Friday, December 22, 2006

Esmeralda 17: Two Affections

Blanca was nostalgic about her ‘dead’ daughter, born 23 years ago in Casa Grande. The burden of not knowing her ‘grave’ was weighing heavily on her. Crisanta shared her pain, particularly now that she knows the truth, but was afraid of revealing it, so that it would not trigger another crisis.

Afraid of an inevitable conflict between Rodolfo and Armando, Blanca pleaded with José Armando not to tell his 'father' that he does not want to marry Graciela again because of his new-found love- Esmeralda.

When Rodolfo returned, he announced to his household that Adrián has been wounded by a bull and had been rushed to the hospital. Graciela was restless with fear at this news of her heart-throb. She quietly left the house without the knowledge of anybody, and went to visit Adrián at the hospital. On getting there she met Dionisio and Florecita. They left the room for her to be alone with Adrián. Later when Florecita peeped through the curtains, she saw Graciela and her brother Adrián in a full-blown kissing session, and she gasped with shock. her noise distracted the two lovers who broke up from each other's romantic embrace.

Dr. Lucio was very sad to hear Esmeralda confess to him that her affection for him was filial, while her affection for Armando was romantic. She explained to him that she sees him more like a caring father and not a romantic mate.

Dominga sent Melesio on errand to Crisanta, that she should not delay further about telling the truth of Esmeralda paternity to Blanca and Rodolfo.

Meanwhile, Fátima was troubled as she discovered that her daughter, Graciela, was jeopardizing her schemes by going to visit a common servant, Adrián at the hospital. Rodolfo too was furious by the announcement of 'his' son, José Armando, that he was not going back to Mexico city, as he wanted to stay back to think over, and review if he could still marry Graciela.

Florecita told her friend, Esmeralda, about the romantic scene which she saw at the hospital when her elder brother Adrian, was kissing Graciela.

Esmeralda 16: The Horrifying Truth

José Armando began his love journey by investigating the cause and cure of Esmeralda’s blindness. He naturally ended up in the house of the only medical doctor in the village- Dr. Lucio, for his enquiry. The resentment of Lucio for this intruder and potential rival was too obvious. He told José Armando to steer clear and leave Esmeralda alone.

Crisanta pursued her curiosity with fresh burst of energy, she located and went visiting Dominga in her hut. Dominga told her the truth, that the supposedly dead girl of 23 years ago was ESMERALDA and that she sneezed and came alive, just before she could bury her and that was how she began to nurture her from that time, 23 years ago till date. She told Crisanta how she had raised her with moral fortitude and imparted a good character in her and that she was the most noble and virtuous girl in the village.

Crisanta was horrified by the probable consequences of this truth on the marriage of Blanca and Rodolfo Peñarreal if the should know that Esmeralda was their only true child and biological daughter, she wept profusely at this discovery. She was confused and paralyzed with consequential fear, as she did not know what to do.

José Armando nursed an unpacified bitterness towards Graciela for her rude behavior towards Esmeralda. Everyone including Rodolfo knew that the relationship between them had gone sour. Graciela too was worried by her fiancé cold and distant attitude.

Dionisio got the rudest shock of his life when his stubborn and ambitious son, Adrián, confessed to him that he was in love with Graciela the fiancée of Armando, who is the heir to the Rodolfo fortune. That desire if exposed to Rodolfo could end his career and sent him and his family back into the abyss of poverty from his esteemed position of a proud foreman of a large Estate like Casa Grande.

Lady Blanca was paranoid because of the impending but inevitable clash Rodolfo and José Armando over his frozen relationship with Graciela and his unashamed love for Esmeralda. Crisanta returned home and kept sealed lips over Esmeralda. She was afraid of triggering a crisis of monumental proportion in Casa Grande because of the truth told her by Dominga.

Florecita observed and told Esmeralda of the strange resemblance between her and Lady Blanca. Jacinta warned Adrián to feasting his love-hungry eyes on Graciela since she belonged to another man, who happened to be his master.