carlos to transfer the old man into a mental asylum. Rigoberto began to argue with her, saying that she was a wicked child who wanted to kill her father before his actual death. Don pretended to remain in coma, but heard all the evil plans of Consuelo for him and how Rigo was defending him. He felt very bad and disappointed with Consuelo, but kept his cool.

Salvador began to act out his name, even at his tender age. His name means Savior. He could not bear the anguish of Pedro at home, so, he took along his escapee friend Teresa, from the social welfare home. They went to visit Marissa. She was pleased to see them. After seating them down, Salvador accused Marissa of sending his 'father', Pedro, back into the pit of depression and anguish because she broke up with him. Marissa was moved with compassion by the expression of the two children.

Alfredo recovered and began work again at the mental hospital he was happy because he thought L.F would come back to him when she discovers that he could walk and has resumed his work.

Pedro ego rose above his rejection by Marissa. When Pancho told him to go and visit Marissa to beg her once more, he objected, saying he cannot beg any woman for love. His mistake with Amelia was the last, he won't make a goddess out of any woman again.

Ordo'├▒ez advised Carlos to desist with Caesar from breaking into L.A's new office, because it could spoil their case against L.A if and when they are caught. Lupe also advised her son, Caesar not to take the risk of counter robbery by breaking into Reuben's office to retrieve the Bank's documents that was stolen by L.A and his gang.

When Caesar refused to hid her advise, she called and warned Carlos not to involve her son in their planned burglary of L.A's office.