Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Caught You, Career Mentor - John Chow

It is not an everyday affair to be paid a royal visit by the king. It was quite amusing, this morning when I logged into my blog and found John Chow's avatar on top of MyBlogLog wiget.

I decided immediately to 'capture' the scenery with a screen shot. if you don't know (and you should know this), John Chow is one of my secret mentors on the web. He has inspired me to break prejudice and limitation to reach for awesome heights in my blogging career.

He blazed the trail of honest and open disclosure of weekly and monthly blog incomes, in other to encourage every blogger that cares to Make Money on the internet with their blogs.

All the tips and making money 'lectures' he had given me, has greatly helped me to increase my income from Google Adsense, and also propelled me to go problogging, by setting up my own domain name and independently hosted blog - Story-Story dot Com.

His latest blog post, 7 Habbits of Highly Successful Bloggers, is a damning indictment of my absence from active blogging, particularly in the month of April, last month. I have since apologized to you and promised to make up for it this month from this week.

I highly recommend my 'teacher' and career mentor- John Chow, to any of you who are active bloggers or want to go into blogging as a career. Who else is better than the man who rose from $352.94 in September 2006 and grew steadily to $11,702.66 last month April 2007.

John has made the 'impossible dreams' of Third World bloggers to earn incomes that makes their governors, presidents, banking CEOs' pay, look like child's play. Monthly Incomes above $7,000 automatically makes a blogger from this part of the world a millionaire! That kind of income is VERY POSSIBLE with the tutelage from John Chow.

Thank you John, for your royal and majestic visit to this telenovela garden. I appreciate it.