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My Heart Is Yours - Mi Corazón Es tuyo

Our famous actress Silvia Navarro debuts again in MY HEART IS YOURS - Mi Corazón Es tuyo on STARTIMES cable tv from November 6th 2015, and hear this: it is 176 episodes... 29 weeks about 7 months... Wow!

Its a weekend delight 3 days Friday-Sunday 6-8pm on Novela E1 Channel 053.

This is what Wikipedia has to say about the love story: 
"Fernando Lascurain is a wealthy businessman and recent widower, attempting to raise his seven unruly children. He seeks the assistance of a new nanny. He hires and falls in love with Ana Leal, a struggling exotic dancer who tries to hide her double life. Although Ana lacks experience and a refined education, she quickly bonds with the Lascurain children. Ana dreams of being a mother, but when her home is destroyed following an accident, she must borrow money from her ruthless boss at "Chicago", the night club where she is secretly employed. When Fernando simultaneously falls for Ana and Isabela, an economist and sophisticated woman who is trained by her mother to marry a millionaire, he must choose between both women."

This novela promises to be a great entertainment till June 2016. So, Let's go!!!

Friday, July 10, 2015

KAYIP (Secrets) Episode 2: Mystery Murder and more lies

Kayip - SECRETS - cast photos
Kayip – SECRETS – cast photos
Leila has no idea what’s going on. She can’t understand what they could have possibly done to whoever is behind the kidnap saga that would drive them to kidnap her son. She can’t understand what they could want from her family. They asked for money and they were given it but still no Kerem. She also can’t understand why Kemal didn’t offer more money. To which he has that he didn’t see anyone else offering more. He got to make the decision all by himself.

Leila says she would have given it all. Kemal gets angry that she’s questioning his love for Kareem. She later apologized on the porch and says she didn’t mean to blame him.

Özlem: She’s so hard to figure out. She has so much love and such a strong connection with Leila. It seems a bit strange to say but she does have loyalty towards her in the sense that no matter what may have happened between her and Kemal. For her Leila always comes first. She’s outside at some point and notices Kadir (the maid’s son) pacing back and forth and on the phone. She seems a bit suspicious at first. He sees her, hangs up and goes away. Kemal comes out to speak with her. She asks him where Leila is. He tells her she’s with Yasemin. He tells her that he’s glad she’s there. She replies that she wouldn’t leave Leila along in such a situation. She couldn’t care less about him. He asks if she has any idea what he’s going through. Does she know what it feels like to lose a child and be unable to do anything. He then tries to hug her and apologizes (Did she lose a child? I wonder) He tells her he really misses her and she asks how he can say something like that at such a time. He tells her they have discussed this so many times. It was what needed to happen at that time. She tells him that because of him she lost everything. It’s all his fault. To not dare talk. Özlem later goes to the office.

Mehmet: He first calls and Kemal yells at him because they have been trying to reach him for 2 hours. Kemal also tells him that they have cut off Kereem’s finger. Mehmet doesn’t like that so much. Mehmet then tells Kemal to relax and that he’s on his way to get Kereem. He asks Kemal to tell Leyla not to worry, that he’ll be bringing Kareem home that evening. Kemal tells Leila. Murat and Özlem are there. Murat asks how Mehmet plans to go retrieve Kareem and Özlem wants to know if he’s going it alone of if he has called for back up. Kemal says he has no idea. He was just told he was going. It must mean he has someone with him. Kadir is outside and overhears everything.

In the car, he questions Fahri (younger brother and accomplice of the Falko the kidnapper) about the kid. How they cut his finger etc. Fahri says he knows nothing about that. And calls him abi constantly Meanwhile he gets a call and Mehmet tells him to answer. He warns him not to speak in code. The call is from Falko wondering where he is and what’s taking so long. He asks if there was a problem. Fahri says no. He burned the money. He says he drove around a bit as there was someone around. He assures Falko that he wasn’t followed. After he hangs up. Mehmet asks for his name. Fahri is obviously scared to give it up. Mehmet asks how many people there are. Fahri says there are 10-20.

He tells Mehmet not to waste his time trying to make some exchange. No one cares about him. Kareem on the other hand is gold. They will not give him up. They will kill them both first. He lies that his name is Beşir Karacan or something like that.

