Friday, March 02, 2007

Sitemap: How To Read the Full Story of Esmeralda

Today, I completed the much awaited and long-overdue summaries of Esmeralda telenovela. I am therefore giving you links to the full story through all the episodes from the Beginning to the Grand Finale.

Chapter 1. A tragic Twist,
Chapter 2. A Treasured Secret,
Chapter 3. Searching For The Mystery,
Chapter 4. Provocative Query,
Chapter 5. Emotional Coup de tat,
Chapter 6. Captured on the dancing Floor,
Chapter 7. Cloaked & Crooked,
Chapter 8. After The First Kiss.
Chapter 9. Ripples of Emotional Crack,
Chapter 10. Countdown To Showdown,
Chapter 11. Learning to Love,
Chapter 12. The Hurting Love,
Chapter 13. What True Love Has Joined Together ...,
Chapter 14. Same Day, Same Earrings!,
Chapter 15. Crisanta: The Brewing Crisis,
Chapter 16. The Horrifying Truth,
Chapter 17. Two Affections,
Chapter 18. Speak The Truth,
Chapter 19. Confrontations and Contradictions!,
Chapter 20. Fátima Fights Fate!,
Chapter 21. Stirring the Wrath of Jealousy,
Chapter 22. Rebellion,
Chapter 23. Reprisals,
Chapter 24. Only One Choice!,
Chapter 25. Assigned to Kill!,
Chapter 26. The Back-Off,
Chapter 27. Bring Home the Beauty,
Chapter 28. Intrigues Multiplied!,
Chapter 29. Don't Give Up The Wedding Night,
Chapter 30. Miserable Honeymoon,
Chapter 31. The Drawn battle line,
Chapter 32. Fátima Hatched Evil,
Chapter 33. She Is Your Daughter!,
Chapter 34. Shock and Disbelief,
Chapter 35. Irrefutable Proofs,
Chapter 36. The Seed of Revenge,
Chapter 37. Family Recognition,
Chapter 38. Controversial Pregnancy,
Chapter 39-45. Doubted Paternity,
Chapter 46-50. Enter, Alvaro and Georgina,
Chapter 51-55. The Haunting Truth,
Chapter 56. Two Weddings, Two Outcomes,
Chapter 57. Because I Love Armando!,
Chapter 58. Goodbye, Little One,
Grand Finale: Triumph of True Love.

To Set You Free

The drama of Jenny's 'death' and resurrection dominated yesterday's episode. When she woke up on her hospital bed, she blamed Carlos for not allowing her to die.

She waxed philosophical when Carlos questioned her on why she attempted suicide. She said that she finally understood that he did not love her. saying: " ... I did it to set you free, so that you can go and marry Luisa Fernanda. for you to marry Luisa Fernanda, I have to be dead. I realize that I am the only one who is interested in this relationship. The only one who is guilty is me. You have never stopped loving the gardener's daughter. When you yelled at me for hitting her, which she deserved for kissing you, you took away my desire to live ... "

This lady, for the first time in this telenovela, told the truth with her stained and chronically lying lips. But because she remains unrepentant, she has become a keg of gunpowder waiting to explode anywhere and at any moment. She had to be handled with wisdom by Carlos. The Yorubas, of South western Nigeria, call such women nicknames like: "Pami'nku sori bembe soko". Literal meaning- 'headstrong wife daring a reluctant hubby to kill her'.

This suicide attempt scandalized the good name and reputation of the Gomez Ruiz family, as Carlos began to regret his attempt to abandon Jenny, Rosario came to strengthen his resolve not to go back into bondage of his emotional captor, who was now using her attempted suicide to draw sympathy and acceptance. As usual, AIThief 'stole' our entertainment fulfillment, by not showing this last portion of the episode 127 and Snippet 128.

Esmeralda remains one Grand Finale which I would post after this. Meanwhile, I have posted two episode: I Love Armando and Goodbye Little One.