Kayip - SECRETS -  Ilker Kaleli alias Falko
Kayip – SECRETS – Ilker Kaleli alias Falko

Mehmet takes his photo and tells him to continue driving. They arrive at the place and Fahri begs him to let him wait in the car. He promises he won’t run away but Mehmet doesn’t buy it. They get inside but everyone’s gone. They go to the basement but Kareem’s not there. Mehmet asks where they are keeping the boy but of course Fahri doesn’t know. Mehmet then gets hit over the head by Hasan abi the old man. Hasan tells Fahri that Falko and the other guy left after being given a heads up that Mehmet was coming. Falko knows that Fahri messed up. Fahri’s freaking that Falko will kill him and says repeatedly that it wasn’t his fault. The guy was going to kill him. Hasan tells him he’s not his problem. It is Falko he needs to explain things to. Hasan assumes that Mehmet may be Kareem’s father. Fahri and Hasan abi discuss what to do with Mehmet. Hasan says they will have to kill him as he has seen Fahri’s face and knows their hide out. Fahri tries to hand the gun to Hasan abi who tells him that he told Falko he’d give his life but not take one. Fahri asks, so I’m to kill him? He points the gun at Mehmet but can’t pull the trigger. Hasan then takes the gun and says they will lock the door and leave him to die on his own. Hasan assures Fahri that Falko will not kill him as they are blood brothers. Fahri is relieved.

The next day Mehmet wakes up and manages to pull a MacGyver and escapes and sets fire to the place. He’s super happy to see his car. He then goes to his office where he meets his secretary. Ahh! What happened to you, Mehmet? Did you catch on fire? She freaks out because he’s head is split open and says they should go to the hospital. He refuses. She stitches him up. He calls his mom who has been calling non stop since the day before. She goes go on and on about how she couldn’t sleep and his sister makes fun of him pretending to be his mom. They’re cute The secretary asks for details about the kidnapping and who tried to kill him. He says he can’t. It’s a secret. Especially from her. He can tell her that they are paying well and he will settle all his debts with her. She asks how he plans to do get the boy back and he says they’ll see. She tells him if it means he’ll be coming back from the dead like this every time, she doesn’t want the money.

The lawyer friend comes to see Mehmet. Kareem’s family’s sick with worry, as they can’t reach him. Mehmet asks the secretary to research an address and leaves with the lawyer. On the way, he tells the lawyer that he’s convinced something fishy’s going on. He feels the men who were holding Kareem had been given advance notice and that must be either someone close to the family or even possibly a family member. Someone helped them to kidnap Kareem. The lawyer tells him not to be silly.

There’s no way. Mehmet arrives at the house only to have to tell a very excited Leila that he doesn’t have Kareem. He tells her he was very close. He’s not sure how they got word he was coming but by the time he arrived, they had taken Kareem and left. He gives her Kareem’s wristwatch. He found it at the place they had locked him in. He asks for some DNA of Kareem’s. A brush and his finger and gives it to a friend at the lab alongside 2 tickets to the Beşiktaş gae as a bribe.

Later on Mehmet looks through mugshots at a police station. His friend tells him he has found 3 Beşir Karawhatever. None of them are the right ones. At his office, his secretary tells him she has learned who rented or registered the depot Kareem was in. She tells him it’s under a woman’s name. A Dafne Şarman. He recalls when he questioned Murat on the porch and he told her she was in Paris. He realizes that she has been nowhere to be found since Kareem was kidnapped.

Kareem: Still in captivity. We are led to think that he may be ill (maybe from blood loss or an infection) The older man is looking after him and has obvious feelings of guilt and or regret.
Yasemin (Kareem’s younger sister): Is mostly concerned about where Kareem is and when he’s coming back. She recalls that Kareem didn’t want to go to summer school and had a fight with their dad. Leila tells her that originally he didn’t want to go but they later made up and agreed and Kareem left. Yasemin complained that kareem left without telling her.

Kadir: If I understood correctly he mentions something about the finger prints on the severed finger.
Falko: Seems to have a soft spot for losers His men are just all a mess. While he’s waiting for Fahri to return, he gets a call. After transferring Kareem, he receives a second phone call. He tells whomever that they can’t be dealing with Mehmet on their trail all the time and that everything’s under control from his side. Hasan and Fahri arrive at the new location. Fahri tries to apologize and Falko slaps him and knock him down and goes outside. Hasan tells him to be thankful he got off so easily. Falko’s visibly shaken. Fahri goes out after him and tries to explain himself. He didn’t tell him anything. Falko tells him he should have never gotten involved with him. Fahri tells him not to say that. He gave him a chance. There’s a flashback to the day he offered Fahri the job. He told him there was a good job and he wanted him involved. He needed someone as close as a brother around him. It’s hard work but there’s lots of money to be made but he’s to do as he’s told. Fahri tells him not to worry. He’ rather die than make him upset. Back to real time, Fahri tells him to kill him if he wants but to please not be angry with him. (They should have gotten this guy to play Rahmi. He is really wonderfully talented) Falko tells him to cut it out and stop crying like a girl. Fahri asks if he has forgiven him. Falko tells him he will go for a walk. That he should go and wash his face.

Bekir, who just keeps trying to discredit Fahri in Falko’s eyes through the entire episode, is watching from the window and can’t believe that’s all it took for Falko to forgive Fahri.

Murat: dismisses the men that have Kareem as psychopaths. He wonders what Mehmet’s doing to get Kareem back. Özlem doesn’t think Mehmet efforts are enough. She thinks they should have contacted the police from the start. Murat says no way. They will not involve the police. He later insinuates that Kareem may be dead. Leila assures him he’s alive and Mehmet will bring him back. He tells them to believe whatever they wish. Tells them he will not be a bother and to let him know if there are any news and leaves. Later while at his offices he seems to be looking at video of his wife having an affair. Mehmet arrives to speak with him. He tells him that he found the place where Kareem was being kept. Murat responds that Kemal has already told him about it. He asks if he knows who rented the place. Murat answers that he does not. How would he? Mehmet tells him, from his wife. Murat seems genuinely surprised. Mehmet asks what business would his wife have renting such a place or being involved with the people who kidnapped Kareem. Murat says that there was some property but a realtor was handling it. Mehmet asks how he can get in touch with the realtor. He also tells him to call Dafne but Murat lied saying he just tried to call and her phone was off.
Mehmet is surprised to learn that Murat has no information regarding his wife’s whereabouts. He saw his wife last at the airport the day Kareem went missing. He asks Mehmet what business is it of his? Does he think Dafne’s somehow involved? If what he wants is the realtor, then Özlem can help him with that. Mehmet looks at her photo, asks if it’s her. Murat says yes and Mehmet then goes to see
Özlem.  Telenovela Stories . TV

Özlem is talking to her mom on the phone when Mehmet arrives. Meanwhile, Murat leaves the office like a bat out of hell and doesn’t take his driver but drives himself instead. Özlem tells Mehmet that the person that rented the depot was a Beşir Karaca. Mehmet tells her this is a fake name. This person doesn’t exist. He asks her to contact Dafne. She asks him if she thinks Dafne could be involved. He tells her he doesn’t know but will find out. She gives him an address. He seems to contact someone at the airport to check if Dafne has indeed exited the country. After leaving the holding Mehmet goes to an art gallery. He wishes to see Dafne but she‘s not there. He’s told by an employee that they haven’t seen her in some time. He then Meets Mahir Eray (secret lover of Dafne), the artist on exhibit and introduces himself as Beşir. He tells him that he’s a close friend of Dafne’s and is interested in one of his pieces. At that time, Dafne texts Mahir for a booty call. Mehmet notices her name. Mahir excuses himself and Mehmet follows him. He opens the door to find Dafne’s body. And this is how it ends.

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KAYIP (Secrets) Turkish Telenovela Makes Debut in Nigeria

This Turkish telenovela KAYIP (SECRETS) is more of a thriller action film than a romance lovey-dovey series. Right from Episode 1, and till the end, it is packed full with suspense and blood-pumping actions.

The storyline is about revenge, how a young boy was kidnapped and guess what the ransom was? Vengeance! Its also about secrets kept away from a prying public who demand to know the murderer of a married woman caught in adultery, was it her secret lover or her jealous husband who killed her?
There is also the developing love tango between detective Mehmet Kantarci played by (actor Mete Horozoğlu) and stunning beauty Özlem Albayrak (played by actress actress Asli Enver).

KAYIP - SECRETS Telenovela from Turkey Photos
KAYIP – SECRETS Telenovela from Turkey Photos

Kemal and Leila seem to have everything going well for them: a family business, splendid mansion tucked away in lush gardens, two beautiful kids. A chain of unexpected events shattered this beautiful serenity and threaten to swallow them in destruction, just because of one secret that was about to be exposed, which led to another secret, and another and another….

Kareem, the beloved son of Leila and Kemal Özdemir, was one night kidnapped while his rich parents were partying away from home, by two police officers (who were eventually eliminated by the kingpin that same night). Leila was devastated by the news and was overwhelmed with unquenchable sorrows, but effort to rescue the boy led to unveiling of many well-kept secrets upon secrets like layer upon layer of onions. The night that Kerem was kidnapped, Leila was warned by the kidnappers with a photo sms of Kareem saying: Telenovela Kayip

KAYIP - SECRETS Telenovela from Turkey Photos Asli Enver and Mete Horozoğlu
KAYIP – SECRETS Telenovela from Turkey Photos Asli Enver and Mete Horozoğlu

“Don’t get the police involved or your son will die!” The unfortunate parents, who can’t contact with the police, hire a former police detective Mehmet Kantarci, in order to help them find their son. The moment he meets the family, Mehmet understands that this case is much bigger and more complicated than it seems. As Mehmet tries to solve the current situation, he comes up with more questions. Is this a plan of revenge connected to the family members’ dark pasts, secrets, lies and mistakes? Has Kereem been kidnapped for a ransom? A case that started as a simple missing person’s case begins to get complicated. Murders, terrible games and mind boggling intrigues all play a part.

KAYIP - SECRETS Telenovela from Turkey
KAYIP – SECRETS Telenovela from Turkey

On one side, there is a kidnapped child and the kidnappers, on the other side there are murders, other missing persons and an invisible “enemy”. According to Mehmet, everyone in and around the family is a potential suspect. Kemal, the grandfather Feridun, the household staff, the beautiful assistant and the family friend Özlem, Metin the company lawyer may be the suspect. Is the invisible “enemy”, the orchestrator of all these plans, the reason behind this pain, someone among these people or someone far away from the family? Kereem’s mysterious kidnapping will influence the family relationships deeply and force everyone to reveal their secrets. The fact that Mehmet starts to make this case a personal matter and that Kemal gets closer with Özlem will dissolve the family ties and reveal hidden truths one by one. With a strong cast and a gripping script, “Secrets” will be the most talked action-packed drama of this season!

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La Malquerida Grand Finale – How Acacia (Ariadne Diaz) and Cristina (Victoria Ruffo) ended

“La Malquerida” comes to a close tonight in México and we have all the details of how it all ends. This is your warning that up ahead is a spoiler-filled article. The last time we saw Acacia (Ariadne Diaz) and Cristina (Victoria Ruffo), the former had revealed to her mother that she had accepted Esteban’s (Christian Meier) advances. On Episode 116, Cristina is shocked to know the truth. She slaps Acacia and tells her she can’t believe that her husband and daughter were betraying her. Acacia assures her mother that she never slept with him. Acacia tells her mother that she never saw Esteban as a father figure and he always hated him because Cristina always talked him up. She says that her only father has been Alonso and is not sure when she started having feelings for Esteban.
Danilo finds out he will not function as a man anymore after all his girls beat him. Norberto tells Ulises that sent to kidnap him. Cristina orders Rosa to take out all of Esteban’s things from their home. Cristina takes all of her pictures with Esteban and burns them. Hector tries to console Cristina, but she tells him that she is not interested in him that way, she wants to be alone. Acacia tells her grandparents the truth and asks for their help in leaving so her mom is able to come to terms with the situation. Cristina asks Acacia why did she decide to leave Esteban. Acacia says that she left him because of her. Cristina then asks if she still loves him. Acacia dodges the question and doesn’t know what to answer, she doesn’t know if she did it because of love or passion or what.
“El Rubio” (Fabián Robles) gives Acacia a letter from Esteban, that he allegedly found where he used to leave candy for her. Norberto starts his divorce process and wants to marry “Julianita.” Cristina’s parents try to intervene in helping her forgive her daughter. Juliana (Nora Salinas) begs her son Germán (Osvaldo De León) to not let Norberto marry Juanita as she was a prostitute and only wants her money (which is not true). Germán tells his mother that he will not leave her alone and would help her out with money, but nothing where she could live in luxury. “El Rubio” visits Esteban and tells him that Acacia is getting ready to flee, which causes him to go crazy and run after her.
Esteban finds Acacia and wants to run away with her. Acacia tells him that she is going to call the police and she doesn’t want to leave. Cristina tries to interfere because he wants to forcefully take her with him. He grabs her and pulls out a gun. Norberto arrives and points a gun at him. Esteban pushes Acacia away and points the gun at Cristina. Esteban shoots at Norberto and then Acacia gets a shot from Esteban. Norberto shoots back at Esteban. Acacia seems to be losing her life while Cristina cries for her. Acacia is rushed to the hospital. Weeks pass by and we still don’t know what happened to Acacia. We do know that Esteban survived and is now in jail. Danilo is in jail and is bullied by the other inmates. He is then drenched in paint and lit on fire. Acacia arrives to Alejandra’s wedding, she is well and Ulises gives her a big hug.
Weep Not Acasia in La Malquerida Telenovela currently showing on Star Times TV
Weep Not Acasia in La Malquerida Telenovela currently showing on Star Times TV

Acacia visits Esteban in jail and tells him that she’s over him and that he only took advantage of her into making her believe that she loved him. “I came to tell you that I don’t love you and I’ve never loved you,” Acacia tells Esteban. Cristina is prepared to sell off La Benavente. Hector gives her an airplane ticket to go catch up to him in Europe. Acacia tells Ulises that she’s always loved him as he plans on leaving. They both share a kiss. Acacia and Cristina have forgiven each other as the love they have for one another is more powerful. THE END!
Source: Latin Times –